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12 Not-So-Subtle Signs She Is Desperate For Marriage

12 Not-So-Subtle Signs She Is Desperate For Marriage

There are so many signs she is desperate for marriage. Women dream of their wedding day from a very young age. They dream of becoming someone’s wife. 

So , you’ve been wondering if your girlfriend is desperate to get married because she’s been behaving kind of weirdly. 

She tells you things that constantly make you think that you need to go run out and buy her an engagement ring. But you don’t want to do anything of the sort without knowing that she truly wants to marry you. 

Sometimes, girls use different methods to get you to see their point of view and to propose to you. She probably wants to marry you, but she doesn’t know how to say it. 

That’s why she’s coming off a little desperate right now. 

She may have even told you, but you don’t think that it’s the right time. You have an entire life to live before you put a ring on her finger.

That’s why you’re so apprehensive and her actions have you scared that she’ll stay a bit too persistent. 

Should you really be worried that she will find a way to manipulate you into marriage? Or does she genuinely respect your boundaries and want to wait until you’re ready? 

This is important because a desperate woman will find a way to trap you without hesitation. Of course, you don’t want that. 

So to dodge a bullet, we’re here to help you out a bit. 

12 signs she is desperate for marriage

DONE! 12 Not-So-Subtle Signs She Is Desperate For Marriage

It’s important to recognize when someone is eager to get married. Signs she may be desperate for marriage can include constantly bringing up the topic of marriage, pressuring you to get engaged or married, being overly focused on finding a partner or ignoring potential red flags in the relationship

During the dating phase in your relationship, you’ll get to know a woman for her true self. Even if she does try to hide certain parts of herself, it won’t be long before they’ll still start showing. 

The warning signs will be right in front of you. 

But whatever your intentions may be, you shouldn’t just jump into marriage like that. Marriage isn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision.

It’s really scary when you just want to get to know a girl and all she does is try to manipulate you into marrying her. That can become a huge turnoff. 

You don’t want to deal with her anymore, but you also don’t want to confront her for no apparent reason. You want to be certain that what you’re seeing are truly signs she’s desperate for marriage. 

That’s why we’re here to help you out before you make the mistake of a lifetime. Here are all the signs to look out for. 

1. She constantly talks about it

DONE! 12 Not-So-Subtle Signs She Is Desperate For Marriage

It’s completely normal to want to talk about marriage with your significant other. You want to tell them your plans and what you associate with marriage. 

You need to be on the same page if you want to plan a future together. That’s why it’s totally okay to talk about your ideas of marriage, your timeline, and even if you want to get married at all. 

If your partner refuses to talk about this whatsoever, you really don’t have a future with her. You should want to talk about it to give each other a sense of security.

It’ll also help answer some questions that either of you may have so that marriage won’t seem so scary.

But what happens when she continuously talks about it? In the past few weeks or months, she hasn’t stopped talking about marrying you and how awesome it’ll be once you marry each other. 

She doesn’t even seem to have another topic of conversation. Everyone seems to have caught on to that as well. Her little hints are so obvious, even your friends are picking up on them.

That’s one of the most obvious signs she is desperate for marriage. You may even feel awful about it, but try to ignore it because you’ll think that it’s probably normal. 

It is, but until a certain level. 

2. She mentions her parents’ happy marriage

DONE! 12 Not-So-Subtle Signs She Is Desperate For Marriage

Do you know everything about her parents’ happy marriage? The first time she told you the story of how they met and how they got married, you were really invested. 

But now that you’ve heard the story multiple times, you can’t really begin to fathom why she doesn’t just stop talking about it already. 

Even when the conversation doesn’t call for it, she’ll mention something her mom and dad do for each other. She won’t hold back when it comes to saying that it’s the type of marriage she wishes for herself. 

That’s all fine and well, but when you have to listen about their marriage for such a long time, you start to feel the pressure. She probably wants you to propose to her and marry her so that she can live out her dreams. 

She’s definitely eager to get married when she starts telling you that her mother was already married at her age. 

It’s completely fine if she wants to have a marriage like the one her parents share, but it’s not okay if she wants to drag you into her own little fantasies. You have every right to take your time and first be sure of things. 

If she always finds a way to mention their marriage, even when you don’t want to listen to it, that’s a woman who’s desperately waiting for you to put a ring on her finger. 

3. She’s looking up homes for your “future family”

DONE! 12 Not-So-Subtle Signs She Is Desperate For Marriage

There’s nothing scarier than a woman who’s forever making plans for your future without even involving you in the process. 

You’re starting to realize just how many times she pulled out her phone to show you the latest house she’s found. 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve talked about moving in together already or not. She’s obviously more invested in this process than you are. 

Of course, you want to move in with her, you love her, she’s your girlfriend. You’re with her because you see a future with her, but that doesn’t mean that you just want to jump into a huge commitment like a house and marriage. 

This is one of the signs she is desperate for marriage because she definitely wants to take everything into her own hands.

She does that to assure you that everything will be taken care of – all you need to do is put a ring on it and say “I do.” 

Thinking of your future together is definitely beautiful, but the agenda shouldn’t be pushed on you like this. 

You should look at those houses together when the time is right. Instead, she already has everything planned and even knows where your future baby will sleep when it meets this world. 

4. She takes you to homeware stores

DONE! 12 Not-So-Subtle Signs She Is Desperate For Marriage

You want to pay attention to the signs she is desperate for marriage because they’re not as subtle as you may think. Especially not when she drags you from one store to the next, just to look at furniture. 

Getting married includes living together and here she is asking you which couch you’d want in your living room. 

She gets so excited, even though you don’t really see the point in all of it. She’s looking forward to getting married, but it’s borderline scary. She looks as if she’s super desperate to move in with you and change her last name. 

It’s possible that your partner could also just like to decorate her own home. She loves when everything looks put together and nice.

She doesn’t have to have ulterior motives right away just because she asked your opinion on a nightstand. 

On the other hand, there are so many other fun things you could do together, why does she insist on visiting furniture and homeware stores?

She asks for your opinion, asks you if you’d be okay with certain items, and always seems to put ideas into your head. 

Yes, all of her ideas are good and you want to follow through with them, but she really has to be less frantic about it. 

5. She has her wedding planned already

DONE! 12 Not-So-Subtle Signs She Is Desperate For Marriage

As stated before, many women dream of their wedding day from a very young age. Why wouldn’t they? They’ve been told by the media that their wedding day will be the happiest day of their lives and nothing will ever compare to it. 

Many women have been strictly brought up to marry a man and create a family. We all have the right to choose our path and so does she. 

But it’s kind of creepy when you see that she follows all those wedding venues on social media and that she already has a vision board with possible flower arrangements for her wedding. 

Of course, it’s totally fine to have a general idea of what you want for your wedding.

For example, you may be opposed to red flowers, so you know that you don’t want to see those. You also know who you definitely won’t invite to your wedding. 

But it exceeds certain norms when your girlfriend has everything already planned to a T. When she comes across a dress and screams that it’s her dream wedding dress, then you know you’re in trouble. 

She has it all plotted out and you’re the last one to find out. Should you really just sit around and listen to her crazy ideas? Because these are genuine signs she is desperate for marriage. 

6. She’s been engaged before

DONE! 12 Not-So-Subtle Signs She Is Desperate For Marriage

Women who are desperate to get married and dedicate their lives to a man think of every man they date as “the one.” That’s why you may want to be a little careful if you’re dating a woman who broke off an engagement.

She thought of the last man as the one and doesn’t seem to stop pursuing you in the same way.

She’s showing all the other signs as well and genuinely believes you’re the one, even though you don’t know each other that well at this point. 

A woman like her falls in love easily and if she already thought of someone else as her soulmate and got disappointed, then she won’t wait long until she’ll want you to marry her. 

It’s sad to say that a woman who’s desperate for marriage won’t really have very high standards when it comes to men. So don’t fall for her tricks. 

7. She wants to introduce you to her entire family

DONE! 12 Not-So-Subtle Signs She Is Desperate For Marriage

In every relationship there comes a point where you have to meet the partner’s family. It’s a very awkward exchange of names and basic information about yourself and then you sit around the dinner table on your best behavior.

That’s when you start counting down the minutes until you get home safely. 

You don’t want to be rude, you want to meet her family, but at the same time – isn’t it a bit too soon? 

There are couples out there who don’t meet each others’ families until years into the relationship. How long have you been dating? A couple of months? 

It’s normal to feel apprehensive about meeting her family. You don’t even want her to meet your parents yet because you’re so careful about who you bring home to them. 

However, she insists that it’s the next step in your relationship and that you should really work on it. She even says that your bond would be complete if you met her family. 

This is one of the signs she is desperate for marriage. She wants her parents to meet you before she decides you’re marriage material. 

You’ll probably find that she’s already told her parents everything about you. She may have even said that you were going to propose to her soon and that will be quite an awful conversation to have with them. 

A woman who’s not desperate to get married will take her sweet time when it comes to this. Why would she want you to meet her family if she’s not hearing wedding bells yet? Exactly. 

Although, if she’s desperate, she won’t be able to wait any longer. 

8. She envies her married friends

DONE! 12 Not-So-Subtle Signs She Is Desperate For Marriage

Everyone around you is marrying the love of their lives. To be honest, married couples are just a painful itch. Wherever you may turn, they’re right there waiting to remind you that you haven’t married your soulmate yet.

People expect you to marry as soon as possible! They don’t want you to be a forty-something-year-old bachelor.

Well, let me tell you, when your girlfriend continuously speaks of her friends who’ve gotten married, it’s a red flag. What you’re witnessing is a sign of a desperate woman. 

She’s obsessing constantly over who’s marrying whom, where, and what their reception looks like. Yeah, at first it seems fine to keep up with the lives of the people around you, but she’s taken it to a whole new level.

That’s exactly why it’s such a big issue. You don’t really care that Karen and Matt bought a new house right after marrying each other.

You don’t care that Anna and Chad are expecting their first just a couple of months after the wedding. 

She makes the life of married couples sound like a fantasy that she will never live in.

She talks about their lives with so much envy that you feel like you have to propose to her and marry her before she completely surrenders into a depressive state. 

You could be the one to stop her whenever she starts talking about it, but at the same time, you know that she’s just going to cry her eyes out. So you do what a right man would, you stay silent.

9. She adopts your life completely

DONE! 12 Not-So-Subtle Signs She Is Desperate For Marriage

When we get into a relationship, we should never resort to losing our own individuality to please someone else. 

However, she obviously didn’t get the memo. She’s adopted your life to the fullest and almost stopped doing everything that she did before. 

Your favorite movies are now her favorite movies. The music you listen to has become her favorite music too. 

She even adopted all of your friends and it seems like she’s completely forgotten about her own. 

It’s scary when you realize that these are the signs she is desperate for marriage. She wants to show you that she is capable of being a part of your life.

She wants to make you feel as comfortable as possible, so she doesn’t really allow herself to be unique because she thinks that you may not like it. 

Even her best friend may feel left out in this situation. That’s when you know that she’s taken it a little too far.

Because right now, she’s been hanging out at bars where you go out with your friends, she visits the restaurants you go to with your co-workers, and so on. 

She doesn’t even seem to realize just how creepy she’s coming across as. She’s just doing all of this because she’s so desperate to show you that she’s wife material

10. She’s never stayed single for long

DONE! 12 Not-So-Subtle Signs She Is Desperate For Marriage

When a woman is desperate for marriage, she will jump from one relationship into the next, without any chance to work on herself, because her only goal in life is to marry. 

That’s very sad and unfortunately, there are more women like this out there than you and I would want to admit. 

She needed to fill that void inside her. She so desperately wants a man to propose to her and marry her.

There may be many reasons behind her desperation that’ll never know (perhaps it’s to get validation), not until you make the effort to talk to her. But the fact remains: She needs a ring on her finger.

All that does matter is that you recognize the signs. You may even remember on the first date when she told you that she’s never stayed single for a long time. 

Jumping from one relationship into another won’t really give her enough time to do anything for herself. She’s simply too eager to find a husband and someone to provide for her. 

11. She skips the pill on purpose

DONE! 12 Not-So-Subtle Signs She Is Desperate For Marriage

An unexpected pregnancy would definitely get her what she wants. No self-respecting man would break up with a woman who’s carrying his child. 

That’s why she continues to skip birth control. She thinks that if she gets pregnant, everything will be okay. You’ll have to marry her and you won’t have a way out.

She will literally trap you with herself and, because you’re a good guy, you will stay with her. 

She completely ignores the fact that pregnancy and having kids have to come after deep discussions between the two of you. You can’t just jump into such serious decisions, you have to talk it thoroughly through. 

Children should come when you’re both financially stable, mentally prepared, and emotionally mature.

If she catches you off guard and doesn’t allow you to have an opinion on the matter, you’ll find yourself marrying her because she manipulated you into this. 

You should make sure that she’s taking her birth control unless you want to become a husband and father in a matter of a few months. 

12. She does all the wifely duties

DONE! 12 Not-So-Subtle Signs She Is Desperate For Marriage

There are many things that a wife would do for you that a girlfriend never would. Even though a girlfriend would sometimes cook for you, she wouldn’t keep up with your doctor’s appointments. 

That’s a very random example, but you know what I mean. 

When a woman does wifely duties for you even though she’s far from becoming your wife, then she’s trying to show you that she’s the one you should definitely marry. She’s making sure that you see just how dedicated she is. 

This is one of the big signs she is desperate for marriage because she doesn’t mind doing everything for you. She doesn’t mind cooking for you or cleaning after you. All she’s doing is pretending like she’s already your wife. 

You can be sure she’s waiting for you to get on one knee, so she can walk down the aisle as soon as possible.

12 Not-So-Subtle Signs She Is Desperate For Marriage

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