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What A Scorpio Man Wants To Hear: Make His Heart Skip A Beat

What A Scorpio Man Wants To Hear: Make His Heart Skip A Beat

What a Scorpio man wants to hear isn’t that hard to figure out. This water sign has a long list of things that he despises, but I can assure you that you can win him over with just a few tricks. 

When you first start to date, you think that this is going to be an amazing ride that will finally lead you to happiness. There’s so much potential in your relationship that you’re petrified to mess things up. 

But a Scorpio man can be quite tough to decipher. As a water sign, he’s very emotional, but he’s not going to show it in a way that you’re used to. He’s not like any of the Cancer or Pisces men that you met before, even though they all fall under the same element.

You need to be very careful, but at the same time feel free to be yourself. A Scorpio will figure out if you’re faking it before you know it. So don’t let him see the struggle you’re going through in order to get him to like you even more. 

If you want to win the heart of a Scorpio man, you need to master his love language and know what he wants to hear. Anna Kovach, relationship astrology expert, reveals 100 magic phrases that will make him chase, love, and worship you in her guide Scorpio Love Language.

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Top 10 things a Scorpio man wants to hear from you

1. “You look so good!”

DONE! What A Scorpio Man Wants To Hear Make His Heart Skip A Beat

Everyone loves to get compliments. Especially when it comes out of the mouth of someone whose attention you seek. 

A Scorpio man loves being complimented. If you intend on telling a Scorpio man what he wants to hear, then this is the perfect route to take. 

Always compliment his appearance because I can assure you that he’s putting a lot of thought into it. Your attention is not something that he’ll ignore, no matter how generic your words are. 

Call him handsome or good-looking. Tell him that he has a great sense of style. When you say these things, he’ll see you as someone special. 

It sounds so mainstream, but trust me, he won’t be able to resist the affection that’ll rise within him. He’ll feel seen because people don’t usually compliment men on their looks. They compliment them on other things, but hardly ever on this. 

That’s why compliments blow him away. 

2. “Have fun tonight!”

A Scorpio guy will put every effort into his partner. He’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy, so don’t be surprised if he doesn’t go out with his friends as much. He simply loves you and doesn’t want to lose a precious minute of quality time.

So when he does go out with his friends, he wants to see that you’re encouraging him. He needs to know that you’re okay with it and that you’re not the type of girlfriend to make an issue out of it. 

People born under this zodiac sign are very aware of the wants and needs of their partners. You don’t even have to believe in horoscopes to trust this statement. Well, you’re here, so we can assume that you do believe in horoscope. Nonetheless, you’ll soon realize that this is the plain truth. 

Your Scorpio partner would never betray his love interest so he needs to know that you trust him and that you’re not trying to contain him. Don’t chain him up and expect him to spend his every waking moment between four walls with you. 

He has friends and what a Scorpio man definitely wants to hear is that you just want him to have a fun time out. 

3. “You’re the funniest person I know.”

DONE! What A Scorpio Man Wants To Hear Make His Heart Skip A Beat

It doesn’t matter if you text a Scorpio man that he’s funny while you keep a straight face at home, or if you genuinely laugh at his jokes while he’s enjoying your reactions in real life. You should always tell him that he’s funny, or better yet, that he’s the funniest person you know. 

The vibes that he’ll get from this interaction will tell him that he’s doing something right. If you don’t share a similar sense of humor, then he knows that you’re not the right one for him. 

One of the signs a Scorpio man likes you is when bends over backward to make you laugh. And once he sees the smile on your face, he’ll try to pursue you even more. 

That’s why you should tell him that he’s the funniest person ever. It’s one of those things he’ll hear and feel a deep sense of satisfaction. 

Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t lie to him about this – he’ll know if you’re being insincere. And you don’t want your efforts to backfire, do you? 

4. “You’re unlike anyone I’ve ever met.”

The need for uniqueness is quite strong with this one. Scorpio women may be a little more chill about this, but men want to know that they’re special to you. 

When you tell him that he’s not like anyone you’ve ever met, it makes him feel that he adds value to your life. He believes that you acknowledge how much he’s done to become the person he is today. 

An Aquarius man would ask for the same thing at one point too, even someone born under signs of Leo, Gemini, or Libra. 

He would melt right there in front of your eyes if you told him this. I mean, be honest, if he told you that you were unlike all the other girls he met before you, you’d feel special. 

This is what a Scorpio man wants to hear. You’ll hit the nail on the head with this one. Your Scorpio male will fall for you before you know it. No exaggerating.

5. “I trust you.”

DONE! What A Scorpio Man Wants To Hear Make His Heart Skip A Beat

One of the clear signs that you understand and appreciate him is when you tell him that you trust him (and mean it). Scorpions are known for being very passionate lovers, as well as very active when it comes to their dating life. 

Because of that, they’ve earned themselves a rather bad reputation. People believe that they’re unable to be faithful or loyal in a monogamous relationship. 

The truth is that people born under the sign of Scorpio are extremely loyal when it comes to relationships. Especially if a Scorpio falls in love with you – you are the center of his attention. He won’t be able to imagine anyone else next to him but you.

Because of the stigma about this sign, he wants to know that you see the real him. He would never betray you or make you feel unwanted. 

This is an especially powerful line if you use it before you start dating. He’ll be taken aback, yet also feel his heart flutter because of your words. 

Tell him you trust him and see him unravel right before your eyes. 

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6. “You can do this!”

Everyone likes to be encouraged. Hearing that someone supports you and thinks that you can achieve something only means that they’re able to see your potential. 

You want to hear this, too. You’d love to know that someone sees your true potential and cheers you on even on those days you don’t believe in yourself. 

That’s what makes someone a great asset to your life. Otherwise, they’re only bringing you down. You don’t need someone who’ll only break you apart before you even get the chance to try. 

He deserves to have someone beside him who’ll motivate him and boost his confidence. So when he’s doubting himself, be the shoulder he can lean on. Remind him who he is and why he’s capable of getting everything done.

This fixed sign is one of those people who exude confidence even at times when they’re not so sure of themselves. 

That’s why he needs someone to give him a little push. If he was a Capricorn man, I’d tell you that there’s no need for this, but this one needs you.

7. “I don’t doubt you one bit.”

DONE! What A Scorpio Man Wants To Hear Make His Heart Skip A Beat

One of the key things that can help you land a special place in his heart is light flirtation. 

If you’re still not together and you’re trying to figure out what a Scorpio man wants to hear, you should try by telling him that you have full confidence in him. 

Tell him that you can sense he’s capable of getting anything done. There’s a difference between this type of compliment and the ones we talked about previously. Here, you’re telling him that he’s strong enough to tackle whatever comes his way. 

Even the smallest sprinkle of doubt is enough for him to feel unmotivated. And you don’t want that. What you do want is for him to feel like you understand his potential. 

Before you get into a relationship, this little sentence can tell him that he’s found the woman of his dreams.

8. “I don’t ever want you to change.”

A Scorpio man wants to hear a small list of very meaningful things. The most powerful thing you can tell him is that he’s enough just the way he is. 

Tell him that you don’t think that he has to change anything about himself and that he’s perfect for you. 

It sounds like a lot, especially when he’s never heard something like this from anyone before. He could be taken aback. It may make him flustered or even shy. He’ll blush for a moment and smile because no one’s ever told him this. 

Another sign that you can say this to is a Gemini man. He’ll love to know that he’s good enough when everyone else says that he’s toxic. This same trait is bound to both these signs. 

His love life has not been the most amazing thing in the world because he’s so used to prejudice. He doesn’t know how to behave when someone sees the real him. 

He’ll understand this as one of the obvious signs that you’re not superficial and that he can let loose around you. 

9. “No one compares to you.”

DONE! What A Scorpio Man Wants To Hear Make His Heart Skip A Beat

Underneath that tough exterior, there’s someone who’s very insecure and hyper-aware of themselves. He does everything in his power to make his loved ones feel special. 

He won’t do it with materialistic things, like a Taurus, or with acts of service like a Virgo would. He’ll do things for you in very unusual ways just to make you feel that he loves you. 

When you tell him that no one can compare to him, that assures him that he’s the best thing that’s come into your life. It makes him feel like he’s different. 

If you haven’t had very serious relationships before him, he’ll know that he’s special to you. He’ll understand that he isn’t just any fling, but a man who you’re prepared to fight for. 

This will definitely give him a reason to feel more secure and confident in himself. Being different has always been a huge factor for him, and he’s trying really hard to get there. 

10. “I’ll never be able to forget you.”

Now, this is definitely what a Scorpio man wants to hear, and it will hit him in the feels. What you want to do is tell him that you’ll never forget him. 

You can tell him this when you’re going your separate ways. For whatever reason, you thought that it would be better to split up, so you’re heartbroken. 

In that emotional state, you should tell him this. I know that it’ll inflate his ego for a moment, but it’ll also get stuck in his head. He’ll try to get you out of his mind, but he won’t be able to. 

Simply because you told him that he’s unforgettable, a Scorpio guy will chase you down before you know it. I know most people think that he’s heartless and incapable of love, but it’s a huge lie. 

A Scorpio man in love is a very emotional creature and he’ll showcase that if you give him the green light. Tell him that you’ll never forget him and watch how he melts before your eyes.

Other things your Scorpio man wants to hear

DONE! What A Scorpio Man Wants To Hear Make His Heart Skip A Beat

There are many specific sentences that you can tell your Scorpio man to make his heart skip a beat, but there are also things he’d love to hear. 

Once you start talking to him, you’ll understand his depth and how great his thought process actually is. You can start talking to him about something and he’ll take you to places that you never thought existed within your mind. 

This is why this water sign is so special. All of his personality traits are so unique that you’ll never want the conversation to end. 

So here are some great topics that he’d love to converse with you about.

1. Tell him about your hopes and dreams

What a Scorpio man wants to hear doesn’t always have to be a compliment directed his way. It could just as easily be a monologue, where you talk about your hopes and dreams. 

This is very authentic to you, it makes you special, it makes you you. And that’s what makes it so intriguing to him. And if you think that you’re not interesting enough to tell him about this, think again. 

I can assure you that he’ll find it adorable when you start explaining things enthusiastically with your hands. He’ll want to know more when you express how you’re looking to get to your goals. 

If you feel safe with him, tell him about this. He’ll want to know every little detail that you’re ready to share with him. 

2. Share your controversial opinions

DONE! What A Scorpio Man Wants To Hear Make His Heart Skip A Beat

All of us have contestable opinions. You may feel a little bit weird about sharing this with your crush, but he’s definitely the right crowd to argue your opinion. 

He won’t dismiss your argument, but rather talk to you about them a little more. He’ll give you every reason to feel free to share this with him. 

Once you give him a sneak peek into your brain, he won’t be able to get enough of it. Especially if you’re able to keep up with him, explaining your views and showing that your points are valid. 

If your opinion is not based on any facts, then he won’t take you seriously. But if you’re a smart woman who knows her stuff, then you should be more than fine. 

He won’t be able to resist seeing you, just to talk to you about these things.   

3. Don’t be scared to flirt

A huge turn-off to a Scorpio man is a woman who’s unable to flirt with him. Flirtatiousness is one of his main personality traits. 

What a Scorpio man wants to hear are the words you’ll use to flirt with him. He wants to know if you are creative and can keep up with him. 

It’ll get him going even more if you can use teasing and making fun of him in a flirtatious way. He’ll feel like he’s competing to see who can make the other blush more. 

When you’re able to make him color up and tease him enough to get him interested in you, he won’t be able to get enough of you. 

If you’re too shy and withdrawn, then he’ll get bored of you quickly. What’s he supposed to do with an awkward girl who can’t be on par with him? 

He wants you to show him that you’re confident in yourself – both body and mind. Show him that you know how gorgeous you are and that he should step up his game if he wants you. 

4. Tell him about the fun times you had

DONE! What A Scorpio Man Wants To Hear Make His Heart Skip A Beat

Some things that a Scorpio man wants to hear aren’t always what you expect. Most days, you’ll think that he wants to talk mainly about himself. 

The truth is he’d love to listen to your stories. If you have something interesting to share with him, then do it. Your stories should be heard and he should know about the amazing life you lead. 

Sometimes, you’ll feel like you’re talking too much. In those moments, the only thing you need to do is look at the way he’s watching you. 

He’s probably looking at you as if you’re holding the entire world in your hands. If so, you’ll know he’s listening to you and hanging onto your every word. 

Keep talking. If you know that your stories are worthy of a listener, I can guarantee you he’ll be happy to be one of them. He’ll love to know more about your life, so there’s no reason for you to hold back. 

5. Ask him questions

Social media is a great place to get to know people. You have the perfect platform to ask the questions you want as well as get the answers right away. 

If you’re too shy or retrained when interacting with people personally, you could easily ask him questions online. 

One of the things that a Scorpio man wants to hear and see is that you’re interested in his life. If you show no interest in him or the things he does, he’ll only see that as your own way of taking advantage of him. 

He doesn’t want to be the guy who gives you attention for some type of selfish gain. He wants to be with a girl who’s able to get to know him. 

In the beginning, there may be a few things he doesn’t feel comfortable about. He won’t want to tell you his secrets or share with you some intimate stories.

However, the moment he realizes that you’re the type of girl he can trust, he’ll start to open up to you more. So start with some easier questions and move up to deeper questions when you feel more comfortable around each other. 

It’s not that hard to figure out what a Scorpio man wants to hear. You just need to tune into him.

If you want to make a Scorpio man yours and become his dream woman, make sure you check out Relationship Astrologer Anna Kovach’s guide Scorpio Love Language. 

Anna knows the right approach that works with Scorpio men, unlike general dating advice that can be counterproductive with this zodiac sign. Get started on your journey to a happy relationship today! 

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What A Scorpio Man Wants To Hear: Make His Heart Skip A Beat

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