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6 Things That’ll Happen When He Realizes You Blocked Him

6 Things That’ll Happen When He Realizes You Blocked Him

What happens once he realizes you blocked him? Actually, a better question would be to ask what happened for you to even consider blocking this man.

When you get into a new relationship and things seem so perfect, your social media is flooded with pictures of him. You constantly text each other and it becomes the most important thing to message him first thing in the morning.

However, relationships can fall apart over time. You may get to experience someone else growing into a monster, even though you don’t want to believe that the man you’re in love with can ever be on your list of blocked people.

You want to believe that things are going to play out in your favor, that you’re going to be okay together eventually.

We all know that the ‘no contact rule‘, which entails that you block him and don’t talk to him at all, works wonders with people who don’t appreciate you enough. So how does that make him feel when you block him?

I don’t think that you’d have issues with a sweet and considerate man, so if you do, I think that you may be dealing with a narcissist here.

Once he realizes that you blocked him, a narcissist may react in many different ways. It gets very obvious how easily a man can be thrown off of his game when you know the right moves to make.

How will he react once he realizes that you’ve blocked him?

Once a man realizes that you’ve blocked him, his own response will differ based on the importance of your relationship to him.

You may think that he didn’t want you at all back then because he acted as if you hated you. You never experienced as much pain as when you were with him.

However, you were important to him for attention and validation. Whenever he tried to manipulate you or when he fought with you, he thrived on it.

He won’t want to lose that type of affirmation. It doesn’t mean that he loves you if he reacts a certain way, it only means that he’s addicted to the feeling you’re able to make him experience.

Once he realizes that you blocked him, he can react in numerous ways, depending on how broken he actually is. There are men who won’t react at all but if this man is truly a narcissist then you may want to be on the lookout for signs of that.

Just know that his reaction doesn’t necessarily mean that he loves you or ever did.

1. He won’t care if he has someone else

6 Things That'll Happen When He Realizes You Blocked Him

A man doesn’t usually have the time to cry over one woman, especially not a player who probably has a line of women waiting for him.

If you two were just texting and only went out a few times, he’ll move on quite quickly. He’s probably been texting another woman for a while now and this is the perfect moment to devote all of his attention to her.

Once he realizes that you blocked him, he won’t even bat an eye. If you two were together for a long time, however, there isn’t a great possibility of this, unless he actually never cared about you at all.

When a man is interested in someone else, the chase becomes very thrilling to him and he is consumed by chasing the other woman.

You blocked him but that doesn’t really make him feel bad about himself because he already has another victim. It may make him angry for a moment but afterward, he’ll realize that he truly doesn’t have a reason to feel like that.

He doesn’t care, as there’s plenty of fish in the sea.

This probably isn’t what you wanted to hear but it’s the truth for many men out there, especially narcissists. Your absence only gives him the possibility to go and find another woman.

2. He’ll love the chase

DONE 6 Things Thatll Happen When He Realizes You Blocked Him 2

Oh, you blocked him? Isn’t it funny that now he’s really interested in you.

For some weird reason, men love the chase, as it makes them feel like actual manly predators. You’re the one they want and you’re the one they’ll run after.

Once he realizes that you blocked him, there’s a huge chance that he’ll smile while looking at his phone. After that, he’ll come up with a very interesting plan on how to catch your interest again.

The fact that you blocked him doesn’t bother him. Men like him simply don’t know how to give up and move on.

He doesn’t know how to take a hint. He thinks you may want to intrigue him and make him chase you again.

If that’s your final goal, it just may have worked with this narcissist of yours.

3. He’ll contact you somehow

6 Things That'll Happen When He Realizes You Blocked Him

Once he realizes that you blocked him, he may not have the best reaction and he’ll try to contact you somehow. Narcissists don’t usually know how to handle situations when they don’t have all of your attention.

You were his one and only source of validation. Now, if he doesn’t find a replacement (which may not happen soon), he’ll try to contact you somehow.

He’ll want to talk to you about everything that happened and he may even want to apologize, which isn’t fun when you truly want to get rid of him.

If you blocked his number or his social media accounts, he’ll send you an email. If that doesn’t get your attention, he’ll text all of your friends until you make the decision to talk to him again.

A man can be extremely persistent if he thinks that you belong to him. When he thinks that he owns you, he won’t let you live a day without him.

Even if he was the one who broke up with you, he’ll probably try to contact you. The thought of you moving on without him haunts him in the worst way.

It’s a nightmare for him. He doesn’t even consider the fact that it may make him look pathetic, he’ll still call your mom to ask you where you are and why you’re not replying to him.

It wouldn’t surprise me if he made multiple fake accounts to try and get you to talk to him.

4. He’ll try to make you feel bad

DONE 6 Things Thatll Happen When He Realizes You Blocked Him 4

It doesn’t matter which method he uses to reach out to you, his first instinct is to make you feel bad about blocking him.

Once he realizes that you blocked him, he’ll try to make you feel bad about throwing your entire relationship away and he’ll tell you that you’re the problem.

He’ll say something along the lines of how you moved on without him and that you were able to forget everything because you didn’t care in the first place.

These accusations are extreme and you’ll want to convince him that he’s in the wrong. You’ll want to convince him that it wasn’t your fault but that it was all because of the things he did.

When you’re in a relationship with a manipulative man, he’ll say anything to keep you close. He’ll tell you anything and everything to get you back and drain all of your energy again.

Firstly, he may try to play the pity card. He’ll tell you that he’s sad and lost without you and when he sees that it’s not enough, he’ll try to make you feel awful about it.

All he wants to do is trigger you enough to give him some of your attention again. He doesn’t care that you were miserable with him, all he cares about is the way he felt when you were around.

That’s something a very selfish person would do, you know?

5. He may act out

6 Things That'll Happen When He Realizes You Blocked Him

This is a very scary thought. When you know that he’s an abusive and manipulative piece of garbage, you’re not really sure how he’s going to react.

You want to believe that he’ll take you blocking him calmly. You may want to give yourself some time to think things through or you’re simply done with his abuse.

The only thing you wanted was to get away from him, so why doesn’t he get that? He may act out the moment he realizes that you blocked him.

One of the options is him showing up at your front door and demanding that you unblock him, talk to him, or go back to him. Let’s pray that he doesn’t raise a hand to you.

Abusers have a tendency to find a way to hide the fact that they’re abusing someone, so he may not go to your workplace because there will be many witnesses. However, I wouldn’t be so sure.

He’ll take action in any way he deems to be appropriate and because of that, you may want to keep an eye open at all times.

If you have kids and you’re worried he may show up at their school, keep them very safe when you decide to block him. Once he realizes that you have, who knows what he’s capable of doing.

6. He’ll make an actual difference

6 Things That'll Happen When He Realizes You Blocked Him

You may not know what goes on in his mind but if he’s an understanding man who simply had some issues, he may want to change after realizing that you made the final decision to block him.

Once he realizes that you blocked him, he may feel a sense of responsibility for his actions. Not every man is going to make a big deal out of it or try to scare you.

He may actually want to be a better person who’ll make an actual difference in his life after you break up and you block him. It doesn’t always have to be about drama.

When or if he does make that difference in his behavior and in the way he looks at you and the entire relationship, he may try to go back to you and ask you for a second chance or he may respect your choice altogether and simply never contact you again.

8 reasons why you should still block him

I know that you want to be aware of the things that can happen once he realizes that you blocked him. You probably did so because you read that men come back after the no-contact period.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should want him back afterward, even if blocking him did accomplish its goal. There are many reasons why you should still block him and they’re all tied to the fact that you two broke up for a reason.

There are several benefits to blocking your ex on every single social media account that you have. He may try to contact you in other ways but you need to stay strong and block his new accounts as well and here’s why.

1. You’ll overcome your grief more easily

 6 Things That'll Happen When He Realizes You Blocked Him

When you’re constantly surrounded with reminders of the past, it’s not really easy to move on and overcome the grief that’s been eating you up this entire time.

Overcoming the pain and misery you’ve been experiencing since the break-up means that you’re not only left with the memories but also that you have to deal with it all on your own.

You had someone to lean on for such a long time and now they’re not there anymore. The good memories you have of your relationship only keep making you question whether blocking him was actually a good idea at all.

You want to be sure that you’ve made the right decision but the grief is making you question yourself more than once.

Blocking him means that you can’t contact him anymore, nor can you stalk him whenever you feel like you miss him. It’s needed for you to move on completely.

2. You can focus on yourself completely

6 Things That'll Happen When He Realizes You Blocked Him

We aren’t really aware of how much time and energy we spend on social media but the truth is that it’s more than we’re ready to admit to ourselves.

That time and energy kind of doubles when we’re going through a break-up, especially if you didn’t block him right away.

So block him and live the best life there is for you to live. Once he realizes that you blocked him, he can only assume that you’re living your best life!

You have the entire world to explore, you have so many things to do, so don’t waste your time scrolling through his accounts. Focus on yourself.

There were probably many things that you weren’t able to do while you were together, so now’s the right time to catch up with all of those goals, plans, and ideas. This is your time.

3. You can reflect on everything that happened

6 Things That'll Happen When He Realizes You Blocked Him

As stated before, we’re all too aware of the fact that we can go to our ex’s accounts and see what they’re up to. When you block him, you don’t have that privilege anymore.

Knowing that fact brings you clarity and gives you an opportunity to reflect on everything that happened. You can clearly see where you went wrong and you’re able to realize what his mistakes were and what your shortcomings were.

Once he realizes that you blocked him, he’s also going to reflect on what he did wrong. He’ll think about what brought you both to this point.

When he has the possibility of contacting you whenever he likes, he won’t really think about it much, so this will bring you both some clarity and the possibility to think things through properly.

4. No good will come from checking up on him

6 Things That'll Happen When He Realizes You Blocked Him

What do you want to achieve by being able to contact him whenever you want to? What do you think will come out of the fact that you’ll be able to scroll through his photos for hours?

Do you want to be able to see the very moment he deletes all of your pictures? Or is it because you want to be able to know who his new girlfriend is?

Sorry that I have to be this harsh but those are awful and pathetic reasons. You don’t need him, nor do you need to know where he spends all of his time or with whom.

I know that you’re following him because you want to see where he’s been so that you can show up there or simply to be able to stalk his new girl. Do you really want that?

It only shows that you’re extremely insecure and jealous. You need to let go of him.

Once he realizes that you blocked him, he’ll be able to know that you’re strong and decisive and until then, he won’t have much of an opinion of you.

Believe me when I tell you that you’re better off not knowing what he’s doing or with whom he’s spending his time. Nothing good can come of that and it just makes you just look desperate.

5. He can’t stalk you

 6 Things That'll Happen When He Realizes You Blocked Him

If you’ve truly had problems with a narcissistic abuser, then you may want to block him on everything and change your number while you’re at it.

Don’t even consider giving your number to anyone who may potentially know him because he’ll find a way to you.

If he’s not on your list of blocked people then he can always look up where you are if you check-in to places and he’ll show up unannounced. This is especially scary if you have a new boyfriend or someone you’re talking to.

He’ll be able to see your pictures of him and he may want to hurt you or him (or both of you). You don’t want that to happen, do you?

Instead of taking pity on him and pretending like you don’t know how dangerous he is, block him. Once he realizes that you blocked him, he’ll understand that he can’t hurt you anymore.

6. You’ll figure out what you actually want from a romantic relationship

6 Things That'll Happen When He Realizes You Blocked Him

Every break-up teaches us a new lesson. We always learn something new from those failed relationships and we come out stronger.

Going back to that same person only means that you haven’t learned your lesson yet. It means that you’re not able to let go of the love you think you deserve.

You let him manipulate you in your toxic relationship and you were ready to believe that he was doing it out of love. Now that the relationship is over and done, you have to block him on every platform known to man.

Don’t let him get close to you ever again. You have the power to figure out what you actually want from a romantic relationship right now.

You have the possibility to realize the things that are red flags for you and the things that you’d do anything to get from your significant other.

This is the time for you to set healthy boundaries, so the first thing you should be able to do is block him and never speak to him again.

Whatever it is that you want in a relationship, he was definitely not that.

7. You won’t have to filter what you post

6 Things That'll Happen When He Realizes You Blocked Him

There’s literally no downside in blocking your ex on social media.

When you post pictures knowing that your ex may see them, you actually filter the things you want to post. Your Instagram profile becomes a feed of pictures you know would make your ex jealous.

That’s so bad, because it means you still want his validation. You want him to ‘see what he lost‘ or to simply show him that you’re doing fine without him.

All of that is a lie and a complete waste of time. You’re acting out a persona just to make him believe that you’re not as miserable as he thinks you are.

You need to stop that. Your social media accounts are there to make you happy, so that you can post whatever you want.

Once he realizes that you blocked him, he’ll know that you’re not filtering things out for him. He doesn’t have the power to control what you post anymore.

That’s the power you need to reclaim by blocking him.

8. You broke up for a reason

6 Things That'll Happen When He Realizes You Blocked Him

This is a simple reminder. If you don’t want to block him simply because you believe that there’s still a chance for you both to find happiness together, then you need to rethink that.

You broke up for a reason. Whatever reason that was, it was enough to separate you.

If it was something silly and stupid, then you’re just not mature enough to have a serious, long-term relationship. That’s also a good enough reason to stay away from each other.

There’s so much for you to understand and realize when it comes to this break-up that you simply have to block him. Once he realizes that you have, he’ll also understand that this wasn’t the relationship for either of you.

You will be okay. You will be all right without him.

I can promise you that much.

6 Things That'll Happen When He Realizes You Blocked Him

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