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The Power Of Looking Into Someone’s Eyes And Seeing Their Soul

The Power Of Looking Into Someone’s Eyes And Seeing Their Soul

People say that looking into someone’s eyes to see their soul works like a charm. They say that if you want to know what someone is really like, you only need to make deep eye contact with them and you’ll get to know the actual truth.

But do things actually work this way? Can you actually see the soul of a person by staring into their eyes?

William Shakespeare once said, “The eyes are the windows to your soul,” and let me tell you that it’s not a lie. Have you ever felt that strange sensation when you looked someone in the eyes and felt like you could see who they actually were?

Maybe you realized that their soul was stained and dark and that they wouldn’t be good company, no matter how nice they acted around other people. Or you realized how pure they were and how they could never hurt anyone, no matter what.

This feeling can keep repeating every time you look someone directly in their eyes. You can know whatever is hiding inside of them, without them saying a word.

This is because we all can shut ourselves up and stop the words from coming, we can replace our initial feelings and sweeten them with words that sound much more appropriate. Nevertheless, we can never stop our eyes from showing the reality of the situation.

We can never stop our eyes from revealing the truth that’s hiding deep inside. All it takes is one look into someone’s eyes and you can easily tell what they are really like.

They can try and hide their honest self as much as they want but their eyes will always reveal the truth.

The power of looking into someone’s eyes and seeing their soul!

The Power Of Looking Into Someone's Eyes And Seeing Their Soul

Eye contact is a powerful thing. It easily reveals all of your secrets, even the ones you don’t want anyone to know about.

That’s why many different cultures believe that when you can’t look someone in the eye, it’s because you’ve done something wrong to that person.

You did something that hurt their feelings and you know that they could see that in your eyes if you let them make eye contact with you. So, you look away, hoping that they won’t see the truth that’s behind your eyes.

It can also be that you see a person who appears cold on the outside and if you were to judge them by their looks, you would never want to spend time with them because they don’t seem like a good source of positive energy.

However, once you look them directly in their eyes, you feel the warmth radiating. Their kindness shocks you as you never expected someone with such a harsh look on their face to be so warm on the inside.

You realize that their soul is like nothing you’ve ever seen. It’s giving and kind and always willing to help others, no matter what.

After that, you realize that the eyes are actually the windows to the soul. They allow you to enter into those parts of someone’s personality that can’t be accessed through their words or a simple look at them.

Once you make eye contact with them, you see all of the beauty that’s been hiding on the inside. Beauty which won’t ever be corrupted by the evil world on the outside.

So, it’s both the good and the bad sides of a person that can be spotted through a gaze into someone’s eyes. You can learn so much about someone by simply looking through the windows to their soul.

It can be surprising what someone can hide with a calm attitude and a perfectly created image.

Can looking into someone’s eyes and seeing their soul help you find your soulmate?

 The Power Of Looking Into Someone's Eyes And Seeing Their Soul

Similar to the saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul, there’s also one that states that soulmates connect through the eyes.

They say that once you look someone in the eyes and establish an already-familiar connection, it means that you’ve found your soulmate. But is this true or is it a myth?

Besides helping us see all of the negativity or kindness that’s hiding inside someone, someone’s eyes also allow us one of the most beautiful things in the world. They allow us to recognize our soulmate with a single look into them.

You stare at one another and your souls realize that you’ve known each other for years, decades, or even centuries.

You realize that standing right in front of you is your soulmate and if it hadn’t been for your eyes, you might’ve missed the big meeting.

Your whole body buzzes, as you feel like you’ve known this person forever. And in a way, you have.

You start searching through your mind, thinking that maybe you talked to this person years before. You keep digging through your memories but there’s nothing to be found.

All that time, your eyes are attached to each other like magnets. You can’t look away, no matter how hard you try.

And then it hits you.

The person standing in front of you is your soulmate. They’re the missing piece you’ve been looking for your whole life.

Your eyes have given you away and they served as a way for your souls to reconnect after all those years of being separated.

Signs you’ve met your soulmate by looking into their eyes!

After looking someone in their eyes, seeing their soul, and realizing that you’ve found what you’ve been looking for your whole life, your body loses control.

This big encounter affects you in a way you’ve never experienced before.

The whole world seems to disappear and it’s only you and your soulmate left. All alone, like it was supposed to be.

Now, you can finally get to know each other better, even though you already feel like you know this person.

Once you connect with your soulmate through your eyes, here’s what you’ll start to feel. The emotions will be intense but that’s understandable as you’ve finally found your missing piece of the puzzle.

1. At first, it’ll be hard to breathe

 The Power Of Looking Into Someone's Eyes And Seeing Their Soul

After looking into someone’s eyes and seeing their soul, you’ll recognize your soulmate right away. When that happens, it’ll be hard to breathe.

You’ll realize that you’re struggling for breath, as if your lungs have collapsed. As if your soulmate literally took your breath away.

You’ll keep fighting for air, unaware of what’s going on.

Is this really happening in front of your eyes? Have you actually met the other part of you, the person who’s supposed to know you best?

As time goes on, your breathing will become more regular and you’ll no longer have to gasp for air.

Finally, you’ll be able to focus on the person standing in front of you. The one who has a part of your soul.

2. You’ll feel all over the place but then you’ll manage to calm down

 The Power Of Looking Into Someone's Eyes And Seeing Their Soul

What just happened? Am I dreaming? Is this even possible?

All these questions will keep bugging you after looking into someone’s eyes, seeing their soul, and realizing the connection between you.

You’ll feel thrilled, as this will genuinely be one of the best experiences you’ve ever had in your life. Your emotions will skyrocket and for a time, you’ll feel like crying.

Your body will start shaking and you’ll have no idea how to control yourself.

You feel like the happiest person in the world but still, it feels like tears will be running down your face any second. How is that even possible?

If you’ve experienced this feeling while meeting your soulmate, then you need to know that it’s a perfectly normal reaction. You’ve been waiting for the moment when you meet for a very long time.

Now that it’s happened, your emotions are all over the place because you can’t believe that it’s happening to you.

You feel the need to hold this person in your arms and never let go of them. You feel an urge to let them know everything you’ve been through while you’ve been waiting for their arrival.

At one point, you may even feel scared that you could lose them. The terror of holding your soulmate in your arms and having them taken away from you horrifies you.

But after a while, your whole body will calm down. The same way the raging ocean calms after a storm or a rainbow appears in the sky after the rain.

You’ll feel at peace! All of a sudden, you’ll realize that you’ve finally met the person you’ve been trying to get a hold of throughout your whole life.

At long last, you have them in your life and you’ll never let them go. From now on, things will be fine because destiny finally looked you in the eye and gave you the love you deserve.

You’re home, as this person is the home you’ve been looking for your entire life.

3. You’ll feel as if this big meeting already happened

 The Power Of Looking Into Someone's Eyes And Seeing Their Soul

Do you know that feeling where something keeps telling you that what you’re experiencing already happened? It’s like you know the next step but you can’t really figure out from where.

You hear your soulmate saying something in particular but the strange thing is that something inside of you already knew that would happen.

This occurs right after looking into someone’s eyes, seeing their soul, and realizing that they’re your soulmate.

It happens because your souls already know each other and now, you’re experiencing reminiscence – you’re remembering your past experiences together.

You may think that you’re crazy for feeling this way but there’s nothing wrong with it. The notion that you already know them is something that comes naturally when you finally meet your soulmate in person, face to face.

All this time you were praying for the big day to come, you tried manifesting your soulmate into your life and right now, your wishes have been fulfilled.

Right now, you have got an opportunity for your bodies and minds to meet as well, and not only your souls.

4. You’ll be confused

 The Power Of Looking Into Someone's Eyes And Seeing Their Soul

You see this person standing in front of you but you’re still unable to figure out what’s going on. It feels like you know them in some weird way but their face doesn’t seem familiar.

You know that you’ve never personally been in touch with this person but still, there’s something that keeps telling you that you’re not complete strangers.

You feel unhinged because you know that there’s no way that you’ve ever met them. However, your soul keeps telling you that you’ve known each other forever.

Confusion is a subtle word for the feelings you’ll keep experiencing but you won’t be able to walk away from this person. You won’t be able to risk losing them even though you don’t really understand what’s going on.

You’ll know that your gut feeling is telling you that you should stay and give this person a chance. And just like that, you’ll know you’ve found the one you’ve been looking for your whole life.

5. You’ll know that your soulmate feels the same way

 The Power Of Looking Into Someone's Eyes And Seeing Their Soul

Looking into the eyes of the person standing in front of you, you’ll realize that their body and mind are going through the same feelings.

You’ll realize that they’re also torn between having no idea what’s going on but having that weird feeling that you already know each other.

That’s when you’ll figure out that your feelings aren’t one-sided. Someone else also shares your confusion and doesn’t want to give up on you even though they’re not sure what’s going on.

It seems like both of you have some parts that feel like you’ve known each other forever. Nevertheless, neither of you have any idea how.

You’ll see the confusion in this person’s body language but you’ll also see their wish to never lose you that’s radiating out of their eyes.

After that, you’ll realize that the universe must have had a hand in your meeting as there’s no way that this could happen randomly or all of a sudden.

You’ll realize that your soulmate is here and you don’t want to be apart from them. You’ve been separated for too long and you don’t want that to happen ever again.

And you also see it in the eyes of your soulmate that they wish for the same.

6. Their soul will keep following you

DONE The Power Of Looking Into Someones Eyes And Seeing Their Soul 8

Once you meet your soulmate through simple eye contact, you’ll have a feeling that they’re following you wherever you go. You’ll feel like they’ll never leave you and will stay beside you, no matter where you are.

Even if you moved across the globe, you’d feel their soul there with you.

After looking into someone’s eyes, seeing their soul, and realizing that they’re actually your soulmate, you always have a sensation that they’re right next to you.

It could be that you haven’t seen them in a while but their presence never leaves you.

After all those years spent in search of the one who understands you completely, you now feel that you can’t let go of that person.

Whatever you do, you do it while having your soulmate in mind and that’s why it feels that they’re always with you.

From now on, now that you’ve found your soulmate, you’ll do everything for the sake of your happiness and theirs.

7. You’ll click with each other

 The Power Of Looking Into Someone's Eyes And Seeing Their Soul

You know that feeling when you meet someone and you instantly click? You understand each other completely and you don’t need to explain yourself after saying something.

If you were put in a room together, you know that you would be able to talk for hours, even days. That’s how close you feel to each other.

You know that there are no taboo topics or conversations that should be avoided. Instead, you’re able to communicate freely, without any restrictions.

This person’s mindset inspires you and you’re amazed by their view of life. If anything, you want to be more like them, as you love everything about them.

There’s none of that awkward getting-to-know-each-other phase as you already feel like two best friends. Maybe your bodies were separated but your souls know each other very well.

In fact, if you were asked to finish off each other’s sentences, there’s a high chance that you would be able to do that as well, even though you just met each other.

The level of understanding you share is something that other people take years to achieve. They spend their whole lives together in order to be free with each other the way you are.

But you two simply clicked and from that point on, everything has moved smoothly.

Is this what people call love at first sight? Is this what they mean when they talk about soulmates?

You have no idea of the right answer but you know that once your eyes met, you felt as if you’d known each other your whole lives. Since then, everything has been easy and effortless.

8. You’ll change for the better

The Power Of Looking Into Someone's Eyes And Seeing Their Soul

After looking into someone’s eyes, seeing their soul, and realizing that you’re standing in front of your soulmate, you get this strange feeling that you should change yourself.

You don’t want a change to happen because you feel the need to impress them. That would be the wrong move.

Instead, you want to change yourself because you want to be the best version of yourself. You want to suit your soulmate the best way you can because you see how amazing they are.

The moment you met this person, you realized that you could be a better person. You need to work on yourself, you need to grow, and you need to do all of that because you truly want to.

This isn’t some phase of changing yourself so you can get a person to like you. Plus your soulmate wouldn’t say anything bad about you even if you remained the same.

But inside, you have a feeling that you can be so much better. You want to finally focus on yourself and do all of the things you always wanted to but maybe felt too weak to do in the past.

Now, you know that your soulmate has your back and you know that with their help, you can do anything you want. You’ve finally met your biggest fan and you want to use this part of your life to become the best version of yourself.

The moment you looked at each other and connected through your eyes, you gained this huge amount of power that you want to use to your advantage. You want to grow and now, nothing can stop you.

9. You’ll fall in love with them right away

The Power Of Looking Into Someone's Eyes And Seeing Their Soul

It seems that falling in love with your soulmate belongs to the category of love at first sight. The moment you meet them, you get this feeling that you’ll never again be able to live without them.

The invisible thread that used to connect your hearts from afar all this time has finally tightened and here you are, holding each other in your arms, looking each other in the eye with the feeling that you’ve known each other forever.

Usually, it takes some time before you realize that a new person is made for you. You need to get to know them better in order for you to know that they’re your missing piece of the puzzle.

But when you meet your soulmate, there’s no need to get to know each other over time. From the moment you connect through your eyes, you know that your souls are already familiar with each other.

You click and from that point on, your relationship only strengthens. You know that you’ve been looking for them your whole life.

There’s no fear that they will break your heart. There’s no fear that they will play games with you.

The only thing that matters is the pure love you feel for each other. Right away, from the moment you make eye contact.

And you know that it will never stop...

The Power Of Looking Into Someone's Eyes And Seeing Their Soul

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