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When A Man Is Nervous Around A Woman, Is It Because He Likes Her?

When A Man Is Nervous Around A Woman, Is It Because He Likes Her?

When a man is nervous around a woman, it means that he thinks she’s attractive, finds her intimidating, has something to tell her, or simply likes her. If your guy is nervous around you and you want to find out why, I’m here to help you.

When a man is nervous around the woman he loves, he will show certain signs that he’s into her. If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, who knows, he might be thinking about a proposal.

If you’ve only recently started dating, maybe he’s trying to hide that he’s falling in love with you.

Perhaps you’ve only just met or are simply friends or coworkers. Well, if he’s not into you, he either finds you attractive or very intimidating. Maybe even both!

Let’s focus for a second now on how it feels like to be a guy who’s into a girl. You need to ask her out and let her know you’re into her, but you find her incredibly beautiful and overall amazing.

Wouldn’t you be nervous? When a man is nervous around a woman, he’ll behave differently than he usually does.

His body will look stiff, he’ll fidget, and he might even have nervous tics like frequent blinking or biting his nails. He’ll also try to make himself look better by frequently adjusting his hair or clothes and laughing at basically everything she says and does.

Maybe he’ll excuse himself often because he “needs to go to the bathroom” and he might avoid eye contact. Perhaps he’ll often touch his face and have a closed body language (crossed arms and legs).

These are all indicators that a man is nervous around you, but does it mean that he’s into you?

He might be ready to ask you out (or pop the question if you’re in a serious relationship), but he might also be hiding something from you. To know for sure, you should look for signs a man is nervous because he likes you.

Before we get to that though, what do men say about being nervous around girls they like?

There are situations in their love lives that cause most men to feel anxious. Keep reading to find out what they are.

When a man is nervous around a woman he likes, it’s because:

1. He wants to ask her out

DONE! When A Man Is Nervous Around A Woman, Is It Because He Likes Her

Most men will agree that they get nervous when they’re about to ask a girl out. It’s the dating version of proposing because you’re just hoping that she’ll say yes.

When a man is nervous around a woman, he might be thinking about asking her out. Naturally, he is scared that he might get a big “no” or that she’ll even laugh at him.

In his head, he might even imagine her running away from him when he approaches her. The point is, the longer and harder he thinks about it, the more it builds up in his mind and makes him nervous.

He needs to have a lot of self-confidence to just approach a girl he likes and ask her out on a date. If he finds the girl incredibly attractive, he may think that he’s not good enough to be with her. This will just make him lose confidence and become more nervous.

Of course, some men can approach a girl without batting an eye but it’s because they’ve done it a lot of times before. Most often, these guys don’t have serious intentions.

If a man is really into a girl, he’ll be nervous about asking her out.

2. He’s on a first date

Maybe the girl in the previous scenario said “yes” and now he’s on a date with her. This might make him even more anxious.

Yes, she agreed to give him a chance, but she did not yet agree to a relationship. If he’s serious about her and wants a relationship, he’ll sure have sweaty palms.

He’ll care a lot about impressing her and winning her over so that there’ll be a second date. Because of this, he’ll dwell on what he might say wrong and how he might embarrass himself.

After all, no one wants to say something stupid on a first date.

He’ll be especially nervous if he’s planning to kiss her at the end of the date or she ends up impressing him even more.

3. He’s meeting her family and friends

DONE! When A Man Is Nervous Around A Woman, Is It Because He Likes Her

When a man is nervous around a woman, it’s usually when they are about to make a big step. Asking her out and winning her over on the first date is big, but meeting the family is huge.

He’ll care a lot about making a good first impression, which might make him do just the opposite. Just because she likes him doesn’t mean her parents will.

The same goes for meeting her close friends because it can be just as scary. He knows that her friends will carefully scrutinize him and talk about him to her later.

All he wants is to get her friends and family on his good side, and that’s enough to make any man pretty nervous.

4. He’s about to say the L-word

The words “I love you” seem like any other normal words, but saying them for the first time is a big deal. When a man is nervous around a woman, it might be because he’s about to declare his love for her.

He doesn’t know if she’ll say it back or if they’re even at that place in the relationship where it’s cool to say it. So, he gets more and more nervous as the tension builds to the big confession.

5. He’s about to propose

DONE! When A Man Is Nervous Around A Woman, Is It Because He Likes Her

Naturally, a man will be nervous when he’s thinking about proposing. He wants everything to go perfect and he knows how important the occasion is.

He’s once again wondering if she will say “yes,” even if he knows that she loves him. Timing is everything and he’s not sure whether it’s the right time to pop the question.

6. He’s hiding something from her

When a man is nervous around a woman, it might be because he’s hiding something from her, or he lied. Whatever the case may be, there’s something he needs to tell her but can’t.

If they’re in a relationship, he might have cheated on her, but it might be something positive too. Maybe he’s planning a surprise or to confess something that’s not as bad as it appears to be.

Perhaps he lied to her and now feels guilty and wants to get it off his chest.

7. He thinks she is incredibly attractive

DONE! When A Man Is Nervous Around A Woman, Is It Because He Likes Her

Men get nervous around pretty women, it’s just the fact of life. Even if he’s not into the woman who’s making him nervous, he thinks she’s incredibly attractive.

He wants her to see him in a good light and cares a lot about impressing her. Her beauty might literally leave him speechless.

Maybe he wants to flirt with her, but that flirting comes off as nervous mumbo-jumbo and he just acts strange.

8. He finds her intimidating or admires her

An incredibly beautiful, successful, strong woman can be intimidating. A man might be nervous around her because she’s dominant and authoritative.

He might feel like she’s out of his league or even be downright scared of her.

Some women are intimidating for other reasons, and it depends on the man too. Maybe he admires her so much that he always gets anxious when she’s near.

9. He simply likes her that much

DONE! When A Man Is Nervous Around A Woman, Is It Because He Likes Her

A man might get nervous about even talking to the woman he likes. This is especially true if he’s had a crush on her for a long time.

Those butterflies in his stomach might even make him feel sick. Men often feel like they’re sick when they fall in love, or at least they explain the feeling that way.

In any case, he’ll want to leave a good impression on the woman he likes and avoid saying something stupid. In addition, he’s hiding something from her and wants to confess his feelings, which makes him even more nervous.

10. He wants to break up with her

When a man is nervous around a woman he’s dating, it might not be because of something romantic. He might actually be thinking about ending the relationship.

A breakup doesn’t happen all of a sudden. When someone wants to end a relationship, they think about it before letting their partner know.

This is why it’s important that you look for signs he’s nervous around you because he’s into you and here they are.

When a man is nervous around a woman, is it because he likes her? 12 signs he’s into you

1. He gazes at you while you’re not looking

DONE! When A Man Is Nervous Around A Woman, Is It Because He Likes Her

If you turn around and see this guy staring at you, he might nervously look away. He’ll quickly look at something else, pretend as though nothing happened, and avoid eye contact.

As you know, when a man is nervous around a woman, he might be into her and this proves it. He’s interested in you and feels embarrassed about being caught gazing at you.

If you like him too, encourage him by giving him a smile the next time, or even strike up a conversation. Maybe he just needs a few hints from you to know that you’re on the same page of your love story.

2. His face lights up whenever he sees you

Whenever you walk into the room, his face breaks into a broad grin.

It’s like all the spotlight is on you and he doesn’t see anyone or anything else. You can feel it from the way he looks at you and the way he smiles.

Maybe he looks away when you catch him with that silly grin on his face, but you know what hides behind it.

When a man is nervous around a woman, he might also have a nervous laugh. Girls tend to giggle while guys have that strange laugh when they’re into a woman.

He might even laugh at everything you do and say, even though you see nothing funny about it. It’s just that he thinks everything you do and say is adorable.

3. He’s all ears when you speak

DONE! When A Man Is Nervous Around A Woman, Is It Because He Likes Her

A shy, nervous man is clearly going to be a good listener, especially if he’s crazy about you. He’ll soak in every word you say and remember the tiniest details about you.

Everything you say will sound interesting to him because he’s interested in you. He’ll want to learn more about you and he’ll be entirely focused on you.

Some guys will get distracted by everything around them or simply stare at their phones while you talk. A man who’s genuinely interested in you will instead put the spotlight on you and give you his undivided attention.

Even if you’re among a group of friends, as soon as you open your mouth to say something, he’ll shift his focus onto you. He’ll give more attention to you than to anyone else in the group.

4. He acts differently around you than he does around other women

You should always compare how a man treats you to how he treats other women. It could help you figure out whether you’re really special to him.

He’ll act differently around you if he’s into you and you’ll be able to tell. This is the surest sign he’s into you because some signs can be confusing.

You’d assume that a guy likes you if he is open with you or flirts with you. However, he might simply be an open and flirty type of person.

This is why comparing his behavior is your safest bet. Maybe he’ll be flirty with others, but shy with you, and even that could be a sign you mean more to him than others!

5. His body language gives away his interest

DONE! When A Man Is Nervous Around A Woman, Is It Because He Likes Her

A guy may be nervous all he wants, but his body will do the talking anyway.

Maybe he’ll lean towards you while you talk and use every chance to touch you. If he’s nervous, he won’t be so touchy, but you’ll still notice his need for physical contact.

He might reach out and pull back right away or gently touch your hand “by accident.” Most importantly, his smile will let you know if he’s into you.

If you somehow always have the power to make him smile, he’s probably into you.

6. He shows care in the little things

A nervous guy might not make his interest plainly obvious, but you’ll still see it in the little things he does for you. Maybe he’ll hand you a tissue when you sneeze or get you another drink the minute you’re done with the first one.

Perhaps he’ll check up on you after you’ve gone through something difficult or simply had a bad day.

The point is, he’ll be considerate of your emotions and try to look out for you. He’ll be protective of you and show you care with small gestures of kindness.

Most likely, he’ll also try to help you whenever he can, whether it’s by giving advice or doing something for you.

7. He’s clumsy

DONE! When A Man Is Nervous Around A Woman, Is It Because He Likes Her

A guy who is nervous is very likely to be clumsy as well.

He’ll spill his drink, fall, and even hurt himself by accident. All this might be because he likes you that much that it’s making him super nervous.

Help the guy out by giving him a reassuring smile and not making a big fuss about his little accidents. If you show him that you’re not going to laugh at anything he does, he might not be so clumsy anymore.

Make sure to check whether he is always clumsy though. Some guys are simply like that around everyone and some of them even struggle with constant anxiety.

If he, on the other hand, acts this way only when you’re around, he’s definitely into you like crazy.

8. He makes friends with your friends

Maybe he is too nervous to actually be around you, but nothing’s stopping him from being around your friends. He might even try to win you over through those close to you.

It will be easier for him to talk to your friends than to you. These are the people that are important to you, so he’ll want to get to know them better.

He’ll hope that they’ll put in a good word for him and might even confess to them how he feels about you. After all, he wants to get close to them mostly because he’d like to get close to you.

He wants you to see him in the best possible light, so he’ll try to get your friends to like him. They might even help him hook up with you and let him in on some info about you that might help him.

Maybe your friends will tell you about it in the end. If he’s too nervous to do it, they surely aren’t.

9. He asks a lot of questions

DONE! When A Man Is Nervous Around A Woman, Is It Because He Likes Her

No matter how nervous and shy he is, he will want to talk to you and learn more about you. Therefore, he’ll ask a lot of questions.

The more personal the questions are, the more he’s into you. He might ask you intimate questions about your childhood and your hopes and dreams.

He’ll want to know everything about you, but he might show particular interest in your love life. Most importantly, he’ll want to know if you’re seeing someone or there’s someone you’re interested in.

A guy who asks about your relationship status most likely wants to change it.

10. He’s overly active on your social media profile

Maybe he’s too nervous to actually talk to you, but nothing’s stopping him from texting you. Perhaps he’ll text you, or reach out to you with a DM, but at the very least, he’ll just like your posts.

If you suddenly get a thousand notifications that are all from him, he’s clearly interested. He just doesn’t know how to say it, so he shows you he likes you by liking your posts.

After all, he was checking out your profile to see what you’ve been up to and to learn more about you. Maybe he’ll even comment on many of your posts and give you compliments.

In modern times, dating has moved online. When someone doesn’t have to face you in person, it’s much easier to be honest and express strong feelings.

Guys don’t have to call you to ask you out anymore. They can simply stalk you on social media until you get the point.

That way, they don’t have to face rejection, and you get to ignore them if you’re not interested.

11. His close friends tease him about you

DONE! When A Man Is Nervous Around A Woman, Is It Because He Likes Her

Just because this guy is too nervous to let you know about his feelings doesn’t mean he hasn’t told his friends about them. Most importantly, it doesn’t mean that they’ll be too nervous to let you know.

After all, aren’t friends there to call you out and embarrass you in front of the person you’re into?

Even if he hasn’t told his friends about being into you, they’ll be able to tell. So, they might tease him about you and try to get the two of you to hook up.

They’ll intentionally tease him in front of you so that you get the point. It will make you both uncomfortable but it might just be the push you needed to jump into each other’s arms.

Sometimes, the best ice breakers are the things that make you embarrassed. Friends know how to make a guy blush, that’s for sure.

On the other hand, he might not be sure about anything and is entirely confused about his feelings for you. Look for signs a guy doesn’t know what he wants because it might be the reason he’s so nervous.

12. He’s always around you

Somehow, this guy turns up wherever you are at any given moment. He’s there when you’re at a friend’s party, out clubbing, and visiting your local coffee shop.

Okay, this might seem creepy, but a guy who’s nervous and into you might try to be closer to you in every way. He’ll want to fabricate situations where you could hook up or create opportunities by being near you.

If he doesn’t act on his feelings soon, you might want to learn how to ask a guy out. Don’t wait for him forever if you’re into him and make your move.

Good luck!

When A Man Is Nervous Around A Woman, Is It Because He Likes Her?

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