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14 Obvious Signs A Virgo Man Is Serious About You

14 Obvious Signs A Virgo Man Is Serious About You

When you start seeing the signs a Virgo man is serious about you, you’ll be the happiest woman alive. 

Of course, that joy seems like a trap. You’re so used to being played by men to the point where it’s unusual for you to meet someone genuine. 

But I can tell you that Virgo men are some of the most devoted lovers of the zodiac. They will do anything for you and more if you give them the chance. 

Nonetheless, I can clearly see why you need to make sure that he’s serious about you. 

Virgo is an earth sign and they’re usually extremely intelligent. Because of that, they tend to overthink things to the point of going crazy just wondering about you. 

A Virgo guy is a perfectionist and everything has to be right for him to believe that you’re the one. However, he still values family and romance above anything else. 

Reading into his moods and his thoughts can be quite a challenge when all you want to do is show him that he has nothing to be scared of. You want to show him that you’re really ready to give him the world but you’re scared that you may get hurt in the end. 

Well, you’ve definitely come to the right place! Don’t despair, as I’ll help you figure out whether this Virgo man you’re seeing is serious about you or not. 

Traits of a Virgo man that you have to understand

DONE! 14 Obvious Signs A Virgo Man Is Serious About You

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and information, and they’re most compatible with people born under the signs of Cancer and Pisces. 

Virgos are known for being extremely loyal, analytical, kind, and hardworking. When a Virgo sets their mind on something, you can be sure that they’ll find a way to achieve their goal. 

However, the issue with them is that they can be overly critical of themselves and the people around them. They’re perfectionists who strive to become the best version of themselves.

Because of that, they don’t want to lose any time on someone who doesn’t want the same thing for themselves. 

You’ll probably misunderstand the Virgo man in your life simply because he doesn’t think of his feelings as valid so he won’t express them at all. He’s more likely to hide for a while in order to rationalize his emotions and then come back to you with a conclusion, as otherwise, he won’t really be able to comprehend his emotions. 

He simply prefers a lot of practicality in his life and wasting time isn’t one of his vices so don’t be too confused when you can’t tell right away whether he likes you. 

14 signs a Virgo man is serious about you

1. He spoils you

DONE! 14 Obvious Signs A Virgo Man Is Serious About You

When a Virgo male is falling in love with you, he will do anything and everything to spoil you and pamper you. He will take you out on dinner dates, buy you flowers and all of the gifts that you can imagine and so much more. 

He will spoil you in any way he can and that’s because he knows that people aren’t replaceable and he wants to give you the love you deserve. If he does this, you will know if he’s serious about you for sure.

He wouldn’t do this for just anyone. People who don’t have the same importance in his life wouldn’t get this sort of treatment but you are important to him and he’ll do whatever he can to make you feel special. 

I know that you may think that he’s just being nice to you or that he just wants to play his little games. However, you can clearly see when he’s being consistent because he won’t just spoil you with just materialistic things; he’ll mostly spoil you with his attention. 

2. He calls and texts you often

As you may know, Virgo is one of the busiest zodiac signs out there. Together with Capricorn, they simply love to work and be productive and because of that, it’s a huge deal when they take the time to respond to your text messages or actually call you. 

You may think that this is a normal occurrence because these days, people are always on their phones. However, a Virgo man usually has many other things he has to take care of and nonetheless, he still finds time to message you and talk to you. 

The Virgo man you’re with is definitely serious about you if he contacts you often. He wants to talk to you and he doesn’t care how long it takes out of his busy day. 

If he doesn’t text you back, he will definitely tell you why beforehand, so he’ll tell you that he has a meeting and that he won’t be available, for example. Because of that, you can always trust that he won’t just ghost you and leave you guessing. 

3. You can be yourself around him

DONE! 14 Obvious Signs A Virgo Man Is Serious About You

One of the signs that a Virgo man is serious about you is when he encourages you to be yourself around him. He doesn’t want to see the glammed-up version of you, he wants to see the real you. 

He will encourage you to speak your mind and stop wearing too much make-up around him.  

This man will never make you be someone you’re not if he truly wants to be around you. He’ll fall head over heels for you and will believe that you’re his best match. 

You will know that your Virgo partner loves you when you feel completely at peace around him. When you know that nothing you do will make him love you less, because he loves you completely and he doesn’t care about your little flaws. 

He understands that we’re all human. That’s why he loves every single part of you and would never want you to change for him or anyone else. 

4. He’s very protective 

One of the signs a Virgo man is serious about you is when he starts acting more like your husband than your boyfriend. I know that this sounds weird but bear with me. 

At some point in your relationship, you’ll start to realize that you’re actually acting like a married couple. You may even start to share finances and at that particular time, he’ll also become overly protective. 

If you grew up with loving parents, you know how protective your father was when it came to your mother. Protectiveness is extremely attractive and a Virgo man can definitely show you how to be protective without being controlling.

He doesn’t want to be overbearing but he will still find a way to protect you from anyone who can hurt you. Sometimes you may even feel like he will actually go after someone who looks at you in a way that he doesn’t like.

You know that he’s just looking out for you but he obviously wants to keep you safe. That’s because he thinks of you as his. 

5. He’s your best friend

DONE! 14 Obvious Signs A Virgo Man Is Serious About You

When your partner is also your best friend, that’s when you know that he’s extremely special. You can see this in your current Virgo partner if he’s serious about you. 

In love relationships, it’s necessary to laugh with your partner as well as deal with the serious stuff. It’s not just about cuddles and sweet nothings, it’s about a very deep connection and a lot of laughter. 

With your best friend, you can go to a concert and have an amazing time. You can go to the beach and just lie in the sun or playfully splash each other with water. 

You see, you can do all of these things with your partner as well. When he’s your best friend, it just means that he feels comfortable enough to be the goofiest version of himself when he’s near you. 

To have someone like this is a blessing. Even though people born under the Virgo zodiac sign are very traditional, they can still enjoy little things like this. 

6. He makes romantic gestures

Romantic gestures, no matter how small or how big, will become a part of your routine when you’re with a Virgo. He will plan and do whatever it takes just to show you how much he cares about you. 

Once he starts doing these romantic things for you, you’ll definitely know that you’re seeing the signs a Virgo man is serious about you. 

He will do things to show you that he’s in love with you, even when he doesn’t say a word about his emotions. 

These gestures can include organizing a romantic trip just for you two or even preparing an intimate picnic. He may even show up at your doorstep with a bouquet of flowers just to see you and wish you a nice day. 

When things like this happen, you can know for sure that you’re not something temporary in his eyes. He’s not like a Sagittarius or an Aquarius who may play with your feelings just to ghost you a couple of days later.

7. He supports you in everything you do

DONE! 14 Obvious Signs A Virgo Man Is Serious About You

Is there something you’re extremely passionate about that you really want to achieve in your life? For example, you may be working toward a new career or you’re learning a new skill for a better quality of life. 

When you’re working on these things, I can guarantee you that if he’s serious about you, he’ll be the most supportive man in the world. He will even want to help you out a little bit if you’re okay with that. 

There’s no need to doubt his intentions with you when he spends hours motivating you to go after your own dreams. You can see that he really considers your plans, so he thinks about them and then gives you proper advice when you ask for it. 

He doesn’t just brush aside your ideas and then call you crazy for ever thinking a particular way. No, he helps you out, even if it’s just by supporting you from the sidelines. 

This is definitely one of the clearest signs that he wants to have you in his life for a long period of time. He wants to see you grow into the person you’ve always wanted to be. 

8. He notices everything about you 

Virgos are extremely perceptive human beings. They can sense your mood changes before they even happen.

You’ll think that you’re just imagining things but I can tell you for certain that he knows you very well and because of that, he’ll be able to notice everything about you. This is one of the signs a Virgo man is serious about you because he wouldn’t pay close attention to just anyone. 

He will notice your state of mind and he’ll know what that facial expression of yours means. However, this also means that he’ll notice your new hairstyle as well as your new nails.

He’ll always compliment you before you even get a chance to ask him: “Do you notice anything different?” When a Virgo man notices these small details about you, he likes you and he’s pursuing a serious relationship with you. 

9. He wants you to meet his family

DONE! 14 Obvious Signs A Virgo Man Is Serious About You

This is a huge step for your relationship because a Virgo man is a very family-oriented individual. He doesn’t love anyone as much as he loves his parents and siblings. 

Once this happens, you won’t feel like it’s a big deal but I can guarantee you that it’s a huge deal for him. He wants to involve you in his family when the time is right and because of that, he’ll want to give you the opportunity to create a special connection with his loved ones. 

Consider this as some sort of a test run for you. He wants to see how you act around them and whether you’ll be respectful enough. 

People born under this zodiac sign want to make sure that their loved ones approve of their partner as well. It’s important to him so you should definitely be on your best behavior in this situation.

Your love life obviously depends on it. No pressure!

10. He cancels plans for you

Earth signs are usually very inflexible about the plans they make in their lives and Virgos and Capricorns a little more than people born under the sign of Taurus. However, they are all very strict with their schedules. 

They don’t like to cancel plans, especially important ones, for anyone – except for the person they find to be the most important one of them all. Which in this case makes you the most important person for him if he cancels his plans for you. 

It doesn’t matter what he has to do during the day, if you need him, he’s there for you, especially if you’re sick or if you’re in trouble. He’ll run to your rescue without even needing a detailed explanation as to why. 

This is what a protective Virgo will always do for the person they love the most and it’s definitely one of the good signs this Virgo man is serious about you. 

He doesn’t just do this to chase you but he’ll continue doing this even when you’ve obviously fallen for him. He does this because he cares about your well-being. 

11. He sets clear boundaries for your relationship

DONE! 14 Obvious Signs A Virgo Man Is Serious About You

Do you know how they say that a relationship is over once one of you stops arguing with the other? This is because that person stops caring and they don’t feel like you’re worth arguing with any longer. 

A Virgo usually seems like a raging storm behind a very calm exterior and you don’t have to be an astrologer to be able to pick up on this. 

The truth is that they would never do anything that may hurt you if they truly care for you. However, they will create clear boundaries for the relationship. 

Healthy boundaries are there to keep your relationship strong as well as to make sure that you’re both giving each other the things that you need. 

He’ll probably make the first move if he sees that you’re not making any progress in your relationship. He will want to know your limits and which boundaries he can never cross if he wants to keep you in his life. 

He will pay attention to every little detail that you share with him because he will genuinely want to keep you happy. 

This is one of the clear signs a Virgo man is serious about you because he takes his time explaining to you what will make your relationship work. He’ll tell you what he deems to be red flags and how you can both work on them.

This conversation can happen whenever he sees something that he doesn’t like in your relationship. It may seem exhausting to you right now but I can guarantee that you’ll have the best relationship of your life with this man. 

12. He makes plans for the future with you

Together with creating boundaries come plans for the future. When a Virgo man’s falling for you, he will convince himself to stop planning ahead for the time being because he has to think about it from all angles. 

He won’t play mind games with you but instead, he’ll take his time to analyze whether you’re actually meant for each other. He creates those boundaries to make sure that your future together will be good for both of you. 

However, once he does start to make plans, he will definitely include you in them. He’ll ask you about where you’d like to live, your dream wedding, the way you would like to raise your children and suchlike. 

This won’t be a set list of plans that you two have to accomplish or else he’ll get mad. No, he’s still very flexible but he likes to have a general idea of his future. 

So when he includes you in those plans, he does so because a Virgo man in love believes in your compatibility.

13. He’s extremely loyal

DONE! 14 Obvious Signs A Virgo Man Is Serious About You

I know that in this day and age, you can’t really tell when someone’s loyal to you. It’s so much easier to figure out when someone’s cheating on you, even at times when you don’t want to believe that it’s happening. 

However, you can definitely pick up on the signs that a Virgo man is being loyal. For example, he always puts his phone on the table, with the screen visible to you.

This is a small act that lets you know that he has nothing to hide. He also won’t mind if you go through his phone because he knows that it gives you a sense of security. 

If you tell him that you don’t like it when he follows other women on social media, he definitely won’t. This man will do anything and everything that will show you that he’s loyal. 

Of course, he won’t let you control his every move but he’ll rather show you that you can completely trust him and that’s one of the signs a Virgo man is serious about you.

14. He takes a little time for himself

A Virgo won’t be able to think clearly with his emotions clouding his mind. Like every other Virgo, he will need a little bit of time to sort things out.

This doesn’t mean that he’ll ghost you or walk out of your life until he makes a decision. What he may do, though, is take a few steps back before things get a little bit too serious for his liking. 

He won’t abandon you just like that and he will likely disclose what’s going on before he does anything like this. He’ll tell you that he needs to step back for a little while to think or to simply recharge his batteries. 

You won’t have to question his intentions because when he comes back to you, he’ll tell you everything that he wants and needs. It’s up to you whether you’re ready to wait for him.

He won’t leave you for some time just to create an issue between you and he doesn’t want to lose you for sure. The very moment he’s sure that you’re the girl for him, he’ll be all over you once again.

It’s better for him to make this decision by himself than to play a guessing game with his own emotions. 

This is another of those signs that show a Virgo man is serious about you. He may send you mixed signals but I can guarantee you that with earth signs, you just have to be patient. 

14 Obvious Signs A Virgo Man Is Serious About You

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