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12 Blatantly Obvious Signs He Thinks You’re Beautiful

12 Blatantly Obvious Signs He Thinks You’re Beautiful

It’s not always obvious to pick up on signs he thinks you’re beautiful. You can’t read his mind and you can’t just outright ask him what he thinks about you.

You and I both know that men aren’t that good at voicing their thoughts. Especially when it comes to sharing their feelings for you.

We overthink everything they do and say just to see past those barriers and understand what they truly mean. Does he think you’re irresistible and attractive or is he just playing pretend to get something out of you?

You’re overthinking this because you’re scared to actually fall for a man who doesn’t feel the same way about you. You don’t want to get hurt again.

Thankfully, there are many ways to find out if he sees you as beautiful and attractive. You don’t even have to outright ask him, you just need to look for the signs.

But before we even jump into that, let’s get one thing out of the way straight off the bat: You’re absolutely stunning.

When I say this, I don’t just mean your physical appearance (although you are gorgeous!) I also mean that you’re beautiful on the inside.

You’re kind and caring, affectionate and loving. You shouldn’t ask for a man’s validation on those things. You need to know this, with or without him, so that you can learn to appreciate yourself for who you are.

12 signs he thinks you’re beautiful

DONE! 12 Blatantly Obvious Signs He Thinks You're Beautiful

Believe me when I tell you that these signs are everything but subtle. They’ll be more than obvious once you know what to look out for.

You might think that he’s just being very kind and polite to you, but there’s a certain line that a man will only cross when he thinks that you’re beautiful.

Just because thinks that you’re attractive, it doesn’t mean that he wants to be with you. Many men will find you attractive. However, when he starts seeing your absolute beauty, that when he’ll also realize he likes you as more than just a friend.

A man who sees your beauty is a man who wants you for himself. He wants to be with you and cherish you!

So how exactly do you know when he’s showing signs that he thinks you’re beautiful?

1. He compliments you

DONE! 12 Blatantly Obvious Signs He Thinks You're Beautiful

A guy who’s overbearing with his compliments isn’t someone who genuinely means it.

If he compliments you constantly, he’s probably just trying to take you home. He’s got his own pleasure in mind and softening you up to get you compliant.

But when he’s honest with his compliments, they won’t seem forced. His compliments will feel authentic and he’ll say them only when the moment is right.

A little example is when you’re sitting in a cafe and through the windows, the sun hits your face just right. He’ll probably take a moment to look at you before saying what he’s thinking.

He will compliment you, tell you that you’re very pretty, or that the sun suits you very well.

He’ll even try to play his amazement off, but you’ll see it by the way he loses his train of thought for a moment. He might even stutter for a moment to catch his breath.

A guy who’s interested in you will show you these signs when he thinks you’re beautiful. He’ll do it in such a wholesome way, that you won’t have any choice but to get flustered, right then and there.

2. He stares at you

DONE! 12 Blatantly Obvious Signs He Thinks You're Beautiful

Have you ever caught him staring at you? It’s one of the clearest signs that he thinks you’re beautiful.

For example, you’re talking to a friend, and the moment you laugh a little louder, you feel someone’s eyes on you. When you look around, you see him. Your eyes meet and you notice him getting shy.

You can probably catch him staring at you quite often. It doesn’t matter who’s around the two of you because his eyes are glued to you.

When you’re in the car and he’s the one driving, you’ll catch him stealing glances.

He knows that it’s dangerous to take his eyes off the road, but his desire to look at you is stronger than his concern for his own safety. (It’s still very dangerous, though!)

When your eyes meet and you smile at him, he probably can’t believe that a woman can be that beautiful. To him, there’s no one more mesmerizing than you.

He may even avert his gaze. He’s cautious around you and he doesn’t want to mess things up, so he tries really hard to hide his attraction to you.

But that still can’t conceal the fact that he was just staring at you and admiring your beauty.

3. He’s very physically affectionate

DONE! 12 Blatantly Obvious Signs He Thinks You're Beautiful

Some people simply don’t like to be physically affectionate with others when they’re in public. They don’t like to make others uncomfortable or show off their affection for someone else.

For the guy who’s attracted to you – the guy who wants something more serious with you because he thinks that you’re beautiful – it’s impossible to take his hands off of you.

You’ll feel his touch in the most random moments. For example, when you’re entering a building, he’ll gently put his hand on your lower back.

When you’re waiting in line for something, he’ll be the first one to reach out to touch your hand.

He won’t hesitate to put a strand of your hair behind your ear, to hug you even though everyone’s looking – any opportunity to touch you somehow.

Of course, if his touch gets inappropriate, you should call him out on that. He’s got no right to do that, no matter how attractive he thinks you are.

But his touch will be very sweet and kind when he thinks that you’re the absolute most beautiful girl in the world. It’ll be innocent and only a reminder that he wants to be with you.

4. He makes plans to see you again

DONE! 12 Blatantly Obvious Signs He Thinks You're Beautiful

There were times when you would meet a new guy and after just a few dates, he starts ghosting you. He’s in and out of your life whenever he pleases and it seems as if he has no regard for your emotions.

That’s definitely not a sign he thinks you’re beautiful. What is a sign is when he continuously makes plans to see you again.

He doesn’t want to let you think that he’s not interested. He will always find an excuse to see you and spend time with you, even if it’s just for a moment.

For example, when he takes you home after a date, he doesn’t just assume that you know you’ll be seeing each other again.

He actually tells you that he’s looking forward to seeing you again and he might even already have a plan for when and where that’ll be.

A guy who’s attracted to you and can’t get enough of your beautiful presence won’t resist seeing you again. He’ll keep coming back to you just to spend a moment with you if you let him.

This doesn’t just mean that he’s attracted to you physically, but that he also loves to spend time with your beautiful mind and soul. He knows that you understand him and that he can talk to you about anything and everything.

He doesn’t want to jeopardize this once-in-a-lifetime chance to be with you. And he can’t imagine ghosting you, ever.

5. He’s always there for you

DONE! 12 Blatantly Obvious Signs He Thinks You're Beautiful

A guy who’s actually attracted to you and shows signs he thinks you’re beautiful will always be there for you. He will use any opportunity to spend more time with you and also show you that he’s reliable.

It doesn’t matter what it is. Some days you’ll feel sad and depressed and he’ll be there for you. He’ll talk to you about the things that bother you and he’ll even try to help you solve them.

Other days, he’ll be the one to help you around the house. It doesn’t matter if you need a pipe fixed or someone to help you move the furniture around.

You’ll think that you’re asking too much of him, but actually, he loves doing these small things for you. He doesn’t even see it as doing you favor. He just loves to help you out and be around you.

A guy who’s not genuinely interested in you, wouldn’t even offer to do these things.

If he didn’t like you, he’d find any excuse just to run away from any type of actual work or effort. He would even cut contact with you completely and then come back when he knows that you’re free.

This guy doesn’t do that, though. He’s there for you.

He’s always the first one you call because you know that he’ll answer. That’s exactly what a man who likes you and thinks you’re beautiful would do.

6. He’s not interested in anyone else

DONE! 12 Blatantly Obvious Signs He Thinks You're Beautiful

When you’re hanging out with a guy for a while, you start hearing about all the girls that he’s texting. He’ll probably tell you about the ones that he’s more interested in and how he plans to get them to go out with him.

I know that most of us have guy friends like these. They think that we’re fine with their little schemes so they tell us all about them.

On the flip side, a guy who thinks you’re beautiful wouldn’t ever do such a thing. He would never tell you about another girl because he simply isn’t interested in them. He only has eyes for you.

It’s also very important to recognize if he’s just being quiet about liking other girls while he’s flirting with you.

For example, when another girl is around, how much time does he spend talking to her? Does he talk to her more than he talks to you? Does he flirt with her?

Another thing to watch out for is if he looks back at a pretty girl that walks past him. If he’s not that interested in you and if finds that girl more beautiful than you, then he’s definitely going to look.

One of the biggest signs that he thinks you’re beautiful is when he’s simply uninterested in any other woman but you. He couldn’t care less about the others, because no one’s more interesting to him than you are.

He loves spending time with you, looking at you, and listening to you. Why would he be preoccupied with anyone else?

7. He’s patient with you

DONE! 12 Blatantly Obvious Signs He Thinks You're Beautiful

When you’re a beautiful woman, men fight their little invisible wars to get your attention.

They blow up your phone with text messages the entire time and they don’t let you breathe. They demand your attention and they’re everything but patient.

They don’t even give you time to get to know them, they just want to call you theirs as soon as possible.

But when he thinks you’re beautiful and a woman worth more than just a fling, you’ll see how patient he is with you.

One sign to look out for is that he’ll let you take all the time you need to make a decision. He knows that he can only win you over if he’s patient with you.

If he starts pressuring you in any way, he knows that he’ll lose you. He considers you too beautiful to lose, so why would he want to risk it? Losing you isn’t an option to him, he wants to love you and treat you right.

And should you tell him that you need time to figure out if you like him or not, he’ll understand and give you all the time and space you need.

He’s a patient man. A gorgeous woman like you is worth it and he knows that he’s better off waiting for you than losing you.

8. He seems happy when he’s around you

DONE! 12 Blatantly Obvious Signs He Thinks You're Beautiful

It’s absolutely adorable to see a man who is completely mesmerized by you. You look at him and see a happy man who can’t stop smiling because you’re so freaking beautiful to him.

When a guy is really attracted to you, he won’t be able to control his emotions, especially not his happiness. He might try very hard to keep his lips stiff, but they have a mind of their own when he’s in your presence.

This is his way of unconsciously showing you that he likes you, especially because this is his involuntary reaction to you. He likes you and he likes what he sees, too!

Sometimes, you might even find him completely tongue-tied because of how gorgeous you are! He’ll be lost for words when you crack a smile or laugh.

He loves the way your eyes sparkle when you look at him and he adores the way your cheeks blush when he compliments you.

How can he resist the urge to smile when you look so absolutely stunning?

9. He takes you out on unusual dates

DONE! 12 Blatantly Obvious Signs He Thinks You're Beautiful

Going out on dates can become dull when you always end up doing the same things over and over again.

Dinner dates are sweet and all, but they tend to get repetitive. There’s only so much wine you can drink and so many steaks you can eat until it all gets boring.

This man knows that, so he’s very creative when it comes to date planning. He wants to give you the best experience ever.

You might think that this has nothing to do with the signs he thinks you’re beautiful, but think about it.

He wants to spend a lot of time with you, so to assure you that he will create amazing experiences with you, he’ll do anything to keep you intrigued.

This man will try to surprise you each time you go out.

For instance, one day you’re out on a picnic, the next he takes you to a hillside out of town and you spend hours just staring at the stars and talking.

You’ll know that he thinks of you as the most beautiful girl in the world because there’s nothing he loves more than to make you happy. He’ll try to do that with every date he takes you on.

10. He doesn’t mind showing you his vulnerable side

DONE! 12 Blatantly Obvious Signs He Thinks You're Beautiful

A man who doesn’t consider you beautiful inside and out will only show you his macho side. He won’t try to be vulnerable and emotional with you, because he sees no point in complicating things.

However, a man who honestly wants to be with you and sees you as the beautiful woman that you are won’t mind showing you when he’s hurt.

He’ll share stories about his childhood and open up to you about the things that caused him pain.

He’ll feel no need to keep those issues to himself when he’s next to you. After all, you understand him, you’re there for him, and you don’t judge him for anything that he’s going through.

He knows that your soul is just as beautiful as your smile and that’s why he feels it’s okay to be vulnerable around you. You don’t have any hidden agenda against him and he’s grateful for it.

11. He brags about you to his friends

DONE! 12 Blatantly Obvious Signs He Thinks You're Beautiful

One of the most obvious signs he thinks you’re beautiful is when he brags about you to his friends. There are different scenarios in which you might find out that he’s been bragging about you, but they’re all quite similar.

He might have left his phone unlocked and you discovered it by accident. He texted his friend that he’s with you and that he’s having the time of his life.

You might even see that he sent his friend a picture of you to brag about how beautiful you are.

Or perhaps you bumped into one of his friends and they told you right away that they heard of you.

His friends know you because he’s been telling them about you. He wouldn’t be able to keep quiet about you because you’re simply mesmerizing.

A man who doesn’t like you like that wouldn’t do that. He’d probably just not even mention you to his friends as you weren’t that special to begin with.

He wouldn’t tell them about you because you’d be gone and out of his life before they bothered to remember your name.

It’s sad, but it’s true.

But a man who cares about you and sees your beauty would never play it out like that. He wouldn’t be able to stop himself from bragging to his friends about how he’s seeing the most beautiful woman in the world.

12. He likes to show you off

DONE! 12 Blatantly Obvious Signs He Thinks You're Beautiful

He posts your photos on his stories all the time. This man probably asked you if he could do that once and now he doesn’t stop. Now he takes pictures of you constantly just to have a reminder that he’s truly such a lucky guy.

He doesn’t just show you off on his social media. He also makes sure to show you off to his friends.

Yes, we’ve talked about how he’s bragging to them about you, but he’ll probably take you to meet them at one point – if he hasn’t already.

He’ll do it in such a cute manner where you’ll feel like he’s showing off the love of his life. A man who sees you as beautiful will make you feel like that! He knows that he hit the jackpot, so why should he keep it a secret?

He wouldn’t be doing that if he didn’t see your worth or if he didn’t think of you as highly as he does.

This should genuinely be your standard for men in general. If he doesn’t treat you like you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to him, then he shouldn’t have the opportunity to be with you.

So you wanted to know what are the signs he thinks you’re beautiful? All of the above, and now that you know what to look out for, you definitely won’t be able to ignore them.

12 Blatantly Obvious Signs He Thinks You're Beautiful

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