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How To Make An Introvert Miss You? 23 Ways To Make Them Crazy About You

How To Make An Introvert Miss You? 23 Ways To Make Them Crazy About You

If you want to know how to make an introvert miss you, you’ve come to the right place.

Love should be simple, don’t you agree? Well, when you’re in love with an introvert, it’s not so simple…

Extroverts can be vocal about their emotions, but introverts not so much.

They keep everything inside and don’t like to let it out, and instead, they enjoy solitude by watching movies and reading books alone.

Introverts don’t voice their statements and because of that, you can find yourself doubting their feelings for you.

Are they fond of you? How can you know if they don’t say it?

How to make an introvert miss you?

DONE! How To Make An Introvert Miss You 23 Ways To Make Them Crazy About You

Maybe you’re even having sleepless nights because you’re analyzing your introverted partner.

You think about all their actions in the hope of finding some clues that they care for you and miss you.

If you don’t find any signs that they like you, you should know that this doesn’t mean that they don’t.

Introverts are just different and have trouble expressing their feelings…

Let me tell you more about them so that you can understand this better.

When an introvert starts admiring you, they do so from afar.

Before even initiating some sort of conversation, they will quietly watch the person they like for a long time.

They’ll spend a lot of time trying to determine whether you’d be worth the risk or not. Introverts simply don’t like wasting their time.

They don’t like to open up to a person who’s only going to walk away eventually… In fact, they hate it.

DONE! How To Make An Introvert Miss You 23 Ways To Make Them Crazy About You

Luckily, they think a lot about this so they know how to tell whether a person is worth their time or a waste of it.

Maybe you don’t know this, but introverts are actually great judges of character.

Another important thing you should know about them is that they take things slowly.

They’re not the type to talk to strangers, let alone let strangers touch them.

When they want to date someone, they try to, and need to, develop a very deep connection with them.

Before creating any physical bond, they want to create an emotional or intellectual one.

It takes them a while to really open up, but once they do, introverts cling on tightly.

Once you get an introvert to open up, they’ll trust you completely and truly love you.

DONE! How To Make An Introvert Miss You 23 Ways To Make Them Crazy About You

They’ll give you their heart and soul, as long as they can do so at their own pace.

This is why you need to understand them before learning how to make an introvert miss you.

They’re more comfortable expressing their feelings and thoughts on paper or virtually instead of talking, which is why it’s a very good idea to communicate with an introvert by texting a lot more than speaking in person.

Send them a good morning text and a goodnight text every day. When they’re on their way home from work, text them to ask about their day.

An introvert really needs a person who isn’t afraid to reach out to them.

They need someone who doesn’t mind texting first and initiating conversations.

When it comes to finally saying, “I love you,” and, “I miss you,” an introvert needs you to take the lead.

They’re old souls. They like to spend all their time napping, reading, and walking their dog if they have one.

DONE! How To Make An Introvert Miss You 23 Ways To Make Them Crazy About You

Forget about the party scene because introverts aren’t up for that.

An introvert prefers old-fashioned dates, which means drive-in movies and milkshakes.

When they’re looking for a partner, they want someone a lot like them.

They want you to be happy to stay in and cuddle while watching a movie instead of going out and drinking.

Spending quality time with your loved one should be more important to you than mingling with strangers.

I’m not saying that partying and meeting new people is bad…

… but it’s not one of the ways on how to make an introvert miss you.

They only date those with who they are comfortable to be with.

An introvert won’t date you if they feel awkward around you, they need someone whom they can sit next to in silence and feel okay with it.

Introverts are very good people, great listeners, and good partners.

Getting an introvert to fall for you is like winning the jackpot. They’ll teach you new things every day and therefore will expand your mind.

Their very kind and giving nature will make you feel truly loved.

DONE! How To Make An Introvert Miss You 23 Ways To Make Them Crazy About You

We’re talking about a person who dislikes most people, right? This means that they’re never going to walk out on you because they like someone else.

An introvert isn’t the kind of person who is ready to settle down.

Introverts enjoy being alone, and it means that they don’t feel pressure to be in a relationship.

Fitting in doesn’t matter to them, so they won’t find themselves in toxic situations just to achieve that.

Most importantly, an introvert gets into a serious relationship only once they meet someone special.

They’re looking for their forever person, and won’t settle for less.

You can be that forever person to the introvert you like, but you have to learn how to make an introvert miss you.

Just follow my advice and you’ll have a great partner who’ll never leave you.

This is how to make an introvert miss you

1. Let them recharge before asking questions

DONE! How To Make An Introvert Miss You 23 Ways To Make Them Crazy About You

When the introvert you’re dating doesn’t seem talkative, be patient.

After they recharge, they’ll be more likely to respond to your questions more thoughtfully.

This means that when an introvert gets home from work, you need to give them some time.

Let them rest in silence for at least an hour before asking about how their day was.

2. How to make an introvert miss you? Be a good listener

Introverts are quiet but it doesn’t mean that they don’t have anything to say. They just choose carefully and think a lot about what they’ll share with you.

This is why it’s so important to truly listen when they talk. To know how to make an introvert miss you, you need to learn how to be a good listener.

They’ll truly appreciate it if you don’t make them feel rushed in a conversation.

Introverts need time to think about what they’re going to say, so this can be stressful for them.

Let them process their thoughts and don’t interrupt them while they talk. Wait a little before responding after they’re done speaking.

If someone else interrupts them, encourage them to finish their thought, as this will make them feel grateful and they’ll be impressed.

Use affirming statements and paraphrase what they say if you want them to go crazy about you.

3. Don’t make plans before considering their needs and wants

DONE! How To Make An Introvert Miss You 23 Ways To Make Them Crazy About You

If your introverted partner or crush had a busy day, they certainly won’t want to go out. After all, they don’t like going out even when they feel great!

So, don’t take it personally or get offended if they turn you down.

Instead, suggest that you go out the next time they’re free or spend the night watching Netflix together.

4. Don’t be overly needy

If you act too needy, it’ll only make an introvert struggle with anxiety. An introvert needs a partner who gives them space and time.

If you’re needy, it threatens their independence. They’ll start worrying that they’ll lose themselves in the relationship.

Your needs could easily overwhelm them and a clingy partner is especially exhausting for a sensitive introvert.

To learn how to make an introvert miss you, make sure that you have your own life.

Have your own friends, passions, and hobbies, and don’t expect an introvert to make you feel complete.

5. How to make an introvert miss you? Send them an email

DONE! How To Make An Introvert Miss You 23 Ways To Make Them Crazy About You

To make an introvert miss you, you first need to get to know them really well.

Do you know the best way to do that? It’s actually pretty simple – sending them a thoughtful and meaningful email will do the trick.

Introverts are not great at talking, but they are good at writing.

As mentioned, this personality type finds emails and texts a better and easier way of communicating, so use this fact!

6. Give them time and be patient

You might get pushy with an introvert because you’d like to speed things up… but don’t!

Introverts need a lot more time to truly open up than other people.

They care deeply about having a partner who gives them the time and space they need.

If you try forcing any kind of intimacy too quickly, it will push the introvert away. Being patient is how you get an introvert to fall for you more quickly.

7. Be real, honest, and open

DONE! How To Make An Introvert Miss You 23 Ways To Make Them Crazy About You

Introverts are often highly perceptive. They can easily sense whether you’re a faker, so your best choice is to be honest right from the start.

For an introvert to be themselves around someone else, that person needs to be real and open.

To make an introvert fall for you and miss you, show them all your quirks and flaws.

8. Don’t talk too fast and pause from time to time

Listening to someone talk really fast can easily overwhelm an introvert.

Extroverts tend to speak as soon as a thought occurs to them. Unlike them, introverts need to think before they respond.

If you simply pause for a few seconds, it will give the introvert enough time to process what you said.

9. How to make an introvert miss you? Be curious about them

DONE! How To Make An Introvert Miss You 23 Ways To Make Them Crazy About You

All introverts want someone who can understand them.

To make an introvert love and miss you, be curious to find out about what hides beneath the surface.

Ask questions about their desires, passions, opinions, and values.

Introverts have a lot of dreams and ideas that they hide until the right person shows curiosity.

Be gentle when you invite them to open up, ask specific questions, and listen carefully.

Don’t make the conversation seem like an interrogation though.

Share things about yourself and your insights too, so that they won’t feel put on the spot.

10. Slow down

Introverts move at a much slower pace than other people. They don’t like to fill their schedule with endless activities.

Reflecting on their experiences might be even more important to them than actually having them, so leave some space during each day to just slow down and relax.

Look at the sky, take a nap, have a cuddle… An introvert needs to ‘just be’ every now and then.

A slower pace will bring out the very best in the introvert and they’ll appreciate it.

11. Be trustworthy and loyal

DONE! How To Make An Introvert Miss You 23 Ways To Make Them Crazy About You

Loyalty is something introverts truly value in both partners and friends.

They don’t let just anyone into their inner circle, which means that they expect those they do to be trustworthy and loyal.

Do you want to know how to make an introvert miss you? Stick by them, cherish the relationship you have with them, and keep their secrets.

You’ll see that they return the favor by being loyal to you just the same, if not more.

12. Be comfortable with silence

There’s no need to fill the air with empty words to enjoy someone’s presence and this is something introverts understand better than anyone.

Show them love without saying a word. Greet them with a gentle hug and a kind smile.

When you’re in a car with them, turn the radio on and enjoy the song that’s playing.

Let go of the desire for constant conversation if you want to make an introvert like you enough to miss you.

Introverts don’t understand the concept of awkward silence. Silence is not awkward to them; on the contrary, they enjoy it.

13. Give them a thoughtful gift

DONE! How To Make An Introvert Miss You 23 Ways To Make Them Crazy About You

The trick to how to make an introvert miss you could be a simple gift.

I’m not talking about something expensive or even any materialistic things; the present needs to be personalized and thoughtful.

Think in the direction of engraved names or a framed photo. A gift like this will make them truly miss you whenever they look at it.

They’ll remember how they felt when they got the gift and how much love it shows.

14. Don’t talk during movies

If you’re one of those people who comments on every single scene in a movie, you’ll drive an introvert insane.

I already mentioned that introverts need silence so they can process information.

Just because they’re quiet, it doesn’t mean that their brain isn’t busy trying to guess how the film is going to end.

Sure you can talk about a movie, but after you’ve watched it, not during it. An introvert will truly appreciate that.

15. How to make an introvert miss you? Spend quality time with them

DONE! How To Make An Introvert Miss You 23 Ways To Make Them Crazy About You

Be interested in an introvert’s likes and dislikes, so when you’re together, engage in activities that they like to do.

This way, you’ll build trust and comfort. Make them feel great when you spend time with them and they’ll surely miss you when you’re not there.

16. Don’t try to fix them because they’re not broken

A lot of extroverted people assume that there’s something wrong with introverts. There’s nothing wrong with them, it’s just their personality type.

They get labeled as ‘asocial’ and ‘shy’ by those who don’t understand them.

Don’t ever use these words to describe an introvert if you want them to like you.

You’ll just make an introvert feel inferior if you treat them like some sort of a project. Accepting them exactly as they are is necessary if you want to win their heart.

Here’s another useful tip… They don’t want to get a table in the center of a restaurant.

Ask for a window seat and you’ll see in their eyes how thankful they are because you respect their wishes and also keep them away from packed restaurants and they won’t feel uncomfortable on the date.

17. Impress them with small gestures

DONE! How To Make An Introvert Miss You 23 Ways To Make Them Crazy About You

How to make an introvert miss you? Your small, loving gestures will make them think about you all the time.

Find out what destinations they want to visit or their favorite place and surprise them by planning a weekend away there.

It doesn’t have to be something grand, because, as I said, it’s about small gestures.

Plan a cozy date for just the two of you and make it personal and intimate.

18. Don’t abandon them at big social events

An introvert won’t like it if you leave them alone at a party. Maybe you’re very social, but you can’t ever forget that an introvert isn’t.

Going to some crowded place is scary enough for them as it is, especially if they don’t really know the people there.

If you abandon them there, they’ll feel very intimidated and probably go outside where it’s quiet.

19. Get them to talk about their purpose and passion

DONE! How To Make An Introvert Miss You 23 Ways To Make Them Crazy About You

When an introvert seems boring, it’s just because they haven’t opened up to you.

They can be truly profound if you get them to talk about their purpose and passion.

Sometimes, they even care about their passion so intensely that they consider anything else as just a distraction.

Find out what the introvert’s passion is and you’ll truly get to know them.

Figuring out how to make an introvert miss you this way is easy.

They’ll remember that you cared about their passion and it will make them like you.

20. Invite them to low-key gatherings where there are no more than five people

It’s not really true that introverts don’t like people at all, they just don’t like big crowds.

At some big party, they will feel uncomfortable, but they’ll enjoy small group gatherings.

As long as they can make new connections and have deep conversations without draining all their energy, they’ll be fine!

21. How to make an introvert miss you? Be there for them when they’re in trouble

DONE! How To Make An Introvert Miss You 23 Ways To Make Them Crazy About You

Naturally, an introvert needs you to be there during hard times. Listen to them when they talk about their problems and make suggestions.

Try to have healthy conversations that can really help them and most importantly, know when to just sit quietly next to them.

They’ll appreciate this more than anything, and it’s exactly your silence that will make them miss you.

22. Let them know how an extrovert sees the world

Maybe you’re in love with an introvert but you’re an extrovert.

Can you still learn how to make an introvert miss you? Of course!

After all, they say that opposites attract, right? You experience the world differently, so let them know about it.

Explain to them your view of the world, and respect and understand theirs. Introverts enjoy listening, so they’ll hear you out.

Maybe you’ll both learn something from each other and once you understand your differences, it will be easier for you to get along.

23. Know the right way to deal with an introverted person

DONE! How To Make An Introvert Miss You 23 Ways To Make Them Crazy About You

Learning how to make an introvert miss you is not that hard as long as you know how to deal with them.

You shouldn’t expect them to quickly reveal how they truly feel about you or make the first move.

An introvert has their guard up to protect themselves so they might seem cold.

They can be very scared of not having their feelings reciprocated so they don’t show them.

Don’t ever pressure or force them to love you, either. Be patient and once they let you into their world, you’ll create a special bond.

Maybe they’ll never say the L-word as often as you’d like, but they’ll show you love in small ways.

You’ll see it in the way they look at you and how they treat you.

Letting their guard down isn’t easy for an introvert. They don’t want to enter a relationship that is bound to end.

When they fall in love, they fall really hard, which is why the most important thing you need to do is be patient.

You now know how to make an introvert miss you, and you know that men fall in love when they miss you as well.

Take care of their heart and they’ll take care of yours, as long as you can take things slowly.

There are more ways to make him miss you like crazy if this introvert is a guy you like!

Good luck!

How To Make An Introvert Miss You? 23 Ways To Make Them Crazy About You

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