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How To Make A Girl Miss You Like Crazy: 14 Effective Tips

How To Make A Girl Miss You Like Crazy: 14 Effective Tips

Many people believe that during the early honeymoon phase of romance, the more time you spend with each other, the more you’ll start to fall for each other. And for the most part, that’s actually true. But, genuine feelings only develop when a person starts to miss you. So, how to make a girl miss you?

Well, the answer to that question might surprise you. Pay attention because this is going to be an interesting one.

Why would you even want to make her miss you, though? Well, for starters, when she misses you, she’ll start to appreciate you more when you are around. On top of that, the person who misses you tends to be more forgiving of your mistakes and feels genuinely happy to see you.

Also, when she becomes familiar with your absence, then she’ll give you the attention you deserve instead of just take you for granted.

Perhaps you’re not quite satisfied with the direction your relationship is heading with this attractive girl you like, and you’re looking for a way to change the dynamics. Let’s face it, no one wants to be stuck wondering when and if she’s going to talk to you again.

You want her to invest her time and effort in getting to know you better. You don’t necessarily want her to chase you because that’s your job, but you do want to keep her interested enough so that she wants more.

So, how do you flip the script for once and actually make her miss you? What can you do so you never have to waste time being ghosted or friend-zoned?

How to make a girl miss you?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just started a relationship or been in one for years, your goal is the same – to make this girl of yours miss you. But how to achieve that without accidentally pushing her away?

The answer is quite simple: Give her something to miss!

There’s no doubt you should never lose who you are in the process and be something you’re not, but there are a few good tips that you can follow to help you ensure that your girlfriend, crush, or wife will miss you.

1. Show her a fun time

DONE! How To Make A Girl Miss You Like Crazy 14 Effective Tips

This one is self-explanatory. When you two have a wonderful time together, a girl will miss you more during your time apart.

Honestly, many men fail to be present when they’re spending time with their girlfriends. Even though they’re physically there, their mind is elsewhere and can’t seem to enjoy the precious time they have.

Their brain is filled with all kinds of thoughts – everything from errands they need to run the next day or fear of being judged by the girl they’re with.

But if you’re actually present while spending time with her, then you’ll definitely stand out from the rest of the guys she dated before you.

She has to feel joyful whenever you get the chance to spend time together. That’s the only way a girl will miss you.

Don’t just sit there scrolling through your phone like a mindless zombie, but pay attention to what she has to say to you.

Be excited that she’s given you her precious time and enjoy your time together. If she’s comfortable around you, then she’ll crave more.

She has to know that she can be herself with you because that’s the only way your presence will be missed when you’re not around.

My advice to every man out there is to put your phone away (or whatever else is distracting you) and focus on the girl. Be that standout guy and surprise her with your attention.

Don’t even think about getting a second date with her or prolonging the inevitable ending of your relationship if you can’t dedicate your attention to her.

Be mentally present when you’re physically there. If you don’t do that, then you’ll end up making her feel worse than if you weren’t there at all.

2. Don’t be too needy and clingy

DONE! How To Make A Girl Miss You Like Crazy 14 Effective Tips

When starting to get to know each other better and during the honeymoon phase, it’s perfectly normal to be a bit clingy, since you can’t get enough of that person anyways.

But the more the relationship progresses, the more she’ll think of you as being needy if you keep checking in with her every minute of every day.

Women aren’t keen on dating men who don’t have a life of their own and only want to spend their time with them. They’re not interested in men like that. A woman wants to feel wanted, not smothered.

I know this is a bit confusing, but bear with me here. You have to play it smart if you want a girl to miss you.

It’s crucial not to be too clingy. Trust me, you can easily go a day without hearing her gorgeous voice or getting a text from her. You also have a life beside her, you know? Don’t ever forget that!

It’s always nice to see a text or call from someone you’re fond of, but keep in mind that everyone needs some time apart.

Let her need and want you like you need and want her.

If you feel like your goodnight messages or good morning texts aren’t appreciated or reciprocated like they used to, then just stop. Give her some space so that she can realize that she misses those things from you.

Perhaps you forgot about it, but women like to complain a bit to the person they like or love.

Instead of bombarding her with “Why aren’t you answering?” or “What’s wrong?” messages, let her complain about not getting those sweet, romantic messages at night or in the morning anymore.

Soon enough she’ll be missing you, but you have to resist the urge to contact her first every single time.

3. Get out and do your own thing

DONE! How To Make A Girl Miss You Like Crazy 14 Effective Tips

Sometimes, couples get too focused on each other and forget how their lives were before the relationship. As I mentioned earlier, it’s crucial not to lose your identity or friends when you start a romantic relationship with someone.

So, what’s this got to do with making a girl miss you? The answer is simple – you need to do things without her.

Don’t just sit around the house and wait for her to contact you. Also, don’t plan every entire weekend with her – remember, you have family and friends. You also need to give your attention to them.

You want to be able to say that you’re hanging out with your friends at a game or going to see an action movie with them.

The more stuff you do without her, the more she’ll miss you.

4. Be a bit mysterious

During the first couple of dates, you’ll have the urge to reveal everything there is about you. But that’s how most guys end up losing the girl in the first place.

You’ll have to give her enough about you to pique her interest, and not tell her everything all at once. She doesn’t need to know your deepest secrets and fears on the second date. That’s actually a big turn-off to some women.

Save some of that for a later time, and you’ll make her want to stick around and find out even more details about you. That’s how you make a girl miss you and want to stay for more of you.

I know you don’t want to come across as a boring no-lifer, but keep those juicy details about yourself when you know she’s genuinely interested in you.

I’m not saying that you should be a closed book, so don’t come across as distant. But give her enough info about yourself to get her intrigued. That’s when you know she’ll stick around to hear the rest of those stories.

As time passes, your dates will become more interesting and fun as you tell each other your greatest achievements and most embarrassing stories.

5. Give her a little less than what she gives you

DONE! How To Make A Girl Miss You Like Crazy 14 Effective Tips

There will be always one of you who needs the other more. Someone who likes and values the other more. That’s why people say relationships are all about power dynamics.

And the sooner you realize that, the easier it’ll be for you to keep a girl interested.

Many men believe that the higher the pedestal a woman is on, the more she’ll be into them.

But that’s not always true. A woman will never respect a man who puts himself beneath her by being clingy, needy, or fearful of her lack of attention. Truthfully, without respect, there will be no desire.

So, the best move you can make is to maintain high standards and strong boundaries. Eventually, you’ll see how the dynamic of your relationship changes in your favor.

Or in the worst-case scenario, it completely disappears, but then you know it wasn’t meant to be.

She needs to realize that she has to put in the effort to get your attention. This plays a significant role when it comes to attraction.

By keeping a woman attracted within your boundaries or standards, she’ll invest more of herself in getting to know you better.

Unfortunately, playing the nice guy card doesn’t always work. The power dynamic has to shift towards you. That’s the only way you’ll be satisfied both emotionally as well as physically.

6. Work on yourself

Every couple’s goal should be to grow together as a team and as individuals. And how you show up in the relationship often depends on the work you’ve put in as an individual.

The only way you can make a girl miss you is if you focus on chasing your dreams and achieving your goals. All of those things require certain sacrifices and characteristics that women find attractive in men.

It takes a lot of discipline and hard work to stay late and make more money, and not go out with your friends every night, even though they’re having the time of their lives. But you have something to gain out of it, keep that in mind.

It’s not just that your woman will see how laser-focused you are on making your dreams come true, your value will also increase.

Why? Because her perception of you will change. And that comes with a deep sense of appreciation from her end.

It’s in our nature to miss the things and people we value and appreciate. It’s that simple. So, if you want to make a girl miss you, work on yourself and focus on becoming a better man.

7. Don’t respond to texts or phone calls immediately

DONE! How To Make A Girl Miss You Like Crazy 14 Effective Tips

I know it sounds wrong to not answer the phone when she’s calling you, but remember, you don’t want to come across as lazy and not have anything better to do.

Everyone wants to have a little mystery in their lives. Even though knowing everything about the other person has its perks, it’s also nice to not know exactly what’s going on. It keeps us on our toes!

Let her mind wander about what you’re doing or where you’re at.

Give her the opportunity to notice that you aren’t always around whenever she wants your attention. In the correct dosage, this will actually increase your chances of keeping her around you.

She’ll appreciate the attention when you’re willing to give to her. Relationships are all about balance. There has to be an equal amount of give and take.

You have to prove to her that you’ll talk to her when you’re able to, not just when she wants to. Every healthy relationship is built on compromise and understanding.

Although being there for her whenever she calls you is wonderful, you have to understand that you’re a person with responsibilities and a life – you have other things to do too.

8. Show her you’re a confident man

What many men don’t realize is that once you start dating a girl, you shouldn’t show her all of your emotions and insecurities at once. That’s when you lose a girl and end up thinking about what you’ve done wrong.

Unless a girl asks you to show her that side of you, be patient and give her only pieces of that emotional side. Remember to do it rarely, and not all the time.

Perhaps you think the only thing that women want is some nice guy who buys her flowers every day before a date, but that’s not always the case. We only see that in Hollywood movies, and that perception of true love is skewed.

So, how do you make a girl miss you then? Well, be willing to playfully argue with her if you disagree on a particular subject. But keep in mind to do that respectfully.

Most women want a man who’ll be occasionally sweet and emotional with them only. But what they want even more is a man who’s strong. Someone who’ll grab her hand, pull her close to him, and kiss her passionately.

9. Don’t act jealous

DONE! How To Make A Girl Miss You Like Crazy 14 Effective Tips

Truthfully, it’s not just women who are territorial and a bit jealous around people that they are quite fond of. Men tend to do the same, but the way they express that jealousy is different.

In general, a woman likes to test their man’s patience and to see how confident he actually is. And she’s all too aware of that, but still, she likes the illusion that her man is comfortable enough to know that even if other men hit on her, she’ll still only have eyes for him.

And truth be told, men don’t have a problem with this. But you have to show you’re confident enough to let her play with you a bit.

This will show her that you’re a real man who’s comfortable in his own skin.

Bear in mind, that this is how a woman will test you and you can be sure that you’ll fail at some point in your life.

Even though she doesn’t want you to be constantly jealous, she’ll occasionally test you to see how much you care about her. She’s going to want you to be a bit jealous and territorial over her.

It sounds pretty crazy and confusing, but that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

She wants to see that if push comes to shove, you’ll protect and defend her. So if someone hurts her in any way, she has to know that you have her back no matter what. So, don’t be afraid to confront the guy who’s trying to get your woman.

That said, some women don’t like confrontations at all, so that could be a reason to break it off with you. The best way you’ll know what she wants is to closely listen to everything she says!

10. Give her space to breathe

If you’re really into this girl, then your first instinct is to spend as much time as possible with her. Your heart wants what it wants and in this case, that’s her. And who knows, maybe she wants to spend all of her time with you too.

But be careful not to overstep her boundaries. Give her some space to breathe. It’s a great thing that she wants to spend loads of time with you, but also you don’t want to rush things.

If you give her every minute of your day, then things could possibly go wrong very fast.

Instead, do your own thing from time to time and let her do the same. Eventually, when she starts missing you, she’ll call you up to see how you’ve been and what you’ve been up to.

11. Be trustworthy

DONE! How To Make A Girl Miss You Like Crazy 14 Effective Tips

In order to make a girl miss you, this one’s a non-negotiable. You have to be reliable and trustworthy.

Even though you should give her space to breathe, you can’t flat-out ignore her. If you do that, she’ll think that you’re just an immature boy who’s toying with her feelings.

She might even think that you’re not interested in her or assume that you’re talking to other girls besides her.

If those thoughts get in her mind, then she’ll quickly stop missing you. She’ll think that you don’t want her to be part of your life anymore and just plain leave you.

So, don’t neglect her. Be someone she knows she can trust.

12. Surprise her

A healthy relationship means doing those little things that really make a difference. And if you want her to miss you then you have to do something personal for her.

There are many ways you can express your gratitude to her, whether it’s playing a romantic song for her or writing her a love letter.

Whatever the gesture or gift, the best thing that you can give to a woman you love is something personal, especially if you’re in a long-distance relationship.

If you have a photo of you two having the time of your life, then why not get it framed and give it to her next time you see each other?

Anything that will help her remember you lovingly is a good idea.

13. Don’t be a yes-man

DONE! How To Make A Girl Miss You Like Crazy 14 Effective Tips

Once she becomes comfortable with you, she may start mentioning all the little or even big things that you do wrong. The worst thing you can do is to bow your head and let her win the argument every time.

Remember, she’s just stating her opinion and you have the right to do the same. Hear her out before you get into defensive mode, acknowledge everything she says, and then respond.

Think about your words before saying anything and remember to be respectful no matter what. Don’t raise your voice in any way when you’re arguing, and never under any circumstances yell at her.

But at the same time, it’s important that she knows she just can’t mold you to her own liking.

14. Treat her well

The simplest way to make a girl miss you is to treat her like she’s special to you.

If you two share a deep and meaningful bond and if you treat her well, then she’ll be sure to respond well to your efforts and she’ll miss you whenever you’re not near.

Don’t take her for granted. Always make an effort to show her how much she means to you. And don’t be afraid to go the extra mile if she expects you to do so.

Trust me, a woman will appreciate you and miss you more if you treat her like a proper lady.

How To Make A Girl Miss You Like Crazy: 14 Effective Tips

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