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I Still Miss You, But I Know Why We Had To Stop Talking

I Still Miss You, But I Know Why We Had To Stop Talking

No matter how much time I give myself to forget you, I still can’t do it. I still miss you, but now I know why we had to stop talking.

The truth is I never stopped missing you. You’re always in the back of my mind and it’s hard for me to accept that. You wander around my mind like an uninvited guest who’s overstaying his welcome.

I have no problem during the day, but when the sun sets and night comes, I’m left at the mercy of my own thoughts of you and what we could’ve been before I finally fall asleep.

I’m not ashamed to confess that I still miss you. Actually, I never stopped thinking about you. I still play in my head the memories of times we shared together. I reminisce about us as a couple.

I genuinely miss you and your presence beside me.

But the thought of us getting together again is what scares me off. I don’t miss you in the sense that I want us to try again.

I never thought about getting back together with you and giving it another shot. But that doesn’t mean I don’t miss you.

DONE! I Still Miss You, But I Know Why We Had To Stop Talking

I have this void in my heart that only you could fill, but now I know why we had to cut ties.

You know the feeling of really missing a person who had a tremendous effect on your life?

The kind of person who you only meet once in your lifetime? That’s how much I miss you, but still, I know why we had to stop talking to each other.

You were my significant other. You made me stronger and more resilient. You gave me the strength and courage to change myself. You shaped me into the person I’ve now become. 

Your presence gave me the much-needed push to grow into the person that I am today.

Our emotional connection was one of a kind and strong, but now I know why we had to stop talking to each other.

Yet there are reasons why we aren’t a part of each other’s lives anymore.

We had everything planned out since we genuinely believed that we were meant for each other, but we failed. Miserably.

DONE! I Still Miss You, But I Know Why We Had To Stop Talking

The sad truth is I know that we had something special and unique.

Some might say that we were the best thing to happen to either one of us. But we didn’t hold onto us.

As we all know, life has its cruel way of testing you over and over again.

Due to various life excuses and our hesitation, we never truly reached our full potential.

We didn’t fight together against the cruel world. We prioritized many things but never prioritized ourselves.

They say those who are in a long-term relationship don’t fall apart in one day, but sometimes it seems like we did.

One moment, you were the only person who could make me feel alive.

The one who kept me up at night with your gentle smile and deep conversations, who took so much space in my heart and soul.

The next, you became part of my past.

DONE! I Still Miss You, But I Know Why We Had To Stop Talking

And yet I still think about you. I still miss you.

I’ve been wondering: Did I do something wrong? Should I have tried harder to hold onto you? You know, you’re still keeping me awake at night, but this time you’re not lying with me in my bed.

I have so much to say to you – all these thoughts and emotions gathering in my head and soul trying to break free – but I know that it doesn’t matter anymore.

You took up all this space in me. So when we stopped talking to each other, you left a void in me.

Nevertheless, life must go on and it did. It’s funny how life continues, even though a part of ourselves is still stuck in the past.

We both decided to move on, we choose different paths, and honestly, I was happier with it than I once thought I would be.

Even though you’re not there beside me, encouraging me to chase my dreams, life is actually going well, and I don’t regret giving life another chance to sweep me off my feet.

DONE! I Still Miss You, But I Know Why We Had To Stop Talking

Although, when something beautiful happens to me, I still reach for the phone to call you and tell you everything about it.

There are certain things about me that only you could understand, and I know I have to be strong to not grab the phone and send you a text.

I try not to think about how life’s been for you or if you’ve found someone new.

I’ve stopped myself from asking our mutual friends about you more times than I’d like to admit, because I know I can’t do that.

I can’t reach out to you because for some reason we didn’t fight, yet we didn’t put in the effort to keep each other in our lives. We simply decided it was time for us to move on and we stopped fighting. That was our mistake. 

We had our disagreements and fights, but no one can point fingers and say one of us is to blame.

These days, we live our lives without each other in them. And who knows, maybe it’s for the best.

DONE! I Still Miss You, But I Know Why We Had To Stop Talking

Maybe we needed to lose each other so that we value more those who’ll come after us.

I know that we let go of each other because we were afraid of what the future held for us.

And who knows, maybe it’s for the best that we broke things off and saved each other some long-term damage.

In the end, the reasons we broke up aren’t important anymore. All that matters now is that I know we still want what’s best for both of us.

And that is to find someone who genuinely loves us and supports us in our passions. And to live the lives we hoped we would, but never did.

I know why we had to stop talking, but I still miss you. 

I Still Miss You, But I Know Why We Had To Stop Talking

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