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Girl Stopped Texting Me: 9 Reasons A Girl Would Ghost You

Girl Stopped Texting Me: 9 Reasons A Girl Would Ghost You

“I really messed up this time – the girl stopped texting me.”

It’s not uncommon for guys to blame themselves in a scenario like this. 

It’s frustrating to be in a situation where she’s not messaging or calling you back, and I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been there and dealt with it, and I must say that it was no fun at all.

It’s pretty annoying when the other person takes light years to respond to a text message when, in today’s age, it takes only a couple of seconds to send a text back. 

Personally, I’m also guilty of doing it and I felt horrible later. 

Casually opening the message and planning to reply to it when we’re done with some other stuff or when we get back home after hanging with friends is something that each of us has done at least once. 

But it can be disappointing when a girl takes hours and even forgets to reply to your message. You immediately assume you’re being ghosted and that she’s playing games with you.

It’s one thing when you have an appointment so you don’t have time to reply to a message, but another when you’re consciously ignoring the other person and knowingly refusing to text back. 

Why has the girl stopped texting me?

DONE! Girl Stopped Texting Me 9 Reasons A Girl Would Ghost You

In most cases, when a girl stops texting you, it’s likely got nothing to do with her but rather because of something you have (or haven’t) done. 

I know that it’s tough to hear this, but it’s the truth. You’re probably a great guy with dozens of awesome qualities that weren’t being put forth. 

That’s why in this article I’m going to list a couple of possible reasons she stopped texting you as well as ways to turn the tables around and regain control over the situation.

I understand that you’re overthinking this right now because you’re worried that she’s friend-zoning or simply ghosting you, but there are other reasons a girl might stop texting a guy. 

That’s especially true if you’re only communicating through social media, Whatsapp, or perhaps Tinder. 

1. You became too pushy 

DONE! Girl Stopped Texting Me 9 Reasons A Girl Would Ghost You

Bombarding a girl with a flood of text messages while trying to win her over isn’t the right move, no matter what other people say to you. 

The girl will stop texting you as soon as she sees that you’re being too pushy and bothersome in her life. On top of that, she’ll turn her head the other way whenever she bumps into you because she knows you will smother her again.

It’s wrong to think that the path to a woman’s heart is to send her dozens of messages. Actually, that’s the last thing you should do while you’re trying to secure that first date with her.

You should never try to convince her to do anything that she doesn’t want to. Don’t be the guy who’s begging for her private photos because that’s a surefire way to lose your dream girl.

Also, if you’re one of those guys who have a hard time picking up social clues, then it could be that you’re coming across as too aggressive, but failing to see that.

I know that you can’t read her body language to know whether or not she’s interested in you. But if a girl replies with just one-word answers like “k” or “cool,” that’s a pretty solid sign that she isn’t too keen on continuing your convo. 

2. You weren’t original or anything special 

DONE! Girl Stopped Texting Me 9 Reasons A Girl Would Ghost You

The problem with girls is that they get hit on pretty much every day, so they hear the same pickup lines over and over again from different men. 

I know you’re worried because this girl has stopped texting you, but have you ever thought that you’re possibly the one to blame for that? 

Perhaps you weren’t original enough and it wasn’t the first time someone hit her up with the same pickup line as you did. Remember that women fall for those guys who are genuine and creative. 

You can’t be using those old-school cliches while chatting with her because you won’t win her over like that. She may have distanced herself from your chat since you were just repeating what she’s heard many times before.

It’s easy to make a wrong move while you’re trying to sweep her off her feet over text and social media. It’s not like you’re able to approach her directly as you can in real life and gauge from her facial expressions what she thinks of you.

That’s why you have to be smart and original. Send her something new from time to time because that’ll make her realize that you’re unique and special in your own way.

3. She got a new phone or lost your number 

DONE! Girl Stopped Texting Me 9 Reasons A Girl Would Ghost You

“A girl stopped texting me. Could it be that she lost my number?”

That’s a perfectly reasonable explanation if you haven’t heard from her for a couple of days. You shouldn’t be too quick to judge her if she stopped texting you all of a sudden.

There’s always the possibility that she lost her phone or did a factory reset and in the process lost your contact details.

So, if you’re unable to reach her on her phone, try sending her a message on social media. Or you can ask her friend to see what’s going on with her. 

Whatever you decide to do, keep a cool head and resist the temptation of entertaining bad thoughts. Heck, she might just also be trying to connect with you!

That said, if you see that she’s been active on her social media but hasn’t replied to you, then it’s time for you to start looking for a new girl. 

4. She got really busy 

DONE! Girl Stopped Texting Me 9 Reasons A Girl Would Ghost You

It’s rather difficult to understand that life doesn’t revolve around you and that the girl could have a perfectly justifiable explanation for not texting you.

Perhaps she put everything else on hold to focus all her energy on the one thing that really mattered to her at that moment.

Maybe she left your conversation because you were distracting her from being able to get her work done or accomplishing something she’s been working on for quite some time. 

Regardless of whether it’s work or school-related, you have to respect her choice if she doesn’t text back. And if you continue harassing her, then good luck to you because that’ll be the last time you’ll ever hear from her again.

So, you’re probably wondering how to find out if she’s been genuinely busy, right? Well, the best way is to ask someone who’s close to her. Don’t be too pushy and whatever the outcome may be, respect her decision. Who knows, she may just text you later. 

5. She may have ghosted you 

DONE! Girl Stopped Texting Me 9 Reasons A Girl Would Ghost You

Truth be told, many people will come and go in life. And in most cases, they won’t even leave a trace behind. 

We’ve all experienced ghosting in our life whenever we feel less welcome or useful in other people’s lives.

The same applies to women. They’ll stay by your side if they feel comfortable enough and then leave when they feel they’ve overstayed their welcome.

And those kinds of decisions often leave the other person in shock and disbelief. 

To be honest, many girls will leave you, not because you offended them in one way or another, but because they no longer have a reason to continue talking to you. This often happens when a guy isn’t interesting at all and is rather an immature boy than a grown man who knows what he wants. 

A lot of time, women can sense that a guy is incompatible with them as they trust their gut more than guys do. 

That’s why if a girl stopped texting you, she may have realized you weren’t her type after all and she just wanted to move on without causing a big scene. 

6. She’s in a bad place right now 

DONE! Girl Stopped Texting Me 9 Reasons A Girl Would Ghost You

When a person is going through a bad patch in their life, they don’t feel like themselves and can’t stand other people too.

It could be that something bad happened to her and now she feels broken and shattered. In those types of situations, you can’t expect her to act normal while she’s going through some tough stuff.

It could be something devastating like someone close to her who is gravely ill or has died, and now she’s feeling lost and can’t think about anything else.

Perhaps she isn’t ready to share her troubles with you because she doesn’t know you well enough or doesn’t have the strength to talk to anyone about it right now. 

Or maybe she’s avoiding bothering you with her issue in the first place. All that she needs right now is space to figure things out before she shifts her attention to you. 

7. Your chats have become boring 

DONE! Girl Stopped Texting Me 9 Reasons A Girl Would Ghost You

“A girl stopped texting me. Is it because I’m boring?”

It could well be that she’s slowly pulling away from you because your conversations have become monotonous.

When you first start texting a girl, there’s always something to talk about as you’re getting to know each other better. There are always follow-up questions and conversation is never dull.

But don’t be surprised if at some point you hit a dead end with this girl and don’t have much to talk about except the usual “How was your day?”

Good morning messages are always a nice thing to receive, but if those are the only ones you exchange all day, then it won’t take long before you or her start avoiding each other. 

Such conversations become repetitive and unexciting. 

But that doesn’t necessarily mean the girl has lost interest in you and that she doesn’t want to date you. Those frequent awkward silences are just unbearable to her and she’s waiting for you to make your chats more lively and fun. 

8. She’s testing you 

DONE! Girl Stopped Texting Me 9 Reasons A Girl Would Ghost You

Sometimes women like to test their men to see whether or not they still care about them. 

Perhaps your girl stopped texting you so that she can look inside your personality because your actions will tell her a lot more than your words ever will. 

Maybe she thinks that she isn’t worthy of your love and that you’re putting less effort than before, so that’s why she’s testing you now.

The fact that you notice her indifference shows that you still care about her. She just wants you to be more involved and to put your foot on the gas.

9. She doesn’t want to bother you 

DONE! Girl Stopped Texting Me 9 Reasons A Girl Would Ghost You

If you’re in a long-distance relationship with this girl, then you know how crucial it is to keep your texts interesting and exciting. They’re essential for the growth of any kind of relationship, really.

That’s why she loves texting you but is afraid that you might think she’s needy or pushy. She doesn’t want to come off as overbearing, so that’s why she’s stopped texting you. 

She may be under the assumption that you got bored with her or that she’s disturbing you all the time. The reason she thinks that way is because you haven’t initiated most of the conversations with her and now she feels insecure about herself. 

She doesn’t want to push you away by her actions, so she’d rather resist the urge to text you than lose you completely. 

What can I do if a girl stopped texting me?

Now that you know the plausible reasons a girl stopped texting you, it’s time to learn how to turn the tables around. 

Sometimes it’s just that your timing was bad and something was going on in her life so she didn’t have enough time for you.

Whatever her reasons, there are a couple of things you can do to improve your chances of landing this girl. 

1. It happens to the best of us 

DONE! Girl Stopped Texting Me 9 Reasons A Girl Would Ghost You

No matter how good-looking you are, how much money you have, or how many girls are into you, eventually there’ll be that one woman who won’t be interested in you. And you can’t do a thing about it.

She won’t call or text you, and you’ll be shocked that she’s point-blank ignoring you. 

Every man, no matter who he is, is bound to experience a woman ghosting him and not texting back. And there’s no dating advice in the world that can help you regain control of the situation.

The worst thing you can do is to complain about how you’re the victim and how unfair she treated you. Time to get over it – it happens to the best of us. 

2. Have your own life 

If you’re dealing with monotony in your relationship, then the best way to spice things up a bit is to have your own life. Your conversations will be more lively and exciting, while at the same time you’ll grow together as a couple. 

The secret ingredient in attracting the woman you like is to have something exciting to share with her. If you want, you can plan fun activities together, which can help you figure out what’s going on with her.

If she seems distant and uninterested and says that she’s busy when you suggest another day, chances are she’s avoiding you and doesn’t want to spend time with you at all.

But if the reason is something else, she might open up and tell you what’s been bothering her. 

3. Remain calm and don’t freak out 

DONE! Girl Stopped Texting Me 9 Reasons A Girl Would Ghost You

When you notice that she’s been ignoring your texts and phone calls, it’s completely natural to get all revved up and think “I can’t believe this girl just stopped texting me – she’s driving me crazy!”

But let me tell you, you need to keep your cool. If you freak out at this point, it won’t end well for you, trust me. 

You want this situation to benefit you, don’t you? Take a deep breath. Try to look at things from her point of view and understand what’s going on inside her mind. 

Perhaps your actions led to her behaving this way. Keep a cool head and don’t make any snap decisions. 

Don’t show her that you’re going nuts while she’s out there having the time of her life. She’ll only think of you as being desperate and unstable, and she’ll never talk to you, ever!

The last thing that you want is to make a decision based on your current emotions. They’ll only lead you to failure and you’ll regret them later on. 

No matter how much “sense” it makes to you at the time, knowing how to control yourself is key to regaining power over the situation. 

So, when the emotions are present, the best thing you can do for yourself is to relax. Refrain from doing anything until you have calmed down and are thinking more clearly. 

4. Be patient 

Men who want to get the best results know how to play the waiting game. For those guys, it isn’t a problem to wait weeks, months, or even a year for a girl to realize what she’s missing out on.

So, if you’re wondering what to do when a girl stops texting you, then get good at the waiting game and be cool about it. Sometimes even women themselves don’t know what they want and need more time to process their feelings. 

It’s completely unfair and rude for her to make you wait that long for a reply, but that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

Chasing after her and bothering her with dozens of messages won’t get you anywhere. If you really believe that she’s worthy of your energy and time, then all you can do is be patient while she’s figuring out if she’s interested in you or not.

So, stop thinking about how long it’s going to take for her to text you back. Push those anxious thoughts aside and move on with your life. 

5. Keep yourself busy 

DONE! Girl Stopped Texting Me 9 Reasons A Girl Would Ghost You

Instead of chasing the girl, rather focus your time and attention on other things and other people. Learn to embrace what’s meant for you and don’t let some girl cause you heartbreak or stress. 

Go out and meet some new girls. And don’t feel guilty about it – you shouldn’t stop living your life just because she doesn’t know what she wants!

It will be easier on you if you occupy yourself with goals and tasks and not dwell on the past. Use the “whatever” mindset to keep yourself busy, not just with meaningless tasks, but also with something bigger than yourself. 

And if you adopt this into your life, then you’ll automatically be more attractive to other girls who’ve had their eye on you for some time.

6. Don’t sell yourself short 

“Am I really that uninteresting that a girl stopped texting me?”

Let me tell you one thing: You’re an amazing guy who hasn’t met the right girl yet, and that’s that. 

Even if she’s ghosting you and is lacking the courage to text you back, then you should take it like a man and not waste your precious time on her. 

That kind of behavior should automatically be below your standards and it’s completely reasonable to move away from a girl like that.

Keep your standards high and don’t sell yourself short. You’re a man who has a set of standards, just like everyone else, and you know what you want.

Also, those standards will protect your self-esteem and confidence. Anything beneath them strips you from your happiness and changes the way you see yourself. 

So, if you recognize that she’s deliberately ignoring your messages and it’s affecting your love life negatively, then you should move away from her.

There are other women out there who are dying to get a good night message from you. You deserve better than this. 

Girl Stopped Texting Me: 9 Reasons A Girl Would Ghost You

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