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“My Ex Blocked Me And I Didn’t Do Anything!” 8 Possible Reasons Why

“My Ex Blocked Me And I Didn’t Do Anything!” 8 Possible Reasons Why

“My ex blocked me and I didn’t do anything!” 

My friend told me this last week and we talked about it for hours. Why would someone block you without an actual reason, right? 

However, that wasn’t the first question that I asked myself, which was: “Why would you care?”

When you spend months talking to someone and sometimes even years, you get very attached to them. You see them as your safe haven.

You share so many beautiful memories with that person that not having them around breaks your heart into two. 

This person was your entire world. You made plans for the future and even though things didn’t work out, you still hoped that you could somehow stay a part of their life. 

If you’re a woman who got blocked by her ex-boyfriend, you feel like you were the one who did something wrong. Wasn’t the break-up mutual? 

You’re trying to figure out what you might’ve done but for some reason, you can’t work out the reason why. Something quite important thing to address is that it’s completely okay for you to be upset over this.

People will tell you that you’re being dramatic but messaging and social media are big parts of our everyday lives. You can’t just ignore their importance nowadays. 

Someone wouldn’t just do this out of the blue! Because of that, you have the full right to question his behavior.

Why did he block you? Is there any plausible answer to this or is he just being a douchebag? 

My ex blocked me and I didn’t do anything! Why would he do that?

There are many possible reasons as to why he would block you. When I talked to my friend about this topic, we came up with likely explanations for why someone would do this. 

He could have his own petty little motives for doing this but that doesn’t mean that none of the possibilities here are irrelevant.

There’s always an actual reason behind it. No one just goes on a blocking spree and blocks their ex-girlfriend by accident. 

There’s something that happened in his mind that led him to this decision. If you want to know the answer to this, even though you’re saying: “My ex blocked me and I didn’t do anything,” then let’s figure this out together. 

1. He’s enforcing the no contact rule

My Ex Blocked Me And I Didn't Do Anything! 8 Possible Reasons Why

Many people think that the no contact rule is the only way to actually get over a break-up. There are many out there who like to believe that they can stay friends with their ex even though it has been proven fatal many times before. 

A person will go back to their ex and get their heart broken all over again. 

So when you stop to think, “My ex blocked me and I didn’t do anything,” just remember that he’s still your ex-boyfriend and that you should’ve blocked each other right away anyway. 

I wouldn’t want my ex to talk to me either, at least not for a while after the break-up. Even if we weren’t hurting too much, it would still feel weird to talk to someone who you’ve just pushed out of your life. 

You shouldn’t even want to text him or contact him in other ways. You should also try to stay away from him during this time period. 

When he blocks you for no apparent reason then he may just be trying to stop the constant contact, like your text messages. Don’t overthink things, because he probably just enforced the no contact rule

2. He still has feelings for you

DONE My Ex Blocked Me And I Didnt Do Anything 8 Possible Reasons Why 2

Who could move on from their ex if they constantly saw their pictures on every single type of social media there was out there? 

Let me ask you this: Who broke up with whom? 

If you broke up with him, you can’t really expect anything else. You don’t believe that you did anything wrong and that he blocked you on his own terms but it’s likely he’s very hurt. 

He could’ve also broken up with you and still have feelings for you. He can love you and still walk away if he doesn’t think that you’re right for each other. 

You know how it feels to love someone and have their photos pop up on your Instagram feed. It’s absolutely awful, right?

He didn’t know what else to do in this situation. He doesn’t want to hurt your feelings but at the same time, he can’t stand to look at you.

This is a hard pill to swallow but I truly hope that you understand this because he needs space from you to cope with the fact that you’ve broken up. 

3. He’s convinced himself to hate you

My Ex Blocked Me And I Didn't Do Anything! 8 Possible Reasons Why

“My ex blocked me and I didn’t do anything!” Maybe the issue really was never with you to begin with. 

As you may know, most men have very fragile egos. If he sees that your life is going great and his life isn’t remotely as nice as yours, then he’ll get extremely petty. 

Just because you don’t think that anything’s wrong, it doesn’t mean that he sees it the same way. He can hold a grudge much longer. 

Another well-known fact is that men often don’t know how to deal with sadness or guilt. They were never taught that it was all right for them to cry and experience emotional pain. 

Because of that, he’ll turn to feelings that he’s comfortable with, and psychologically speaking, men know how to deal with hatred and anger much better than other ones. 

He’ll turn to these emotions because it’s much easier for him to understand them and work through them. If he convinces himself to hate you, he’ll be able to look himself in the mirror again. 

Another reason for this behavior is his friends, as peer pressure makes us do some crazy things. He doesn’t want to seem weak or vulnerable next to his close friends. 

He would literally rather block you and hate you than make them see him as less.

4. He doesn’t care to see you anymore

DONE My Ex Blocked Me And I Didnt Do Anything 8 Possible Reasons Why 4

I would love to say that everyone has the same needs and the same thought processes as you do. 

You believe that it’s okay for you two to stay close to each other and to continue talking. He was your best friend for crying out loud! 

Why would you stop messaging each other or seeing each other? At least you could use WhatsApp to check in on each other from time to time and make plans for coffee.

When your ex blocks you, you may take all the responsibility for it. “My ex blocked me and I didn’t do anything,” is a sentence you’ll keep repeating to yourself to convince yourself and everyone else that it’s true and it probably is. 

Do you know how your heart skips a beat whenever you see him on your feed? You see the man you loved a couple of days ago, you see him and all of your memories come back to you. 

However, you welcome them. You welcome those memories with open arms because you don’t think of them as a bad thing.

He may not really agree with you. If he wants to move on and get over you, then he’ll need some time apart from you.

Your ex wants more steps to walk away from you and one of those steps happened to be blocking you. He really doesn’t care enough to see you right now.

If you hurt him, though, can you really blame him? 

5. He’s seeing someone else

My Ex Blocked Me And I Didn't Do Anything! 8 Possible Reasons Why

Believe it or not, it doesn’t matter how much time has passed. A person can get into a new relationship in a matter of days after they’re done with you. 

You want to believe that he’ll take some time to heal just like you are but that doesn’t really bother him. 

You should know by now whether he’s seeing someone else. He’s probably not keeping it a secret, however, and if he wants the relationship to be successful, he needs to block you first. 

Texting you constantly and seeing your photos pop up on his feed doesn’t really give him enough space to move on with someone else. 

Also, his new girlfriend may have told him to keep away from you. I think you have to understand his need to respect the new girl’s boundaries. 

Would you feel comfortable if your new partner spent time texting his ex? You probably wouldn’t. 

Nevertheless, it could be that he used you for attention until the very moment he found another victim to play with. He got bored of you and simply decided to find someone else.

He blocked you so that you would see that he doesn’t need you anymore. Either way, he’s moved on and it’s time for you to do the same. 

6. You offended him without knowing

DONE My Ex Blocked Me And I Didnt Do Anything 8 Possible Reasons Why 6

“My ex blocked me and I didn’t do anything!”

Are you sure about that? Could you have done something to upset him but you don’t remember it?

I know that thinking about this can only give you so many answers. You probably shouldn’t overanalyze these things because it’ll lead you into a downward spiral of overthinking, which is really bad for your mental health. 

The worst thing about this is that if you were in a long-distance relationship, there’s no way for you to meet up. You can’t just randomly bump into him on the street and ask him what happened. 

You’ll have a hard time believing you did anything wrong but you have to be honest with yourself. Don’t just brush aside your actions and words, as you could’ve said something out of sheer hurt or pain that you were experiencing.

You could read through your last text messages to try and see what went wrong but you don’t have to overthink this to the point where you’ll get depressed. 

It was unintentional. You didn’t do this to truly cause harm, so you can forgive yourself and move on. 

7. He’s just immature

My Ex Blocked Me And I Didn't Do Anything! 8 Possible Reasons Why

There’s a clear difference between someone who’s a mature adult and someone who deep down is nothing more than a little boy. A mature man would tell you if he wanted to block you.

He’d tell you that he needs some space and that he needs you to understand him. He would probably even give you the chance to voice your own opinion on this topic. 

However, someone whom we can’t really call a real man but rather an immature brat would just block you and let you figure things out yourself. 

If he even blocked your phone number and didn’t leave you a way to contact him, then he’s most probably just juvenile. His feelings are hurt and his ego is bruised, so he’s resorting to extremely petty measures. 

Your brain is constantly screaming at you: “My ex blocked me and I didn’t do anything,” which I truly do believe. You don’t have to do anything specifically to have him block you if he’s really that immature. 

His immaturity has told you everything you need to know. 

8. He’s afraid of what he may do if he doesn’t block you

DONE My Ex Blocked Me And I Didnt Do Anything 8 Possible Reasons Why 8

As stated before, the ego of a man is extremely fragile and even though it’s such a big part of them, they can bruise their own ego by doing something stupid. 

For him, doing something stupid would be to call you when he got a little bit too drunk. He doesn’t want to text you when he misses you, nor does he want to call you when he’s feeling low. 

When he made the decision to block you, he actually found a way to stop himself from doing something that he may regret later on. 

If he texted you out of desperation, that would mean that you’re the one who won. He thinks that it would be some sort of a defeat. 

He’s afraid of all the things that would inevitably happen if he didn’t block you, which is why it’s his only option right now as he’s so extremely weak-minded and he can’t stop his own urge to talk to you. 

At least this way, he can’t just dial your number and straight-up call you to talk. 

What can you do when your ex blocked you and you didn’t do anything?

Now that we’ve talked about some of the reasons why he might have blocked you, it’s time to figure out what you can do to ease your anxiety a little bit. 

You’re overthinking everything as it is and you need to take action. You have to figure out what happened so that you can let go of this situation. 

When my ex blocked me and I hadn’t done anything to hurt him prior to it, I made sure to do something that would still show that I respected myself. 

These are the things I recommended to my friend and now I’m here, telling you that this is the best way to deal with these circumstances. 

1. Try asking your mutual friends

My Ex Blocked Me And I Didn't Do Anything! 8 Possible Reasons Why

During your time together, you must’ve had mutual friends. You met people together and you both probably stayed in contact with the same people. 

Your mutual friends should be quite neutral in this entire ordeal but some of them are going to take sides. You can’t just expect everyone to continue to like you. 

However, there must be one or two people you can confide in when it comes to this issue.

A good friend of yours will give you the time of day to explain things to you. Ask them to meet up with you and help you work things through. 

Disclaimer: Don’t be too pushy about this. You have to understand that people can make decisions for themselves.

This would mean that this friend of yours is betraying him by telling you what happened and not everyone can do this. 

So instead of being pushy, ask casually. Ask to talk about it and if they’re interested in explaining everything to you, then that’s amazing. 

​2. Send him a text but don’t be creepy

DONE My Ex Blocked Me And I Didnt Do Anything 8 Possible Reasons Why 10

Has he really blocked you everywhere, even your phone number? Do you have any way to contact him? 

If you believe that there’s one social media platform that he skipped, pick up your phone and write that DM, or if he hasnt blocked your number, text him and ask him what’s wrong.

When you’re stuck repeating the same sentence to yourself: “My ex blocked me and I didn’t do anything!” it can really become toxic to your own self. 

However, be very aware that this is the first time you’ve talked to him in a while so in the first place, you should be very compassionate. 

Also, be prepared for him to ghost you or use very harsh words. You might have done something that you’re not even aware of. 

3. Don’t expect him to unblock you

My Ex Blocked Me And I Didn't Do Anything! 8 Possible Reasons Why

He has the full right to block you and unblocking you may not even be an option to him at this point. He might have only blocked you last night and he needs time for himself. 

This may be the last time you’ll talk to him for a while. Have that in mind when you’re telling him how this entire situation makes you feel. 

You can contact him and say that you understand his decision but that you’d like an explanation and tell him that you don’t expect him to unblock you elsewhere. 

4. Move on

DONE My Ex Blocked Me And I Didnt Do Anything 8 Possible Reasons Why 12

“My ex blocked me and I didn’t do anything,” doesn’t have to be a statement that should be a call for action, especially not if he blocked you everywhere and you have no way to contact him or if you texted him and the next day your phone still showed no notifications. 

You should truly move on.

Do you want your ex back? Do you want to go through all of that pain and misery again?

I wouldn’t want to make the decision for you but going back to your ex or begging him to take you back is anything but a smart idea. 

If you believe that you didn’t get the closure you need, then let this be your reminder that all you need is the simple fact that he blocked you to give yourself that closure. 

Please don’t go running after him just because you’re scared of being alone. I know that things feel a little bit too real once you get blocked by your ex but that’s not the worst thing that can happen. 

Just move on. Do yourself that favor because moving on will hurt less than trying to get to the bottom of this issue. 

5. Focus on yourself

My Ex Blocked Me And I Didn't Do Anything! 8 Possible Reasons Why

How focused are you on the fact that he blocked you? How much of your time does thinking about this man take from your day-to-day life? 

It’s probably correct to assume that you’re constantly thinking about this. Just the fact that you’re here shows that you’ve been wondering about this a lot. 


It’s easier said than done, I know that. You can’t just stop obsessing over him, however much you may try. 

But please just try. Try to focus on yourself, your own grief, and your pain.

Don’t just run after him, trying to figure out the reasoning behind his behavior. 

Remember the moment you two broke up and you changed your profile picture from one where you two were together to a picture of just you alone? Well, use that as a metaphor for yourself. 

Take him out of the picture and just focus on yourself. 

You need to be there for yourself right now. You have to understand that you’re your own biggest priority

If he wanted to talk to you, he wouldn’t have blocked you in the first place. He doesn’t want you in his life and he doesn’t want to talk to you. 

I know this hurts to hear but at this point, you have to hear it from me if you’re not listening to your friends. 

Focus on yourself. Forget about your ex. 


DONE My Ex Blocked Me And I Didnt Do Anything 8 Possible Reasons Why 14

When my ex blocked me and I hadn’t done anything to upset him prior to his decision, I thought that I had to do anything and everything to apologize. 

When my friend went through this same experience, her first instinct was also to say that she was sorry. 

The same thing is happening to you too. You want to make things right and you don’t want him to be mad at you. 

However, that’s not your responsibility anymore. It’s not your job to regulate what he does with his emotions. 

Please, stop thinking about this because it’ll take over you, especially if you have absolutely no way to contact him. 

You’re obviously the only one who’s still playing this game. He exited it a long while back, so don’t stress about it any longer. 

You’re better than this. Go live your life and move on like the absolutely gorgeous woman you are!

"My Ex Blocked Me And I Didn't Do Anything!" 8 Possible Reasons Why

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