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How To Recognize Magnetic Attraction Between Two People?

How To Recognize Magnetic Attraction Between Two People?

Have you ever felt drawn to someone in a way you couldn’t understand or explain even if you wanted to? Believe it or not, this type of magnetic attraction between two people is more common than you might think. Chances are you’re not the only one wondering how to recognize this phenomenon.

Picture this. You’re walking down the street sipping on your favorite Starbucks drink, minding your own business, when you lock eyes with a stranger. You feel yourself getting flustered as your body temperature rises and the tingles overtake your entire body. What on earth is going on!?

You can’t seem to take your eyes off of him. You feel strangely comforted by the fact he appears to be experiencing the same concoction of emotions. Everything around you goes silent and the entire world seems to be waiting for the two of you to act on this menacing impulse.

Some people call it magnetic attraction, love at first sight, twin flame reunion, or even the exact moment you encounter your soulmate. One thing’s for sure, there isn’t a single person in this world who wouldn’t want to experience this sensation at least once in their lifetime.

Understanding magnetic attraction between two people

How To Recognize Magnetic Attraction Between Two People

You’ve gone your entire life thinking the best feeling you can ever experience is loving another person and having that person reciprocate your emotions. Don’t get me wrong, love is great, but the feeling you get the moment you lock eyes with that one person tops it all.

There’s no simple way of explaining magnetic attraction between two people. The two of you might have just crossed paths, but your souls must have known each other since the dawn of time. Either that or you’ve been watching too many romances before falling asleep!

There are different theories floating around trying to explain the instant connection you experience when you meet a certain someone for the first time. People have been trying to get a grasp of this phenomenon for years! The best they could come up with is the idea that everyone has a soulmate or a twin flame.

Soulmates and magnetic attraction

First things first, soulmates and twin flames are not the same things! You can explain magnetic attraction using any of these two phenomena, but it’s important to mention they don’t share the same definition. They’re two completely different things!

A soulmate is someone you have a deep connection with. Not only that, your soulmate is believed to be your best match and someone you’re supposed to spend the rest of your life with. People spend their entire lives searching for their soulmates, hoping to experience the ultimate happiness.

Some believe you can only have one soulmate in your lifetime. Others prefer the idea of having multiple soulmates (which implies you have multiple chances of connecting with your true match). Either way, this belief of having someone you’re truly compatible with has become quite popular over time.

A soulmate would be the perfect driving force behind the idea of magnetic attraction between two people. If you happen to have the incredible luck of encountering your soulmate in the middle of the street, don’t let your fears and closed mind stop you from experiencing true happiness!

Twin flame and magnetic attraction

DONE How To Recognize Magnetic Attraction Between Two People 2

Bear with me on this one! Reconnecting with your twin flame is believed to be the most powerful encounter you can have with another person. According to people who’ve had the pleasure of experiencing this sensation, reuniting with your twin flame feels as if you’re finally whole.

The idea behind twin flames is that at some point in history, one soul gets split into two bodies. These unfortunate “twins” spend their entire existence hoping to reunite with their other half. Once you cross paths with the other body, your souls will recognize each other.

Your twin flame is the other piece of the puzzle you’ve been searching for forever – the exact replica of everything you consider yourself to be, the image you see when you look in the mirror.

Think about it. If this other person carries a piece of your soul, it’s no wonder the two of you feel as if you’ve known each other your entire lives. What’s even more mystifying about reuniting with your twin flame is that you will experience a number of signs before you actually cross paths with them.

10 intense signs of magnetic attraction between two people

Alright, let’s go back to your mysterious encounter. It’s super easy to confuse simple infatuation with the magnetic attraction you might feel towards someone special. It’s only natural you’re asking yourself how on earth you can recognize the real deal!

First things first, even if this guy isn’t your soulmate or your twin flame, you shouldn’t let him get away. How many times have you experienced such intense attraction towards someone you locked eyes with on the street? My point exactly.

On the off chance he might be your other half, here are a couple of intense signs of magnetic attraction between two people that can help you recognize whether you’ve had the luck of running into your perfect match.

1. You’re drawn to each other

How To Recognize Magnetic Attraction Between Two People

No surprise here. The whole idea behind experiencing magnetic attraction with another person stems from the event of two strong magnets being drawn to each other no matter how hard you try to separate them.

If you feel as if you’d notice this man in a room full of people simply because you would sense a strange force leading you in his direction – you have a reason to celebrate. There’s no doubt he’ll change your life one way or the other. He’s either going to be your biggest regret or the man you spend your life with.

So, how do you feel when you’re around him? Do you feel as if you want to spend every second of every waking hour by his side? Do you feel as if you can’t imagine being away from him? Or even as if you’d experience physical pain if you got separated from him?

Let’s be honest, that doesn’t sound like a casual crush you’d have on your next-door neighbor. You can’t shake off or forget the feeling of being magnetically attracted to someone! If there was ever a time to be reckless and do something you might regret later, it’s now!

2. You feel as if you’re experiencing déjà vu

One of the biggest signs of magnetic attraction is the feeling that you’ve met this person before. You can’t really explain it, you simply feel as if you’ve known this man your entire life.

You’re completely aware he’s a stranger you brushed shoulders with by happenstance. But, you feel as if you could recite his entire life story if somebody asked you to. The way he looks at you seems awfully familiar, reassuring, and satisfying. Could that be a sign of magnetic attraction between two people?

Absolutely, and you’re not the first person to experience déjà vu. Have you ever had the overwhelming feeling of familiarity with something you shouldn’t be familiar with? In your case, you have no memory of meeting this mysterious stranger, yet you feel as if you’ve known him for a really long time. That’s it!

You might go crazy trying to figure out whether the two of you met before, looking him up on Facebook or Instagram, or even asking your friends if they’ve ever introduced you to him.

I’m not saying there isn’t a high possibility you did meet in the past, but there’s an even higher one you met in a different lifetime.

3. You can’t keep your eyes off of each other

DONE How To Recognize Magnetic Attraction Between Two People 4

You shouldn’t be surprised if you find yourself staring at him ALL THE TIME! If this man is someone you’re magnetically attracted to, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to keep your eyes on him so he doesn’t become, as Katy Perry puts it, the one that got away.

All jokes aside, maintaining eye contact might be the sign you’ve been searching for. When you’re drawn to someone in ways you can’t explain, it’s understandable to have difficulty in breaking eye contact. After all, you feel as if you want to spend the rest of your life gazing into each other’s eyes!

You read that right. Chances are he’s experiencing the same problem as you are. Your souls are connected on a higher level. Your bodies are fighting the urge to look away because they don’t want to risk losing sight of each other now that they’ve finally reunited.

Even if you don’t believe in soulmates and twin flames, you can’t deny the intense chemistry between the two of you. You can have an entire conversation with each other without uttering a single word – your eyes are saying everything that needs to be said. Argh, you can cut the tension with a knife!

4. You share a telepathic connection

If you’ve had the pleasure of interacting with the man you’ve felt magnetically attracted to, you must have noticed the ease with which you understand each other. It seems as if you don’t have to explain anything, he simply knows what you’re thinking before you even say it!

If you’ve ever observed long-term couples (and I don’t mean it in a creepy way), you probably noticed they do the same thing. They simply work well together because they’ve spent a lot of time and energy perfecting their relationship.

However, if you’re magnetically attracted to someone, chances are the two of you will work well together from the get-go. You’ll finish each other’s sentences AND sandwiches (Frozen reference, anyone?) You’ll know what the other person’s thinking without having to say a single word.

Some would argue this happens because you’re connected on all levels – physical, emotional, and spiritual. Even if you can’t seem to wrap your head around the idea of soulmates and twin flames, you have to admit the chemistry you share with this person is simply a chef’s kiss!

5. You’re comfortable around each other

How To Recognize Magnetic Attraction Between Two People

Let’s just say you might find yourself sharing things about your life you never thought you’d share with anyone. You have no idea how or why but you simply feel at ease when you’re around this person.

He understands where you’re coming from and never stoops so low as to judge you after you bare your soul to him. You feel comfortable sharing your deepest and darkest secrets with him because you know he has some of his own. You complete each other even when it comes to emotional baggage! Yay!

So, how can you recognize magnetic attraction between two people? If you’re attracted to this person in that way, you’ll find yourself doing things you’ve never done before. You will feel comfortable enough to let down the walls you built to protect yourself from unwanted harm.

For the first time in your life, you will feel as if you can put your trust in someone without the risk of getting your heart broken. This mutual understanding will bring the two of you closer together and create an unbreakable bond. You belong together and there’s no denying it!

6. You can be yourselves around each other

One of the most amazing things about reuniting with the person you share magnetic attraction with is finding out you no longer have to pretend to be someone else. You can ditch the mask and show him the real you. And the best part is – he won’t run away!

If you’re lucky enough to be in a relationship with the person you share magnetic attraction with, you will never have to fake anything in your life ever again! You will feel comfortable enough to show him the side of you no one else gets to see.

You will show him your amazing vocal abilities (especially when you sing in the shower), flaunt your dance moves whenever you’re supposed to be cleaning the kitchen, or even share the little snort that slips out every time you can’t stop laughing at something!

There’s nothing more freeing than being able to be yourself around the people you love. Your magnetic attraction man will appreciate every single aspect of your captivating personality. Not only that, he’ll share his little quirks with you! There’s no doubt the two of you will work together like a charm!

7. Your body language changes around each other

DONE How To Recognize Magnetic Attraction Between Two People 6

This is one of the easiest ways to recognize whether you share a magnetic attraction with someone. Not only will you not be able to keep your eyes off of this person, but you also won’t be able to stop your body from giving away how you feel about him!

You will feel the constant need to be in his presence, make any kind of physical contact (touch his hand or move the unruly hair away from his forehead), and you’ll find yourself getting flustered for no reason. How can you concentrate on anything else when he’s so annoyingly entrancing?

Your body will become your biggest nemesis because you won’t be able to mask the natural reaction you have whenever he speaks or pulls you closer. You can’t seem to stop your cheeks from blushing every time he lays his eyes on you! Could this be the sign of magnetic attraction between two people?

Yes! And don’t worry, he feels the same way about you! If he’s truly your twin flame, the person you share an incredible magnetic attraction with, he won’t be able to hide his infatuation with you. He will take every opportunity he has to be in your immediate vicinity.

8. You lose track of time when you’re together

You know what they say – time flies when you’re having fun. This is definitely the case when you’re spending time with the person you share magnetic attraction with. You simply want to spend every possible moment with this person because the two of you have so much fun together!

You might have a hard time understanding the idea behind soulmates and twin flames, but you have to admit you do feel as if you’ve known this person your entire life. It’s no wonder you lose track of time when you’re together. You never seem to run out of topics or get tired of each other!

If you’re wondering how to recognize magnetic attraction between two people, just take a look at the two of you together. Not only do you lose track of time, but you also feel like you don’t have enough of it to say everything you want to say to each other. Can’t you have just five more minutes with him!?

You must think you’re losing your mind obsessing over some man you just met. If the two of you share a magnetic attraction, you shouldn’t be surprised to feel that way. It’s only natural you feel drawn to this person and you want to spend as much time as you can with him. Cheer up, this is a good thing!

9. You find yourselves smiling for no reason

How To Recognize Magnetic Attraction Between Two People

Aah, to be young and in love! There truly isn’t anything better in the world than being able to say you’ve found the person you’re supposed to spend the rest of your life with. If anyone dares to doubt your relationship, just show them that million-dollar grin whenever he comes near you!

You’re beaming with joy just thinking about him. You never thought you would be the person to fall in love with someone at first sight. You keep reminding yourself his looks have nothing to do with that.

You’re not attracted to his abs (although they’re a great addition), but to his soul! You can’t stop smiling because he’s the one making you laugh so hard you almost pee yourself. You’ve never met anyone who could make your day better by showing up uninvited!

10. You vibrate at the same frequency

If this is your first time hearing about the law of vibration, buckle up because you’re in for a ride. The law of vibration states that everything around us vibrates at a specific frequency. This frequency is usually referred to as vibrational energy (or just energy, for short).

The magnetic attraction between two people occurs when their energies are an exact match. You’re drawn to this person because he radiates the type of energy you crave in your presence. It’s only natural to assume a relationship between two people who vibrate at the same frequency would be a success!

Obviously, it would be difficult to recognize whether the two of you share the same vibrational energy. So, if you’re still wondering how to recognize whether you have a magnetic attraction with this person, you can always check for other signs.

If you’ve found examples of your relationship in some previous sections, chances are you’ve encountered your other half. You’re drawn to each other in ways you can’t explain. You feel as if you’ve known each other your entire life and you can’t stand the idea of being apart? I’d say we have a perfect match!

Dealing with magnetic attraction between two people

DONE How To Recognize Magnetic Attraction Between Two People 8

It’s crucial to underline the fact you don’t have to share a magnetic attraction with someone to accomplish a healthy relationship with them. The sensation of being irresistibly attracted to your partner should only be seen as an additional source of satisfaction, not the requirement!

Quite on the contrary, you shouldn’t confuse magnetic attraction with compatibility. While soulmates and twin flames do seem like a sure indication of a successful relationship, don’t expect to achieve true happiness without putting in the work.

You should be careful because this phenomenon can become quite dangerous. When you’re drawn to someone to such an extent, you risk doing crazy things just to keep them in your life.

Think about it for a second. What if you’re in a relationship when you lock eyes with your mysterious stranger? Would you leave your partner for the idea of a perfect match? Just because you feel magnetic attraction doesn’t mean you should act on it.

But… it sure is hard to ignore! Such magnetic attraction between two people holds great potential. It’s an excellent foundation for a loving relationship between two people who seem to share an other-worldly connection. Choose wisely!

How To Recognize Magnetic Attraction Between Two People?

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