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19 Signs That Say He’s A Keeper

19 Signs That Say He’s A Keeper

You’ve fallen deeply in love with this man, and you think that he may be the one for you, but how to know if he’s a keeper?

Even though it all depends on what you’re looking for in man, these signs he’s a keeper will help you figure it out.

He makes you happy and loves you wholeheartedly, but how to tell whether he’s a keeper or just someone you’ll eventually have to let go of?

Is he really the one you’ll spend the rest of your life with?

Every woman who’s in a relationship is asking herself these questions, wondering if she’ll get her happily ever after.

Naturally, you don’t want to waste your time on someone who’ll end up breaking your heart, and that’s exactly the reason why you should look at these signs he’s a keeper.

You’ll learn how to tell if he’s a keeper, and that’s important because you want to make sure he’s the one.

As I already mentioned, it all depends on what you’re looking for in a man…

However, if he shows these signs he’s a keeper, you can be sure that you’ve found the one.

Still, you shouldn’t give up on him if he doesn’t show these signs he’s a keeper, because he might still be the one. Keep them in mind anyway, but make sure you listen to what your heart tells you.

Maybe the two of you can’t deal with conflict without fighting, but he’s always ready to apologize for any hurtful words he has spoken. Perhaps his life doesn’t have any direction, but he knows he wants to be with you.

You’ll learn how to know if he’s a keeper, but don’t forget about the other things he does if you don’t see all the signs he’s a keeper.

These signs apply to most cases, but everyone’s story is unique and special, and so is yours.

If you feel it in your gut that he’s a keeper, he could be.

How to know if he’s a keeper?

Well, it all comes down to the fact that you’ll want to keep him around for a long time but to really know for sure, and learn how to tell if he’s a keeper, keep reading.

Here are all the signs he’s a keeper:

1. He loves you just the way you are

19 Signs That Say Hes A Keeper

Unfortunately, people often try to change the person they’re with.

They meet a person and decide that person is the one for them.

For whatever reason, they were attracted to that person or just fell in love with the way that person gives them attention or makes them feel.

Then they decided they were the right person for them and started ironing out their flaws in an attempt to turn them into that right person they imagined for themselves.

However, the right person for you is someone you don’t have to change. If you’re trying to change them, they’re not the one.

When a relationship quickly develops, one person often tries to change the person they are with.

You feel a powerful attraction when you first meet them, so you try to make them into who you want them to be.

You don’t try to get to know them gradually and discover all of their virtues and flaws.

Instead, you decide from the start that they’re the one, so you try to make them be that.

So, how to know if he’s a keeper? Well, he’ll consider himself the luckiest man who ever existed for getting to find you.

He will be dazzled by your charm, and he’ll adore your personality and admire your achievements.

A keeper won’t hesitate to let you know all that, because he loves you exactly the way you are.

He won’t ever try to tell you how to dress, what to think, who you should care about, how you should live, or what to say. 

If he does, he’s definitely not a keeper, and those are some major red flags.

When a man doesn’t want you to be who you are, you need to stay away from him.

Don’t let any man change you, because he needs to love you for everything that you are.

2. He respects you

19 Signs That Say Hes A Keeper 2

Your boyfriend treats you as an individual who has your own ideas, voice, opinions, and thoughts.

You are not an extension of him, and he doesn’t see you that way, so he doesn’t try to mold you into the perfect girlfriend for him.

He wholeheartedly accepts you, so he doesn’t want to control the way you behave.

You have your own interests, and he not only lets you have them but genuinely supports you.

When you want to have some time to yourself, or when you want to go out with your friends, he doesn’t mind.

He would never judge you, so you can act the way you want and dress in whatever way you like.

Of course, he sometimes expresses his disapproval about something, but when it comes to your interests, you have the final say.

All of this is because he respects you and your individuality.

3. You are your true self with him

I already mentioned that he loves you just the way you are, but it’s not just that.

The thing is, you can be yourself with him, and that’s what makes your relationship priceless.

There’s no need for you to pretend to be anyone other than your true self when you’re with him.

He listens carefully to every word you tell him, and he knows those words come from the heart.

When he doesn’t agree with you, he doesn’t pretend to, but he also never forces his opinions on you.

Both of you accept each other the way you truly are and you have the freedom to be yourselves.

Accepting and loving each other for who you are is one of the most important things in a relationship and you never judge each other.

Of course, there are some boundaries that you don’t want to be broken, but the two of you agree on some basic values, so you feel confident that neither of you will cross any lines.

4. He puts up with your quirks

19 Signs That Say Hes A Keeper 3

He won’t avoid you or hide from you when you’re under the weather or have mood swings.

All he wants is to take care of you, so he’s ready to put up with your quirks.

He wants to make you feel better, and he knows how to achieve that, whether he entertains you or brings you the food that will help you.

Of course, he also knows when to leave so that you can rest.

5. He not only listens but remembers everything you say

Has he ever brought you your favorite flowers just because he remembered you said you like them when you first met?

Not only does he listen to you, but he also remembers the things you tell him that are important to you.

He stores this valuable information in his mind because learning about you is very important to him.

Why is that? Well, because he can later use it to surprise you and make you happy.

All the things that matter to you matter to him as well, no matter how trivial or small they seem to be.

This proves that he is invested in you, and, at the same time, empathetic.

Everything about you means a lot to him because he wants to know what you’re all about.

6. You’re both maturing as a couple because you both put the effort in

Your relationship has grown from when you first started dating, and a big improvement can clearly be seen.

The two of you are no longer young people looking to have fun, but two mature adults who have big relationship goals, and you know how to achieve those goals.

You have matured as a couple, as well as individuals because you both put effort into your relationship.

He’s always there to guide you, support you, remind you of your priorities and keep you in check.

7. He gets along with your family and friends

19 Signs That Say Hes A Keeper 4

Your family and friends like him, and he likes them too and it’s actually very important to him that they like him.

Is it because being liked by everyone means a lot to his ego? I don’t think so.

The reason for this is actually that those people mean a lot to you, and everything that’s important to you is important to him too.

Mature, good men are able and willing to meet people, and leave a good impression, as well as get along with them.

Even if your family aren’t usually nice to the men you take home for them to meet, he’ll try to like them, and make them like him as well.

When you see him getting along with your parents, who never liked any of your past boyfriends, this will be your biggest sign that you have found a keeper.

Selfish and immature men will make it clear that they don’t enjoy spending time with your family and friends, and would rather do something else.

If a man isn’t interested in being with you for a long time, he won’t even want to meet the people close to you.

Your boyfriend also wants you to meet his family and friends, and you’ll be as charming as he was when he met yours.

In fact, he’ll be sure that they’ll love you just as much as he does, so he’ll tell you that beforehand.

8. He wants to succeed in life

19 Signs That Say Hes A Keeper 5

Your boyfriend knows what he would like to do with his life. He feels that he has a responsibility to you, as well as to himself.

He’s willing to work hard and do his best to provide for you and himself and not just that he has a job because it’s a career.

All he wants is to succeed in life. He always stands up when he falls, so no setbacks will stop him from moving forward.

9. The two of you talk about everything

You exchange views about everything that you consider important, and having your own opinions doesn’t stop you from doing that.

Even when you don’t agree on certain things, you never shout at each other; you simply exchange views, and agree to differ.

When something’s bothering you, you know that you can tell him about it.

He’ll always listen and keep an open mind, so he won’t instinctively take any side.

You’ll hear his honest opinion, and he won’t make you accept it if you disagree.

Even when he thinks that you’re wrong, he won’t force you to change your mind.

What happens when you get into an argument with someone and tell him about it?

He’ll always tell you whether he considers you to be right or wrong, but he’ll always say something positive about what your next step should be too.

He will help you solve the issue, even if he thinks that you’re wrong, and he won’t ever blame you.

All he wants is that you succeed in life, just like he wants himself to succeed, so whenever there’s a problem, he’ll try to help you solve it.

10. You are simply happy

19 Signs That Say Hes A Keeper 6

Maybe you don’t know why exactly you are so happy when you’re around him, but that’s fine. You just know that you’re simply happy to be with him.

When a guy is worth keeping, you’ll feel it in your gut, and it will tell you that you have found the one.

Listen to your gut, enjoy what your instinct is telling you and let it serve you as motivation to make this relationship work.

11. He wants to solve problems when they occur

Every single relationship encounters some problems.

What happens when there are some problems in your relationship? If he always does his best to solve any problems you might have, he’s a keeper.

He wants to talk about any troubles you might have together, and he’ll try to find a solution.

The thing is, he doesn’t try to look for ways to blame you for the problems you’re experiencing, but for ways to make your relationship work.

When there’s a problem, all he wants is to help you solve it.

He never walks away or threatens to walk away when there’s something wrong in your relationship.

In fact, he makes sure to stick around and work on solving the issues together, and this is not only because he wants to end the conflict right away, but because he wants to find a solution that both of you can agree on.

12. You are a priority to him

Where are you on his list of priorities? You should always come first if you’ve found a man who’s a keeper.

Your relationship should be of more value to the two of you than anything else.

Tennis, night out with his buddies, football… it should all come after you and your relationship.

Of course, he should have a life outside of the relationship, but your relationship should always come first and be valued most.

13. He encourages and supports your goals

19 Signs That Say Hes A Keeper 7

He wants to hear about your day at work and encourages you to succeed in your career.

Your career isn’t any less important than his, and he’s well aware of that, so he doesn’t mind when you can’t see him because of responsibilities at work. 

One day, when you have children, he won’t mind sharing the responsibility of taking care of them.

He always encourages you when it comes to having a life outside of the relationship, so he coaxes you to hang out with your friends and not to give up on your hobbies.

Couples who are always together often end up in a relationship that is boring and stale, and it lacks in variety.

When you’re not always together, it’s more rewarding and exciting when you finally are.

14. He’s always there for you when you need him, even if you don’t ask him to be

What happens when you have some sort of a crisis? Is he there for you even when it’s inconvenient for him?

If he helps you through tough times and is ready to go above and beyond for you, you’ve found a good man.

Showing empathy, consideration, and compassion is important, so if you have found a man who shows all these, you’ve found a long-term partner.

He’s there for you even when you yourself are not aware that you need him.

15. Everything’s going well and happens easily

19 Signs That Say Hes A Keeper 8

You feel confident and happy, and have amazing plans for the future… All that is because everything’s going great in your relationship.

Just remember those times in your past relationships when you didn’t know if he would call, whether you’d see him soon, if he was into you, or if you were wasting your precious time…

The truth is, everything happens easily when you’re with the right man. It doesn’t mean you won’t have any problems, but it means that you know he has the will and wants to solve all of them.

You have no doubts that he’ll call you, that you’ll see him soon, that he’s into you and that you’re not wasting your time.

This time, it’s different, and you simply know it. That shows that he’s a keeper.

16. He helps you be the best version of yourself

He makes you feel fabulous, beautiful, and confident.

You simply feel like the best girl in the world, because he makes you feel that way by considering you to be the best girl in the world.

Don’t ever settle for a guy who puts you down or hurts your self-confidence.

The right man will make you feel like you’re the most amazing person in the world every single day, and you will be that because of it.

17. You have fun and laugh together

19 Signs That Say Hes A Keeper 9

The reason why your relationship works so well is that most of the time, it’s fun.

Of course, you won’t always laugh together, but as long as you know how to have fun and make each other laugh, the hard times will be easier and better.

Those who have fun and laugh are happy people, which is important because it’s always easier to be with a person who’s already happy than with one who waits for you to make them happy.

If he is playful with you, that’s a great sign! You’ll have fun cooking together, dancing in the rain and having a Sunday Fun Day.

It’s great to be around a man who’s spontaneous, even when he has crazy ideas that you’re not really up for.

Why not just do things you don’t normally do? It will be fun!

18. He values your input

Maybe he doesn’t take your advice every time, but he always makes sure to ask for your opinion before making an important decision.

This shows that he appreciates and values your input, as well as that he takes you seriously.

Isn’t that the type of guy you want to keep being with?

19. He plans a future that includes you

He has amazing plans for the future, and the best part is that his plans always include you.

You both talked about your ambitions and dreams when you first started dating, but now his plans have changed to include you in his future.

It seems like he has stopped saying, “I,” because he always uses, “We,” instead now, just like you do.

This is a sign that really proves he intends to spend the rest of his life with you.

You’ve probably dated a few men who never made plans for the future that included you, and you realized it was because they didn’t want you to be a part of their future.

This guy is different because he seriously thinks that you could be the one he could spend the rest of his life with.

The two of you are surely going places, and you’re going there together.

You have found a keeper, so make sure that you keep him around because he definitely wants you to stick around for a long time.

19 Signs That Say He’s A Keeper

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