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5 Zodiac Signs That Hate Playing Mind Games When In Love

5 Zodiac Signs That Hate Playing Mind Games When In Love

Believe it or not, many people love playing mind games while they’re in love. Those who don’t care for it simply despise it. That’s why there are zodiac signs that hate playing mind games when in love.

It’s never good to play with someone’s mind, whether it be for your own satisfaction or because you want to push him/her to be a better person. The thing is, you’re not being kind, truthful, or fair toward them.

Those who play mind games are often emotionally immature and even though it may not be their intention, it mostly ends up with one side getting hurt in the process.

And I know that you had your fair share of boyfriends who tried to manipulate you in one way or another. It’s hard to accept the fact that some people might play games when in a relationship or trying to get your attention.

Truth be told, some zodiac signs are more instinctive than others. Some people recognize the signs someone is playing games with them and they remove themselves from the situation to avoid getting hurt.

But some people don’t recognize the signs they’re being manipulated until it’s too late for them to back off.

These are the zodiac signs that hate playing mind games when in love…

1. Leo (July 23 – August 22)

DONE! 5 Zodiac Signs That Hate Playing Mind Games When In Love

Leo is a very interesting zodiac sign.

The thing is, if Leos wanted to play mind games, they’d be extraordinary at it because they’re always trying to see the bigger picture.

They are brilliant at thinking outside of the box and trying to manipulate people to act in a certain way.

This is because they possess excellent leadership skills and most people look up to them or try to become like them.

On the other hand, Leo is very loyal, sweet, and helpful. They will always try to teach and help those who are in distress. They’ll always lend a hand.

However, you can also expect them to be straightforward and honest. They hate playing mind games when in love.

That’s why they’re extremely loyal to one person once they find someone who suits them.

It’s true that they’re self-righteous, which can be a double-edged sword. This characteristic certainly is annoying to their friends and family.

However, it also helps them decide what’s best for them and what they deserve. That’s why they don’t tolerate mind games.

2. Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

DONE! 5 Zodiac Signs That Hate Playing Mind Games When In Love

Taurus is loyal to the core and always tackles whatever problem is at hand – they don’t try to avoid it.

They are also extremely patient and down-to-earth people, which can sometimes backfire on them.

That said, when it comes to playing mind games in a relationship, they don’t possess the same amount of patience like they do for other things.

And frankly, no one has the energy to play mind games.

Finding someone to give your heart to is a difficult process on its own, without adding any mind games to it.

These Bulls of the zodiac are characteristically direct, honest, and thoughtful.

They will back off immediately if they realize someone is deliberately playing with their mind or toying with their emotions.

They usually are jealous and prone to resentment if they notice that someone is playing mind games with them.

What’s also interesting about Tauruses is that they usually don’t like putting too much effort into things.

That’s why they hate playing mind games when in love.

They don’t see the point of working so hard to get the attention of a person who plays around with them.

3. Aries (March 21 – April 19)

DONE! 5 Zodiac Signs That Hate Playing Mind Games When In Love
5 Zodiac Signs That Hate Playing Mind Games When In Love 7

Aries are well-known for their stubbornness. They’re brutally honest and that’s best shown when they’re in a romantic relationship.

They are very similar to Leos, which means they’re pretty confident and strong-willed.

However, unlike Leo who tries to avoid any conflict, Aries actually enjoys it – some might say they feed off of it.

They have no problem expressing their thoughts (even negative ones) or making any sort of accusations when they think you’re wrong and they’re right.

The thing is if you try to play any sort of mind games with them, they’ll come for you and be sure to give you a piece of their mind.

And they’ll make sure you hear their every word.

On top of that, they are very persuasive conversationalists.

If you listen carefully to what they have to say, they might actually help you realize that playing mind games is wrong and will get you nowhere.

4. Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

DONE! 5 Zodiac Signs That Hate Playing Mind Games When In Love

Pisces’ most valuable characteristics are kindness, passion, and sensitivity.

It’s never a good thing to play mind games with someone because it can certainly backfire.

It may end up badly for both sides – not just for the person played, but also the person orchestrating the games.

Most Pisces, when they feel like someone’s playing mind games with them, will instantly retreat into their own world because they become easily overwhelmed with negative emotions.

They have a really hard time accepting the fact that some people enjoy playing these games, as they feel it’s truly unfair and unkind.

5. Libra (September 23 – October 22)

DONE! 5 Zodiac Signs That Hate Playing Mind Games When In Love

Libras believe that playing mind games with someone you love is pointless and doesn’t benefit either side.

They reckon the “player” isn’t smarter than anyone and playing games certainly doesn’t make them any more powerful.

It’s just plain emotional manipulation and nothing else.

Libras are very flirty, but also they know when to stop before it develops into game-playing.

They treat everyone with equal respect and think that playing around with someone’s emotions is distasteful and unnecessary.

5 Zodiac Signs That Hate Playing Mind Games When In Love

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