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15 Easy-To-Spot Signs He Caught Feelings For You

15 Easy-To-Spot Signs He Caught Feelings For You

When you first start seeing someone, it’s not that easy to spot signs he caught feelings. You may have started out as friends, or even friends with benefits, but now you don’t know if he’s just being friendly or if he actually really likes you.

Of course, you don’t want to get your hopes up. You know how it is to get overly excited over a guy who shows you the bare minimum of kindness and affection.

At the end of the day, he could just take advantage of you. That’s a very scary thought and you don’t really want to think he could be one of those men to do that.

You want to make sure that he’s actually catching feelings as fast as you are. You don’t want to fall in love just to be rejected the moment you try to talk about your feelings.

To you, it’s probably frustrating as heck. You’re overanalyzing his every action and word, and he seems as if he’s so confused, which only adds to your own confusion.

But there’s also a lot of mystery and allure in that uncertainty. You want to try harder, do better. You get so excited about everything he does for you.

That said, it’s high time you figure out if this guy has been catching feelings all this time. You might not even have to wait for him to tell you as much – if you see these signs, you might consider being the one to make the first move.

15 signs he caught feelings for you

1. He texts you random things at random times

DONE! 15 Easy-To-Spot Signs He Caught Feelings For You

When you start seeing a new guy, texting becomes a playground. You want to see who’s going to reveal something by accident first.

You know that you have time to formulate what you want to say before you text him anything, so you always think thoroughly first.

But he’s been more relaxed lately when it comes to texting. He sends you random texts that don’t have a deeper meaning. He sends you memes or funny videos, just to make you laugh that day.

Even when you know he’s busy, he’ll still take a moment just to send you a picture of himself making funny faces.

This type of messaging is one of the signs he caught feelings (or he’s on his way to catch them) because otherwise, he’d be much more selective in his texts. This guy, though, is much more chilled with you.

Also, he doesn’t just want to text you when he has to see you, he wants to keep in touch with you on a daily basis. In short, he wouldn’t be initiating so much contact if he didn’t want to talk to you.

2. You always catch him smiling at you

DONE! 15 Easy-To-Spot Signs He Caught Feelings For You

You know that a guy who’s staring at you is a guy who’s mesmerized by you, right? But he hasn’t just been staring at you, he’s also been smiling at you constantly.

It’s just like in the movies. You’re doing something or just talking and the second you turn around, you catch him just looking at you and smiling at you.

You know the smile that I’m talking about! The smile that makes his entire face melt. He looks as if he’s in utter bliss – as if he could stand there and just watch you for days.

When do you look at someone like that? You do it when you’re so completely captivated by a person that you can’t believe just how lucky you are to be in their presence.

That’s exactly what he’s been thinking, too.

He’s probably enjoying the moment as well as daydreaming of all the things you represent for him. I know that I’m making it sound like it’s so much more than it probably is, but “just friends” don’t look at each other like that.

3. His friends know about you

DONE! 15 Easy-To-Spot Signs He Caught Feelings For You

Have you met his friends yet? Just the fact that he feels comfortable enough with you to bring you along to meet them means that his intentions are more serious than you’ve expected.

But one thing you should really look out for is if they know little details about you. Do they know where you work? About certain hobbies you have? Or the name of your pet?

If they know anything other than your name, it’s a clear sign that he’s been talking to them about you. When they know details about you that they wouldn’t know unless he told them, then you know that he’s been catching feelings.

Why would you consider this anything else but a sign that he’s caught feelings for you? This man has been telling his friends just how absolutely adorable and amazing you are.

He made a point to let them know that you exist and that he’s falling for you.

You know just as well as I do that men don’t usually talk about girls to their friends like that. If you’re nothing more than a fling, he won’t tell them more than your name.

4. He’s affectionate in public

DONE! 15 Easy-To-Spot Signs He Caught Feelings For You

We all know that awkward stage when you first start seeing someone. Especially when you’re together in public and you don’t know how to act around him.

You don’t know if you should hold his hand, stand slightly apart from him, or just let him make the first move.

You don’t want to cross any boundaries because you don’t know if he wants to let everyone around you know that you’re getting serious.

But when he feels the need to be affectionate to you in public, you can sure take it as a sign he’s caught feelings. I”m not talking going all out physical. It’s not like he’s all over you, making everyone around you extremely uncomfortable.

No. He’s just very affectionate. He wants to hold your hand, he hugs you from behind when you’re talking to someone and he comes up to you to ask you if you want another drink.

Bonus points if he puts a strand of your hair behind your ear while he’s talking to you.

Realistically speaking, it’s more romantic than anything else. He doesn’t mind showing everyone around him that you’re seeing each other.

5. He compliments you a lot

DONE! 15 Easy-To-Spot Signs He Caught Feelings For You

Men know that compliments will get them far.

For players, they’re sure to compliment your looks more often than anything else, or use very generic compliments that just show they’re not paying attention to you.

They’ll do this whenever they want to take you home and the next day forget they made your heart flutter.

There are times when you don’t want to believe his compliments, but he’s actually genuine if he makes an effort to compliment you in an authentic way.

He doesn’t just say that you’re beautiful, he also says that you’re smart, intelligent, great, gorgeous, and so on.

He’ll probably tell you that you’re so easy to talk to and how he loves spending time with you. All of those things are compliments in his book and he really wants you to know that it’s the truth.

His compliments don’t have any underlying agenda. He doesn’t want a quick fling, but rather to tell you what he really thinks of you. And he thinks you’re amazing.

6. You have very deep conversations

DONE! 15 Easy-To-Spot Signs He Caught Feelings For You

When someone doesn’t like you all that much or isn’t catching feelings for you, they don’t bother to have deeper conversations with you.

They don’t want to give you an opportunity to peek inside their head because they know that you’ll be gone soon enough.

Deep conversations are always between people who genuinely want to get to know each other.

They’re there to help you figure out what the other person wants from life. You have long and deep conversations because you’re truly interested in knowing each other’s thoughts and opinions on important topics.

Your conversations don’t last for a few minutes before you go back to his place. You actually manage to stay for hours and talk about all sorts of things.

He asks you about your childhood, about the books you’re reading, perhaps even your political views.

Do you truly believe that someone who’s not interested in you would make the effort to talk to you about these things?

It’s one of the signs he caught feelings because it shows that he wants to delve deeper into who you are as a person, and he can’t do that through small talk.

7. He says you’re different

DONE! 15 Easy-To-Spot Signs He Caught Feelings For You

Another telltale sign he’s caught feelings is when he tells you that you’re different and special. And it’s not that he’s comparing you to other women, but rather that he feels about you differently.

It’s not an insult, trust me. If anything, it’s a compliment.

He’s telling you that you’re better than anyone he’s ever met. This is a really good thing because it clearly hasn’t worked out with any of the girls he’s dated before.

He thinks you’re different and that only means that you’re much more interesting to him or that your values align better.

It’s not even an insult to the women before you. He just hopes that things will work out better between you two.

He’s definitely developing feelings for you, otherwise he wouldn’t give you this info. Because once you know and understand what he’s saying, then you hold a certain power over him.

8. He’s always there for you

DONE! 15 Easy-To-Spot Signs He Caught Feelings For You

People are always talking about the hero instinct in men and how you can activate it. It’s said that this hero instinct is a man’s main driver when it comes to falling in love with a woman.

Men feel the need to be the providers and the saviors. They feel like they have to help you in some way, shape, or form in order for you to love them.

The hero instinct has a special psychological background, but that’s not important right now! What is important is the fact that he feels the need to be there for you and help you out.

For example, you’re extremely stressed because of something that happened at work and you don’t want to worry him.

You haven’t even considered talking to him about it because he might think that you’re annoying him. So you keep to yourself.

Yet he still manages to find out what happened. Whether he finds out from someone else or from you, the circumstances don’t really matter.

But if he gets upset that you’re not talking to him about it, then he’s catching feelings. He wants to be there for you.

Why would you want to consult anyone else but him? He genuinely feels the need to protect you and keep you safe. That’s why he gets so extremely defensive about this.

When you need to call on someone for a lift home or just need an ear to listen, he’s there for you. He might even get insulted if you consider another person before him.

This right here is one of the biggest signs he’s caught feelings. He wouldn’t be reacting like this if he didn’t want to be the one you’re falling for.

9. He says he misses you

DONE! 15 Easy-To-Spot Signs He Caught Feelings For You

I can tell you for sure that only a man who’s genuinely into you would tell you that he misses you. Others would probably think that that’s just too cheesy and sappy for the type of relationship you have.

When he starts catching feelings, he’s going to want you around more often. He won’t be able to resist seeing you or talking to you, so when you’re gone for a while he’s going to feel as if there’s a crucial part missing.

That part is you!

He misses you because you make him feel something! He feels so good around you that your absence is unmistakable. Who’d want to spend time apart from the person who makes you feel like this?

10. He’s not talking to anyone else

DONE! 15 Easy-To-Spot Signs He Caught Feelings For You

This should really be considered the bare minimum when you start talking to a new guy, but sometimes it’s not that easy.

There are times when you’re just seeing a guy and you just know that he’s texting more than one woman at the same time.

It’s disgusting, but it’s also the reality with a lot of men. Many guys believe that they have the right to play with a woman’s heart like that.

In contrast, if he’s only talking to you and couldn’t care less about other women, take it as a sign he’s caught some real feelings for you.

For instance, say you’re in a bar and at some stage you see some girl flirting with him. But he doesn’t seem interested! If anything, he looks uncomfortable even though the girl is attractive.

He looks like he can’t get back to you soon enough. Big brownie points for him if he even says that he’s there with you and so he’s not interested in her.

If you’re lucky enough, he’ll tell you himself that you’re the only girl he’s talking to. Even though many people use this line as lip service, you can also know for sure when this actually applies to you.

11. You’re the first one he calls when something good happens

DONE! 15 Easy-To-Spot Signs He Caught Feelings For You

When something good happens to you, you want to let your closest friends know first, right? Of course, that changes when you have a partner and he’s your number one go-to for all things important.

So why does he always call you first when he has good news to share? You know that because he tells you he’s calling you before anyone else.

When he had that big job interview and they told him that he got the job, you were the first person he reached out to to share the good news. He wants you to be involved in his life and he wants to share his happiness with you.

12. He gets a little jealous

DONE! 15 Easy-To-Spot Signs He Caught Feelings For You

Jealousy isn’t something that’s usually attractive. It’s mostly got toxic connotations because it really can get out of hand when the person who’s jealous is also extremely possessive over you.

But a tiny bit of jealousy is actually cute. Don’t you think that it’s cute that he cares about you enough to be jealous if another guy actually flirts with you?

He doesn’t like the thought that someone will take you away from him. He wants you for himself.

There are many signs that will show he’s jealous. In this particular situation, he might start to badmouth the guy, ask you about him more, and want to know your opinion of him.

His smile will be wiped clean off his face the second you mention another potential love interest.

His reaction will probably be this obvious because he doesn’t know how or when to tell you that he has been developing feelings for you. He’s scared that he might lose you if he doesn’t figure his emotions out soon.

All of those fears are very valid. But his jealousy is one of the clearest signs he’s caught feelings.

It doesn’t matter how hard he tries to ignore the roaring emotions inside him, they’re there and they’re consuming him.

13. He shows you his vulnerable side

DONE! 15 Easy-To-Spot Signs He Caught Feelings For You

You and I both know that men are everything but open about their emotions. They simply don’t know how to express themselves in front of people they don’t completely trust.

When they do, it’s because they feel comfortable enough around you or because they’re trying really hard.

He may show you his vulnerable and emotional side in different ways. He may tell you stories about his past that completely shaped him. He’ll also tell you about the things other people did that hurt him.

Another telltale sign is when he opens up about his past relationships and shares that his ex broke his heart. This is a risky move for him because he could just be dumping all of his emotions onto you, only for you to reject them.

If you’re sure that he’s not trying to turn you into his therapist, then you have nothing to fear. He’s probably just trying to show you that he has feelings that go much deeper than you might think and that he’s also emotionally intelligent.

14. He acts a little strange at times

DONE! 15 Easy-To-Spot Signs He Caught Feelings For You

You might be confused by this one, but it’s important not to ignore this sign he’s caught feelings.

When he starts developing real feelings for you, he might be taken aback for a moment. He doesn’t know how to behave or what he should do with all the emotions.

Because of that, he might distance himself for a moment from you. Don’t confuse this with ghosting, though.

When a man likes you, he won’t ghost you. He’ll simply take a few steps back. He’ll continue to talk to you but he’ll act a bit strange. You’ll feel that his vibe is slightly off and you won’t be able to really put your finger on it.

But it’s okay. He’s just needing time to figure out what he wants from the relationship before he takes the next step and asks you to make things official.

On the flip side, strange behavior may show itself in the form of hyperactivity. He may also get very awkward, fidgety, and annoying, and his laugh might become a little too loud.

15. His mother has heard about you

DONE! 15 Easy-To-Spot Signs He Caught Feelings For You

One solid indicator that he likes you very much is when he talks to his mother about you. You probably haven’t even met her yet, but he makes sure to mention that he’s talking about you to her.

It’s a well-known fact that a man would never talk to his mother about a girl unless he was genuinely interested in her.

You can be sure this is a sign he’s caught feelings. He doesn’t just talk to his mom about every single girl he meets.

He’s told her about you because he wants to introduce you to her one day. He probably told you already that his mother is looking forward to meeting you.

You have this man hooked, I can guarantee you that much.

15 Easy-To-Spot Signs He Caught Feelings For You

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