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10 Signs He Is Secretly In Love With You

10 Signs He Is Secretly In Love With You

Is he secretly in love? If a guy likes you, he won’t be able to hide it, and there will be signs he loves you secretly.

He might be secretly in love, but it won’t be a secret anymore after you have read about the signs a guy likes you more than a friend.

If he is secretly in love with you, he won’t be able to hide it so well.

To figure out what’s going on in his head, all you have to do is look at his behavior when he’s with you, as how he acts around you shows if a guy likes you.

If he’s secretly in love, his eyes will be on you, and he’ll be overprotective and these are just some of the signs he loves you secretly.

All of us want to know if a guy is secretly in love, but not all of us know which signs to be on the lookout for and that is why I have listed the ten most clear signs he secretly loves you.

These signs he secretly likes you more than a friend will show you if you have a shot with him and once and for all, you’ll know if he’s secretly in love.

If you think that he can hide it, just remember when you were secretly in love with someone, maybe even with him.

Remember how hard it is to hide something like that… because when you’re secretly in love with someone, it shows in everything you do.

Whether you talk to your friends about him or make plans for the future with him, the signs that you’re secretly in love are there and naturally, the same goes for him.

If he is really secretly in love with you, he’ll do these things and many more. Keep reading to find out 10 of the signs he secretly loves you, to finally know for sure.

10 signs he is secretly in love with you

10 Signs He Is Secretly In Love With You

1. He can’t stop looking at you

Don’t they say that the eyes are actually the windows to a person’s soul?

Well, it’s kind of true, because you can tell a lot about someone’s sincerity through their eyes.

That’s the reason why this is the most significant body language sign to be on the lookout for, as when a person is attracted to something, they stare at it.

Does this guy often stare at you for quite some time?

Maybe stare is too harsh of a word, but I’m talking about a gentle gaze, which makes you feel that all he can think about is how beautiful you are. 

When a man gazes at you, you can be sure that he wants to connect with you, and it shows he’s in love.

Just think about what happens when you don’t really like a person; it can be awkward for you to make eye contact with them so you show your disinterest by looking in other directions. 

Is this man afraid of making eye contact with you? If not, he simply likes to look at you, and it’s one of the signs he secretly loves you. 

He is giving you all of his attention because he admires and appreciates you. It’s like he can’t get enough of you and enjoys looking at you more than at anything else. 

Once he looks deep into your eyes and tells you that he loves you, you can be sure about it but until then, trust your instincts, and don’t ignore the way he looks at you.

If it makes you feel like you’re the only girl in the world for him, he’s probably trying to show you that.

2. He compliments you

10 Signs He Is Secretly In Love With You 2

“You are beautiful,” and, “You look amazing,” are examples of compliments you get from guys you’ve just met.

These are technically compliments, but they are all about physical appearance and therefore, they don’t show that a guy’s in love with you. 

When he’s in love, he’ll notice a lot more than just the way you look on the outside.

“You’re really good at what you do,” and, “You’re very intelligent,” are compliments you’ll start getting from him and this is because all of a sudden he will see all the things you can do, not just the way you look.

The adjectives he’ll use will describe you in ways that aren’t just based on your physical appearance.

Naturally, he will still think that you look beautiful, but he’ll see all the other things as well.

The way he communicates with you will also show you some of the signs he secretly likes you more than a friend. 

What does he prefer to talk about with you?

If he likes you, he will constantly talk about himself because he wants to sound appealing, and that’s his way of getting your attention but if he truly loves you, he will use ‘we’ instead of ‘I’.

He will pay attention and listen carefully to everything you have to say, even if it’s actually boring and in addition, he will try to initiate a conversation by asking you questions.

These may include, “How was your day?” and, “What do you feel like doing?” but even asking about how you are does the trick.

Pay attention to his body language as well. Do you have his full attention when he talks to you?

If he leans in to better hear what you’re saying, it’s also one of the body language signs that shows a guy likes you more than a friend and as I mentioned earlier, he will also look intently at you, not everywhere else.

3. He wants to touch you and be close to you

10 Signs He Is Secretly In Love With You 3

Don’t underestimate any of the body language signs, because they can prove that a guy has feelings for you.

If he uses every chance he gets to touch you, it shows that he wishes to be close to you. 

It’s not that he is flirting with you by touching you, but more like he’s accidentally doing it.

Does he touch your hand when you make him laugh or maybe his fingers touch your hair while he’s looking at you?

How about some random hugs? If he does these things, these are the body language signs of love.

What happens when you want to be close to him? Maybe he flinches, and it can show he’s too shy to have physical contact right now. 

However, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Perhaps he’s simply very nervous, so see if he will attempt to touch you again, and you’ll know for sure.

All in all, if a man loves you, he’ll want to be close to you.

However, sometimes he will shy away from any physical contact, which means that limitations exist, and he might not be in love.

I’m telling you this because when a man truly loves you, he won’t ever hesitate to stay close to you and cuddle.

He won’t mind anything as long as he gets the chance to touch you and be close to you.

So, if your man wants to touch you and cuddle for hours, there’s nothing to worry about because he loves you deeply.

4. He remembers things you tell him and notices changes

10 Signs He Is Secretly In Love With You 4

All of us are forgetful, and we even forget a lot of things we say.

We forget about important dates, no matter how many times we write them down.

It seems no one can remember everything… except for a guy in love.

When a guy falls in love, he remembers every little detail you tell him.

Whether it’s your birthday, your likes and dislikes or your interests and hobbies, he remembers them all, and never forgets about them.

However, it’s not just the positive things he remembers.

If you ever had a nasty fight, he remembers all the hurtful words you told him as well as the reasons for your argument and this shows that the things you say have a big impact on him and his life, and that they’re very important to him.

A guy who loves you will remember everything, and a guy who doesn’t won’t make your fight into a big deal.

It’s not just that a guy who loves you remembers everything, because he also notices even the smallest changes you make.

Maybe you bought a new outfit or changed your hairstyle… Whatever it is that you’ve changed, he’ll notice it.

It’s pretty much the same thing as with remembering things; he pays attention to every detail about you, while guys who don’t like you will never bother to pay that much attention.

Does he compliment you in addition to noticing any changes?

Then you’re a lucky girl, and this guy is crazy about you.

You are always attractive to him, and he admires you a lot, so he’s a keeper.

5. He talks to his friends about you, and you’re a part of his family

10 Signs He Is Secretly In Love With You 5

Spend some time with his friends and pay attention to the way they talk to you and about you.

How come they know so much about you when you haven’t told them anything?

Maybe you aren’t that close, but somehow, they know things about you that you never mentioned to them.

The only explanation is that he has been talking to them about you. 

This shows that he’s proud to be with you or simply can’t stop thinking about you… or both.

Whatever it may be, he obviously enjoys showing you off to the people he cares about, which shows that he’s crazy about you.

When a guy is happy to have something, he’ll brag about it. He is not at all embarrassed by the fact that he loves you more than he could express.

That’s how you can tell he loves you, by looking at how much his friends know about you, but how about his family?

When a guy introduces you to his family, it’s pretty much a sure thing that he loves you.

After all, nothing is as important as family, and when a man wants you to meet his, you’re special to him.

He introduces you to his family because he wants you to be a part of it and he likes showing you off just like he does with his friends.

He wants his family to love you as much as he does, and that is why he took you home to meet them.

6. He isn’t afraid to apologize and would never give up on you

10 Signs He Is Secretly In Love With You 6

As the song says, ‘sorry seems to be the hardest word’, and it is for most people.

We have our ego, and we don’t like to admit when we are wrong.

Acknowledging our mistakes is hard for us, because we’re only human.

Sure, you had arguments before, but with a guy who loves you, it will be different.

He will always fight fair, and he’ll say what he wants, but he will also certainly listen to what you have to say. 

Your side of the story will matter to him, and he’ll make sure to listen to it.

He doesn’t want to see you upset, so he’ll handle this kind of situation as calmly as humanly possible.

The happiest couples have a rule never to go to bed angry, and he’ll like this rule so he’ll make sure you don’t go to sleep upset and in the middle of a big conflict.

It will be his primary goal to resolve an issue as soon as possible, and he won’t hesitate to apologize if it’s needed.

Of course, just saying you’re sorry doesn’t have to mean you truly are so pay attention to his reactions to figure out whether he really means that or is just saying it.

A great sign is if he gives you a hug or holds your hand, as discomfort with physical contact can be interpreted as holding a grudge.

Another important thing is that a man who loves you will never be ready to give up on you, no matter the situation you two find yourself in.

Naturally, he’s human, so he’ll show some frustration when you have issues, but he’ll be willing and ready to go through it with you.

Even if he has to stay by your side all night to comfort you, he’ll be there and stay up with you.

He will even neglect his own problems just so he can dedicate himself to helping you solve yours first. After all, that’s what love’s all about.

You can’t love someone at their best if you don’t love them at their worst as well… just the same or even more.

7. He makes plans for the future and your opinions matter to him

10 Signs He Is Secretly In Love With You 7

Most guys don’t share their plans for the future with other people.

When a guy likes you, he shares them with you, but when he loves you, he makes you a part of his plans.

Whether he plans on traveling with you, buying an apartment with you, or getting married to you, it’s a great sign!

Some couples date for a while but don’t make any plans for their future together and one of the explanations for this is if a guy still has doubts and isn’t sure about the relationship.

However, when a man makes plans for your future together, you know that he loves you wholeheartedly.

In addition to this, your opinions will always matter to him.

We don’t care about the opinions of the people we don’t care about and in the same way, when we care about someone, we want to hear their opinions.

Does he ask for your advice, no matter how big or small the problem is?

He will even want to hear your opinions about things you don’t know much about, like his work.

It will still matter to him what you think, even if it doesn’t concern you.

All this doesn’t mean that he has to do what you advise him to do; it’s perfectly enough that he values your thoughts and takes them into consideration before making a decision and it shows that he trusts you a lot, and loves you just the same.

8. He prioritizes you and takes care of you

10 Signs He Is Secretly In Love With You 8

All of us get busy and don’t always have as much time for our loved ones as we would like to have.

However, we choose with whom we want to spend our time with.

When they have free time, most guys choose to spend it with their guy friends or partying but when a man falls in love with you, he will always choose you.

Given a choice between going out with his buddies, playing video games, watching sports, or being with you, he’ll choose you every time.

This is because you’re a priority to him, and he doesn’t want you to ever doubt that, which is a clear sign he’s crazy about you.

However, what about taking care of you?

What I wanted to mention here is that most of the time, women do everything around the house; they cook, clean, and do the laundry, and it looks like every chore around the house is a woman’s job.

When a guy loves you deeply, he will spoil you and he won’t allow you to get tired by doing everything on your own.

If a guy loves you, he’ll step up and cook from time to time, or do the dishes.

You’ll get to have breakfast in bed, and he’ll try to help you as much as he can.

When a man cooks for you, you know that he’s willing and ready to take care of you in every way.

Even when it’s hard for him to do household chores, he won’t complain because he wants to make life easier for you.

9. He is overprotective toward you

10 Signs He Is Secretly In Love With You 9

It’s not a secret that a guy gets protective when it comes to the girl he loves, so pay attention to how he acts when the two of you are in public.

Maybe he likes to put his arm around you when there are a lot of people near you.

If he acts like he isn’t willing to share you with anyone else, it shows that he’s protective of you.

Does he nag you about your skirt being too short or about your top revealing too much skin?

This can be annoying, but it actually proves how much he cares about you.

He is overprotective when it comes to you because he loves you a lot. If someone ever hurt you, you feel like he’d be furious. 

He always defends you when someone is against you and you feel like he would never let anyone harm you in any way and like he would always take your side.

Whenever something gets in the way of your happiness, it’s his instinct to keep you safe and protect you.

After all, he wants you to always be happy, and he won’t let anyone stand in the way of that.

This is how a man acts like when he’s deeply in love, so don’t be annoyed by this.

Sure, it can be annoying when he’s overprotective, but it only shows how much he loves you.

10. He is dorky, and your interests become his interests

10 Signs He Is Secretly In Love With You 10

These things aren’t really related, but they both show he loves you.

By being dorky, I mean that he harmlessly and occasionally makes fun of you. 

He gets playful and teases you from time to time and showing his playful side to you is just his way of telling you that he feels comfortable with you. 

After all, guys don’t tease girls they’re not into.

Relationships don’t have to be romantic, of course, and couples who act crazy are some of the best I know.

Also, if your interests become his interests all of a sudden, that’s what happens when a man wants to connect with you some more, so he starts talking about things and doing things he never did before… things you like.

He’s finding out what the things are that you can do together.

Maybe you like a certain TV show, and he’ll start loving it because it’s something you get to watch together and talk about.

It could even happen that he starts talking about some girly things because they interest you.

You’re a lucky girl if something you told him about becomes his favorite thing in the whole world.

He cares about your likes and dislikes more than you think!

It’s obvious that he loves you, and it’s not a secret anymore!

10 Signs He Is Secretly In Love With You
10 Signs He Is Secretly In Love With You 12

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