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This Is What Loyalty In Relationships Really Means

This Is What Loyalty In Relationships Really Means

Relationship experts all agree that loyalty in relationships goes beyond fidelity. There will always be bad times, and you might say some little white lies and looking out for your self-interest but being loyal means making your partner’s needs your top priority.

And being in a healthy relationship implies that you will do little things to make your significant other happy. Being a loyal partner means caring for your partner’s well-being.

A healthy relationship is more than just physical intimacy; it is also an emotional connection and when you create an emotional bond with someone other than your partner, you aren’t being loyal. 

You have to realize that honesty and loyalty go hand in hand in romantic relationships.

Trust and loyalty in a relationship are its key elements; you can’t have real love without them, and disloyalty usually always causes a break-up. Being loyal in a relationship is essential if you want to stay in that relationship.

And why should you be loyal to your partner? Well, it’s a matter of pride, and it motivates your loved one to be loyal to you as well but it also lets you be at peace because you aren’t hiding anything.

By being loyal, you will get to understand your loved one inside out and it adds to your positive attributes. It also increases your credibility and value among others. You will feel confident, and your morale will be high.

Read on because I will tell you all the signs of loyalty in a relationship, according to relationship experts.

And you will learn how to be loyal in a relationship… which is the most important thing to learn if you want your relationship to be successful.

This Is What Loyalty In Relationships Really Means

What is loyalty in a relationship? The definition of loyalty in a relationship would be that it is dedication, faithfulness, steadfastness, patience, companionship… and the desire for your relationship to succeed.

Loyalty means being true to yourself because you have to be honest with yourself in order to be loyal. Disloyalty means fooling yourself no matter how hard you try to deny it.

Being loyal also includes emotional fidelity. As I said before, creating an emotional bond with someone else is also cheating so it’s not enough to just avoid physical intimacy with others if you want to be a loyal person.

Loyalty means not doing things that you would have to hide from your significant other. Moments that you don’t want your partner to know about are probably bad moments.

If you want to be a loyal partner, you will tell your loved one everything and that includes your thoughts and feelings.

Honesty and loyalty can’t go one without the other and that means the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So, you shouldn’t be telling even little white lies.

Being loyal means being there for each other in sickness and in health. It’s understood that your significant other needs you the most in bad times, so you should be there for them.

This is what loyalty in relationships really means:

1. Being honest

As I said before, honesty and loyalty go hand in hand with each other and it means being honest with each other even if the truth can hurt one of you.

Trust me, once you have honesty and loyalty, you will have a successful relationship.

2. Being there

When you are in a committed relationship, you need to be there for your partner.

You need to spend time together and be there for them even in the bad moments. Be your partner’s best friend.

3. Stepping up

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Being loyal means sometimes having to step up for your partner.

You might have to go through a lot for your loved one and maybe they will need you to defend them at some point. In any case, they need to know they always have your love and support.

4. Sacrificing

A loyal person is someone who gives. You can’t be motivated by self-interest, as sometimes you need to sacrifice your own happiness for your partner’s needs.

5. Receiving loyalty

The interesting thing is that loyalty in relationships makes some people uncomfortable.

This is because they feel like the loyalty of their partner places a burden on certain behavior so they close themselves off from the feeling of being worthy. However, you have to learn how to receive loyalty in order to give it.

6. Saying no to distractions

A loyal person is someone who is able to say no to temptations of the flesh, heart and their own interest.

An immediate reward can be tempting but a loyal person knows that saying no to distractions is important.

7. Supporting your partner

No matter what situation your partner finds themselves in, you will be there for them to support them.

A lack of loyalty in relationships shows itself when partners are not supportive of each other… especially when in public.

8. Having integrity

Being loyal means having integrity, being righteous and not giving in to temptations.

9. Being respectful

Loyalty means being respectful of your partner behind their back as well as in front of them.

A lack of loyalty in relationships shows itself when you talk negatively about your partner in front of your friends and family and you also shouldn’t be entertaining such comments about your loved one by anyone else.

10. Being trustworthy

Trust and loyalty in a relationship are what make a relationship happy. Your partner needs to be able to trust that you are sincere about your feelings and opinions.

By speaking the truth, you will encourage your partner to be truthful to you as well and that is what loyalty in a relationship is all about.

11. Being committed

Being in a committed relationship naturally demands that you be committed and dedicated to your partner.

12. Being intimate

You are both emotionally and physically intimate with your loved one.

You encourage them to be open with you and you share your fears and dreams with them. That is how you express loyalty in relationships.

How to be loyal in a relationship

This Is What Loyalty In Relationships Really Means

1. Your relationship is not an option but a choice

Being loyal in a relationship means considering your romantic relationship as a genuine choice. Your relationship isn’t an optional part of your life, and you need to be aware of that.

You have to always choose your relationship and your partner in both the good and bad. This relationship isn’t just an alternative refuge when nothing else in your life is going well.

2. Value and appreciate your loved one’s presence in your life

Loyalty in relationships is also about valuing and appreciating your loved one’s existence. You have to realize that there is this wonderful person that you have in your life and you need to appreciate every moment of them being there.

However, it’s not enough that you just feel it because you have to show it too. Always let them know how important they are to you.

3. Discuss issues with your partner first

The issues that you have in your relationship should be discussed with your partner first because being loyal in a relationship is about not talking behind your partner’s back.

You should try to resolve issues with them first… before you try asking other people’s opinions.

4. Don’t fall for someone else

Being loyal means choosing to love your significant other every day. And ‘accidentally’ falling for someone else doesn’t really happen; you always have a choice and you should always choose your partner.

5. Don’t give up on the relationship easily

Loyalty in relationships means fighting for your love and a loyal partner is someone who puts in the effort to work on their relationship.

You can’t just give up on the whole thing once things get tough. Always be there for your partner in difficult situations.

6. Don’t break promises

Being a loyal partner means sticking to your word and you should never break an important promise. You have to stay true to your partner and keep your word, even when it’s about the little things.

7. Make your relationship your top priority

Of course, you have other important things going on in your life but your relationship should be at the top of your list of priorities.

It is also important to find a balance so you don’t feel burnt-out or pressured. Do little things to make your partner happy every day.

8. Consult your partner

Loyalty in relationships is also about consulting your partner. Before you make an important life decision, you should first have a talk with your partner. Listen to what he has to say and then make a move. This is particularly important if your decision will affect the relationship.

9. Don’t try to look for happiness in another person

Being loyal in a relationship means not trying to look for happiness in someone else. In the best relationship, your partner is your best friend… and the source of your happiness and well-being.

So if you are not happy in your relationship, try figuring out what the problem is and working on it instead of searching for someone new.

10. Make them feel wanted

If you are loyal in your relationship, you will make your partner feel wanted and loved. You have to stay true to your promise of love and that means that you should appreciate them and everything they do.

11. Be open about your feelings

As I said before, being loyal means being open about your true feelings. You should trust your partner when you are feeling vulnerable. In a healthy and happy relationship, both partners can freely express their happiness, thoughts and fears.

12. Don’t talk negatively about your partner

You shouldn’t say anything that could shame your partner in public or in private and if others are speaking negatively of your partner, don’t join in with them.

You should also never tell others about something they told you in confidence. That is how you show respect and trust.

13. Be on their side

You should always take your partner’s side, even when you think they are wrong because you need to empathize with your partner’s feelings… and be there for them when they need someone.

14. Reassure them

Reassuring your partner that you will always be there, both physically and emotionally, is important.

But it is even more important to follow through with this promise. This is how you build trust and make your partner feel secure in the relationship.

15. Accommodate them

Your loyalty shows itself when you participate in an activity of your partner’s choice… even if you don’t like it.

If they are acting in a play, you should watch them. If they want you to be there for their business meeting, you should be there to support them.

16. Be dedicated to your partner

Knowing that you are devoted solely to one another is essential for a happy relationship. Every choice you make in life, you need to make by considering its impact on your relationship and having your partner in mind.

17. Be patient

You have to be patient with your partner and realize that all of us make mistakes. No one is perfect, but anyone who is happy and loved will improve with time.

18. Wish for your relationship to succeed

Of course, none of this will work if you don’t have a strong desire for your relationship to succeed.

You have to be determined to live happily ever after if you want it to really happen and that will mean some hard work at times but being loyal is all about investing your energy into making your relationship work.

This Is What Loyalty In Relationships Really Means