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Did He Block Me Because He Cares? 18 Reasons He Blocked You

Did He Block Me Because He Cares? 18 Reasons He Blocked You

We used to talk for hours, but he suddenly blocked me and I can’t reach him anymore… Did he block me because he cares or because he never cared to begin with?

You’re not the only woman asking herself these questions. Did he block me because he cares or did our conversations mean nothing to him?

Surprisingly, it could be either way. He might simply feel hurt or mad at you and he might never want to speak to you again.

How can you know? When we look at it logically, when a person blocks you, it means that they don’t want to talk to you anymore.

What’s more, they might not want to know anything about you… But wait before you think that that’s the case with the guy who blocked you.

There’s not much logic in relationships, let alone in emotions.

Most of the time, a person will block you when you bother them more than they want to. If your loved one blocks you though, it might be something entirely different.

Let me try to answer your question…

Did he block you because he cares? In a way, probably yes.

When your loved one blocks you, it’s not the same as when someone else does. A lot of times, your loved one just wants to make it clear that they’re feeling hurt.

When it’s your partner who blocked you, it’s often just a passive expression of both sadness and anger. In a way, that means that he still cares about you because otherwise, he wouldn’t feel such strong emotions towards you.

Maybe he expected too much from you and you unintentionally hurt him, so he blocks you to express the fact that he’s upset. Your man might still care deeply about you, he is just too angry and hurt to talk to you right now.

You know how partners often change their relationship statuses when they’re fighting? Well, this is often similar to that.

Just because someone has blocked you doesn’t mean that they don’t care about you. Maybe they just don’t want to care anymore.

Did He Block Me Because He Cares 18 Surprising Reasons He Blocked You

Sometimes, a partner will block you because he’s not interested in you anymore, but why would he do that?

If you didn’t bother him he could have just ignored you.

Instead, he did something that sends a huge message that he’s not indifferent towards you.

Fortunately, this means that you have a chance at being happy together again.

My ex once blocked me and all I kept thinking about was if he blocked me because he cared about me and what I could I do about it.

I’ll tell you all the possible reasons he blocked you, but let me first tell you what you should do now.

Now that he has cut off all contact, you have only two choices.

Option 1 is never to reach out to the guy again.

You’re just wasting your time by staring at your phone wondering if he blocked you because he has feelings for you.

Why, you ask? Well, not reaching out can actually be much more powerful than contacting him.

When a man blocks you, he doesn’t want to talk to you.

Regardless of the reason and whether it’s just temporarily, he’s made it clear he doesn’t want you to contact him.

If you do it anyway, you can only make things worse.

Not only that, you’ll come across as desperate and needy – someone who doesn’t have a life outside of the relationship.

Instead, you can make him think that you’re doing great without him and he’s the one who’s missing out on all the fun.

He will see that you’re a strong, independent woman who doesn’t need people in her life who don’t want to be a part of it.

It’s their loss, not yours. You’re perfectly fine without anyone who isn’t worthy of your time or isn’t willing to stay in touch.

Ironically, this is your best choice if you want him back too.

You’ll make him see that he made a big mistake by blocking you because he lost someone amazing.

Eventually, he’ll unblock you and it will be your choice what happens afterward.

Option 2 is to give him some space and time before you reach out to him again.

He needs time to feel your absence and start missing you before he unblocks you.

Sometimes, giving him some time and space won’t change anything… but it’s the best shot you have.

He might not be interested in explaining his reasons and hooking up again after you reach out. This is why it’s risky to text him first.

Is it worth it? Think about your relationship and whether you really want him back.

Yes, you should listen to your heart, but you should also think twice before letting someone back into your life.

Let’s get to the point and answer your question.

Did he block me because he cares or could there be another reason?

Here are the possible reasons he decided to block you:

1. He’s hurt

DONE Did He Block Me Because He Cares 18 Surprising Reasons He Blocked You 2

When your partner blocks you, it certainly happens for a reason, whether you know about it or not.

Most of the time, when your partner blocks you, it is because he is hurt.

Something you said or did has hurt his feelings and he doesn’t want to talk to you now.

By blocking you, he is indirectly expressing his feelings.

Think about what happened that hurt him and consider apologizing if you’ve done or said something you shouldn’t have.

2. It’s painful to see your social media profile

Sometimes, a guy will block you simply because it hurts him to look at your social media profile.

What if you’re already dating someone else and he sees a picture of the two of you?

Maybe you are perfectly fine without him while he’s feeling miserable, so he doesn’t want to know that.

He doesn’t want to see what’s going on in your life because it just eats away at him even more.

Sometimes, ignorance is bliss, so he decided to rather not know what’s going on in your life.

Eventually, he’ll realize that it’s nothing more than a temporary solution. After all, you probably have mutual friends who’ll talk to him about you.

Don’t stress about whether or not he blocked you because he cares.

Would he be hurt by looking at your social media profile if he didn’t care about you?

3. He truly does care about you

Did He Block Me Because He Cares 18 Surprising Reasons He Blocked You

It sounds contradictory that someone would block you because they care, but there are things that prove it.

What would you do if you felt hurt and just wanted to forget about someone?

You’d try to avoid them in any shape or form, because even seeing their posts and photos cut like a knife.

He might be angry at you, but it’s not the same as not caring about you anymore.

As a matter of fact, he wouldn’t be angry if he had no feelings for you whatsoever.

When people feel hurt, they don’t think rationally. Oftentimes, blocking their loved ones is an impulsive decision.

Why is he angry at you? If you don’t know, you can try finding out from your mutual friends.

If you’ve known each other for a long time and he disappeared, you can even ask him directly what happened.

4. He’s not afraid of losing you

Is this the first time he blocked you or something that happens often?

If he often blocks and unblocks you, he clearly doesn’t take the relationship seriously.

He’s not afraid of losing you and that’s a bad sign.

Most likely, he’s just taking you for granted, so he doesn’t even think that he could ever lose you.

Show him that he can’t treat you this way and that you won’t tolerate such a careless attitude.

5. He got what he wanted and doesn’t want to see you again

DONE Did He Block Me Because He Cares 18 Surprising Reasons He Blocked You 4

Unfortunately, sometimes a guy you hook up with will disappear soon after.

If this happened to you, you shouldn’t feel bad about it. A man like that is not the man for you anyway, believe me.

Forget about him and be glad that he blocked you because he’s made it easier for you to forget him.

People who discard someone who cares about them by blocking them are arrogant and ruthless.

This guy isn’t worth it and he definitely doesn’t deserve your attention.

Focus on yourself now and try to find happiness on your own.

The right guy will come along, but don’t waste your time on the wrong one while waiting for the right one.

6. He expects something from you

When a guy blocks you, he’s often expecting a reaction from you. Maybe he wants your apology, your attention, or your love.

When he blocks you, he wants to get some sort of a reaction from you.

If he doesn’t want to hurt you, he might want to make it clear that there are issues in your relationship.

Maybe he wants to work on them but wants you to first prove that you want that too.

7. He wants a relationship break and is confused about his feelings for you

DONE Did He Block Me Because He Cares 18 Surprising Reasons He Blocked You 5

Men hate to admit it but they’re actually just as emotional as we are, they just don’t like to show it.

What’s more, they aren’t that great at understanding and processing their emotions.

Perhaps your man felt overwhelmed and didn’t know how to handle his feelings.

He feels confused and just wants to run away from both you and his feelings for you until he figures out what to do.

If this is why he blocked you, he will soon unblock you and send you a text. Leave him alone until he calms down and be a little patient.

Maybe he just needs some time. Don’t keep checking your inbox to see whether he finally responded, though.

You could use some time to relax too. If your man comes back, great…

But if he doesn’t, you have to accept that it’s either over or he’s simply too cowardly.

8. He’s tired of your behavior

Could it be that he got sick and tired of your behavior? If you repeatedly made him feel hurt, it might be the reason he chose to block you.

How did you act in the relationship? If you showed a lot of bad behavior, he might not have the energy to tolerate it anymore.

He decided to block you instead. It might not be over, but he needs time and space to clear his mind.

You need to let him be for a while, and he’ll reach out again if he wants to get back together.

9. He’s scared of you

Did He Block Me Because He Cares 18 Surprising Reasons He Blocked You

This might sound weird, but guys often block women when they’re intimidated by them.

If you don’t know each other very well, you might have scared him off.

Yes, men are physically stronger than most women, but some girls have really strong energy.

He might not be able to handle you, so he took a break from even trying to.

What type of woman are you? Are you’re a self-confident go-getter who’s not afraid to speak her mind?

You might be a courageous woman who isn’t scared of anything and knows exactly what she wants. This is great, but some guys find it scary.

I’m not saying all men are afraid of strong women, but some of them really are.

An agreeable woman is easy to control, while a strong woman is her own master.

If this is why he blocked you, let him go. You don’t need a guy who can’t handle you just because you’re a strong woman.

There are guys out there who’d be proud of you, not scared.

10. He doesn’t care about your feelings

A man who loves you always tries to solve any problems you face in your relationship.

And he takes your feelings into consideration before making any decisions.

Instead, he decided to block you, which he knew would hurt you. This shows that he doesn’t care about your feelings.

If he did, he would try to talk to you and discuss whatever is causing issues in your relationship.

11. He’s trying to take back control

DONE Did He Block Me Because He Cares 18 Surprising Reasons He Blocked You 7

Often, a guy will block you when he wants to get the situation under control.

Maybe you had a huge argument, or he was hiding something he didn’t want to talk to you about.

Either way, his best choice to get the situation under control is to give you the silent treatment.

Instead of talking about the problem at hand, he simply takes the easy way out and runs away.

The reason he blocked you might be his way of trying to keep things under control.

12. You offended him in some way

Different things offend different people. Some take offense so easily that you feel like you have to walk on eggshells when you talk to them.

Maybe you offended your man, but do you know how? If you don’t, he might have misunderstood you and started seeing you differently.

Read the texts you sent him before this happened and try to see if there’s something that could’ve given him the wrong impression.

Did he block you because he cares or because you offended him? If you’re asking yourself this question, you might feel the need to apologize to him.

You can do that if you want, but if you have no idea what you need to apologize for, something else is going on.

If you said something wrong, tell him that you truly had no intention to offend him and that that’s more important than the words you used.

Maybe this whole situation happened because of a sheer misunderstanding and the two of you can sort it out.

You need to know how to apologize to your boyfriend if you’ve done something wrong.

13. He’s trying to prove a point

Did He Block Me Because He Cares 18 Surprising Reasons He Blocked You

Were you fighting before he blocked you? If so, he might just be trying to prove his point.

Maybe you made a mistake and he wants to point that out by ending the fight in the form of blocking you.

He might not want to fight anymore but still wants to prove that he’s right.

By blocking you, he’s not allowing you to state your side of the story anymore – he’s effectively gotten in the last word.

Did he block me because he cares? Perhaps, but this could all be about winning the fight and being right.

Give him a little time and he may just eventually talk to you and even share what happened after he blocked you.

14. He wants to reject you

Did he block me because he cares and will he come back after blocking me?

These questions are driving you crazy, and you’re not getting any response from him.

Unfortunately, this might be his way of rejecting you. Guys often avoid awkward and uncomfortable conversations by just going AWOL.

It’s hard for them to reject a woman, so they’ll often do something stupid like blocking her.

Don’t feel bad about it, even though he cowardly escaped, leaving you sad and confused.

Rest assured that he feels guilty about it now. A man who blocks you to avoid rejecting you is definitely not the man you want in your life.

You’d never be able to trust him, so try to move on and find someone worthy of your time.

15. He doesn’t want any more drama in his life

DONE Did He Block Me Because He Cares 18 Surprising Reasons He Blocked You 9

Maybe you noticed that he started losing interest in you. He stopped spending time with you and avoided talking to you.

Eventually, he blocked you in a desperate attempt to get some space.

If your relationship was filled with a lot of drama, that might have caused him to cut you off.

Or perhaps he couldn’t have a life outside of the relationship while he was with you.

He needs some space and you need to let him have some distance from you.

If there was a lot of drama in your relationship, it might not be a relationship worth saving, regardless of your feelings for each other.

16. He wants to get your attention

If this guy is more of a boy than a real man, he might just be trying to get your attention.

When people block you, it’s often because they don’t want to hear from you, but sometimes it’s the exact opposite.

He might just be trying to get to you so that you’d react.

You know how kids do silly things to get attention? Well, some guys act that way too.

If he’s doing this over something trivial, he’s probably doing it just to get your attention.

17. He did it to hurt you

Did He Block Me Because He Cares 18 Surprising Reasons He Blocked You

If he’s the type of guy who plays with women’s feelings, it could all be just one of his games.

He might be doing this to trigger your feelings and make you feel sorry and guilty.

If he blocked you to make you feel bad, he’s not the kind of guy you want in your life.

18. He doesn’t want you in his life anymore

This will hurt, but he might just not want you to be a part of his life anymore.

Maybe he’s scared of commitment or already has someone else he wants to be with.

He could be emotionally unavailable or simply not like you anymore.

Most likely though, he’s a player and feels stuck and bored in relationships.

I know how painful this can sound to you, but you have to think of it differently. Do you really want a man like that in your life?

Let him play with someone else’s heart while you find someone who’ll treasure yours!

Good luck!

Did He Block Me Because He Cares? 18 Surprising Reasons He Blocked You

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