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If Your Ex Blocks You, You Won: The Meaning Of The Phrase

If Your Ex Blocks You, You Won: The Meaning Of The Phrase

People keep telling you that if your ex blocks you, you won, but you can’t really wrap your head around the meaning of it. How could you be the one who wins when he decided to cut you off from his life completely?

More often than not, ex-partners end up on the list of blocked people. Especially now when we’re easily connected with others through numerous social media and other online accounts.

​So, if your relationship ends and your current boyfriend turns into your ex-boyfriend, you know that there’s a chance for him to block you. Besides deleting your phone number and ignoring your texts, he might decide to free his social media from your presence too.

Unfriending you doesn’t sound as intense as blocking you, so he opts for the second option. Especially if you went through an intense breakup.

Even though you’re just an ex-girlfriend from now on, you still feel hurt by his actions. After all, this was the guy you planned your future with and now he decided to erase you from his life, maybe even forever.

And it’s not the fact that he cut off contact with you that hurts you. You would accept that as a normal part of moving on.

But he blocked you intentionally and showed you that you have no place in his life anymore. He threw you out and it all seems too harsh to accept.

And then people keep telling you that if your ex blocks you, you won, but you still can’t understand the real meaning of those words.

Why did he block me? Should I do something about it? Will he ever unblock me?

Those are the things you need to understand first before actually realizing how could you be the winner in this situation.

Why did he block you in the first place?

If Your Ex Blocks You, You Won The Meaning Of The Phrase

Before I explain to you the actual meaning behind the phrase, “If your ex blocks you, you won,” let’s first tackle other things you need to know the answer to.

First off, you probably want to know why he decided to block you in the first place, right? Why did he opt for that move?

You could’ve found another solution that would work for both of you. You could’ve had a decent conversation with each other.

But instead, he decided to block you and you’re not really sure why.

Blocking sounds like such an immature move and you weren’t aware that your ex was capable of it. All of a sudden, it feels like you never really knew this person, even though you spent so much time together.

So, before I explain the meaning behind you winning if your ex blocks you, let me first let you know why he decided to take this step in the first place.

Here are all of the potential reasons he decided to remove your name from his list of friends and cut off contact with you entirely.

1. He wants to distance himself from you

DONE If Your Ex Blocks You You Won The Meaning Of The Phrase 2

Maybe your relationship ended roughly. You said some mean things to each other and it all escalated quickly.

Within minutes, your significant other turned into your biggest enemy.

As a result, your ex decided that the best thing he could do at that point was to block you. He needed some time and space for himself, and didn’t want to see the evidence of your existence anywhere around him.

From Whatsapp through Snapchat, he made sure to block you on all of the platforms there are. That way, he’d be sure that your face won’t be popping on his feed every time he has his phone in his hand.

It might seem like an unnecessary step to take, but it could be that this was the best choice for both of you. If you kept in touch, there’s a chance that your fight would’ve ended up worse than it actually did.

The rage could’ve kept escalating and at one point, all of the said words would’ve turned into knives aimed directly at each other’s hearts.

In that case, neither of you would take well to the fact that you’re being personally attacked by each other. So, the act of blocking you may just have saved you a lot of unnecessary pain.

As the days go by, your hatred for each other will lessen, and at one point, you might even give your relationship a second chance and you’ll get your ex back.

Who knows where life can take you?

But for now on, you should stay high value and always keep in mind that if your ex blocks you, you won because of the meaning behind his and your actions. After all, you showed him a level of maturity he didn’t have at the time.

2. Blocking you stops him from reaching out to you

If Your Ex Blocks You, You Won The Meaning Of The Phrase

Maybe your ex blocked you because he knows he would easily be tempted to go back to you.

He would see your new Instagram post and realize he misses you, even though it’s only been a couple of days since you went your separate ways.

All that nostalgia would make him call you and at one point, he’d find himself on your doorstep, begging you to open so you could talk.

He’s afraid he’d try to work things out between you even though it probably isn’t the best move to make. 

So, to save himself all those unnecessary steps that would most likely end up with more heartbreak, he decided to block you. He knew that would be the only way he’d stop himself from reaching out to you.

He’s aware that he’ll still keep hearing things about you since you have a lot of mutual friends. But by blocking you, he’s saved himself from scrolling through your profiles for days.

And then, when the tension from the breakup settles down, he might call you and see if you’ll have a talk with him. But at least he’s sure that he won’t be rushing into things, messaging you before any of you are ready to take that step.

Trust me, at one point, your mental health will be grateful for the fact that both of you had some time away from each other.

Then, even if you decide to see each other in person, the meet-up won’t be as filled with rage as it may have been.

3. He intentionally wants to hurt your feelings

DONE If Your Ex Blocks You You Won The Meaning Of The Phrase 4

Last night you were scrolling through your social media and all of a sudden you realized that your ex blocked you.

The truth is that he could have done that deliberately to hurt your feelings.

He knows that you still love him and that this action will make you suffer. And when a guy who used to be your boyfriend decides to block you on social media, it’s not the best thing that could happen to you.

He knows that you’ll keep wondering about the reasons behind his action. You’ll keep asking yourself if there was something you could do differently.

And honestly, those are all things he wants you to do.

He wants you to feel sorry that your relationship ended. Even if he was the dumper, he still wants you to feel a part of the pain.

He wants to make you out to be the bad guy and blame it all on you, even though we all know it takes two to tango.

But you shouldn’t let him get to you. Don’t give him the satisfaction of knowing that he succeeded in hurting your feelings.

He acted like a child and showed you that he doesn’t deserve your respect.

If the real reason your ex blocked you is to hurt your feelings then you know that you won. You’re the winner in the dirty game he was trying to play with you.

His immaturity speaks for itself, so you shouldn’t even bother looking for an excuse for his behavior. He just showed you that he’s not worth your time and effort.

So, don’t even try to figure out if he’ll come back into your life once the dust settles. You’re way better off without him!

4. He’s angry

If Your Ex Blocks You, You Won The Meaning Of The Phrase

For many different reasons, your ex might be angry and that’s why he decided to block you.

Maybe you were in a long-distance relationship and you just went through a crisis that was impossible to solve. As a result, he blocked you because he had no more energy to fight with you.

Maybe you blamed him for something he didn’t do, like cheating on you. Or you accused him of spending more time with his new friends than with you.

It could be that you went through these same fights more than once and the last time it happened, he told you that he’s not going to take it anymore.

Since the same issue kept resurfacing, he felt like there was nothing he could do to explain things to you.

So after you officially broke up, he blocked you because the anger was too much to deal with. He knew that he could say something to you that would hurt you and he didn’t want to do that.

So, blocking you seemed like a much better option.

But don’t be surprised if he texts you the next day or two, once his emotions settle down and he realizes that blocking someone isn’t the right way to deal with issues.

5. He’s already dating someone and doesn’t want you to know it

DONE If Your Ex Blocks You You Won The Meaning Of The Phrase 6

Maybe your ex has found a new girl and doesn’t want you to know about it.

It could be because he wants to protect your feelings as he knows that you’re still in love with him. Or it could be that your relationship just ended, which makes it suspicious that he’s already found new love.

If this is the case, that would explain him acting all weird for the last couple of months since he was probably cheating on you throughout your relationship.

Because of that, he believes that he should block you. That way, you won’t be able to immediately find out that he’s already moved on after you.

6. He’s using the no-contact rule on you

If Your Ex Blocks You, You Won The Meaning Of The Phrase

If your ex blocks you, he can be doing it because he’s trying to apply the no-contact rule on you. He’s trying to make you miss him so that you’ll be the one to reach out to him.

He heard that no-contact is effective, so he’s trying to use this method to get you back. He wants you to be the first one to reach out to him.

It means that from now on, you won’t be seeing much of him.

He’ll probably avoid places where he can see you, his posts won’t pop up on your feed, and the only thing you’ll keep hearing from his best friend is that your ex is doing great.

He’ll try to make you miss him because that way, he might make you have second thoughts about ending the relationship.

You might feel the need to contact him and see how he’s doing. But if you’re the first to text him, you’re giving him the control.

So, if you don’t want to fall for his trap, the best thing you could do now is ignore the moves he’s making. Use this situation to your advantage and let him see that you won’t be chasing after him.

If he blocked you, does it mean that he never loved you?

DONE If Your Ex Blocks You You Won The Meaning Of The Phrase 8

Even though people keep telling you that if your ex blocks you, you won, it doesn’t seem to console you because you’re unsure of the meaning behind his actions.

The only thing that keeps going through your mind is that your ex never loved you. If he did, he would never pull such a move.

Could it be that all this time, you were given false hope that he wanted to have a future with you? Maybe all this time he was pretending to like you when reality was far from it.

That’s the constant thought you’re dealing with right now: Did he ever love you?

The thing is that once relationships fall apart, people change their behavior.

Maybe you said something hurtful and your ex felt disappointed by your actions. As a result, he decided that he doesn’t want to see you anymore. At least not now, not until the post-breakup rage wears off.

At this point, the fact that he blocked you doesn’t have to do much with the fact that he once loved you.

He chose you on his own. No one pressured him to do that. This means that all those “I love you”s were probably the actual truth.

But your relationship evolved and changed, and you got to the place where you were no longer meant for each other. Your roads had to split in different directions and that’s okay.

So, just because he blocked you, it doesn’t mean that he never loved you. 

But it’s still more than obvious that his act was immature and he could’ve chosen a different way to deal with his ex-girlfriend.

What to do if your ex blocks you?

So you figured out the meaning behind your ex blocking you, and you realize you won. But where to from here?

Do you call him? Do you drive to his house and ask him to explain himself? Or do you ignore him and wait for him to reach out to you?

Sometimes, words left unsaid and all those lingering feelings make you do unreasonable things.

You might keep pretending that you’re already in a new relationship by posting a ton of pictures daily in the hopes that his friends will pass the info onto him. Or you might try bombarding him with calls and messages, which could easily earn you a restraining order.

Instead of those drastic measures, here’s what you should be doing when your ex blocks you.

1. Keep your dignity and don’t try to contact him

If Your Ex Blocks You, You Won The Meaning Of The Phrase

At times, you’ll feel like the only right thing to do is to text him. You’ll feel this need to hear his voice and find out how he’s doing. Maybe he’ll then give your relationship a second chance and finally unblock you on social media.

​But no matter how hard it feels to ignore him, that’s the only right thing you can do right now.

It’s obvious that he doesn’t feel like talking to you. Otherwise he wouldn’t have blocked you.

In that case, you should respect his wish and let him do as he wants. And in the meantime, you’ll show him that you’re not desperate and that you won’t be texting him day and night, begging him to come back.

Maybe it’s your ex that blocked you, but you’re the one who won this game.

2. Quit asking his friends to pass him a message

Since you’re blocked on social media, you might start asking his friends to pass along a message to him. 

But no matter how hard you want to have a conversation with him, you should never let yourself get to the point where you’re making others get caught up between the two of you.

If he doesn’t want to speak with you, then why should you beg others to get you in touch with him?

That’s not what strong women do. You have your values – stick to them. End of story!

3. Work on yourself

DONE If Your Ex Blocks You You Won The Meaning Of The Phrase 10

The post-breakup period is the perfect moment to start working on yourself. 

Redirect your energy to all those aspects of your life that needed improvement. Focus on your confidence, and do all of the things that make you happy and help you grow as a person.

That way, you’ll prove to yourself that you’re worthy of love and that you know what you want in life.

And when he sees you dazzling, he’ll wish to have you in his life once again. But I believe that it will be too late since you already moved on.

He’ll be a part of your past while you’ll be on a journey of self-discovery, the best adventure of your life.

4. Don’t even think about stalking him

When your ex blocks you, you might fall into the temptation of stalking him to see what he’s doing.

It may be through your friends’ accounts or you might decide to create a fake one and spy on him through it.

But no matter what, you should never let yourself do this. Don’t ever allow yourself to stoop so low.

There’s a reason your relationship ended. And even though you don’t see it yet, there’s also a reason he blocked you.

Once you learn the lesson, you’ll realize that things were always meant to happen the way they did and you could never have prevented any of them.

If your ex blocks you, you won! The meaning of the phrase!

If Your Ex Blocks You, You Won The Meaning Of The Phrase

The meaning of the phrase “If your ex blocks you, you won” actually implies that you are the one who can walk out of the relationship with your head high.

You acted mature and showed him the way ex-partners should be treated, no matter who ends the relationship.

Just because the thing you had couldn’t function anymore, it doesn’t mean that you should go and block him. Even if you feel angry at him for something he did to you, you are a mature adult and won’t resort to childish antics.

Blocking your ex is like throwing a tantrum in the middle of the store because you didn’t get the candy you wanted. And that’s not how you treat your exes.

So, the moment he decided to block you is the very moment he let you be the winner of this game called relationships.

He didn’t have enough courage to work things out between the two of you, so he instead decided to sweep everything under the rug and pretend you don’t exist.

But the truth is, he’ll spend much more time thinking about you than you’ll spend thinking about him. He’ll keep questioning his decision even after you move on and completely heal after him.

So, when I say that you won the moment your ex blocked you, I truly mean that.

Go enjoy your victory and show him how high-value of a woman you are!

If Your Ex Blocks You, You Won: The Meaning Of The Phrase

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