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Never Chase A Man After A Breakup And Learn How To Make Him Chase You

Never Chase A Man After A Breakup And Learn How To Make Him Chase You

Have you broken up with your ex-boyfriend and now you think that you have made the biggest mistake of your life, so you want your ex back? Before you start texting him and stalkaing him on social media, remember that you should never chase a man after a breakup.

Do guys like the chase in a relationship? Yes, if they are the ones who are chasing. So if you are wondering if you should chase a guy after a breakup, be sure that when a man wants you to chase him, you will know. You need to have self-respect and self-esteem and remember why you broke up in the first place.

My husband is my best friend, and he has admitted to me that he liked me on our first date, but he would have never ended up with me if I had chased him. Instead, I let my husband chase me, and that is why he became my husband in the first place. It was the first time I hadn’t chased a great guy I met, and that is how I got my husband to chase after me and realize that it was true love.

Never chase a man after a breakup

Never Chase A Man After A Breakup And Learn How To Make Him Chase You

Maybe your ex-lover was a great guy, your true love and best friend, but you should never chase a man after a breakup. All that apologizing and all those text messages will only push him away from you so if you are thinking “I broke up with him and now I want him back,” make him chase you and respect the no contact rule

Read on to discover why you should never chase a man after a breakup and what to say to your ex-boyfriend after a breakup. Your ex-boyfriend might be thinking that losing you was the biggest mistake of his life, and if you play your cards right, he will come running back to you.

Five Reasons Why You Should Never Chase A Guy

Never Chase A Man After A Breakup And Learn How To Make Him Chase You

Your ex-boyfriend might regret losing you, but text messages and bothering him on social media won’t get you anywhere because you need to stick to the no contact rule and have self-respect and self-esteem to get your ex back.

Here are the reasons why you should never chase a man after a break-up.

1. If you have to chase him, he’s not that into you

It doesn’t matter if he was your best friend because he is now your ex-lover, and you need to make him chase you. Since the last time you saw each other, it probably requires some apologizing from the both of you, but for now, you should apply the no contact rule because you want him to come running back. If he likes you, he will chase you, and there is no need for you to chase him.

2. He needs to value you

To be high value, a woman has to be the one who never chases anyone. So by chasing him, you will lower your perceived value. Just think about the last time you tried to chase a guy, and how he perceived you after that; it was certainly different than on your first date.

You might be tempted to become friends with benefits.

3. You won’t be a challenge

From the first time you started texting him after the breakup, you have become less of a challenge for him, and men love it when winning a woman’s heart is a challenge. It could be said that there are requirements when applying for a relationship and one of the requirements is that you must be a challenge.

4. You will seem desperate

If you are the one who starts texting first after the breakup, you will look desperate, and that is a huge turn-off for men.

5. Men love it when they have to chase a girl

Winning a woman’s heart is a challenge for men, and they love the chase, so let him chase you because you will seem more desirable to him.

10 Psychological Tricks To Make Him Chase You Again

Never Chase A Man After A Breakup And Learn How To Make Him Chase You

1. Play games with his mind

You have to learn how to play hard to get because men always play mind games. He considers you to be a reward, so play hot and cold with him and keep your distance. Do not contact him first.

2. Show him that you’ve moved on

You have to show him that you enjoy life and pretend that you have moved on, even if you really haven’t. Do all the things that make you happy and stop obsessing about him.

3. Look amazing

If there was ever a time for you to look your best, it’s now. Show him what he is missing by looking the best you can.

4. Don’t show weakness

Don’t bother him, let him breathe and realize that he is missing you. Whatever you do, stay cool and don’t show weakness.

5. Say no

You need to act cold-hearted and say no to him when he expects you to be available for him. He thinks that you are a safe bet, and you need to show him that you’re not going to just wait around for him to come to his senses.

6. You need to make him think about you

Ignore him when you run into each other at a party and show him your great lifestyle after the breakup, which he has probably already seen on social media.

7. Don’t always be available

People who are not so easily accessible to us are the kind we are attracted to the most, so don’t be available to him all the time. Wait for a little while until you answer his calls or texts.

8. Stop talking about your relationship

Don’t show him that you are in pain and stop talking about your relationship because it is a sign that you haven’t moved on.

9. Try using reverse psychology

Why not tell him that you don’t want to see each other for a while? If he says that you should be friends, agree with him.

10. Be a little bitchy

Playing hard to get will cause you to be a bitch sometimes, and that is perfectly fine. In fact, guys like that kind of attitude, but don’t overdo it.

Why do some people chase their ex after a breakup?

Never Chase A Man After A Breakup And Learn How To Make Him Chase You

Sometimes people get so desperate that they can’t resist the urge to chase their ex. They simply want to get back together that badly. But the truth is, most of the time, it will cause them to lose the chance they had with that person because men don’t like to be chased, and he should be the one chasing you.

No matter how much you wish to get back together, the rules of dating are that you should not show it to him. The one who is chased will always be the one who is running away, so even if you don’t like playing games, you have to if you want to get what you want.

How does a narcissist react once you stop chasing them?

If your ex is, in fact, a narcissist, and if you stop chasing him, it will make him go crazy. Maybe at first, he won’t react, but once he sees that there’s no response from you, he will go mad about you and will start chasing you.

We have a dedicated article to ignoring a narcissist, so if your ex is a narcissist, read all about ignoring him. It will get him to chase you, text you like crazy and stalk you on social media. But with so many great men out there, we suggest avoiding people who are narcissists.

How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

I know that all you can think about after a breakup is how to get your ex back, but you should actually be thinking about how to get him to miss you and regret breaking up with you. Whatever you do, don’t cry in front of him and beg him to come back because it will only ruin things, and you will lose your dignity for nothing.

To get him back, you have to make him chase you, and by listening to our advice, you will be able to do so. Show him that you can have a great time without him and ignore him. Have a girls’ night out and don’t just pretend that you’re doing great but have him wondering how you can feel so great after the breakup.

Show him your maturity and strength to get him to realize what an amazing woman you are and regret leaving you. You will be causing him to feel like you are the one who is rejecting him and not the other way around. It will drive him crazy, and he will start thinking about how leaving you was a mistake.

You have to make him chase you if you want him to come back, and for your relationship to work better than ever, you will have to be the one who is strong and confident enough to show him that you can do great without him.

Never Chase A Man After A Breakup And Learn How To Make Him Chase You

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