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Should I Text A Scorpio Man First? The Do’s And Don’ts To Consider

Should I Text A Scorpio Man First? The Do’s And Don’ts To Consider

Should I text a Scorpio man first?

​A water sign like Scorpio is so unpredictable that you can’t ever know what to expect in most situations. Sometimes, you’re sure things are completely fine, but other times, you question every single one of their reactions. 

So how are you supposed to know if it’s okay to text him first? 

You don’t want to come across as overbearing, but you also don’t want to seem aloof. You simply want to keep the conversation going. 

Scorpio is a fixed water sign and their biggest assets are the fact that they’re helpful and brave. They’re known for the power they emit in social situations. 

However, Scorpions can also seem aggressive at times. They’re very distrusting and jealous, so one bad move from your side and you’re out of their life before you know it.

You may even catch a Scorpio being manipulative. The worst thing about it? They’ve mastered the craft so well, you’re left to wonder just how many times they’ve actually done it so far. 

Nonetheless, a Scorpio guy is intriguing for a number of reasons. Sometimes, you just wish you knew whether you’re overthinking things or right for being cautious. 

So here you are, wondering if it’s worth it to text him first. Should you be the one to make the first move and try out your compatibility? 

There are some things that will turn off a Scorpio no matter how compatible you might be. If you want to avoid losing him, make sure you learn about  the 3 big texting mistakes that drive a Scorpio man away that Anna Kovach reveals in her Scorpio texting guide.

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Should I text a Scorpio man first? 

Should I Text A Scorpio Man First The Do's And Don'ts To Consider

We can’t deny the fact that texting has become a big part of our everyday lives. We’re practically glued to our phones all the time and we’re always texting someone. 

So why isn’t he texting you by now? 

When you meet someone new, you’re actually waiting for him to text you first the entire time. Especially if we consider gender stereotypes. Why would you have to text him first? You’re the woman! If he doesn’t want to talk to you, then you should rather just forget about him, right? 

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. He could be playing mind games with you on purpose and you don’t want him to win. 

Ugh, why is it so hard to simply figure out if you should be the one to text him first? Human interaction shouldn’t be this hard. 

That’s why I’m here to help you out a bit. Instead of driving yourself crazy, let’s consider when it’s okay to text him first and when is best to not text him at all. 

When should you NOT text a Scorpio man first?

1. If you’re always the first to text

DONE Should I Text A Scorpio Man First The Dos And Donts To Consider 2

Girls always want to talk to the man they’re interested in. We love both the deep conversations and the back-and-forth banter. 

And since a Scorpio man likes that, too, and he’s so good at it, you simply want to talk to him all the time. 

But you shouldn’t if you’re always the one to text him first. You don’t have to initiate everything, because that would only become a one-sided thing, which you don’t need in your life. 

Don’t send him any text messages unless you see that he’s ready to do the same thing. If he doesn’t text you for days, without any valid explanation, then you really shouldn’t text him. Not now, not ever. 

He obviously just liked the added attention you brought into his life.

2. If you don’t have anything to say

You don’t have to be an astrologer to understand that anyone born under this zodiac sign simply hates boring conversations. 

A Pisces or Cancer man may feel differently about this. These other water signs are very considerate and love to talk for hours with their partner. Even if it’s about nothing in particular. 

But Scorpions get bored easily. So you shouldn’t even start a conversation if you don’t plan on keeping it going.

That said, you should know that if someone is interested in you – even a Scorpio – they’ll find a way to make the conversation interesting for both of you. 

3. If he shows interest in another woman

Should I Text A Scorpio Man First The Do's And Don'ts To Consider

“Should I text a Scorpio man first if I’m not the only one he’s into?” You shouldn’t even ask yourself that question. 

If he obviously has feelings for someone else, even if those feelings aren’t solid, just the fact that he’s expressing interest in someone else is a red flag. 

But the thing is, it depends on what you planned to text him. 

Did you want to confront him about it? If you’ve talked for a while now and you were sure that things were going in the right direction, you have a right to know. Never let someone disrespect you like that. 

That’s why you could totally take a moment to tell him how hurt you are by his actions and ask him to explain himself. That, or you could simply ghost him.  

4. If he’s ghosting you 

How do you know when someone’s ghosting you? Well, funny enough, I’m an Aquarius and I ghost people all the time. Is that a flex? No. I’m not proud of it, but I must tell you that it doesn’t happen unless I really don’t like someone. 

But that isn’t important right now! We’re talking Scorpios here.

Has he been online since the last time you two texted? Did he post on his social media? Has he seen your message or hasn’t he even opened it? 

Well, if he’s active without even acknowledging you, then he’s obviously ghosting you. 

Other signs who may do this to you are Gemini and Capricorn. So if you’re sensitive to this, find yourself a Virgo or a Libra. With them, at least you’ll know if they don’t like you. 

Should you text a Scorpio man first? At this point, probably not. 

5. If he’s rude to you

DONE Should I Text A Scorpio Man First The Dos And Donts To Consider 4

More often than not, a Scorpio who’s not interested in you will be rude. He may even become inspired and motivated to break your heart and hurt your feelings. 

Why would he hold back when he obviously doesn’t care about you? 

Usually, when someone’s rude to you, your first instinct is to completely walk away from them. But when genuine emotions and interests are at play, you feel like you can’t just do that right now.

You feel compelled to spend more time with him and convince him that he shouldn’t treat you like that. But that’s also the reason you shouldn’t try to convince him at all.

He obviously chose what he wants and his actions toward you say enough. I know that we were taught as kids that when a guy is rude to you it’s because he likes you, but that’s an awful lie they tell children. 

Don’t let yourself fall for that. You genuinely shouldn’t text him first or at all (unless he chooses to apologize for his rude behavior, of course). 

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6. If you’re the one doing all the chasing

Okay, sure, he was the one to come up to you and talk to you when you two saw each other for the first time. But since then, it’s all been you. You’re the one who added his phone number, you’re the one who added and followed him on social media, and so on. 

Of course, there’s nothing wrong when a woman takes the wheel and pursues a guy. But it’s not a good thing if you’re doing literally everything and he’s just getting spoiled. 

He’s not showing you any signs that he’s interested at all. You’re trying to get to know him and he enjoys the attention, but he doesn’t ask you any questions in return.

So whenever you two do talk, you feel like you’re the one who’s more interested and it makes you seem clingy. 

When SHOULD you text a Scorpio man first?

1. If he’s told you he’s expecting your text 

Should I Text A Scorpio Man First The Do's And Don'ts To Consider

You know when you meet someone or hang out with them and they tell you to text them when you’re parting ways? 

Well, that’s a direct invitation into his DMs. 

When you’re thinking about whether or not you should text a Scorpio man first, just remember that more often than not, people born under this zodiac sign are very direct. If he wants you to text him, then he’ll come right out and say it. 

This is something that you’ll see quite often with both a Scorpio male and Scorpio woman. They’re so straightforward and honest that you won’t have to second-guess them. 

But if you sense he doesn’t like you, then he probably did everything to make sure you get that message. 

2. If he’s an introvert

Even though Scorpians may seem a bit bold at times, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any introverts among them. If anything, as a water sign, they tend to get overwhelmed quite easily so they like to keep to themselves.

Because of that, he may not want to initiate a conversation. He will feel shy about it and won’t want to disturb you. That’s what ultimately makes him so different from others.

When you’re thinking about whether you should text a Scorpio man first, make sure to really pay attention if he’s introverted or extroverted. Because if he’s an introvert, you have to make the first move or you’ll never get to know him. 

An introverted Scorpio man loves a woman who’s able to make this move and show him that he doesn’t have to feel unwanted next to her. 

This is your perfect chance to get to know him better and build your strong connection!

3. If you’re tired of waiting

DONE Should I Text A Scorpio Man First The Dos And Donts To Consider 6

Let’s be honest here, what’s the worst thing that can happen? 

You’re tired of always waiting for a guy to text you first, so you might as well be the one to text him. There’s nothing catastrophic that could happen to you – it’s just a text message, after all. There’s no philosophy behind it. 

You’re just overthinking things to the point of driving yourself mad. Things are actually so simple when you think of it. 

So don’t just wait around forever. Get your phone, open up your messaging app, and send him a silly meme. If he doesn’t reciprocate your energy, then he may as well be the wrong guy for you. It’s that easy. 

4. If he was the last one to text you

It’s really not appealing when you’re texting a guy over and over again. Double-texting really isn’t that attractive to a man, because it makes you seem desperate. 

However, if he’s the one who texted you the last time and you didn’t reply to his last text, then just go ahead and do it. 

He’s probably thinking that you’re the one ghosting him at this point. Don’t be that person. 

If you really did forget to reply to him, then apologize for not seeing the message sooner and just continue the chat. You’re probably thinking that it sounds easier than it actually is, but believe me, Scorpio men aren’t nearly as dangerous as a real animal. 

5. If you haven’t talked in a while

Should I Text A Scorpio Man First The Do's And Don'ts To Consider

When you haven’t heard from someone in a while, and you used to be quite good friends (or even something more), you can hit them up. Strike up a conversation by saying that you haven’t heard from each other in a while and that you’d love to catch up sometime soon. 

You can always find something to talk about with someone you haven’t seen in a while. 

You shouldn’t have a hard time with this task. If anything, he should also be very happy to finally hear from you, too. 

You shouldn’t even stress about whether or not to text a Scorpio man first if you can’t even remember the last time you saw him or talked to him. I can guarantee you that it won’t be as bad as you may think. 

You don’t even have to make this Scorpio man miss you in the first place, because the fact that you haven’t talked in a while is reason enough to start a conversation. 

6. If he just posted something interesting on social media

Has he posted something that you’re super interested in? For example, he posted a picture of himself at a restaurant that you always wanted to go to. Or he traveled to a destination that you’ve already visited. 

In situations like these, you don’t even have to care about the personality traits of a Scorpio. Just listen to that simple relationship advice that everyone’s able to give you. 

You finally have a valid excuse to text him and see what’s happening in his life! 

I can guarantee you that he’d love to tell you everything about it because Scorpians simply enjoy talking about their lives. And when they have something in common with you, they’ll make sure to indulge in a long conversation about it. 

7. If he asked for some music or movie recommendations

DONE Should I Text A Scorpio Man First The Dos And Donts To Consider 8

This is an easy yes. If you’re wondering if you should text a Scorpio man first, then this is the perfect time to do so. 

People tend to always ask for movie and music recommendations on their Insta stories or they may make an actual post about it. 

This is the perfect time to slide into someone’s DMs if you need to make up with them or if you’ve always been long-distance acquaintances and you just haven’t had the time to meet each other in person. 

This is especially effective if you know his taste. When you know what he’ll like for sure then you’ll even score some points with him. 

When he listens to the music or watches the movie you recommended, he’ll write you back and express his gratitude. You’ll create an entire relationship based on the fact that you have similar interests and that’s absolutely beautiful. 

If we were talking about a Libra man here, then you’d have to put a lot more effort into things, because of the fact that they’re ruled by Venus. 

But a Scorp doesn’t need that much stimulation. He simply needs someone who’ll understand him, and be as enthusiastic and empathetic as he is. 

Also, we all know that Scorpio is the most passionate of all the people in the zodiac. So you’ll stand a much bigger chance with him if you talk about his passions, whatever they may be. 

How to make a Scorpio man text you first?

At the end of the day, you may still feel a little bit too shy to actually go through with texting him first.

It’s fine, I get it. Scorpio men can be extremely intimidating at times and you don’t really feel comfortable doing something like this. 

So instead of asking yourself “Should I text a Scorpio man first?” how about we find a way to get him to text you first?

1. Intrigue him with a post

Should I Text A Scorpio Man First The Do's And Don'ts To Consider

Were you at the same event as he was? Did you see him when you were getting your coffee this morning? Well, snap a photo of the place and post it somewhere where you know he’ll see it. 

Post an interesting caption that will pique his interest, which will make him text you in a matter of minutes. 

2. Be patient 

Should you text a Scorpio man first when you know that he doesn’t like to text all day? Well, definitely not. 

So be patient. 

Make sure that you give him enough space and that you don’t seem too needy. He’ll appreciate that. Especially, if he’s made sure to tell you that he simply isn’t interested in spending the entire day on his phone messaging you. 

Let things fall into place by themselves. Don’t text him, but make sure to show him that you’re interested in talking to him whenever he’s in the mood. 

So let him make the first move and show him that you’re happy he texted you. This way he’ll always want to come back to you, even if he doesn’t text you as often as you’d like. 

3. Make him feel desired

DONE Should I Text A Scorpio Man First The Dos And Donts To Consider 10

Does it happen that you bump into him on occasion? When you walk in town, do you ever see him and exchange a few words? 

Well, in those situations, tell him that you’ve been waiting for him to text you. Of course, you shouldn’t say this in an arrogant way that’ll make him feel awful about himself. Say it playfully, while also suggesting that you’ve missed him. 

This won’t really make him chase you or text you first thing when he gets home. 

What it will do is make him feel desired. And there’s nothing that a Scorpio loves more than to feel like he’s desired and the one you’re craving in your life. 

That’s why it’s a great idea to show him how happy you are when he does text you. 

4. Leave him wanting more

Have you ever read a book or watched a movie that ended with a cliffhanger? 

Well, then you know the anticipation you feel, as well as the insatiable need to know more. You want to see where things are going and what will happen next. 

That’s why this is the best way to get him to always text you first. Be enthusiastic, of course, but never reveal everything about yourself. 

Just when things start to get a little personal or too intense, back away. 

Tell him that you have something to do, that you need to get going because you’ll be late somewhere, or anything similar to that. Just be sure to follow up with reassurance, for instance, “I’ll be free tonight when I get home, so we can carry on talking then!”

The Scorpio in your life will feel the need to know everything and to know it now. That’s why you’re so interesting to him. He will be the first one to text you and continue the conversation right where the two of you left off.

If you want to win the heart of a Scorpio man and make him text you first, make sure you check out Relationship Astrologer Anna Kovach’s guide Scorpio Text Magic.

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How to deal with a Scorpio man after a fight?

Trying to figure out if you should text a Scorpio man after a fight is a hard task. But it would be best if you could give him some time and space to process everything. If you know that you did something wrong then go on and apologize. He needs to know that you understand him and that you’re willing to talk to him whenever he’s ready.

Should I Text A Scorpio Man First? The Do's And Don'ts To Consider

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