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How To Tell If A Guy Thinks You’re Pretty? 17 Signs He’s Attracted To You

How To Tell If A Guy Thinks You’re Pretty? 17 Signs He’s Attracted To You

Sometimes, you want to know how to tell if a guy thinks you’re pretty, especially if you find him interesting and he ticks most of your boxes.

Maybe you’ve noticed that he looks at you differently but you want to be sure that it’s not all in your head. You want to know whether you’re seeing things that aren’t there just because you want them to happen.

Most women are self-conscious about their looks and this feeling grows when they’re in the company of a cool, good-looking guy whom they fancy.

“How do I look? Will he notice me? Is he looking at me? Does my make-up look good?”

The second he walks into the room, you hit your best friend with all these questions. And that’s no surprise as we all want to look our best in front of the person we like.

You want him to think that you’re beautiful. You want him to pause for a second and say to himself, “Wow, this woman is irresistible.”

But since he probably won’t openly let you know that you’re pretty, sometimes you need to take a different path to find out the truth.

How to tell if a guy thinks you’re pretty?

Most guys don’t share their feelings easily. They rarely notice your beauty and then approach you to let you know that, particularly if they like you as more than a friend and are afraid of rejection.

And even though you would want your guy to speak to you and tell you that you’re pretty, the chances are that he won’t do that.

Instead, he’ll suffer in silence, meaning he’ll give you different signals that you can use to decipher his behavior, so don’t worry, as there are many other ways you can find out the truth.

You’ll be able to know what’s going through his head the moment you learn to decode the signs he’s giving you. So, if your guy behaves in any of the following ways, then it’s likely that he thinks you’re pretty.

Maybe he even wants you to be more than friends.

1. His eyes are fixated on you

DONE! How To Tell If A Guy Thinks You're Pretty 17 Signs He's Attracted To You

Do you know that feeling when you sense that someone’s looking at you? Then you look up and you see him fixated on you, as if he’s frozen?

This happens every time you hang out together with a group of people or even when you’re alone. He stares at you and it seems like he can’t look away, no matter how hard he tries.

A guy’s look is one of the ways you can tell whether he thinks you’re pretty. When you enchant him with your beauty, he’ll keep looking at you all the time.

The moment you walk into a room, his eyes will instantly follow you. It’s like you’re a magnet for them.

He’ll then be constantly staring at you and he may not even feel slightly uncomfortable by it. The only moment he’ll look away will be once he finally realizes that he’s been watching you for way too long.

That’s when he’ll force himself to takes his eyes off you but even then, they will find a way back to your beautiful face. It’s obvious that he can’t resist you and he probably thinks that no one compares to your beauty.

2. He showers you with compliments

Do you want to know how to tell whether a guy thinks you’re pretty? Then simply pay close attention to the compliments he gives you.

A guy who’s attracted to you and thinks that you’re beautiful will notice every single thing about you. He’ll compliment your new dress that he hasn’t seen you wear yet.

He’ll notice your new haircut and he’ll tell you how great it looks on you. Don’t be surprised if he notices even the slightest change, such as the new color of your lipstick.

This man probably finds you irresistible and he’s already spotted all of the little details about you that make you perfect. If someone asked him who’s the prettiest girl in the room, his eyes will likely wander your way.

So, it comes as no surprise that he pays you all these compliments as he’s already obsessed with your beauty.

3. He wants to spend as much time with you as possible

DONE! How To Tell If A Guy Thinks You're Pretty 17 Signs He's Attracted To You

You can easily tell whether a guy thinks you’re pretty by the amount of effort he puts in to be around you. He wants to spend his time with you, so he’s always looking for an excuse as to why the two of you should hang out.

If you have mutual friends, he’ll keep calling you to meet up with them but even if you don’t, he’ll still find a way to see you.

He may ask you to help him with something or he’ll find some other excuse to be around you. It’s clear that the more time he spends with you, the happier he feels.

He probably finds you irresistible and wants to impress you and the only right way to do that is to show you how fun he is to be around.

4. He’s always looking for a way to be close to you and he often touches you accidentally

It doesn’t matter whether you’re hanging out alone or with a group of friends, you’ll always find him next to you, no matter what.

A guy who thinks you’re pretty won’t usually blatantly tell you that. Instead, he’ll show you he’s attracted to you by always being next to you.

Besides being right by your side, he’ll always accidentally touch you. It doesn’t really matter whether he grazes your knee or removes a strand of hair from your shoulder; as long as he has an opportunity to touch you, he’ll be one happy man.

And even if you ask him why he touched your hand, he’ll make sure to act like it was an accident, even though every atom of his body craved contact with you.

He finds you pretty and he can’t resist the temptation to have you as close to him as possible. That’s why he’s ready to do whatever it takes in order to fulfill his wishes.

5. He initiates conversations

DONE! How To Tell If A Guy Thinks You're Pretty 17 Signs He's Attracted To You

One of the ways a guy will show you he thinks you’re pretty and is attracted to you is by initiating contact with you. He won’t wait for you to reach out to him and instead, he’ll be the one who makes the first move.

He’ll text you first to see how your day was and he’ll develop the conversation from there. He’ll call to ask you something and then he’ll suggest for you to meet.

Even if you saw each other days before, he won’t wait for too long before he has a chance to see you again. And he certainly won’t be able to not text you for longer than a day.

This wish to always be in touch with you goes to show that he’s mesmerized by your beauty. He’s captivated by everything you have to offer and he doesn’t want to lose you, so he’ll put in an extra amount of effort if needed just to have you in his life.

6. He listens to you carefully

When you start speaking, to him, it feels as if everything else goes silent. He focuses on your words and makes sure that he doesn’t miss anything.

Every word you say, every sound you make – it all gets stored in his memory. He listens to you carefully because he wants to be sure that he understands you properly.

Even if others around him are talking about something, he’ll still remain focused on you, since you’re the only one who sparks his interest.

This also goes to show that he thinks you’re pretty and he’s attracted to you even though he’s probably been hiding it.

He tries extra hard to remember everything you say, as all those details that you share serve him as a great way to start future conversations with you.

Also, by remembering what you were telling him about, he’ll show you that he’s a nice guy and he’ll use that to impress you.

7. He shows genuine interest in your life

DONE! How To Tell If A Guy Thinks You're Pretty 17 Signs He's Attracted To You

A guy who thinks you’re pretty will feel attracted to you and a guy who’s attracted to you will show a genuine interest in your life.

He’s simply mesmerized by you. From your looks to your personality – it all pulls him in like you’re some sort of a magnet.

That’s why he wants to know everything about you. Hit him with all of the details from your life and he’ll make sure to remember them.

He’s not the kind of guy who’ll keep talking about himself, trying to impress you that way. Instead, he’ll let you be an active participant in your conversations, since he truly wants to find out more about you.

He wants to know what your dreams, wishes, fears, and disappointments are, what makes you happy and what breaks your heart.

To be honest, he could talk to you for hours and there would still be a lot of things left unsaid. There would still be something that would make him wish for more.

You’re like a book he could read again and again and he’d still find out something new about it every time he’s done reading it.

8. His eyebrows arch when you walk into the room

His eyebrows arching is a clear sign he finds you attractive. It’s a reflection of his body language, which knows all of the emotions he feels for you.

When you walk into a room, his eyes will follow you and his eyebrows will instinctively arch. It’s not something he’ll do on purpose, it just happens as a reaction to the fact that he sees you unexpectedly.

It’s like he’s trying to tell you with his eyes that you’re the prettiest woman he’s ever seen and he can’t control his heart once he’s around you.

If you see him arching his eyebrows then you should know that he can’t resist you and he probably likes you more than you think.

His body is giving you obvious signals and it’s up to you to recognize them if you want.

It’s more than obvious that your guy thinks you’re pretty and even though he doesn’t feel brave enough to tell you, his eyebrows will do that for him.

9. He gets lost in thought while looking at you

DONE! How To Tell If A Guy Thinks You're Pretty 17 Signs He's Attracted To You

Every time you catch him staring at you, you get the feeling that he’s lost in thought. It’s like he’s physically there but his mind is someplace else.

And that’s exactly how you tell whether a guy thinks you’re pretty. If you see him deep in thought while looking at you, you don’t need a better sign to know what’s going on in his head.

He finds you irresistible and he can’t look away, no matter how hard he tries. Then, as he stares at you for a bit longer, he probably starts daydreaming about you as well.

That’s exactly when he gets lost in all those thoughts and it feels like he’s outside of his own body. He’s there but you’ll need to shake him first before he finally realizes that you’re talking to him.

This guy probably got lost in your eyes and he’ll need a second before he finally realizes where he’s at.

10. He laughs at your jokes (even the bad ones)

A guy who thinks you’re pretty doesn’t need to tell you that in order for you to know the truth. Once you see him laughing at all of your jokes (even the bad ones), that’s when you’ll know that he’s fallen for you.

He thinks you’re beautiful and as a result, everything you say becomes attractive and funny as well.

If you’re hanging out with a group of people, he’ll probably be the only one who’s laughing at your puns. And he’ll laugh loudly so he can be sure that you notice him.

Trust me, he isn’t forcing it. It just happens because he likes you a lot and is attracted to you.

Your beauty mesmerizes him and he’s trying to show you that through all of the signals he’s sending you. And laughing at your jokes is certainly one of them.

11. He’s always helping you with something

DONE! How To Tell If A Guy Thinks You're Pretty 17 Signs He's Attracted To You

A guy who thinks you’re pretty will want to show off in front of you. He’ll try to make you see that he’s the kind of man you’re looking for.

In that case, he’ll probably ask if he can help you with literally anything and everything. From bringing you groceries to helping you build a desk, he’ll do whatever you want him to.

You won’t even have to ask him for help. The moment you tell him that you need to do something, he’ll offer to give you a hand.

That’s how you know a guy is captivated by your beauty and wants to prove himself to you.

12. He teases you

Since you want to know how to tell whether a guy thinks you’re pretty, you should pay attention to the way he acts around you. If he’s impressed by your beauty and if he’s attracted to you, the chances are that he’ll tease you a lot.

By doing that, he’s trying to make you laugh but he’s also trying to establish a connection between the two of you.

He wants you to see that you can have a lot of fun together so he tries to impress you and show you that he’s the right guy for you.

Also, from the way you react, he’ll be able to tell whether you like him the same way he likes you.

If you give him a look of contempt and get upset at him for teasing you, then he’ll know that you’re not interested. But if you start playing his game and return the same energy, then he’ll know that you’re on the same page.

13. His friends make fun of him when you’re around

DONE! How To Tell If A Guy Thinks You're Pretty 17 Signs He's Attracted To You

If a guy thinks you’re pretty, it’s likely that he already told his friends that. So, every time you all hang out together, they will start playing with him.

They will hit him with their inside jokes and it’ll be more than obvious that you’re the reason they’re doing that.

Since they know that he finds you irresistible, they will try to make him blush in front of you and they will give him a bit of a hard time since they know he has a crush on you.

That’s where all of the weird looks and sassy remarks are coming from. They’re sure signs he thinks you’re beautiful and can’t get enough of you.

14. He acts awkward around you

One of the ways to tell whether a guy thinks you’re pretty is if you see him acting all weird when you’re around.

Since he’s mesmerized by your beauty, he may get nervous every time he’s close to you. As a result, his behavior can get a little awkward since he doesn’t know what he should be doing.

He may try to impress you by making you laugh but if his jokes don’t end up as funny as they sounded in his head, he’ll probably turn red and chuckle awkwardly to himself.

Also, he may try to make a move but if he fails at it, he’ll then have no idea what to do again. So, he’ll make all those clumsy remarks that easily show how nervous he feels.

This guy is attracted to you but he doesn’t know the right way to show you that, which is why he’ll act all embarrassed when he feels that he has been unsuccessful at impressing you.

15. He subtly flirts with you

DONE! How To Tell If A Guy Thinks You're Pretty 17 Signs He's Attracted To You

Alternatively, a guy may successfully flirt with you because he thinks you’re pretty. Instead of telling you that, he’ll show you that he likes you by subtly hitting on you.

At first, he won’t do anything crazy as he’s still not sure whether he’s supposed to reveal how he feels about you. But later on, he may get the courage to start flirting with you directly, without any hidden meaning.

It all depends on the type of guy he is. If he has a shy nature, it’ll take him a bit more time to find the courage to make a pass at you. But if he’s a master of flirting, he’ll take the risky road right away.

16. He calls you ‘Pretty’

A guy who thinks you’re pretty will simply call you ‘Pretty’, which will be a new nickname he’ll give you. And even if you think at first that it’s just a joke, he’ll actually mean what he says.

He likely thinks you’re irresistible and he wants you to know that. But then again, he doesn’t feel that it’s a good idea to approach you and tell you that directly, so he thinks giving you a nickname will easily solve the dilemma he’s been facing.

With one simple word, he’ll show you how he feels about you but he won’t be straightforward or too pushy about it, so it’s a win-win situation.

17. He tells you that you’re attractive or cute

DONE! How To Tell If A Guy Thinks You're Pretty 17 Signs He's Attracted To You

At some point, he won’t be able to stay quiet and the thought will slip out of his mouth.

“I must tell you that you’re really cute.”

He’s been holding it in for too long and he won’t be able to take it anymore. He has to say it out loud or he’ll feel like he’ll explode.

You may think that he’s joking with you but once you see how deadly serious he is, you’ll know that his words are honest.

Even if he’s been trying to hide it for a long time, he can’t keep doing that anymore. He must tell you what he really thinks of you.

He’s decided that it’s time to risk it and see whether you’re willing to take your relationship to the next level.

How To Tell If A Guy Thinks You're Pretty? 17 Signs He's Attracted To You

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