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My Ex Unblocked Me! 13 Possible Reasons Why He Pressed The Button

My Ex Unblocked Me! 13 Possible Reasons Why He Pressed The Button

You didn’t expect this to happen, and now you’re all confused? You noticed it, but don’t know what to think? “My ex unblocked me, what does it mean?!” – this thought is not leaving you alone right now, and you pray he doesn’t text you in the meantime.

Before you let your ‘fight or flight’ instinct respond, you should think of possible reasons why he unblocked you. This may help you figure out the potential outcomes of this strange event. Whatever happens; you need to stay calm, and think of what’s best for you in this situation.

My ex unblocked me! 13 reasons why

1. He’s just curious about you

My Ex Unblocked Me! 13 Possible Reasons Why He Pressed The Button

If your ex unblocks you, it doesn’t have to mean that he wants to get back together; even though that’s the first reason you might think of. Maybe he wants to see how you’re doing without him and if you’ve found someone new. In case you did, he’ll want to compare with him.

He wants to be better than your new partner because his ego won’t leave him alone. He’ll want you to miss him and feel sorry for losing him.

No man likes to feel replaced easily. That’s why he would much rather see depressing statuses on your Facebook profile, than pictures of you with another man.

Curiosity makes us do silly things and that’s exactly what he’s doing right now. So be careful when your ex unblocks you, and don’t fall into the trap of reaching out to him immediately.

That would satisfy his curiosity and you will feel used. So, in case he texts you just to ask ‘what’s up’, ‘how you’ve been’, ‘what’s new’, etc.; stay mysterious and don’t give out any significant details in your replies. Or better yet, you can ignore him altogether.

2. He realized he shouldn’t block you

Let’s just get it out of the way: blocking any person is immature at its core. We shouldn’t block someone before giving it at least some thought, because we might regret it later.

To block someone means to cut every possible channel of communication. We can, and should use it when there are no other options left. On the other hand, it’s childish to block someone on an impulse, instead of trying to resolve your issues like adults.

It’s possible that your ex realized that and that’s why he decided to unblock you. He’s aware that he did something he wasn’t supposed to and now he wants to redeem his mistakes.

Perhaps he could’ve used the no-contact rule instead? He could’ve simply opted for the radio silence instead of blocking you?

After a breakup, we all need some time to calm down first. But blocking isn’t the best way to achieve that. Your ex has realized that and is trying to make up for his mistakes.

3. Your ex blocked you by accident

DONEMy Ex Unblocked Me What Does It Mean 2

Honestly, there is very little to no chance that your ex blocked you by accident. Just think about how many steps it takes to block someone. There are at least three “Are you sure?” screens that pop up in the process!

If he’s unblocked you, he just wants to confuse you. Maybe he wants to seem interesting to you again. He wants to see your reaction to this ongoing block-unblock thing. He most likely wants to text you, or more preferably, for you to text him.

If you receive a message from him saying it was an accident, ask him how. He’ll need to think of some valid reason to explain himself. Still, his decision to block you was most likely impulsive and childish.

Maybe he couldn’t handle reminders of you on social media and applied an extreme version of the no-contact rule. It may have happened because he wanted to get over you completely, or to use this time to work on himself. He may have even wanted to become a better person for you.

These are all valid reasons he could’ve used to block you. Although you need to watch out because he might have other, not-so-good reasons. So when you say “My ex unblocked me!” – try to find out why he blocked you in the first place.

He may give you a plausible reason, but if his intentions are ill-willed, you’ll know it right away.

4. He’s bored

Believe it or not, he could be so bored by being alone that he wants to amuse himself with your life. Imagine how pathetic that must be. He shared experiences with you, and now he doesn’t know how to live on his own.

He will often ask your mutual friends how you’ve been doing because he simply needs to know. This is when social media comes in handy. He could easily try to stalk you to see what’s going on in your life.

At this point, one of the best things you can do is to post photos of yourself being busy and productive. He won’t be happy to see that you have a life and he doesn’t.

He will even go to the same places you visited when you were together, in hope of bumping into you. This sudden urge to know what you’re up to won’t go away easily.

So, if you don’t want to see him, steer clear of these places for a while. When he sees he can’t find you, he will give up, and you won’t have to worry about him anymore.

5. He’s going through a tough time

My Ex Unblocked Me! 13 Possible Reasons Why He Pressed The Button

“My ex unblocked me and I can’t seem to figure out why. What does it mean? Does he want to get back together or is he simply playing with my mind?”

Once you realize that your ex unblocked you, you may feel puzzled about his move. Why did he choose to press the unblock button all of a sudden? Nothing has changed between the two of you, but somehow, he realized that he should unblock you.

The truth is that your ex could be going through some hard times. Maybe he lost a family member, got into an argument with his best friend, or even got fired from his job.

Possibilities are endless but they all have one thing in common-he needs someone by his side. And since he’s used to having you around, he decided that it would be a good idea to unblock you and possibly even reach out to you.

You used to be his comfort zone, the source of his happiness. Unblocking you is just an attempt in pretending that everything is fine; it’s his way of convincing himself that things will be alright if he gets you back in his life.

6. He’s playing mind games with you

If your ex was a toxic man then he will press the unblock button just to make you feel inferior again. He’ll do anything he can to get your attention and play with your mind.

He’s like darnel weed – just when you start to think that you’ve successfully got rid of it, it will grow again. That’s why you need to know what to do if he sends you a message and the trick is to uproot the weeds entirely.

It’s a disturbing thought but you need to ignore him. It will be the best tactic to prevent him from fulfilling his vile intentions.

No matter who dumped whom, he will try to hurt you again. So, before answering his texts, look at their content. If his words are suspicious and sound like judgment, don’t think for a second – just block him!

7. His rebound was unsuccessful

DONEMy Ex Unblocked Me What Does It Mean 4

Maybe your breakup was a hard one, and he blocked you in fury. Even though you want him to explain why he behaved the way he did, you should be wary of texting him immediately after the block is lifted.

It could be that he pressed the unblock button because his rebound relationship didn’t work out. He will try to get you back because he thinks you can’t stand being alone, when it’s actually him who can’t do it. That’s also why he’ll text you first.

When he does, don’t demean yourself by rushing to answer. You’re no one’s stockpile of love, and he shouldn’t think that all this time you were waiting for him. He rebounded so quickly as if your relationship didn’t mean a thing, so he doesn’t deserve a single ounce of your attention.

You need to show him that you’re living your best life. Don’t waste time chatting with him. It’s okay to answer his message just remember to be concise, because you’re not spending precious words on someone who blocked you with such ease.

When typing, stay calm and friendly. You don’t want him to think you’re desperate and miss him.

8. He wants to know if you’ve found someone new

It’s normal that you had mutual friends and acquaintances when you were together. You will still see these people after the breakup, and you won’t be able to hide too many things from them.

Whether your ex asks them to stalk you or not, some of them will do it just for fun. They won’t miss out on a chance to let him know of the new things that are going on in your life, perhaps just to add some drama, or amuse themselves.

They will most likely make a hint about your private life to your ex. So when you see that your ex unblocked you – this could be one of the reasons why.

He will want to see what’s new in your life through your social media profiles because it’s easiest to do it that way. To upload a story, to post, share, like, or comment, suddenly becomes a tricky game to play. You think that he may somehow jeopardize your current relationship.

Even though he doesn’t want to get back together, he wants to boost his ego. He wants to see you unhappy. I know this sounds harsh – but that’s the truth. You wouldn’t expect this from someone you loved.

It’s as if there’s a competition after the breakup: whoever finds a new partner first, wins. This is not fair game, though. Finding someone new should indicate you’re moving on with your life. It shouldn’t just mean that you’ve stopped caring about your ex.

If you want to stay away from this toxic game you may need to go incognito, and move on with your life ‘behind the scenes’.

9. Your ex unblocked you because he’s completely over you

My Ex Unblocked Me! 13 Possible Reasons Why He Pressed The Button

There are essentially two possible outcomes when breaking up. Either you separate on relatively good terms, or you fight and hurt each other even more.

Whichever it was, it’s necessary to take some time alone to process everything that happened. At this point, it’s reasonable to unfollow your ex, stop visiting places you used to go together, and simply focus on yourself.

It’s obvious that your ex didn’t want to see your face every time he opened his social media. Being constantly reminded of you would make it harder for him to process the breakup. However, he took the more extreme route of blocking you.

By doing so, he wanted to distance himself from you to clarify his thoughts. He also used this time to grow as a person.

So, if you see that your ex unblocked you after a while, it could be because he’s completely over you. He took his time, recovered after the breakup and he’s now sure that he doesn’t want to get back with you.

At this point, he can safely unblock you and be sure that he won’t try to make up with you.

10. He’s looking for a closure

“My ex unblocked me and I can’t figure out why? Our relationship ended a great while ago and I don’t understand what he wants from me now.”

Given the circumstances, it could be that your ex unblocked you simply because he’s looking for closure. Maybe your relationship ended abruptly and there was no time for the two of you to have a chat. You both went your separate ways and focused on your new lives.

But at this point, your ex-partner feels the need to have a talk with you. He wants to find out what he did wrong so he can make sure he won’t commit the same mistake ever again.

It could also be that you dumped him without explanation and he now wants to know why.

This guy wants to get closure and he’s ready to do whatever it takes to fulfill his goal. So, the chances are that he’ll reach out to you and ask you to have a talk. It’ll then be up to you to make a decision on what you want to do next.

11. He thinks a breakup wasn’t a good idea

DONE Its Better To Let Him Walk Away From You Than Walk Over You
My Ex Unblocked Me! 13 Possible Reasons Why He Pressed The Button 9

Unlike men, women analyze things in more detail before acting on them. He obviously didn’t weigh positive and negative in your relationship before leaving you. Now he’s unblocked you and sent you a message to reconcile.

Before you decide whether he’s worth getting back together with, check why he left you in the first place. If he took you for granted and left you without explanation, then you must figure out if you actually want to have anything with him ever again.

Do you want to be with someone who’s such a douche? Do you even want to forgive him for everything he did to you?

Remember that you should be someone’s first choice, always. If you’re his second choice, he doesn’t deserve you.

If he reaches out to you once he unblocks you, you can choose to answer but with a bit of reserve. You need to be sure that his intentions are sincere and you’ll know this by taking small steps forward.

You may decide to give him a chance to prove himself this time, and make it clear, once and for all, whether you really want him back or not.

12. He still loves you

Relationships come with good and bad sides. Sometimes we leave our partners not because they were toxic, but simply because certain things didn’t work out. Some couples realize that they’re just not a good match for each other.

They could be great friends, though they need to take some alone time before they start hanging out again. It takes time to get over a relationship, we all know that.

Even if your breakup was respectful, he may have blocked you because it was too much for him to see your name pop up on social media. It wasn’t helpful when all he wanted was to forget about you.

However, it’s not that simple. He got attached to you because you spent a lot of time together and shared some nice memories.

So don’t be surprised when your ex unblocks you – it may be because he still loves you. He could be feeling sorry for losing you, and hoping that you still love him, too. If you do, you should ask yourself whether you really want him back.

However, if you, don’t want him back in your life anymore, tell him that. You have every right to do so, and he will have to respect your decision.

He might tell you he’s more mature now and has learned from his mistakes. He might try to convince you that this time things will be better and that he wants to resolve all issues from your past relationship.

At this point, he will even try to back it up with his actions, do small acts of kindness, and give you more attention than ever before. Calling you just to see how you’re doing is one good example.

Take your time to think whether this is enough to start the relationship again. Once you make a decision, be honest with him and let him know.

You will know what’s best for you. If you think you should move on with your life without him, state it clearly in your message.

13. He wants to get back together

My Ex Unblocked Me! 13 Possible Reasons Why He Pressed The Button

When we’re in a relationship, we tend to spend a lot of time with our partner. Your ex got used to having you around all the time. You were his favorite person to hang out with, take to concerts and movies…

You always had things to do together, and he misses that. After all, his friends would turn him down sometimes, but you were always there when he needed you.

He could always count on you as you were the only person who would never let him down. Now that your relationship is over, he actually regrets his decision to block you right away. If he only unblocked you earlier, he wouldn’t have to worry so much if you forgot him.

So, when the thought – My ex unblocked me… – pops up in your head, know that he may have unblocked you because he wants to get you back. If that’s the actual reason, be sure that he will let you know that. He will most likely ask you if you’re thinking about him and if you could give him a second chance.

You may be a bit surprised with this sudden unblock, but if the good outweighs the bad, you shouldn’t give up on him. You two may just make this thing work.

Sometimes we don’t see our partners for who they are and don’t value them enough. This might have been the case with you the first time around, but luckily, you got your second chance.

However, if you’re 100% sure that you don’t want to have anything with your ex, then you shouldn’t even pay attention to him and his sudden action. Just because he unblocked you, it doesn’t mean that you should chase after him right away.

If he doesn’t deserve to become a part of your present, then you shouldn’t feel bad for keeping him in the past.

My Ex Unblocked Me! 13 Possible Reasons Why He Pressed The Button

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