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17 Signs Of True Love From A Man You Need To Know How To Spot

17 Signs Of True Love From A Man You Need To Know How To Spot

Sometimes, you’re unsure whether your partner is really into you and desperate to learn how to spot the signs of true love from a man.

How do you know that he’s with you for all of the right reasons? How can you be sure that he’s the love of your life and he isn’t pretending?

Even though it seems hard, it’s actually way easier than you think.

Guys often don’t share their feelings but once they fall for you, their behavior changes completely. From someone who was never open about how he feels, this man becomes a different version of himself – one that’s been hidden for way too long.

True love changes him into a more emotional person who shares his feelings in many different ways. All he wants to do is spend time with you so he doesn’t miss out on anything.

If you want to be sure that he loves you, then stick around, as I’m going to share all of the signs of true love your man will show you.

If he’s head over heels for you, then this is what it will look like.

Bona fide signs of true love from a man

To find true love means to finally be happy about all of your choices. It means stumbling upon that one person who’ll change your world at its foundation.

He’ll shake it up and everything will finally fall into place.

Maybe you already have a feeling that you found your significant other. You want to spend the rest of your life with him, but you also want to be sure that he wants the same as you.

You don’t want him to leave you out of the blue because you misinterpreted all of the signals he was giving you.

If you want to be sure that you’ve found yourself a good man who’s truly in love with you, then simply look for these signs. They will reveal to you whether his “I love you” is real or he’s just using it to win you over.

1. He never makes fun of who you are

DONE! 17 Bona Fide Signs Of True Love From A Man

One of the clear signs of true love from a man is his willingness to accept you as you are. He’ll never try to change you because he loves every single detail about you.

You can totally be yourself around him and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he will never make fun of you.

Even if you’re sloppy, tell lame jokes, and speak a little too loud every time you get excited about something, he still doesn’t want you any other way.

He’s fallen in love with you as a whole and he sees no need for you to change.

You’re just a human being and you can’t ever be perfect. But from his point of view, you’re flawless and he doesn’t want you to be anyone else than who you already are.

2. He shows genuine interest in you

A guy who’s there for a short while and then disappears from your life will never show genuine interest in you. He doesn’t have a long-term plan to stay, so he doesn’t put in as much effort.

But a man who truly loves you will want to know every single detail about you. The more he gets to know you, the deeper he falls for you.

Every small thing he learns about you confirms further to him that you’re his soulmate. He realizes he could never feel these emotions for anyone other than you.

So, he’ll keep trying to learn everything about you as he wants to be sure that there isn’t a single aspect of you he doesn’t know. Getting to know all of the finer details about you is his way of feeling closer to you.

If this isn’t real love, then I don’t know what is!

3. He understands you in a way no one else does

DONE! 17 Bona Fide Signs Of True Love From A Man

Are you familiar with that feeling when you’re talking to someone and you see in their eyes that they just understand you? The connection between the two of you is powerful and it’s not even close to anything you’ve ever experienced.

A good sign of true love is if you feel this amount of understanding coming from your man.

You don’t have a hard time expressing your feelings and thoughts because you know that he gets you. You just know that he knows where you’re coming from.

And even though you doubted you could ever find something like this in real life, it looks like your dreams have finally come true.

You’ve got yourself a man who loves and cherishes you – someone with whom you don’t need to be selective in your words for fear of misunderstanding.

You simply look into each other’s eyes and know the other person’s thoughts and feelings. It doesn’t get better than this.

4. He includes you in his future plans

When a man wants you to be a part of his life, this is how you know it’s true love. This is when you know that his feelings aren’t fake.

A guy who truly loves you will want to spend his life with you. This means that he’ll include you in his long-term plans.

He’ll plan his vacations with you and invite you to be his plus one at his best friend’s wedding. He’ll take you to his favorite concerts and he’ll start saving up so you two can get your own place together one day.

A real sign of true love from a man is when he shows you that he’s planning his life with you because that’s the only way he can be happy.

Even if he had the whole world, he couldn’t be happy if you weren’t holding his hand. Once you’re next to him, he feels like he’s finally got everything he needs.

5. He can’t get enough of you

DONE! 17 Bona Fide Signs Of True Love From A Man

A man who truly loves you will want to be around you all the time. Especially at the beginning of the relationship, while you’re still getting to know each other.

He feels that no one can make him happy the way you can. No other person can make him smile by simply standing next to him.

Since he feels unspeakable joy every time you’re hanging out together, he’ll make sure to spend as much time as possible with you. He’ll take you out on dates, cook dinner for you, or drop by your place to see how you’re doing.

Simply put, he’ll want to be around you as much as he possibly can. And even if you spend hours together, he still won’t get enough of you and will call you the moment he gets home.

This man is head over heels for you and needs to be close to you. That’s why he’ll make all sorts of plans – he wants to be sure that there’s not a day he doesn’t get to see your pretty face.

6. He’s always there for you

It’s easy to be there for someone on their sunny days. To share in all of the love and happiness you’re experiencing.

But the real test of love is whether he’ll be there for you on the rainy days as well. Instead of bailing on you the moment things get hard, a man who truly loves you will show you he’s not going anywhere.

He’ll be there for you and you’ll always be able to count on him. Even on the days when you’re grumpy, tired of life, and not lovable at all.

When life shoots you with obstacles, he’ll be there to hold your hand and help you face them easier. When you feel that you can’t take it anymore, he’ll make sure to be your pillar so you’re not dealing with problems on your own.

If he’s always there for you, in the middle of the night or during the busiest work week, then you know he’s the right one for you.

His love for you is real and he won’t toss you aside the moment he gets what he wants. He’s with you for the long haul because you’re the only woman for him.

7. He wants you to be happy

DONE! 17 Bona Fide Signs Of True Love From A Man

You can’t say that you love someone and then ignore the needs that make them happy. Those two things don’t go together.

One of the signs of true love from a man is when he genuinely cares about your well-being. He wants you to always wear a smile on your face and he’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen.

He’ll push you to do all of the things that make you happy because he knows how much you’re dying to try them.

If he’s the one in charge of dinner, he’ll cook your favorite dish because he knows how much you like it. And if your wish since childhood is to have a pet, you can be sure he’ll surprise you with the cutest puppy on the planet.

A guy who truly loves you will genuinely want to see you happy. When your face lights up, it makes him feel like he’s succeeded as a man. He feels that he’s done the right thing.

If you’re satisfied with the way he treats you, he’ll feel proud of himself. And there’s no better feeling than that.

8. He wants to be a better man for you

A man who’s truly in love with his woman will make sure to grow and become the best version of himself. That way, he’s trying to show her that he can make all of her wishes come true.

There’s something in guys that makes them change for the better the moment they fall in love. Maybe it has to do with their will to show a woman that she can count on them.

Or they want to prove to her that they will never stop working on themselves because they don’t want to lose her.

No matter the reason, one of the clear signs of true love from a man is when he strives to become a better person.

From the way he looks to how he acts, he’ll make sure to improve everything so his woman sees he’s a keeper.

9. He values your opinion

DONE! 17 Bona Fide Signs Of True Love From A Man

When a guy cares about you, he also cares about what you have to say. It’s an unwritten law.

Once he starts falling in love with you, a man automatically starts holding more value in your opinion. He starts asking you for advice because he believes that you know what’s best for him.

It’s his way of letting you know that what he feels for you is true love. He’s not pretending just to get something out of you.

Sometimes, he won’t even think twice once you suggest something to him. It might not even be a part of his initial plan, but that doesn’t stop him from changing his mind.

He’s sure that your advice is worth following, so he won’t hesitate to do as you say. This guy is in love with you, and therefore, he knows that he can’t go wrong by listening to your advice. 

Even though guys usually think they know best and hate listening to the advice of others, the moment he falls in love with you, it all changes.

From the one who did everything on his own, he turns into a man who’ll follow your lead because he trusts you. He knows both of you are there for each other and that you have each other’s best interests at heart.

10. He’s proud of you

Another one of the bona fide signs of true love from a man is when he shows you how proud he is of you.

When he looks at you, he sees a woman who can do everything. She’s capable, loving, and kind, and she has a pure heart that would never hurt anyone.

He knows that he didn’t make a mistake by falling for you and considers you the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

And he won’t only say these words to you. He’ll also share them with the rest of the world as he loves showing off what an amazing woman he has by his side.

Sometimes, he knows he goes a little overboard talking about you all the time, but he genuinely can’t stop himself. He’s so proud that he can call you his and that you call him yours.

You’re the woman of his dreams, the one he’s been looking for his whole life. And now that he finally has you, he wants everyone to see how proud he is to hold your hand.

11. He always showers you with compliments

DONE! 17 Bona Fide Signs Of True Love From A Man

A real man who’s truly in love with his woman will make sure to always let her know how amazing she is. Even on the bad days when she doesn’t feel her best, he’ll find something amazing about her that he can point out.

If your man does the same for you, then things are looking bright for you!

He always showers you with compliments and he sees things about you that even you don’t notice.

He praises you not only for your beauty but also for your personality and the way you walk through life so gracefully, despite having been through a lot.

On those days when you look at yourself in the mirror and don’t see anything special, he makes sure to point all of your strengths and qualities you probably forgot about.

This is how he makes you realize that you’re in a healthy relationship and your man isn’t going anywhere.

When he does everything he can to make you see all of the beauty you often fail to notice, that’s how you know his feelings are real. That’s how you know he is with you for the long run and has zero intention of leaving.

12. He’s loyal

You may already know this, but one of the big signs of true love from a man is his loyalty. When he shows you that he only has eyes for you, that’s how you know his feelings are real.

He won’t even try to play with your feelings because he could never forgive himself for breaking your heart.

It’s obvious that he wants you only and doesn’t need any other women around him.

Even if there’s a rumor that he was a player before you, he’ll show you he’s now a changed man who cares only about you. All of the other women don’t spark his interest and he couldn’t care less about them.

13. He wants to protect you

DONE! 17 Bona Fide Signs Of True Love From A Man

At first, you may try to prove to him that you don’t need him to stand up for you. You don’t need him to protect you and be your hero because you can do that on your own.

And that’s fine. But the thing is, men feel the need to take care of the women they love.

So, he’ll do his best to save you from every possible pain you may feel – both physically and emotionally.

He feels responsible for you and his inner instinct is driving him to stand up for you. He’s compelled to defend you, no matter what.

He knows that you’re capable and that you can do everything on your own, but he’ll feel as if he failed as a man if he doesn’t do his best to be your shield and take all the strikes that are intended to hurt you.

14. He remembers all the little things about you

When a man remembers all of the details you share with him, that’s how you know his feelings are genuine. That’s one of the signs of true love.

He remembers all of the stories you share with him. From your early childhood memories to your wishes for the future.

He carefully listens to everything you have to say and then stores your words in his memory so he never forgets them. Even if you decide to leave him someday, he’ll still carry a piece of you within himself.

15. He introduces you to his friends and family

DONE! 17 Bona Fide Signs Of True Love From A Man

A man’s friends and family are important parts of his life. They’re the ones who’ve always been there for him.

This means that he won’t introduce just any single girl to them if he knows she has no chance of staying in his life forever.

But when it comes to you, he never second-guessed his decision to introduce you to the people he cares about the most. He knew it was the right step to take.

It’s a big sign of true love a man will show when he’s invested in a relationship. Once he realizes that you’re the one for him, he won’t hesitate to have you meet his nearest and dearest.

He’s probably secretly wishing that you become one of them too – a woman who won’t ever leave him, no matter how tough things get.

16. He opens up to you

A man who truly loves you is vulnerable with you. 

He opens his heart to you and shares his deepest secrets and fears. He shows you parts of himself no one’s ever seen because he trusts you and feels free to be himself around you.

If he wasn’t sure that you were the one for him, he would never even think about sharing with you those details no one knows about.

But since he knows that life can’t get better and that you’re his soulmate, he’s not afraid to let down his guard around you.

Don’t underestimate this sign of true love from a man, as guys rarely open up and talk about what’s bothering them. They don’t enjoy sharing their feelings in front of others.

So, the fact that he feels free to tell you his deepest secrets only shows how deeply he cares about you.

17. His body language changes when he’s around you

DONE! 17 Bona Fide Signs Of True Love From A Man

Body language is especially valuable when it comes to decoding a guy’s behavior. It gives away all those things he’s trying to hide from you.

When he sees you, his eyebrows arch and he keeps following you with his eyes. His smile widens and his whole body opens up. Eye contact is intense and prolonged.

He probably gets a bit nervous and plays with his hands or fidgets in his chair. Sometimes, he even blushes at the compliment you give him because it’s big coming from you.

These and many more body language signs he will give you, and all of them reveal the true love he feels for you.

He’s not playing games with you. He’s fallen hard for you.

And now he has no other choice but to keep falling deeper and deeper for you every day.

17 Signs Of True Love From A Man You Need To Know How To Spot

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