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When A Man Is Blushing: Are His Red Cheeks A Sign Of Attraction?

When A Man Is Blushing: Are His Red Cheeks A Sign Of Attraction?

When you see a man blushing, can you actually consider his red cheeks a sign of attraction? Should you suppose that he likes you or is it all in your head and you’re stretching the idea too far?

Sometimes, it’s hard to know what a man feels for you. You give your all to understand his feelings and pray to God that he shares them with you.

But it all ends up in vain. 

He refuses to openly speak about his deepest feelings. He keeps it all in, completely sealed, and avoids sharing his emotions whatsoever.

And no matter how hard you try to get him to say those words to you, he fights back and overpowers you.

The good news is, even though you’re not hearing him say he’s attracted to you, you can always look at the body language signs he’s giving you. They will reveal his secret faster than he thinks and give away his real intentions.

But then again, you realize that it’s just a blush. Should you really pay close attention to the way he acts around you just because you saw him flustered in your company? Are you really not reading too much into it?

Is a man blushing a sign of his attraction to you?

DONE! When A Man Is Blushing Are His Red Cheeks A Sign Of Attraction

Well, if you haven’t made him angry or embarrassed, then blushing can be seen as a sign of attraction that a man feels for you. Believe it or not, it really may mean that the guy is seriously into you.

Even though men like to pretend that they’re all tough and macho, as soon as they find themselves next to the woman they like, everything changes.

From a flirting maestro who usually knows how to win the heart of every girl, he turns into a shy guy who can’t string a sentence together.

He doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do when he finds himself in the presence of an attractive woman.

He gets nervous around you and that’s when he loses it. Instead of looking calm and relaxed, your man starts blushing and reveals his hidden feelings by showing you an obvious sign of attraction.

Once he realizes that his cheeks are turning red, he gets even more anxious as he knows that he can’t do a thing to stop it.

The reason he blushes is that he feels awkward and nervous being this close to you. Your presence makes him go crazy and he doesn’t know how to act around you, so his heart pumps harder and blood rushes to his cheeks.

Should he start flirting with you or is it way too early? What if he says something wrong and you think that he’s a freak? And why is he being quiet for way too long?

He probably thinks that you’ll never call him again since he didn’t do anything right to win you over.

As a result of all of these thoughts going through his head, his cheeks turn a bright blushing red all over again.

In this case, it’s obvious that he likes you and feels attracted to you.

You make him lose his mind, and even though he thinks that he’s doing a good job at hiding his feelings, he doesn’t realize you can already sense his deepest desires by a simple glance at his cheeks.

Besides blushing, what are the other signs of attraction a man shows?

DONE! When A Man Is Blushing Are His Red Cheeks A Sign Of Attraction

Blushing isn’t the only sign of attraction a man will give you. There are many more body language signals you should pay attention to if you want to find out how he’s feeling about you.

He’s trying hard not to tell you what he actually thinks of you. That’s why he’ll focus all of his energy on keeping his mouth shut.

In the meantime, his body will reveal all of his secrets through subtle signs. Without knowing it, he’ll let everyone else around him know that he’s extremely attracted to you.

And by the time he does realize it, you’ll already be able to tell that he secretly likes you despite his best efforts to hide it.

So, besides flushed cheeks, here’s what else you should look out for.

1. He can’t take his eyes off you

DONE! When A Man Is Blushing Are His Red Cheeks A Sign Of Attraction

One of the clear signs of attraction is when a man stares at you, without any intention to look away. Even when he does his best to look the other way, chances are that his eyes will still be drawn back to you.

Sometimes, you might even feel uncomfortable as this guy will literally keep staring at you. But you shouldn’t worry about it as it’s only a sign that he likes what he sees. That’s why he’s dedicating all of his attention to you.

While looking deep into your eyes, the only thing he wants is to lean in for a kiss. But he probably thinks it’s too early to do that as he still doesn’t know how you feel about him.

If you reject him right away, he’ll be terrified to try his luck with you ever again.

So, he’ll keep a safe distance, but keep observing every detail about you. And the more he looks at you, the more he’ll keep falling for you.

Don’t worry, there’s nothing stuck in your teeth and your makeup looks perfectly fine. This man is staring at you because he’s attracted to you. That’s the only valid reason.

2. His tone of voice changes

DONE! When A Man Is Blushing Are His Red Cheeks A Sign Of Attraction

Men usually unconsciously share their feelings through nonverbal communication. They use different signals to show a woman they’re into her.

And your guy is no different from the rest of them.

Have you ever noticed how his tone of voice changes the moment you find yourself in his company? It suddenly gets deeper and more masculine, but you never really thought much of it.

Well, blushing isn’t the only sign of attraction a man will show you. He’ll also change the tone of his voice so he comes across as more appealing to you.

Men often unwittingly change the way they sound to others in order to achieve different reactions. And when a guy wants to impress a lady, he makes his voice seem deeper and more dominant.

That way, he grabs the attention of a woman and tries to make her realize that he’s exactly what she’s looking for. It’s also his way of making himself stand out from the rest.

If there are other men around him, your guy will try to impress you by making himself sound more attractive and masculine than any of the others.

So, if you notice a sudden change in his tone of voice, then you can be sure that he likes you and is attracted to you.

He’s still not ready to admit his feelings and that’s why he’s trying to grab your attention with little things and details that will make him stand out. And his deep voice is certainly one of them.

3. His body language changes

DONE! When A Man Is Blushing Are His Red Cheeks A Sign Of Attraction

When you don’t like someone and have no intention of keeping the conversation going, you pull into yourself and close your body off from any type of communication.

But the moment you find yourself surrounded by someone you like, your whole body opens up to show them how friendly you are.

The same applies to a man who’s in the company of a woman he’s attracted to. Instead of taking a step back and backing off from the conversation, a guy who likes you will change his whole posture.

He’ll always be facing you as he’s trying to catch every detail about you.

Also, he’ll never have his arms crossed as that posture speaks unfriendliness. Instead, he’ll keep his arms wide apart, maybe playing with his hands as he’s too nervous to stay still.

In this case, a man might also start fidgeting because he’s anxious that he’ll make a mistake that will cost him. If he does something wrong, he risks losing you and that’s certainly not what he wants.

And since there’s a lot at stake, he wants to be sure that he does the best he can to impress you.

4. He mirrors your behavior

DONE! When A Man Is Blushing Are His Red Cheeks A Sign Of Attraction

When we like someone, we observe them carefully. And as a result, we often unconsciously repeat their actions and mirror their behavior.

One of the strong signs of attraction given by man is when he does everything you do. He copies every move you make because he’s trying to show himself as your perfect match.

If he wasn’t into you, he wouldn’t pay attention to the way you act around him. For that matter, he wouldn’t even bother to behave the same way you do.

But since he feels intense attraction toward you, his body is instinctively doing everything you do. It’s copying your moves because it’s trying to create a strong bond between the two of you.

You know how people who are in long-term relationships start to mimic one another? They generally turn into copied versions of each other.

Well, a similar thing happens when you meet someone new and you start to catch feelings for that person.

You observe them as you’re hanging out and you start mirroring their moves.

If you always hold your glass in your left hand, a guy who likes you will start doing the same. If you have this one saying you repeat all the time, he’ll start using it as well.

Before he met you, he never did any of the things he’s doing now. But since he’s been paying close attention to you, he now unknowingly (and sometimes knowingly) mirrors your moves.

It’s obvious that this man feels attracted to you and he’s trying to show you that by letting you see how similar he is to you. He wants you to feel as if he’s a perfect fit for you.

​And once he sees that you’re reciprocating his interest, he may even decide to take it a step further.

Who knows where the road will take you? In a year’s time, you might hear him say “I love you.” If he’s genuinely interested in you, then this doesn’t sound impossible – not in the slightest.

5. He leans in closer to you

DONE! When A Man Is Blushing Are His Red Cheeks A Sign Of Attraction

Apart from blushing, a great sign of attraction is when a man leans in close to you. He makes sure his body is as near as it can be to yours, without making him seem like he’s a weirdo.

This proximity gives him a possibility to engage in physical contact with you by accidentally touching your arm or grazing your knee. It also allows him to reach out for your hand and let your fingers touch.

It may not sound like much, but to a man attracted to you, these simple gestures mean a lot. They make him feel he finally has a chance to be in your close company, which is all he could ever ask for.

So, if you see his body leaning in toward you, or if he’s pulling his chair close to you, these are clear indications that he wants to be near to you.

This guy is definitely attracted to you and he’s trying to show you as much through subtle signs. He just hopes that you’ll get the hint and show something in return.

If you let him know that you feel the same way about him, he’ll be the happiest man in the world.

How to make a man blush?

Now that you’re aware that blushing counts as one of the biggest signs of attraction a man will give you, you probably want to know what you can do to get him flustered.

Is there something that will instantly turn his cheeks red, and make him even more attracted to you? And can you actually do it without looking like a fool?

Making your man blush means you succeeded at evoking certain emotions inside of him. It will make him feel happy that you’re engaging in this game between the two of you and trying to gain his attention.

And since he’s attracted to you in the first place, he probably won’t give you the cold shoulder. Instead, it’ll give him more courage to actually make his move.

1. Compliment him

DONE! When A Man Is Blushing Are His Red Cheeks A Sign Of Attraction

We all love to be complimented. And when I say all, I count guys in as well. Even though we usually don’t shower men with nice words, men love it when you flatter them.

At first, your guy may act resistant. But give it a minute and the compliments will get to him, then watch how his cheeks suddenly start to color up!

When you let him know that you love how this shirt looks on him, or that his smile brightens up the room, he won’t be able to hide his pleasure.

The fact that you’ve noticed something nice about him encourages him to believe that you’re attracted to him too. 

This increases his heart rate and sooner or later, you’ll see the consequences of your actions on his face. His once white cheeks will turn pink, and he’ll possibly even look down for a second out of nervousness.

The woman he’s attracted to has just complimented him on something and, at that moment, there’s no better feeling in the world.

Right now, he knows that he’s blushing, but the fact that you praised him for one of his qualities makes it totally worth it.

2. Graze him accidentally

DONE! When A Man Is Blushing Are His Red Cheeks A Sign Of Attraction

Now that you know that blushing is a sign of attraction, you’re desperate to see your man’s cheeks glowing. But what else you could do besides compliment him?

Well, you can always touch him accidentally, leaving your hand on his body for a second and then pulling away. That’s sure to make him go all red.

If he’s sitting close to you with his body facing you and legs spread, you can always graze his knee unintentionally. That one slight move will stir up a whole lot of feelings and thoughts.

Suddenly, he won’t be able to focus on anything and he’ll keep staring at you. You will become the center of his attention, and I guess that was your plan in the first place.

So, if you really want to make him blush, then try this move and see how it works. When you see him pause for a second, that’s when you know that he’s clearly attracted to you.

You’ll see it in his eyes that he’s falling hard for you. But at the same time, he’ll also like the game you’re playing.

3. Hold eye contact with him

DONE! When A Man Is Blushing Are His Red Cheeks A Sign Of Attraction

Prolonged eye contact is always the way to go when you’re trying to make a man blush. Especially if you’re already aware that he’s attracted to you.

Eye contact is a powerful thing. And when you know how to use it, you can achieve some great things with it. 

You can control people by making eye contact and can see deep into their soul, but you can also make guys blush with its help. You can do whatever you like as long as you know what you’re trying to achieve.

So, if you want to make him blush through eye contact, then go ahead and stare into his eyes. Make him feel as if you’re the only two people in the world.

If you feeling bold, you can even slide in a few flirty lines to make him blush even more. 

Now that he sees you have no intention to look away when your eyes lock, he’ll feel like a flight of butterflies has just taken off in his stomach.

He’ll also physically feel that he’s blushing as he senses the warmth going to his cheeks. You’re making him lose it, but as long as you have your eyes on him, he’ll be one happy man.

4. Send him a flirty text message

DONE! When A Man Is Blushing Are His Red Cheeks A Sign Of Attraction

If you don’t have the courage to stand in front of him and do something to make him blush, you can always look for help in text messages.

That way, you’ll still get him to flush even though you’re not right next to him.

Maybe this guy often flirts with you but you never know how to flirt back. You’re never sure what to say and how to respond to his playful banter.

But now, you have a chance to flirt back and make him blush at the same time. And you can achieve that by sending him a simple flirty message.

Trust me, he’ll be over the moon that you finally decided to give in and engage in his flirting spree. But you’ll also make his cheeks blush because he didn’t really expect to receive this kind of message from you.

5. Whisper something in his ear

DONE! When A Man Is Blushing Are His Red Cheeks A Sign Of Attraction

If you already know this man from before, then you can always decide to whisper something in his ear. That will certainly make him blush.

An inside joke only the two of you know, a nickname you call him by, or a fun idea to go on an adventure together.

No matter what you decide to tell him, once you whisper it into his ear, the same words take on a whole different dimension.

Sharing words that only two of you know sparks a whole other level of intimacy. And while he already feels attracted to you, once you speak softly into his ear, his feelings for you will skyrocket.

The chemistry between the two of you will be more than obvious and he won’t be able to hide his feelings any longer.

At one point, he’ll feel the need to confess how he feels about you, and that’s when you’ll see him blushing in a way you’ve never seen him before.

If you notice that a man is showing signs of attraction, there are always ways to carefully push him over the edge so he finally admits his feelings for you.

Until then, keep making him blush, and at one point, he’s bound to crack. Like Pandora’s box, his emotions will suddenly escape. And he’ll have to admit to you that his life will suffer forever if you’re not in it.

When A Man Is Blushing: Are His Red Cheeks A Sign Of Attraction?

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