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How To Tell If He’s Into You: 20 Signs He’s Falling In Love

There will be signs he’s falling in love if he really is interested in you. Are you wondering how to tell if he’s falling in love with you?

Have you known each other for a while now, or does it seem that way? If he is interested in finding out everything about you and remembers the little things you tell him, those are symptoms of love.

Are there signs he’s falling in love with you? Maybe he brings out the very best in you and always listens to everything you have to say and if he’s generous and thoughtful with you, those are also signs of falling in love.

There are actually many signs a man is falling in love, and they are not the same for everyone so don’t be worried if the man you’re interested in isn’t showing these signs he’s falling in love.

How To Tell If He's Into You: 20 Signs He's Falling In Love

Maybe he has other ways of showing how he feels about you, and if you sense there’s something there, you could be right.

These signs a man is falling in love is my attempt to help you find out what’s going on inside his head.

Still, the signs of falling in love may be different in your case. Maybe his values aren’t similar to yours, but he always calls first or he rarely calls first, but you feel a real connection between you.

All of these are signs he’s falling for you, but there are many more.

If he’s showing these signs he’s falling in love, you can be sure that he is.

Are you ready to find out? Here are all the signs he’s falling in love.

Signs he’s falling in love

1. You’ve known each other for a long time, or it seems that way

How To Tell If He's Into You: 20 Signs He's Falling In Love

You are getting along like crazy, and it seems like he can’t get enough of you. Either you’ve known each other for a long time, or it seems that way because you have simply clicked!

It’s clear that he’s interested in you and everything that makes you who you are. That’s a great sign!

Does he want to find out all there is about you and your dreams and goals and is he interested in discovering everything about your personality? It’s pretty clear then – he’s crazy about you!

If you’ve known each other for a long time, he might have jumped from liking you to falling in love with you. You’ll know if he still wants to learn more about you because he’s so interested in who you are.

It could also seem like you’ve known each other forever, even though you’ve only recently met.

The signs that he’s falling for you are the same, so if he doesn’t just like how you look but who you are, it might be love!

2. He inspires you to be the best version of yourself

How To Tell If He's Into You: 20 Signs He's Falling In Love

Does he bring out the very best in you? It’s probably because he sees only the best in you.

You feel great when you’re with him, and there’s no second-guessing. You’re simply inspired to be the best version of yourself.

It’s like you feel the most like yourself when you’re with him and he always has a smile on his face when he sees you and that positivity is contagious.

It’s all because he sees you as an amazing person, and you don’t realize you are unless you’re with him.

3. He wants to listen and communicate

How To Tell If He's Into You: 20 Signs He's Falling In Love

He listens carefully to every word you say and really gets it. Even when he’s angry or upset, he doesn’t give you the silent treatment because he wants to talk it out, directly and openly.

You’re transparent with each other, and there’s no need to read between the lines. It’s easy to be in a relationship with him because you get where he is coming from, and the same goes for him.

Things are great between you two exactly because of your open communication. You’re honest with each other and always want to work things out when there’s an issue.

Communication is the key to a successful relationship, and there’s no communication without listening so if your man listens carefully and remembers the little things you say, those are signs that he’s falling for you.

4. You can tell by his body language

He might not use words to say it, but his body language will show signs he’s falling in love.

Maybe he looks at you across a crowded bar and gives you a secret smile, or he puts his hand on yours in a restaurant.

Does he hang out in the kitchen and talk while you prepare a meal? Maybe he reaches out in an attempt to hold your hand while he’s driving.

There are a lot of subtle actions that can tell you the truth. If he’s showing signs he’s falling in love, you’ll see them in his body language.

Maybe he won’t look deep into your eyes and tuck your hair behind your ear, but he will do something equally romantic. Perhaps it will be just a long, deep look and a smile that will reveal his true feelings.

Trust your gut when it comes to his body language, but be on the lookout for other signs as well.

Some guys start acting clumsy when they fall in love, and their body language is all messed up. Still, you’ll be able to tell because you’ll sense it.

5. He’s generous and thoughtful with you

How To Tell If He's Into You: 20 Signs He's Falling In Love

Maybe he won’t bring you a dozen roses with a romantic note that says how he really feels about you but he steps up when it matters the most.

He remembers all the little things and tries to make you happy with kind gestures. Maybe he brought you coffee to work when he knew you needed a break or perhaps he came over with a bowl of hot chicken soup that time you were feeling sick.

He’s not just trying to impress you, but he’s showing you that you’ve been on his mind and wants to be attentive. You deserve nothing less after all, and he knows it.

So, maybe he isn’t a guy from a chick flick movie who will surprise you with grand romantic gestures… but those little things he does are signs he’s falling in love.

6. You have a real connection

How To Tell If He's Into You: 20 Signs He's Falling In Love

It’s like you feel the same things at the same time. You’ve found common ground together, so you’ve built upon it and created a special bond and that is why you can be yourself around him, and he loves you just the way you are!

He finds all the weird things about you cute, and he accepts you for who you are.

It’s amazing when you have such a genuine connection with someone, and you need to cherish it. If he accepts you for who you are, it’s one of the signs he’s falling in love.

All your little flaws are adorable to him, and he loves you even more because of them. He truly sees how special and amazing you are.

Can you be yourself around him? It means that it could be true love!

7. He can’t get you out of his head

And he doesn’t want to either.

He’s always thinking of you, and you know because he sends you little texts whenever he has time. He wants to know what you’re up to because he’s constantly thinking about you.

I knew my boyfriend was falling in love with me when he started sending me just a kiss emoji whenever he could. It was a simple reminder that he was thinking of me, and it made me feel loved.

Does he send you little texts to check up on you whenever he gets the chance? It could be something as simple as a single emoji, and it means he’s falling for you.

8. Everything’s better when you’re together

How To Tell If He's Into You: 20 Signs He's Falling In Love

Is he also your best friend in the whole world and your favorite person to hang out with? Does he feel the same way about you and likes doing all sorts of things together?

Maybe you didn’t even know that it was possible to enjoy spending time with someone so much and to have so much fun together. All that and you get to have true love with him as well!

Whether he knows how to make you laugh with his wicked sense of humor, or he makes you feel at ease with his carefree attitude, you’re in love!

The two of you love spending time together, and you always choose to spend time with each other whenever you have the chance. Even running errands isn’t such a boring task as long as you do it together.

Whether you’re on a romantic date, on the couch watching Netflix, or in the kitchen doing dishes, you enjoy every second of it.

It’s great when you’re together, and if you keep this up, you’ll end up spending a lot more time by each other’s side… Maybe even eternity.

9. You have the same top core values in life

Family, career, money, charities, kids, education, politics… Even if you rank them differently, the two of you agree which are the top core values in life.

So maybe you have different tastes when it comes to music or food, but when it comes to his values, they are similar to yours. If you’re on the same page about values in life, falling in love naturally comes next.

Still, don’t get so worked up if you don’t agree on this. There’s probably something important that you have in common that has created the strong bond you have with each other.

Even opposites attract, and some values change during your life. As long as it feels like you’re on the same page when it comes to the things that matter the most to you, you’ll be fine.

10. You support each other’s dreams

How To Tell If He's Into You: 20 Signs He's Falling In Love

Does he support you when you have commitments and responsibilities that mean you can’t be together? Whether it’s about your school or your career, when you have responsibilities, your partner needs to support you and that type of sacrifice really proves that he loves you.

If you have each other’s back and support each other’s dreams, your relationship is likely going to work out. True love makes you feel like you could take on the world.

With the right amount of support, who knows what you could achieve? Probably anything that you want.

Does he support you in achieving your dreams? If so, he’s falling for you, and he’s planning to see you succeed at everything you set your mind to and he’ll be there by your side to celebrate and applaud your success.

You’ll feel like you couldn’t have done it without him, and that’s how true love feels.

11. He likes to talk about the future

Do you sometimes stay up all night talking about decorating the house you’re going to buy one day when you decide to have kids? Talks like that are what really show that he loves you like crazy.

Maybe you even pick the color of the kids’ room, and you look into each other’s eyes and treasure that moment.

He has big plans for the future with you, and it shows that he has fallen for you. Why else would he spend so much time picturing a future with you?

Maybe you don’t talk about decorating your future house, but he doesn’t freak out when you mention marriage and kids. On the contrary, he enjoys imagining you in a white dress and would love to come up with the names of your kids.

Perhaps it’s not your own wedding that you talk about, but he’s planning to take you to a wedding that’s more than six months from now. This shows that he has no intention of leaving your side, and it’s because he’s falling for you.

12. He would do anything to make you happy

Is he very giving to you in more than one way? He listens when you talk and gives comments on some of your opinions and when there’s something bothering you, he’s there to give you his energy and time.

Whenever you need a hug, he’ll be there to give you one. All in all, he wants to make you feel good, and he’ll do anything he can to achieve that.

He shows up for you just like you need him to so even if he hasn’t said it out loud yet, it shows that he’s falling in love with you.

13. He isn’t interested in other women

How To Tell If He's Into You: 20 Signs He's Falling In Love

He never checks out other women and avoids mentioning them around you. All he wants is for you to know that you’re the only woman in the world for him, and that is how you feel when he looks at you.

He is only interested in you and does everything he can to prove that to you. When he wants to turn his head, he’ll turn it for you because he loves the way you look and that’s why he often compliments you on your appearance.

Not only does he love you for who you are, but he also enjoys the beautiful package you come in.

Has he talked about being exclusive yet? He isn’t interested in other women and won’t make you jealous, but will want you not to be interested in other men either.

14. He helps you in any way he can

signs he's falling in love

Does he go out of his way to do all sorts of favors for you? A lot of guys show their emotions with their actions instead of their words.

If he loves you, he’ll do all kinds of crazy things for you and that includes driving for hours to get you something or bringing you something you mentioned long ago that you like.

Does he bring you soup when you’re sick or maybe he’s always there to help you with your computer? All in all, he does you a lot of favors, and it’s because he’s falling for you.

He wants to make your life a little easier by fixing something or running an errand and he wants to pamper and spoil you because you deserve that.

This is one of the surest signs that he’s falling for you because a man who’s only pretending wouldn’t do all these things. All he wants is for your day to be brighter and your life to be easier.

15. He wants to hear your opinions

Does he often ask for your opinion? If he values your input, it’s another sign he’s falling in love.

He wants your feedback and support because you mean a lot to him and the only people men ask for opinions are those they trust and respect. So, this is a great sign because it shows that he not only loves you but trusts and respects you.

He wants you to know everything about his life and to find out what your thoughts are. If he values those thoughts you have on what’s going on with him, you can be sure that he’s in love with you.

16. He calls you first

signs he's falling in love

It’s a bad sign if the only time he talks to you is when you text him first. Trust me, if he’s not into you, he won’t text and call, because he’ll be too busy to do so.

Does he want to talk to you every day? That shows he really cares about you!

If he’s never too busy to talk to you, you can be sure that he’s into you. He wants to know that you’re thinking about him, and it won’t be hard for him to remind you by sending a text.

17. He wants to introduce you to his family

Everyone knows that things have gotten serious when it’s time to meet the partner’s parents. If he has thought about a future with you, he’ll want to know if you’ll get along with them and that is why he’ll want to introduce you to them.

Does he talk to you about his friends and family? If you have only recently started dating, he has probably just talked about his family, but he’ll want you to meet them too.

When that time comes, you’ll know for sure that he’s serious about you. If he wants you to meet the people he cares about, it means he cares about you.

18. He’s protective toward you

signs he's falling in love

He wants to solve your problems and help you be happy.

Does he want to help you in any way he can? He wants to be a part of your life, and by helping you, he feels like he is.

Is he protective of you? All he wants is for you to be safe, and when you think about it, doesn’t that mean that he loves you?

19. He treats you with respect

How To Tell If He's Into You: 20 Signs He's Falling In Love

Love is great, but you also need respect.

Does he treat you with respect? If so, it shows that you really do mean a lot to him.

If he cares about the details of your life and values your opinions, it shows that he’s invested.

Does he compliment your character and celebrate your accomplishments? If he even accommodates your weird habits, you can be sure that he is falling in love with you.

20. He is ready to make compromises

How To Tell If He's Into You: 20 Signs He's Falling In Love

The person who loves you will want to solve the problems you might have in any way they can and that means that they’ll be ready to make compromises.

It’s not important to him that he’s the one who’s right. What matters to him is that you two get along and find solutions to disagreements.

Loving someone means meeting them in the middle and this can be seen in even the smallest things he does.

Maybe he’s the type of guy who is a hardcore fan of action movies, but he’s willing to watch a chick flick with you, which is a sign that he’s into you. The funny part is that he ends up liking the chick flick even more than you do, even though he would never admit it.

How To Tell If He's Into You_ 20 Signs He's Falling In Love

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