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14 Clever And Flirty Texts That Will Make Him Chase You

14 Clever And Flirty Texts That Will Make Him Chase You

Want to send him a few texts that will make him chase you, but you simply don’t know where to start?

Sending a text message is a pretty hard thing to do when you don’t want to say too much yet also don’t want to make him think you don’t care. 

You want him to chase you. So it needs to be flirty, but at the same time also make him wonder about you. 

You know quite well that when a woman is too open about her intentions with a man, it can easily backfire. For some reason, men love the chase. When a woman seems too approachable or available to a man, he won’t be interested in her. 

It makes absolutely no sense, but they think of her as “easy.” Men are more interested in women they have to chase for a while before starting an actual relationship with her. 

And what’s the easiest thing to do? Through flirty texts! 

You don’t have to be a dating coach to know that texting is one of the easiest things to do to get to the man you’re interested in. 

Texting gives you the opportunity to think about your response before you send it, instead of being in potentially awkward conversations. With texting, you’re in complete control of the situation. 

Men chase the women who give them enough but not too much. 

So let’s find that perfect balance through texts that will make him want to chase you. 

Texts that will make him chase you

These text messages won’t make him love you instantly, but they are the best texts to make him chase after you. You might even be able to get him to ask you out on your first date!

So let’s tap into what men really think when you send them text messages, and find the best way to seduce them! 

1. “You’d love the dress I’m wearing right now.”

DONE 14 Clever And Flirty Texts That Will Make Him Chase You

When you’re looking for texts that will make him chase you, start with this one! This is the perfect example of a very innocently seductive text message. 

You can expect him to reply by asking you to send him a picture of the dress. You’ll have to be a little bit clever with this one. 

If you two live in the same town, you can reply by telling him to actually be present at the club you’re going to if he wanted to see you. 

You have full control of this situation and if you feel comfortable telling him to come and see you, then do so! He has to put in a little bit of effort in order to see you. 

You’re actually making him chase you by telling him he has to see you in this gorgeous dress in person. 

But many couples start out with long-distance chats because they have no other option. If there’s no way to meet each other tonight, then send him a picture. 

But be tasteful with it. Don’t just send a mirror selfie right away.

You need to make him want to see more. For a beautiful woman, a man will drive hours (but he doesn’t have to do that, of course).

When you send him one part of that dress on your body, make sure to leave him wanting more. He’ll beg and plead just to see a full-length shot. 

2. “There was so much dancing! Wish you were there to see it.”

14 Clever And Flirty Texts That Will Make Him Chase You

This is one of those texts that will make him chase you because you’re actually teasing him about how much fun you had without him. 

You can send him this when you’re describing the events of the previous night. Tell him that you were dancing with your female friends and make him wonder how much fun you had. 

You might be wondering why this trick works. Well, he’ll definitely imagine the way you guys were dancing. 

He’ll want to be part of those fun nights with you. This is a sure hook to see what he’ll do afterward. 

If you actually invited him to come with you that night and he refused, even though you told him that your dress was gorgeous, he’ll regret it.

After that, he’ll want more details. He’ll want to know who you danced with and if you danced with any men.  

I can promise you right now that the next time you go out, he’ll be there. He’ll chase you because you sent him a text message that got him completely crazy for you. 

You don’t need any love quotes or to play some weird messaging games. All you need is a little of your charm. 

3. “I saw this and it made me think of you.”

DONE 14 Clever And Flirty Texts That Will Make Him Chase You 3

Don’t send him just texts that will make him chase you because you’re gorgeous and seductive. No. Make him laugh as well. 

Humor is a powerful weapon and can make any man fall for you and chase you. So don’t hold back on the memes that you’ve saved up on your phone. 

Send him a hysterical meme and tell him that it reminded you of him. 

Use a picture with a cartoon character that’s quite clumsy or silly to send him and follow it up with the text “It made me think of you.” It’ll be hilarious to him and you immediately have a huge plus in his book. 

Why does this little text work? Well, you’re telling him that you thought of him and that he actually made an impression on you. He also wants an interesting and funny woman beside him. 

Instead of being with someone who is boring and has absolutely no personality, he’d much rather be with you. You’re showing him that being part of your life means fun and interesting conversations just like this one. 

You’ll always be there to put a smile on his face and he’ll chase you to have that. 

4. “I don’t know how I feel about you.”

DONE 14 Clever And Flirty Texts That Will Make Him Chase You 4

This one might be confusing. When you think of what text to send that will make him chase you, this definitely doesn’t seem like one that’ll get him hooked. 

But believe me, in the right context, it’s going to work wonders. 

Imagine this: You’ve been texting back and forth for hours now. He’s been flirting with you and he’s not really hiding it at this point.

But at one point he says something in a joking manner and it could be just a little bit mean (but you know that it’s not). 

That’s when you send him this text message. You need to continue by telling him something like “Well, ‘cuz you’re nice to me one moment and then the next you’re teasing me.” 

Or something along those lines. 

He’ll think that he actually offended you and try to apologize. It’ll be cute, but at the same time, you’re being just a tiny bit bratty. 

You want him to chase you and you want him to do most of the talking for now. You’re not only making sure that he says the right things, but you’re also watching him get shy and flustered. 

5. The “Hey stranger…” text

14 Clever And Flirty Texts That Will Make Him Chase You

This text message won’t only make him chase you, but it’ll also help you figure out if he’s avoiding you. When a guy isn’t that interested in you, he’ll absolutely avoid you or at the very least try to play pretend. 

But when you start a text message with “Hey stranger” and continue by saying that you haven’t heard from him in a while or so, then all will be revealed. 

You’ll put him on the spot and he’ll try to make everything seem like a misunderstanding. He’ll find excuses and try his best to reassure you that he wasn’t actually avoiding you. 

But there can also be an instance where he’ll say that he’s sorry yet continue ignoring you afterward. Men love to ghost women and pretend like nothing ever happened. 

When you send him this text and he actually likes you, he’ll put twice as much effort into talking to you. He won’t want to be the reason you’re upset and it’ll only make him chase you even more. 

You’ll not only seem accusatory, but you’ll also do it in a very cute and adorable way. You’re still flirting with him, all the while telling him that he’s being kind of rude for not texting you at all. 

6. “Stop, you’re making me blush.”

DONE 14 Clever And Flirty Texts That Will Make Him Chase You 6

This is one of those adorable, wholesome texts sure to make him chase you. You can send him this as a response to when he compliments you or says something nice in general. 

For example, when he mentions he saw the cutest little kitten but nothing is as cute as you. This is a very cheesy remark and that’ll make you want to thank him or throw a compliment back. 

You can do either of those as well, but when you tell him that he’s making you blush, he feels a sense of accomplishment. 

His intentions were, indeed, to see you flustered and shy. It makes him feel like he’s the one who’s got a hold of your heart. 

It’s a compliment to him whenever he makes you smile or blush with one of his cheesy remarks. He absolutely loves flattering you and seeing you all shy because of him. 

You come across as very cute and innocent if you say this, which makes him want to chase you even more. You don’t have to use many flirty text messages, just the right kind of message to get him to fall for you. 

7. “If you were here right now, we could…”

14 Clever And Flirty Texts That Will Make Him Chase You

“I hate watching movies alone. If you were here right now, we could cuddle.”

“These people at work are stressing me out. If you were here right now, I know you’d protect me from them.”

How could a text message like this not make him chase you instantly? 

You need him for something. Men love to feel like they can provide you with something and give you something that only they can. 

They want to feel special and needed. And this is exactly how you’ll do it!

When a guy likes you, he’ll want to know these things and it’ll definitely hook him. You didn’t say that you want someone else there, you said that you wanted him. 

He’ll chase you even more if you decide to text him this.

The first time you do it, it might seem a bit straightforward, but it’s really not. You’re not telling him anything immoral that might lead him to believe that you’re easy. 

You’re just implying that things would be much better if you two were together. Let his mind do the rest of the work. 

Then watch him chase you. 

8. “So… Are you going to ask me out now?”

DONE 14 Clever And Flirty Texts That Will Make Him Chase You 8

This is a bold move that you might want to think about first. Does he truly flirt with you enough to make you believe that he’s into you? Or is this a far-fetched move that might backfire?

But hey, texts that will make him chase you are risky by nature, so don’t hold back now. 

The best time to send this text is when you’ve been talking for a while now and he simply doesn’t get the hint. He might even be a bit shy himself and doesn’t know how to approach you. 

If that’s the case, then he’s a sweetheart who’s simply too embarrassed to make the first move. 

You can help him out by sending him this text message. You’ll probably leave him speechless for a moment and he won’t be sure what just hit him. 

Well, you know what you want and you certainly know that texting him isn’t the only thing you can get out of this relationship. You want to meet up with him, so you’ve decided to be very flirty and send him this. 

It works like a charm, because it’s not just flirty but also boldly romantic. You’ll seduce him with your easy-going and confident spirit. He’ll know that you want to go out with him, so he’ll try even harder. 

9. “Hey, I’m busy right now, ttyl.”

DONE 14 Clever And Flirty Texts That Will Make Him Chase You 9

When it comes to texts that will make him chase you, you don’t always have to flirt with him.

Yes, it’s good to keep him interested by showing him that you also want him. But sometimes, you have to be a little blunt, which helps him understand some things better.

He won’t chase you if you’re always available to him – then he doesn’t have a reason to run after you. 

If you’ve ever heard any relationship advice or relationship tips, you’ll know that they always tell you to leave him wanting more. 

This is the best text message to send him when he sends you something in the morning when you’re at work. That’s a great moment to tell him you’re busy and you can’t text him right away. 

When you make him wait for a while, just make sure to text him back. It’s a bad idea to ghost him now. You have to reassure him that you’re still interested

And the reason this little trick works is that you’re telling him you have a life outside of this little flirting you’re doing. He’s not the center of your focus and that’s what’ll hook him. 

He’ll start asking himself what you’re doing without him and even though it seems trivial, any moment he spends thinking of you is a good one. 

He’ll want to turn all your focus toward him and you’ll always leave him wanting more. This is an amazing little trick. 

10. “Do you remember when…”

14 Clever And Flirty Texts That Will Make Him Chase You

If you’ve already gone out with this guy, then use the memories you made to remind him just how much fun he has with you. 

You’ve made those memories so you can bring them up in moments like these. You need to make sure that you time it right, though – don’t just use it randomly. 

Don’t really send it as a good morning text. When you remind him, make sure that it seems spontaneous. 

Ask him if he remembers the time you were together at the park watching the sunset, or whatever other time you were completely happy with each other.

The best thing you can remind him of is if you’ve ever laughed at something so hard that it made your stomach hurt. 

He wants to be reminded of the good times. This way he’ll think that you’re sweet for even remembering and also he’ll be reminded that he needs to chase you even more. 

How? Well, you’re reminding him of how happy he can be with you. And who doesn’t want to be with a woman who makes him this happy?

11. “I can’t wait to see what happens tonight.”

DONE 14 Clever And Flirty Texts That Will Make Him Chase You 11

When you combine this message with the blushing emoji, he will definitely fall for you hook, line, and sinker. 

That might seem a bit extreme, but it really is one of the texts that will make him chase you even more. 

Send him this message when you’re meeting up with him later on in the day and you want him to be as giddy as you are. Let his imagination roam free and not stop thinking about what you said in the text. 

The anticipation will be so big that he actually might show up earlier just to see what you meant. You’ll leave him wanting more the entire time you’re at dinner together. 

12. “I don’t know if I know you well enough.”

14 Clever And Flirty Texts That Will Make Him Chase You

How else to make him chase you more unless you leave him wanting more from you.

When you serve everything on a silver platter, he won’t have to work hard for it. In return, that will only deter him from even trying to pursue you further. 

What he does want is to always be left guessing. So when you’re talking to him, leave him some cliffhangers. 

When you’re telling him a story about yourself, leave an ellipsis at the end and then tell him that you don’t really feel comfortable telling him the rest of the story. 

Tell him that you simply don’t know him enough right now. If he wants to know the rest of the story, he’ll have to stick around and get to know you. 

He will have to earn your trust, show you that he’s worthy of the story. So instead of telling him everything, make sure to show him you have standards. 

Not telling him everything is a great flirting tactic. 

13. “I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but there this one thing I like the most about you…”

DONE 14 Clever And Flirty Texts That Will Make Him Chase You 13

This is one of those seductive texts that will make him chase you for sure. 

Men love to hear compliments just as much as women do. So when you feel confident enough, send him this text message and say something authentic about him that you like. 

He’ll ask you, “Why shouldn’t you tell me?” and you can say something along the lines of, “I’m just shy” or anything similar to that. 

It won’t only be extremely cute, but it’ll also leave him blushing. 

He’ll know that it was hard for you to compliment him and that you didn’t know how to do it without hiding afterward. But you did it and he appreciates it. 

You’re flirting with him, but you’re also leaving him wanting more. He’ll want to show you that you don’t have a reason to be shy around him. 

That’s also an open door for him to return a compliment. You’ll have him in your grasp at that very moment. 

14. Imagining any scenarios

14 Clever And Flirty Texts That Will Make Him Chase You

What do I mean by this? Well, these scenarios can differ based on the context, but you could mostly talk about your future.

For example, you can start talking about where you see yourselves ten years from now. Then you can pick up with imagining what it would be like to do those things together. 

Insert yourself into his daydreams and let him do the same thing for yours. 

These conversations can last for hours and they’ll let you learn more about each other. 

But that’s not the only thing. These texts will make him chase you more than you might think at first. Why? Well, because you’re actually discussing a future together. 

He’ll want to see that future actually happen, so he won’t stop chasing you until he finally has you.

14 Clever And Flirty Texts That Will Make Him Chase You

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