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It’s Actually Simple: If He Doesn’t Pursue You, He’s Not That Into You

It’s Actually Simple: If He Doesn’t Pursue You, He’s Not That Into You

It can be tough to face the truth when you have deep feelings for a man, but you have to accept the facts. It’s actually simple: If he doesn’t pursue you, he’s not that into you.

I know that this is the last thing you want to hear, but you can’t believe that he cares about you when he’s given you no reason to.

You try to make yourself believe that he loves you, even if less than you love him, but he doesn’t. Maybe he likes you enough to drop by whenever it’s convenient for him, but that isn’t love.

You might get the crumbs of his affection, but he will never give his heart to you. He’s not going to be invested in your relationship and you can’t keep deceiving yourself.

It’s actually simple: If he doesn’t pursue you, he’s really not that into you. Don’t complicate things – a man who wants you will go after you with everything he’s got.

DONE! It's Actually Simple If He Doesn't Pursue You, He's Not That Into You

If he doesn’t, he’ll come up with excuses not to spend time with you even if he lives across the street.

The truth is, the need to pursue women is a part of men’s nature. When a man truly wants a woman, he’ll chase her and do whatever it takes to have her by his side.

We all know that, don’t we? It’s just that sometimes it’s too hard to accept it and recognize it when you’re overwhelmed with emotions.

These men aren’t going to help you accept the reality either. Instead, they’ll serve you lies, string you along, and use their sweet talk to keep you hoping.

They’ll feed you just enough so that you hold on to them, but not enough to be sure that their hearts belong to you.

There will be days when a guy is so charming that you’re certain he’s into you, but then he’ll change. He won’t text you and you won’t hear from him for days.

When it’s again convenient for him, he’ll drop by again, but then he’ll get angry for no reason. He’ll confuse you and leave you guessing what’s really going on in his heart and mind.

You can’t let yourself forget: If he doesn’t go after you, he just doesn’t care enough about you.

DONE! It's Actually Simple If He Doesn't Pursue You, He's Not That Into You

Yet you’ll try to figure him out and even question yourself, thinking that you somehow caused his bad behavior.

You need to stop that! A guy who just strings you along is not worth your time and all the stress you’ve been going through.

Most importantly, he isn’t worth the chase, and you shouldn’t chase men to begin with.

What’s even the point of going after a man who’ll always stay a step ahead of you and keep running away as soon as you get close? You’ll never be happy with a guy who isn’t entirely sure about you and his love for you.

Don’t become the type of woman who waits for a guy’s text as if it’s the only thing that matters. You should never let a man walk in and out of your life whenever he feels like it.

Don’t become his doormat and stop settling for a lot less than what you truly deserve.

Your heart is not a toy and he has no right to play with it this way. Don’t let him ever think that he could toy with your emotions, not even for a second.

Be a high-value woman and know your worth. Try to be independent, brave, and confident, even if you think that you love this man more than anyone else in this world.

DONE! It's Actually Simple If He Doesn't Pursue You, He's Not That Into You

Don’t let any guy waste your time and stop waiting for him to finally change. Because the truth is, he’s never going to change.

Deep down, you know that he’s not chasing you because he doesn’t feel the same way about you as you do about him. So stop lying to yourself and giving yourself false hope.

If you’re the woman of his dreams, nothing will stop him from pursuing you. Since he’s not doing that, you need to let him go and find someone who’ll show you what true love is all about.

Don’t measure your value by whether or not you’re in a relationship. Be the kind of woman who knows that it’s better to be single than to put up with a bad relationship.

A man who is right for you will court you. He’ll stop at nothing to get you to be his. This is not just something we tell ourselves to keep believing in the old-fashioned type of love.

Men like that exist, but you surround yourself with the wrong ones and let them block your view.

Let’s face it, if he wanted to be a part of your life, you wouldn’t have to beg him to stay. If he was really into you, he’d go after you. Period.

DONE! It's Actually Simple If He Doesn't Pursue You, He's Not That Into You

Repeat that to yourself as many times as it takes until you always have it in your mind.

Wait for the man who’ll show you that he’s into you with everything he does and says. He will plan ahead and you’ll never have to wait to hear from him because he’ll look forward to it.

He’ll always find the time for you and show up for you to remind you how much you mean to him.

He’s the one who’s going to pursue you because that’s what men do when they truly care about a woman.

You deserve a man like that. Don’t ever forget that if he truly wants you, he will pursue you with everything he’s got.

So, stop putting up with low efforts and mixed signals. Don’t settle for being someone’s option when you can be someone’s priority.

Stop falling for lame excuses, but wait for a man who’ll care enough to chase you. You deserve nothing less than a man who goes after you because you’re everything he ever hoped for.

Stop settling for less than what you deserve and stay strong!

It's Actually Simple: If He Doesn't Pursue You, He's Not That Into You

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