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19 Unmistakable Body Language Signs He Secretly Likes You

19 Unmistakable Body Language Signs He Secretly Likes You

Can a guy’s body language and specific movements be a good enough sign that he secretly likes you? Can you analyze his behavior when you’re in his company to get an idea of how he feels for you?

By now, it’s clear that men take time to show their feelings. They usually don’t approach you and straightforwardly tell you, “I like you. Would you like to go out with me?”

Instead, a guy waits for the right timing while giving away different body language signs, hoping that you’ll understand that he secretly likes you, since he’s too afraid to say it out loud.

And while men are taking things slow and waiting for the right moment to come, women go through war with their own minds.

“Does he really like me? What does his behavior mean? Maybe he wants us to just be friends, that’s why he’s taking so long to make a move.”

We keep overthinking all of the possibilities because we aren’t sure what we’re supposed to do next.

Are men waiting for us to make the first move or does this slow game means that they see us only as friends?

So, because guys take a lot of time to openly express what they’re feeling, I’ll give you another way you can spy on their feelings and know the truth before they say it directly.

If they are going to keep quiet until they find the courage to admit that they like us, then we’re going to inspect every move they make to understand what they really feel for us.

Let me introduce you to the significance of body language signs – an easier way to find out if a man secretly likes you or if you’re stuck in the friendzone.

The good thing about body language signs that a man lets out is that he doesn’t think of them the way he thinks about saying the right words.

Instead, he unconsciously does something as a reaction to the feelings that he’s hiding deep inside.

It means that your Mr. Perfect’s body language can tell you more about his feelings for you than his words.

His true intentions and all of the emotions he feels for you will start to get clearer the moment you start analyzing his behavior.

So, buckle up because we’re heading out on the road to finding out the answer to: Does he secretly likes you even though he still hasn’t said it?

DONE! 19 Unmistakable Body Language Signs He Secretly Likes You

Usually, if you’re in the company of someone who you have feelings for, your body language will change.

You’ll start acting differently around that person as a result of your suppressed feelings.

And because you want to know if your man secretly likes you, we’ll use all those body language signs to get a better understanding of how he feels about you.

Here are some of the most common body language cues that show his real feelings.

From now on, he won’t be able to hide them because you’ll see through his behavior.

1. When you look him straight in the eyes, he looks away

DONE! 19 Unmistakable Body Language Signs He Secretly Likes You

I know that you must think that this certainly can’t be a sign that he likes you, but you’re wrong.

Usually, we look away from people when we’re hiding something.

It’s an instinctive move that our body makes every time we don’t want our secret revealed.

And this guy sitting in front of you is doing exactly that – he’s hiding his feelings from you.

For some unknown reason, he doesn’t feel ready to openly tell you everything he’s feeling for you.

That’s why his body is acting as a shield between you and his hidden feelings.

So, every time you look him straight in the eyes, he’ll avert his gaze because he doesn’t want you to see through him and find out his secret.

After he realizes that he unconsciously looked away, he’ll get back on track and focus on your eyes.

He doesn’t want to act suspicious, but still, the damage is done as you’re already aware of his initial reaction.

His body language sent you a sign that he secretly likes you and he can try to cover it up, but it’s too late.

You already know what he meant when he tried to avoid eye contact with you.

2. He follows you with his eyes around the room

DONE! 19 Unmistakable Body Language Signs He Secretly Likes You

Even though he instinctively avoids direct eye contact with you, he’ll also try to follow you with his eyes when you’re not in his close proximity.

You know that feeling when you sense that someone’s looking at you? That’s how you’ll feel when the two of you are in the same room.

You may be standing in the opposite corner of the room, but his eyes are still fixated on you, tracking your every move.

Your movements and subtle gestures enchant him, and he absorbs it all.

He’s fascinated by you and feels the need to carefully observe every action you make.

For a second, he’ll try to get himself back and move his attention away from you, but he’ll fail.

In a few seconds, his eyes will be back on you, focused on the source of those butterflies in his stomach.

It makes no difference if you’re surrounded by a crowd of people, he’ll still follow your body whenever you go.

It’s one of the body language signs that obviously show that he secretly likes you, even though he may not be ready to admit it yet.

That’s why he’s enjoying his view while he can, because he might lose you if he admits his feelings for you.

This way he’s safe!

3. He smiles every time he looks at you

DONE! 19 Unmistakable Body Language Signs He Secretly Likes You

Do you know how your mouth involuntarily smiles every time you’re surrounded by people you care about?

Be it your boyfriend, best friend, or anyone else you feel happy for having in your life.

The corners of your mouth go up, and your lips form a subtle smile that whispers, “I love to be around you.

Keep talking because it feels amazing to listen to your voice. I could do this forever.”

When a guy secretly likes you, his body language will send you a sign through the way he smiles.

You can simply walk by him and you’ll notice that his lips instinctively form a smile that he’ll try to camouflage as soon as he realizes what he’s doing.

He can’t help himself. That cute, innocent smile just happens uncontrollably. It reveals all of the feelings he’s been trying to hide.

4. He laughs at everything you say

DONE 19 Unmistakable Body Language Signs He Secretly Likes You 5

All of us have our jokes that make everyone crack up with laughter.

We also have our moments when humor overtakes us and the things that come out of our mouths turn out to be funnier than we anticipated them to be.

But no matter what, it’s simply impossible that everything you say comes out as comical.

Even the most ridiculous gibberish turns out to be a reason for his loud laughter.

To the one who secretly likes you, everything you say sounds much wittier than if someone else says it.

The way you tell the joke, make a funny face, and gesture with your hands turns out to be the funniest thing he ever heard.

If you’re sitting with a group of people, I guarantee you that he’ll be the one who laughs the loudest at your jokes.

Sometimes, he’ll even be the only one because he doesn’t want you to feel bad when others didn’t get what you said.

This is also one of the body language signs that a guy gives away when he secretly likes you.

Everything you say makes him laugh because you know the road to his heart.

To him, you’re that one special person we meet in our lives. The one who knows how to make us smile even when we’re in a bad mood.

So, even if he’s having a tough day, he’ll still be laughing at your jokes because he can’t help himself.

His body makes an unconscious decision to laugh, so he can’t help it.

5. His body always faces you

DONE! 19 Unmistakable Body Language Signs He Secretly Likes You

It makes no difference if you’re sitting next to each other or if he’s at the very end of the table, far away from you – his body will still be facing you.

The way sunflowers follow the sun, a guy who secretly likes you follows you. He’s focused on you and will move the way you go.

His face is turned in your direction; his legs are pointed toward you and even his arms are facing your body.

It’s like he wants to absorb every single atom of energy that you radiate.

This is also one of the body signs that a guy sends when he secretly likes you.

He follows your lead because he wants to feel that the two of you are the only people in the world.

Even if the place is crowded, his body will instinctively turn toward you so he feels closer to you.

6. He checks himself when he sees you coming

DONE 19 Unmistakable Body Language Signs He Secretly Likes You 7

We always want to look our best in front of the person we like.

We girls want guys to see us wearing our best-looking outfit, perfect makeup, and freshly brushed flower-scented hair.

Believe it or not, a man wants the same thing (minus the makeup and flower-scented hair part).

But you get the point: He wants to look his best when he sees the woman he likes.

So, pay attention to what a guy is doing when you’re approaching him.

Is he fixing his hair, checking his shirt, and pulling his clothes back and forth so everything looks spotless?

If the answer is yes, then congrats! You’ve witnessed one of the body language signs that men give away when they secretly like you.

He wants you to see him in the best light and that’s exactly what he’s trying to achieve by fixing his appearance.

7. He plays with his necktie

DONE! 19 Unmistakable Body Language Signs He Secretly Likes You

When you’re nervous, you feel the need to do something with your hands.

Women usually play with their hair, while men often play with their necktie.

They use that to distract themselves from the thoughts that make us nervous.

In the case of a guy who secretly likes you, fidgeting with his necktie is a simple body language sign that tells you that he’s trying to hide his feelings.

You’re making him nervous because he feels strong emotions for you.

So, in order to hide that, he needs to do something with his hands, and it usually starts by playing with his necktie.

He’s keeping himself busy and not letting you see his feelings for you.

But he’s busted because now you know what it means if his hands keep reaching for his neck.

8. He keeps playing with his hands is an obvious body language sign that he secretly likes you

DONE 19 Unmistakable Body Language Signs He Secretly Likes You 9

Another body language sign that a man secretly likes you is if he keeps playing with his hands most of the time.

Again, he’s a little flustered and he wants to hide that from you so you don’t see it.

Chances are that his hands might start shaking if he doesn’t keep them occupied, in a place where you can see them.

So, he gives them a job, something to do so they don’t give him away.

He might be snapping his fingers, nervously knocking at the table, or picking at his cuticles.

No matter what he chooses to do in order to calm his nerves, the message is still the same.

Your presence evokes a range of feelings in him and he’s afraid that he might do something he’ll regret.

That’s why he’s looking for different ways to hide how anxious he feels.

When you’re hiding a secret and you don’t want anyone to find out about it, you keep doing things that help you move your thoughts away from the fact that you’re hiding something.

His fidgety hands are a perfect coping mechanism aimed at hiding his feelings for you.

9. His tone of voice changes

DONE! 19 Unmistakable Body Language Signs He Secretly Likes You

From deep to unusually high, his tone of voice will keep changing when he’s around you.

It’s another body language sign that screams, “I secretly like you and your presence makes me nervous.”

Sometimes, you might get a feeling that his tone of voice is higher than it normally is. He’ll do that unknowingly in order to get your attention.

Other times, it might go deep. That’s what happens when he wants to appear a real, masculine man so he can make you fall for him.

He knows that women are attracted to the deeper tones of voice because they sound more manly.

And that’s why his body will unconsciously try out this tactic, hoping that it’ll win your heart.

10. He grazes you accidentally

DONE 19 Unmistakable Body Language Signs He Secretly Likes You 11

In his head, he wants to be with you. He sees you as a perfect woman who could make all of his dreams come true. And his body knows that.

In this case, his body will be his wingman. It’ll try to help him win over this girl he’s been crazy about for a long time.

So, when he accidentally grazes your hand or your knee, it’s his body language trying to give you a sign that he secretly likes you.

And it’ll happen multiple times – probably as long as you don’t ask him what it’s about or until he openly tells you that he feels something for you.

He’s craving your touch, and instinctively his body is trying to make his wish come true.

That’s why it feels that every time you’re in his company, he looks for a way to connect his skin with yours. Even if it’s just for a moment.

11. He blushes

DONE! 19 Unmistakable Body Language Signs He Secretly Likes You

Even if it isn’t warm in the room, his cheek will go pink when he’s close to you.

He’d love to control that, but every time he’s next to you, his face reacts by blushing.

It’s undoubtedly telling you that he’s hiding something from you.

The worst thing is that he knows that he can’t cover it up. He knows that you’ve seen it, but he can’t do a thing to stop himself from blushing.

His body language has given you a sign that he secretly likes you and it’s completely out of his power.

12. He hugs you and kisses you on the cheek

DONE 19 Unmistakable Body Language Signs He Secretly Likes You 13

You probably have some friends that hug you or kiss you on the cheek every time you meet them.

That’s why it doesn’t seem like a big deal when this guy does the same.

But if you pay enough attention, you’ll notice one thing for sure. Every time he hugs you, his hug lasts longer than usual hugs.

He pulls his body close to you and keeps you in his arms for as long as he can, without making the situation awkward.

And when leans in to kiss you on the cheek, his lips first go for your lips, and then he remembers that he shouldn’t do that so he moves to the side of your face.

Friends don’t hug that way and they especially don’t kiss that way. It’s clear that this guy’s body language is giving you a sign that he secretly likes you.

It’s like he’s fighting against his own body that’s trying to do what his heart wants, and then he figures out that it maybe isn’t the best decision.

That’s why his hugs last longer than they’re supposed to and his kisses are dangerously close to your lips.

The question is: How long can he keep hiding this?

13. He acts jealous

DONE! 19 Unmistakable Body Language Signs He Secretly Likes You

Have you noticed a change in his mood every time you mention the name of some other guy?

Have you seen how he pulls away from you instantly after you mention that you’ve been on a date?

He won’t ever tell you that he’s jealous of all of the guys you’re going out with because he wants to be in their position.

But his body language sure says it.

Every guy that you ask him about is bad for you and not worthy of you. He’s too tall, his smile is too wide, or he walks oddly.

Each and every time, he’ll tell you that you deserve better.

But it looks like he’s the better one that should take their position. He’s the one you should give a chance to.

And he’ll keep acting jealous every time you talk about other guys because it’s his way of telling you that he secretly likes you and that he can’t stand the fact that you’re seeing other people.

He knows that if he says those words out loud, you’ll think he’s crazy, so he rather keeps his mouth shut.

But guess what? His body can’t keep quiet – it’s trying to show you that he’s into you.

14. His pupils dilate is a great body language sign that he secretly likes you

DONE 19 Unmistakable Body Language Signs He Secretly Likes You 15

Science has made it clear – when you’re speaking with a person you like, your pupils dilate.

It’s like you’re trying to absorb everything they are. Trying to memorize every single detail about them.

Not even your guy who’s trying so hard to control his emotions is powerful enough to control the way his pupils enlarge the moment they see you.

It’s one of the body language signs that give away the fact that he secretly likes you.

If only he could do something about it so it’s not so obvious when you’re around him…

15. He raises his eyebrows

DONE! 19 Unmistakable Body Language Signs He Secretly Likes You

Another sign that a guy secretly likes you is if he raises his eyebrows every time he sees you.

Similar to pupils, it’s a way of getting a better view of the one standing in front of you.

He’s looking at your beauty and he wants to remember every single detail about you.

That’s why his eyes are wide open, catching every single move that you make.

If he misses out on something, he’ll feel as if he failed himself and missed the opportunity to learn more about you.

And that would be a moment wasted.

16. He does things with his lips

DONE 19 Unmistakable Body Language Signs He Secretly Likes You 17

He bites his lips or licks them obliviously (not in a creepy way) and then looks at your lips. It seems as if he’s daydreaming about kissing you.

When a guy secretly likes you, his wish to finally kiss you becomes his fantasy.

So, every time he sees you or finds himself in your company, his eyes will be drawn to your lips.

At that moment, while he’s thinking of kissing you, his body will react in different ways.

He might bite his lips or unconsciously lick them as an involuntary response.

The moment he realizes what he’s been doing, he’ll stop and recite a prayer that you haven’t didn’t see him doing it!

He’s shy and doesn’t want it to be too obvious that he’s into you because then he wouldn’t know how to behave around you.

17. He leans in when you talk

DONE! 19 Unmistakable Body Language Signs He Secretly Likes You

You’re sitting all alone and the second you start talking, he leans in.

There are no loud sounds that could make it hard for him to hear your words, but still, he naturally moves toward you as if he doesn’t want to miss anything.

It’s a clear body language sign that a guy secretly likes you and wants to absorb every single word you say.

He wants to hear your sweet voice clearly and to appreciate that tiny pause that you make every time you end a sentence.

And he does all of this because he wants to remember clearly what you’re talking about.

He wants your words etched in his mind so he can think of them whenever you’re not around.

Your tone of voice will be his lullaby. So, he’ll lean in toward you, making sure to hear every nuance of your voice and not miss a thing you say.

18. He tucks your hair behind your ear

DONE 19 Unmistakable Body Language Signs He Secretly Likes You 19

Have you noticed how his arm unconsciously reaches for that lock of hair that’s fallen over your face?

How he picks it carefully and tucks it behind your ear?

And then he twitches because he realizes that he did something he wasn’t supposed to do.

It just happened, out of the blue, and now he feels self-conscious because of the way he reacted.

It’s clear that his move wasn’t planned. It happened instinctively as his body language tried to give you a sign that he secretly likes you.

19. He makes sure to sit next to you

DONE! 19 Unmistakable Body Language Signs He Secretly Likes You

No matter how many people are sitting at the same table, it feels like he always makes sure to sit next to you.

Even if space is crowded, he’ll find a way to be right there by your side. It’s like he has some special powers that always save him a place next to you.

He does this because it’s the only opportunity he has to be close to you.

You’re within arm’s reach and if only things would stay this way forever, he would be the happiest man alive.

Final Thoughts…

Combined, these body language signs can serve as an unmistakable way to tell if a guy secretly likes you.

If he’s too afraid to openly tell you how he feels about you because he fears rejection, he’ll keep quiet.

But, his body won’t be able to hide his feelings for you. It’ll give him away, despite his best efforts.

If you want to know what his true feelings are, pay close attention to the way he acts around you!

19 Unmistakable Body Language Signs He Secretly Likes You

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