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Why Did He Block Me? 10 Possible Reasons Behind His Actions

Why Did He Block Me? 10 Possible Reasons Behind His Actions

You’re scrolling through social media and out of boredom, you type his name in the search bar. A few seconds later, you realize that you can’t find his profile, and not knowing what’s happening, you ask yourself, “Why did he block me?”

Modern dating has made it easier to get rid of all of the people you want. A world without them is now only one click away.

Your toxic, manipulative, possessive exes could all be hanging out at the same place – the list of blocked people.

When you realize that you’re the one who’s been blocked, you instinctively want to know why it happened. No matter whether you still have feelings for your ex or if you’re over him completely, you still want to find out the reason.

What does it mean when an ex blocks you? Do they still care about you and are they trying to win you over? Or is it a sign that they don’t want to see you ever again?

Maybe you want to get back with him or maybe your curiosity is killing you. No matter what, you simply need to find out why he blocked you.

Was it something that you did that made him go to your profile and click that one fatal button that will separate the two of you forever?

There are different reasons why our exes decide to delete us from their lives completely. Even in the virtual part of it.

Some of them are reasonable, while some of them make no sense. Let’s see where you stand and what made your ex block you in the first place.

DONE! Why Did He Block Me 10 Possible Reasons Behind His Actions

Search, type in the name, enter, block – it’s that simple. A few simple steps, a minute of his time, and he gives himself a life without you.

Maybe the two of you had a bad breakup and he doesn’t want to see you ever again, not even through social media.

In that case, it makes sense in a way that he decided to take this step.

But you might ask yourself, “Why did he block me?” if you ended things on good terms.

Why did he block you when you never contacted him after that? You went your separate ways and that’s where the story ended.

Now, you see that he has made the effort to block you and delete you from his life completely and you’re wondering why.

And that’s exactly what I’ll give you an answer to.

Let’s see the possible reasons why your ex decided to block you and remove you from his life.

I hope you’ll be able to realize what happened in your case.

1. He can’t stand seeing you, even if it’s on social media

DONE! Why Did He Block Me 10 Possible Reasons Behind His Actions

Even though they act all tough, men are actually more sensitive in certain situations. They fear heartbreak and hate it when their feelings get hurt.

Of course, no one likes to end up being hurt, but men will do anything they can if it means that they’re saving their heart from pain.

So, if he’s afraid to see you with another guy or it generally hurts him to look at your pretty face because he lost you, the chances are that he might decide to block you.

He believes that it’s the best shot he has and that it’ll save him from the pain.

He might be thinking that when he blocks you, he’s preventing himself from suffering.

That way, he won’t have a clue what’s going on in your life, which might provide him with a sense of relief.

Because how awful will he feel if he sees that you’re happy without him? What if he sees that you’ve moved on, while he’s wasting days thinking about you?

That would crush his heart into pieces.

So, it seems like a reasonable idea to block you and avoid all that.

He won’t see your posts and he can live in denial, which is exactly what he needs right now.

Of course, this doesn’t work for the long haul because sooner or later, he’ll need to face reality.

Either your face will appear on his feed through the help of a mutual friend or he’ll see you on the street.

Whatever it is, he won’t be able to run away from you forever. So, blocking you is a temporary solution that isn’t helpful at all.

2. He blocked you because he doesn’t want to hurt you

DONE! Why Did He Block Me 10 Possible Reasons Behind His Actions

It’s obvious that men struggle with being straightforward about their feelings.

To them, it’s easier to run away from the truth their whole life than be honest about it.

So, maybe he doesn’t want to openly tell you how he feels about you, or maybe he found himself another girl and knows that you still have feelings for him.

In that case, he chooses to block you, thinking that it’s the right move to make.

He believes that he would hurt you to the bone if he honestly told you what things look like.

That’s why he chooses an easier option, something that doesn’t seem as painful.

He blocks you on social media, thinking that by the time you see each other again, you’ll already be over him and he won’t need to explain himself.

However, he doesn’t realize that the fact that he blocked you does nothing good for you.

It only makes you suffer even more because you feel that you’re the reason why he chose to block you on every single social media account he owns.

The moment you realize that he did such a cowardly act, you’ll feel heartbroken.

You’ll probably be thinking that you never meant anything to him if he didn’t want to give you a simple explanation.

So, by blocking you, he’s actually making matters worse. Instead of doing you a favor, he’s making you suffer even more.

His immature behavior has once again shown you how senseless men can be.

Just because he doesn’t see it with his own eyes that you’re hurting, it doesn’t mean that you’re having the time of your life.

Blocking you and ignoring you only shows how much he cares about himself and not getting too involved and he also ignores other people’s feelings.

As long as he’s not struggling, everything is just fine.

3. He blocked you because he wants to hurt you

DONE! Why Did He Block Me 10 Possible Reasons Behind His Actions

This one is on the opposite side of the spectrum.

So, the same way he can block you in order to not hurt you, he can also choose to block you for a completely different reason – to willingly hurt you.

When a relationship ends, there’s usually a lot of emotions left up in the air. They’re all over the place, and it’s hard to know the right step to take.

Sometimes, all you want to do is get revenge. You want to make your ex jealous and envious of your new life without him.

Maybe that’s exactly what your ex had in mind the moment he blocked you.

He wanted to play with your feelings and hurt you, especially if prior to this you did something hurtful to him.

So, he blocked you and made sure to not give you the possibility of talking to him. He knows that it’ll hurt your feelings and that you’ll be mad at him.

At that moment, he doesn’t care about your feelings because his pride comes above them or rational thinking.

He wants to hurt your feelings because it seems like a victory to him.

You should be smart enough to not let him play these mind games with you. See through his actions and don’t let him trick you.

Once you tell yourself that you won’t let him hurt you with his stupid immature behavior – that’s when you win.

4. He doesn’t want to have anything to do with you

DONE! Why Did He Block Me 10 Possible Reasons Behind His Actions

When a guy is determined with his intention to leave you in the past, he might start looking for ways to make that happen.

And one of the obvious steps to take seems to be to block you.

His feelings for you are practically non-existent now. He no longer wants you and has no plan to ever go back to you.

To him, it seems like blocking you and moving on with his life are reasonable things to do. No more turning back and checking up on you.

If he blocks you, he won’t be able to stalk your profiles, and there’s no chance that he will trip up and message you when a crisis hits him.

Maybe he doesn’t feel ready to get back with you, he doesn’t like you anymore, or your relationship made him feel stuck in one place and he hated that feeling.

In order to save himself from future pain, he decided that it was the right time to cut off every form of communication with you.

In the meantime, you’ll be asking yourself that one question a lot – “Why did he block me?”

5. He wants you to chase him

DONE! Why Did He Block Me 10 Possible Reasons Behind His Actions

Sometimes, there’s an underlying reason why a guy decides to block you.

He wants to get something out of it and in this case, it’s that he wants you to chase him.

Obviously, there are some things left unsaid between the two of you.

You never finished your story and ended things forever, so he thinks it’s a good opportunity for you to pursue him.

He knows that you’re unhappy because you didn’t get closure. He knows that you want to talk to him and get to the bottom of the whole thing.

But he also knows that you’ll be willing to wait for him to take the first step. And that’s not what he wants.

So, in order to get you to chase him, your ex might decide to block you, thinking that you’ll reach out to him in person.

Maybe that was the thing he wanted this whole time – to talk to you face-to-face because he’s sick of chatting and solving issues over text messages.

He wants to sit down in front of you and solve things once and for all.

However, instead of being the one to go after you, he’ll let you take the lead and chase after him.

He blocked you and if you want to get closure, you’ll have to go after him in order to find out the truth.

If this is the reason why he removed you from his social media profiles then it’s clear that you’re stuck in a game with a manipulator who wants to control you in some way.

It looks like he needs to be the one to have things his way. That’s why he opted for this selfish move.

6. He needs some time and space

DONE! Why Did He Block Me 10 Possible Reasons Behind His Actions

Sometimes, men think that it’s easier to block a person and pretend that they don’t exist than to openly tell them that they need some time and space to think things through.

It may be that the two of you broke up, took a break, or simply that things haven’t been working the way he wanted.

But instead of telling you that he needed some time, he just decided to block you out of the blue.

You woke up one morning and tried to go to his profiles and there it was – no sign of his existence in the online world.

Either he deleted every single social media account he had or he blocked you. There’s no other explanation.

“Why did he block me?” You might start asking yourself this because you just want or need to know.

Once you realize that you’ve been denied approval of visiting his profile pages, you’ll probably move on with your life because the last thing you need now is to chase after him.

But what’s even crazier is that months later, he’ll probably try to reach out to you.

He’ll tell you that he needed some time to think about your relationship.

He’ll think he did nothing bad by the act of blocking you and acting like you didn’t exist anymore.

You don’t just bail on people, completely preventing them from being a part of your life, and then go back to them thinking that they must understand what was going through your mind at the time.

Things don’t work that way in the real world.

If only he had the courage to openly tell you that he needs some time and space and things wouldn’t end up being this complicated.

7. He blocked you to save himself from contacting you

DONE! Why Did He Block Me 10 Possible Reasons Behind His Actions

He stares at the phone, wishing to call you and hear your voice one more time.

Then, he opens your chat and feels tempted to send you a message and start a conversation.

It’s all too stressful and makes him feel hurt every time he sees your name.

If only he could make all of that stop and lead a life where he won’t stumble upon you every time he unlocks his phone.

And then it hits him. If he blocks you, he won’t be seeing posts from you anymore.

Your face won’t be the first thing he sees when he opens his Instagram.

Photos of how much fun you’re having will be gone, and the temptation to call you will be reduced.

It seems like the best option he could choose, so he goes for it. He blocks you on every single social media platform and saves himself from pain.

He might even block your number to be sure that he won’t be able to contact you, even when he’s in the middle of a dilemma.

Believe it or not, he knows that his heart would suffer even more if he tried to talk to you.

His feelings for you are still there and he wants to avoid them for as long as possible.

And in today’s online world, it’s hard to avoid people you don’t want to see.

He can always choose to go to a different coffee shop because he knows that you never go there.

He can switch up the route he takes to get home just to be sure that he won’t stumble upon you.

But when he scrolls down his feed, there you are – staring at him like the two of you are still on great terms. And he can’t take that anymore.

He feels like he’s about to call you every time you pop up on his feed.

So to save himself the pain of going through the same conversation over and over again, he decided to block you.

It may not be a permanent solution, but at least it will do the trick for now.

8. He blocked you to feed his ego

DONE! Why Did He Block Me 10 Possible Reasons Behind His Actions

If you’re asking yourself, “Why did he block me?” then this could be one of the reasons. It’s manipulative to the bone, but it’s still a possibility.

Maybe he blocked you only because he wants you to suffer.

He wants to feel that he’s the one who’s in control and that’s exactly what he got when he clicked the block button.

This usually happens with guys who have low self-esteem and who aren’t the best when it comes to keeping a girl.

Maybe you left him or told him something that hurt his ego and now he’s trying to prove you wrong.

He wants to be the one who pulls all of the strings and blocking you seems like a great way to start.

If he removes you from his life before you get a chance to do that, he’ll feel like a winner.

He’s probably thinking that you’ll pursue him, and beg him to contact you, but the reality is completely different.

The moment he blocked you, he showed you that he cares about you more than he wants.

It showed you that he was thinking about you and trying to find a way to get your attention.

He made the effort to go to your profiles and block every one of them just to prove to himself that he’s the one who’s in control.

What he doesn’t know is that he proved to you the exact opposite.

He actually showed you that you’re still stuck in his head and that he spends time thinking about you.

Poor him trying to fool you, when he actually gave his real feelings away with this simple act.

9. He blocked you because he has a new girl

DONE! Why Did He Block Me 10 Possible Reasons Behind His Actions

Another reason why a guy decided to block you is that he has a new girl.

He moved on after you (or at least he’s pretending that he has) and wants to have a fresh start.

To achieve that, he wants to get rid of everything from his past that might make his new relationship suffer.

And ex-girlfriends, almost girlfriends, and all of the other potential ones definitely go under that category.

Also, his new girlfriend might be jealous of you so maybe she was the one to ask him to block you in the first place.

She simply doesn’t think that there’s a need for him to have you in his life.

And even though he cut off real-life contact with you, she might think that he should also block you on his social media.

She may be afraid that you’ll try and reach out to him or she may think that he’ll take a trip down memory lane and be the one to call you.

So, in order to prevent those things from happening, she asked him to block you on everything.

This might make her sleep easier, but it isn’t a permanent solution.

10. Apparently, he blocked you for no particular reason

DONE! Why Did He Block Me 10 Possible Reasons Behind His Actions

It just happened. In the middle of the day, even though you did nothing wrong to him, he blocked you and disappeared from your life completely.

“Why did he block me?” There’s no right answer to this question.

If you were to knock on his door and ask him the reason, he would probably tell you that it’s nothing specific.

He just wanted a fresh start and didn’t want to see your face anymore.

Or he might give you a story about how you’re his ex and he doesn’t want to have anything to do with you in the future.

That’s why he chose to block you.

If you want me to be honest, I’ll tell you something. When a guy blocks you, it can never be for no particular reason.

Things like that are stories for children and make no sense.

There must be something behind his actions that made him block you so if he tells you that there’s no particular reason, think about it once again.

If you need, you can go over the list I have given you and analyze your situation one more time.

There’s no chance that he blocked you just like that, for no reason at all.

Why Did He Block Me? 10 Possible Reasons Behind His Actions

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