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9 Signs Of Romantic Body Language When A Man Falls In Love

9 Signs Of Romantic Body Language When A Man Falls In Love

We all know how guys work. Simple body language turns into romantic body language when a man falls in love. So, it’ll be much easier to figure out how he feels about you by observing his actions instead of waiting for him to say it out loud.

Body language is subconscious and through it, you can find out a lot more than you assume. Think of it this way. You won’t behave the same with someone you don’t know well as with someone you are comfortable with. The same applies to men.

When a guy falls in love with you, his actions are going to give him away. Even if he doesn’t feel ready to verbalize his feelings, his body is going to show how he actually feels.

So, the most important part is to observe his behavior whenever the two of you are together. What is he trying to tell you? Are you seeing some obvious signs that he’s into you?

9 romantic body language signals a man sends you when he falls in love

9 Signs Of Romantic Body Language When A Man Falls In Love

Even though most men aren’t prone to expressing their feelings, you can easily find out a lot about them just by watching what their body does. A guy who likes you definitely won’t act the same way around you as he acts around his friends.

He’ll do everything he can to impress you and prove to you that he’s a real catch. More often than not, he’ll use nonverbal communication to achieve that.

The reason why this happens is that he feels way more comfortable testing the waters that way. He’ll take it easier if you don’t respond to his actions than if you reject him when he admits how he feels about you.

So, what are the things you should be on the lookout for? How can you know that his body is trying to tell you he’s into you?

Well, here’s what you should pay attention to.

1. He moves closer to you

Remember the way you used to sit with him at the very beginning of your dating journey? Now, compare it to the way the two of you sit now.

Does he sit much closer to you than he used to? If you are out with a group of people, does he always sit right next to you?

The spatial distance between the two of you will decrease the same way the distance between your hearts gets smaller.

It’s easier for him to show this way that he’s attracted to you than to say it and risk the chance of having his heart broken.

2. He touches you accidentally

9 Signs Of Romantic Body Language When A Man Falls In Love 2

Have you noticed any accidental touches?

He grazes your knee when he reaches for his pocket, he subconsciously puts his hand around your waist when he opens a door for you, or he lets his fingers touch yours. He’s probably not aware of these things because he doesn’t do them on purpose. They’re just a reflection of his desire to be closer to you.

When a man falls in love, his romantic body language changes, and he starts doing things he never did before. So, don’t be surprised when you notice him accidentally touching you. His body is just trying to show you how much he likes you.

3. His smile gets bigger

This man enjoys being in your company and his smile is proof of that. Every time you’re together, you can see him smiling. It’s like his facial expression changes as soon as he sees you.

Even though you’re not telling a joke, he’ll look at you with a smile on his face. That’s how happy he is to be around you.

He’s falling in love with you and just because he hasn’t said it with his words, it doesn’t mean that he’s not trying to show you that by using his body language.

4. He stares at you

9 Signs Of Romantic Body Language When A Man Falls In Love

Does it sometimes feel like he’s not even listening to you? Like he is staring into your eyes and he has no idea what you’re talking about?

This may seem weird at first since you won’t realize why he’s doing it. Could it be that he’s bored with you?

The truth is that he wants to make a connection with you so he looks deeply into your eyes and forgets the world around him. For a second, he may even forget that you’re talking about something, but he can’t help himself. He’s obsessed with you and wants to absorb every single detail on your pretty face.

Even if you’re hanging out with friends, he’ll probably follow you with his eyes. Each time you move, you’ll realize that he’s carefully watching you.

Don’t think that he is trying to control you or that he wants to see whom you are talking to. Instead, he wants to look at you from a distance and enjoy your beauty from afar.

Right now, he feels like he could look at you forever and he would always be impressed by your appearance. That’s how much he likes you.

5. He mirrors your behavior

You put your hand on the table, he does the same; you lean your head to one side, and he does the same; when you pick up a glass, he does the same. It can feel like he’s mirroring every single move you make.

This is subconscious and not planned at all. By behaving the way you do, he is looking for your approval. It’s like he wants to become a version of you because he is so in love with everything about you.

You would never copy the actions of someone you didn’t like, right? That behavior is reserved only for those who have a special place in your heart.

Now you understand why he’s acting the way he is. It may feel weird at first but he’s only trying to get to know you better. Everything about you seems to amaze him and he can’t stop his body from copying your moves.

6. He touches your hair

9 Signs Of Romantic Body Language When A Man Falls In Love 4

If he’s falling for you, he will probably reach for your cheek and then gently continue by stroking your hair. This is his way of flirting with you and checking to see how you’re going to react.

If you take a step back, he’ll take that as a sign that you don’t feel the same way about him. But if you let him play with your hair or even touch your cheek, then he’ll be sure that he’s got a green light.

When that happens, you’ll notice an instant smile on his face. His eyes will spark differently and you’ll only then realize just how much he cares about you.

7. He always faces you

If you notice that each time you are sitting (or standing) with a group of people, his body is facing yours, then you can see that as a sign that he is falling in love with you.

It’s one thing to face someone when the two of you are alone. However, when you subconsciously look for ways to fully face someone without even thinking about it, then it means that your feelings are real.

The truth is that this guy wants you to notice him. He wants to get your attention the same way you have his.

“I really like you. I might even love you to be honest, but I don’t know how to say it.” That’s what his body is trying to tell you.

8. He gets nervous around you

Is he playing with his glass, tapping his feet on the floor, or constantly touching buttons on his shirt? Does he occasionally keep rocking back and forth or touch his neck?

This guy is fidgeting and no matter how hard he tries, he can’t control this behavior. Even if he stops doing it for a couple of minutes, his body unconsciously starts doing it again.

This could signify that you’re making him nervous. Even though you’re not doing anything that should make him feel this way, the fact that he likes you puts pressure on him. He wants to impress you and by trying to do so, he’s only getting more anxious around you.

9. He gets protective of you

9 Signs Of Romantic Body Language When A Man Falls In Love

The truth is that guys only want to protect those they care about. The moment you trigger his hero instinct, he’ll want to make sure you feel safe whenever he’s around.

By doing so, he may even come across as jealous. For example, if he catches you talking to some other guy, he may hug you in front of him to establish dominance.

I know that it sounds old-fashioned but you can’t blame him. He sees this other man as a threat and that’s why he wants to show him who’s in charge. He’s not doing it to control you, he’s simply doing it out of fear that he’s going to lose you.

So, next time you’re hanging out with this guy, pay attention to his body language. It is the easiest way to tell whether a man is falling for you and wants to take the next step in your relationship.

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