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5 Ways To Shut Down A Narcissist And Make Him Leave You Alone

5 Ways To Shut Down A Narcissist And Make Him Leave You Alone

When you usually encounter a narcissist, it’s pretty hard to shut him down. Sometimes it feels like it’s impossible to achieve, since he always has a trick up his sleeve.

Despite that, believe me when I say that it can be done effectively if you know what you’re doing.

Spotting a narcissist may seem hard but all of them actually behave the same way. So, you can be sure that the following comebacks will effectively shut down every single narcissist you come across.

1. “I’m not the one who’s crazy, you know.”

DONE! 5 Ways To Shut Down A Narcissist And Make Him Move Away From You

Most narcissists like to play little games with their victims, by proving to them that their own vision of reality or point of view is the right one.

That’s why your narcissist will always make you believe that you have the wrong opinion about a certain matter and that he knows everything about it.

On top of that, he’ll push you to your breaking point when you start questioning your own sanity.

And how does he do that? Well, he’ll always tell you that things aren’t the way you see them, that everything is inside your head, and that it’s not healthy that you feel the way you do.

In order to shut him down effectively, without giving him an opportunity to retaliate, you have to tell the narcissist that you’re on to him. Tell him that you know exactly what he’s doing and that he’ll not succeed in his goal.

Tell him directly that you’re not the one who’s crazy and he’ll never force you to think otherwise.

2. “You can never control me.”

DONE! 5 Ways To Shut Down A Narcissist And Make Him Move Away From You

Maybe you didn’t know this yet but every narcissist will do anything he can to get underneath your skin and have complete control over you.

His goal is to have you in the palm of his hand, so every time he needs an ego boost, he can call you and he knows you’ll pick up.

He’s a control freak in every sense of the word.

His main goal is to manage every aspect of your life, including your emotions and thoughts, which is why many people feel empty and broken when they finally break free of the shackles of a narcissist.

However, when you feel like your narcissist is trying to take control of you, you have to take a stand and stop him right there. Remind him that you’re a strong woman with her own thoughts, desires, and feelings.

Tell him that he can’t cage you in any way because you can see right through his act.

Show him that he’ll never be able to change you, no matter what he does, and that you’re completely fine with who you are, so he may as well stop trying anything.

3. “You can’t blame me for your mistakes.”

DONE! 5 Ways To Shut Down A Narcissist And Make Him Move Away From You

Another trait that most narcissists have in common is that they always try to make their victim look like they’re the bad guy.

That’s why your narcissist will try to convince you that you’re the one responsible for anything that goes wrong in your relationship.

Even if he admits that he’s the one who should take responsibility for what happened, he’ll adapt the reality so it looks like you made him do it or you made him say something he would never say.

Either way, his end goal is to make you think that you’re always to blame, no matter what he says or does, which is why you have to show the narcissist to take responsibility for any mistakes he makes in your relationship.

Be courageous enough to call him out on his actions and let him know a piece of your mind. Prove to him that he won’t manage to get inside your head with his pathetic and childish games or make you feel guilty.

4. “Expressing my emotions isn’t anything bad and I’m not overly emotional.”

DONE! 5 Ways To Shut Down A Narcissist And Make Him Move Away From You

No matter what you do, when you’re arguing with a narcissist, he’ll always play the feelings card. He’ll tell you that you’re exaggerating and overreacting, even though you have all the right in the world to say how you’re feeling.

It’s important that you understand that expressing your emotions isn’t anything bad at all but a narcissist will tell you these things to try to prove to you that you’re emotionally weak and that you’re unable to see things clearly.

Confront him about it and tell him that you’re not overly emotional, that he’s imagining things, and that he doesn’t have any right to try to affect your emotional state in any way.

5. “I’ve had enough of your narcissistic behavior.”

DONE! 5 Ways To Shut Down A Narcissist And Make Him Move Away From You

Even though it seems impossible due to the emotions that are involved, every time you get into a heated argument with a narcissist, remember that you always have the right to turn your back on this awful person and walk away gracefully.

If you see that the situation only gets worse by the day and you can’t see eye to eye on certain things, then don’t allow him to drag you into a fight when all you want is peace.

Leaving the situation could be a true lifesaver and don’t think that you’re weak or a loser if you decide to walk away.

Also, it doesn’t mean that the other person is right; it’s just that you value your sanity over proving to someone that he’s wrong.

5 Ways To Shut Down A Narcissist And Make Him Leave You Alone

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