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Sometimes, The Things Left Unsaid Mean More Than You Think

Sometimes, The Things Left Unsaid Mean More Than You Think

I’ll go against myself today and I won’t say that communication is the key. Instead, I’ll say that silence is.

Silence is the key to letting you know the real intentions of the person you planned your future with.

It’s the key to letting you know the truth when words seem to fail. Silence gives you answers to the questions you’ve been asking yourself the whole time.

It may seem quiet about them but it gives them a stronger meaning, which words could never do.

All of us seek healthy communication. We think that it’s the only way to find out what someone really thinks about us.

You tell the truth through words, you let your partner know that you don’t agree with his beliefs.

You let him know that you don’t like something that he keeps doing and that you want him to change.

DONE! Sometimes, The Things Left Unsaid Mean More Than You Think

We think that only words are capable of releasing the truth and letting the other person know what’s really going on.

On the other hand, it’s silence itself that can tell us the harshest truth, even when we don’t want to hear it.

It is a silence that speaks louder than words ever could.

Words can be fake, they can wear a mask and manipulate you. They make you believe in one thing, while their initial intention is completely different.

Still, you trust those words, even though deep down, you know that they’re not real.

You trust them because they free you from the awkward uncertainty that silence can bring.

You trust them and keep fooling yourself because you simply can’t be honest about them.

But silence… silence is never fake. It’s real and honest and it can’t pretend to be something else.

Silence is your real friend.

DONE! Sometimes, The Things Left Unsaid Mean More Than You Think

It exposes all of the false promises and all of the lies that words have disguised.

Silence exposes all of the pretend stories that you once believed in, which are all gone once silence knocks on the door.

And as a human being, when that happens, you search for an explanation. You need words to explain to you what just happened.

You need words to comfort you and tell you that everything’s going to be all right.

But once again, the only thing you get is silence. And you try and try, hoping that something will come out of his mouth.

You hope that he’ll give you the closure that you need, as you feel that you can’t move on without it.

You’ve spent sleepless nights thinking about him and why he hasn’t called you, why he hasn’t told you the reason why he left you.

Maybe you could do something about it. Maybe you could change.

DONE! Sometimes, The Things Left Unsaid Mean More Than You Think

What if you were willing to make a move and do anything he wanted you to?

You love him and you thought that he loved you too. So how come he left you, without a word, without an explanation?

Well, sometimes those things that are left unsaid mean more than you think.

They are your answer, even though they aren’t said in the form of words.

When someone leaves you out of the blue, without providing you with an explanation and without letting you find closure, they’re actually giving you more than you think.

Their lack of words and actions speak louder than if they wrote you a book of reasons why they were leaving.

What’s left unsaid actually says it all.

DONE! Sometimes, The Things Left Unsaid Mean More Than You Think

Silence tells you that you never meant much to the person who left you. His intentions were never real or honest.

Silence also tells you that he never respected you. If he had, he would never have left you wondering what went wrong.

Instead, he would have told you all of the things that bothered him and the reasons why he left, because that’s what respect looks like.

When you’re left without an explanation, you can be sure that your guy never liked you.

You were simply there when he needed someone and that’s all.

He could never give you more than an almost relationship and he could never commit to you the way you wanted him to.

He was good with words but at some point, his words failed him and he couldn’t explain to you what was going on.

So, everything he never told you now means even more because of the silence he gave you.

DONE! Sometimes, The Things Left Unsaid Mean More Than You Think

It revealed all of his intentions without using any words.

I know that after all of that, you’re looking for closure, but you need to understand that this is your best closure.

When every word he said or didn’t say testifies against him, that’s your closure.

When his lack of actions testifiy against his actions, that’s your closure.

His silence is your goodbye.

It’s something that will push you away from him and anyone similar to him.

Things wouldn’t change for the better if he had openly told you the reasons why he was leaving you.

Actually, he’d probably slip in a few lies in order to make you feel better.

But his silence? Oh, that can’t lie.

DONE! Sometimes, The Things Left Unsaid Mean More Than You Think

It’s brutally honest and tells you more than you ever wanted to hear.

It packs your bags for you and helps you move on faster than you could ever do if he had used words to provide you with closure.

Because silence speaks more than any word can. It speaks all of the words we’re afraid to say and it speaks them louder than anyone ever could.

So, the next time you’re sitting alone in your room and wondering what happened between the two of you, I’m begging you to stop.

The next time you start thinking about his words and actions and feel empty because you don’t know why he left, I’m begging you to stop.

Instead of wishing for his words, you better look at those ones he never said to you. That is your sign that he never cared about you.

Trust me, the things left unsaid mean more than you think, even though it’s hard to believe that.

They’re your real explanation and advocates of the truth.

If he ever meant any of the words he previously told you, he would never have left you without saying a word.

The silence he left behind himself is his enemy and your best friend. It revealed his real face and removed the false mask that he’d been wearing.

Sometimes, The Things Left Unsaid Mean More Than You Think

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