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28 Clear Signs He Wants To Marry You And Be Yours Forever

28 Clear Signs He Wants To Marry You And Be Yours Forever

Perhaps you’ve been dating this handsome and awesome guy for a while now and you wonder what his future plans with you are. So, you start looking for the signs he wants to marry you. 

When a couple has been dating for quite some time, the next logical step in the relationship would be to commit to each other forever. 

Just like most women, you dream about that perfect day when everything revolves around you. That day you get the chance to look your significant other in the eyes and tell him you want to be with him until death do you part.

Many people don’t realize just how big a step marriage is. When you think about it, you’re committing to one person for the rest of your life and you’ll have to share everything with your spouse. The good and the bad.

Even though relationships have significantly evolved through time and love is being prioritized over arrangements, many people would go back to the past when things were much simpler.

Nowadays, you have to really open your eyes to see whether or not your partner is being serious about you. You look for the red flags he might be cheating on you or something similar, while at the same time, you’re hoping to notice clues that he wants to marry you. 

Signs he wants to marry you

Love should be simpler, right? The best way you’ll know if he’s the one and if he’s going to pop the big question is to ask him outright. And in all honesty, if you two are in a long-term relationship, then your emotions shouldn’t be a mystery to each other at all.

I’m not talking about asking him on your second date or even a few months into the relationship, but after a couple of years together, you should know what your long-term plans are. 

That said, if you’re still looking for signs he wants to marry you, then let this article help you out. If he’s moving toward making you a permanent part of his life, then you’ll definitely recognize some of these clues. 

1. He often uses “we” instead of “I”

DONE 28 Clear Signs He Wants To Marry You And Be Yours Forever

Your man should be talking about a future with you. Also, he should be focused on enjoying the present with you and being in a relationship with such a beautiful lady, too.

That’s why your man may use “we” more often in his sentences than “me.” He’ll also be relationship-focused and not self-focused. 

That’s his way of saying that you’ll always be his plus one and that he already sees you as a married couple. To him, you’re his happily ever after and the person he’s going to spend the rest of his life with.

Married people often say “we” because they see themselves as a powerful team that makes all the decisions together. 

For example, if some of his married friends ask him a question like, “What are you planning for this holiday season?” he might answer with, “We’re considering going to Italy this year.”

If he does this, then you don’t need a relationship expert to tell you that he’s ready to commit to you for the long haul. He knows that those little things really do make a difference. 

So, if he uses “we” more often than he uses “me,” it’s a clear sign he wants to marry you. 

2. He doesn’t see marriage as something negative 

Have you ever really asked yourself whether or not your man believes in the institution of marriage? Does he see it as just a piece of paper?

Or is he being more serious about when one of your close friends talks about the topic of marriage? 

Perhaps he said that he never wants to get married and quickly changes the subject whenever you talk about marriage? If so, then your significant other doesn’t think about marrying you or he’s probably just scared right now. 

On the other hand, if he has ever hinted that marriage is worth fighting for, then this shows you that he’s being serious about you and he’s may even be checking out your ring size. 

The problem arises when a couple isn’t on the same page when it comes to marriage. If marriage is important to you and to him it isn’t, then you have to make sure he knows what your thoughts are on the matter. 

And if you don’t see eye to eye, then it’s for the best to rather end things now because ultimately, he’s not the one for you. 

Another tip is to look at his reaction when people talk about marriage, to know for sure what he thinks about it.

3. He flirts with you A LOT

 28 Clear Signs He Wants To Marry You And Be Yours Forever

Many women fail to see that when your man flirts with you a lot, that it’s a sign he wants to marry you.

When he constantly flirts with you even though you’ve been together for years now, that shows how strong and healthy your bond actually is.

It’s not very common for couples to flirt past their honeymoon phase.

Usually, couples will be flirty and excited at the start of something new. You shower each other with compliments and he always has something to say when you’re wearing his favorite outfit. 

But as time passes, that kind of excitement fades away as you get comfortable around each other. You fall into a routine and while your bond may deepen, often you lose the spark.

On the other hand, if both of you put in the effort by keeping things fresh and exciting every once in a while, then you’ll create an environment in which both of you will be able to grow. 

But not just that. You’ll also be more relaxed and won’t be afraid of being judged by your partner whatever you decide to do.

So, if your man can’t stop flirting with you even after years of being with you, that’s a great sign he wants to marry you. It means that he’s still naturally drawn to you and enjoys being in your company. He still hasn’t had enough of you yet and always wants more.

4. He feels comfortable around you

Maybe it’s not romantic when he’s so relaxed with you, but it’s sure one of the signs he wants to marry you. He feels so comfortable when he’s with you that he doesn’t feel the need to pretend and act lovey-dovey.

Does he show you a side of him that not even his best friends know? Maybe he secretly likes to watch Disney movies in his pajamas, and no one knows it except for you.

If he’s that relaxed around you, he probably sees you as the one for him.

It’s a great sign that your relationship is going in the right direction. Also, you’ll never have to wonder if he’s going through a hard time, because he’ll always be prepared to share with you what troubles him. 

He trusts you and values your opinion and input enough to tell you what’s bothering him.

This level of intimacy and trust in each other is a sure sign that you’re his loved one and you’ll one day be walking down the aisle toward him.

5. You’re already part of his family 

DONE 28 Clear Signs He Wants To Marry You And Be Yours Forever 3

Men are notorious for having a very tight circle of friends and family. They don’t let just anyone in. You have to be very special for a man to introduce you to the people inside his circle.

But if your man takes you round to see his family all the time or invites you to accompany him at a family event, then you can be sure that he and his family already consider you to be part of their family.

Your relationship has a long future ahead if your significant other approves of you being around his family and if they’ve already accepted you in. 

You’ll know that his family members love you and consider you as one of their own if you can carry long conversations with them and they always invite you to family get-togethers. They may even be mad at him if he doesn’t bring you along whenever he goes to visit them. 

This is a really good sign he wants to marry you and that he considers you marriage material. 

6. He plans his future with you 

When he talks about the future, are you in it? If he has plans that don’t involve you, that’s not a good sign, but if you’re always in his plans for the future, it’s clear as day.

My husband and I loved making plans when we were dating. We talked about what our house was going to look like, what music would be played at our wedding, and even talked about our kids’ names.

So, if you have that kind of relationship with your man, your plans will come true just like ours did.

Many men in relationships talk about their own future – how much they’ll be learning, or how big their bank account should be. But only a man who genuinely loves you will talk about other plans that involve you in them. 

7. He talks about having kids with you 

28 Clear Signs He Wants To Marry You And Be Yours Forever

How about kids, do you talk about that too? It’s fun to come up with children’s names while you’re in a relationship as it shows that your man has serious plans with you.

He can picture you as the mother of his children, and that’s one of the biggest signs he wants to marry you and start building a family with you one day.

My husband and I talked about kids after a year of dating. However, the conversation was that I wasn’t sure if I ever wanted to have kids.

To keep you updated, I now want kids, but I am not quite ready yet. I’m telling you this because your partner might be like me and talk about not having kids for now.

This is something that almost always changes as we grow older, so you shouldn’t be worried. Instead, be glad that your partner wants to talk about a serious topic like that with you as it shows that he has plans to stay with you, even if you don’t end up having kids any time soon.

Even though we agreed not to rush having kids, my husband and I came up with their names in the first year of our relationship. It’s just so fun to plan things together, and I’m sure that our very own little Sarah will be born one day.

What are your future children’s names? Try to think of it, even if only for your amusement!

8. He mentions engagement and wedding stuff 

Just like the sign before this, if he ever talks about engagement rings or marriage, then you know he’s certain that you’ll be part of his life forever. 

If he casually mentions it in a middle of a movie or when he sees an elderly couple holding hands, then you can be certain that he wants to marry you. 

Also, he may ask you a specific question such as “Where do you want to get married” or “How many people would you invite to our wedding?” Then you know he’s planning on proposing either soon or one day in the future.

It’s always difficult to know whether or not he’s thinking of popping the big question, but it’s even harder to know when he’ll propose to you. In the end, you just have to be patient and wait for him to do it! 

9. He’s strangely excited 

DONE 28 Clear Signs He Wants To Marry You And Be Yours Forever 5

Perhaps he invited you on a perfectly normal date, but he’s acting all weird and strange, like you’ve never been on a date before. 

Suddenly, everything has to be perfect and he’s acting odd as if everything needs to go according to some secret plan. 

Maybe he has been hiding money for quite some time and you don’t know what for. Is he secretive yet super caring and sensitive? 

You’ll sense when your man is about to propose to you and these are just some of the clues. 

He may be acting a bit giddy and excited but refuse to tell you directly what’s going on. 

Still, don’t obsess about it, and don’t try to figure out when exactly he is going to propose. After all, you don’t want to ruin the surprise.

10. He’s hinting at something 

Most men don’t give off any signs that they want to settle down or how would they like to propose to you. That’s why it can be very difficult to spot the subtle changes that happen when he’s thinking about committing to you for the long haul.

​When you find yourself in a situation like this, it’s for the best to ask him what he thinks about marriage. You don’t have to be blunt about it, but rather try to bring it up in a conversation and see how he reacts.

For example, you could be watching a romantic movie such as The Notebook and then ask him whether or not he sees himself ever being married. 

By doing so, you aren’t directly asking him will he marry you, but rather if he sees himself settling down in the future.

And if your man answers your question in a calm and collected voice, without trying to change the subject, then you can be sure that he’s serious about you.

11. All of his friends are already married 

28 Clear Signs He Wants To Marry You And Be Yours Forever

No one really likes being the first one to do something, so if none of the people he considers friends are married yet, he might think that there’s a lot more time. He’ll probably not be thinking about marrying you any time soon if this is the case.

But if most of his close friends are already married, he might start considering it himself. He sees how happy they are and how wonderful their life is since they got married, and he’ll want that for himself. 

So if you’re wondering whether or not he wants to marry you, ask yourself this:

Does he complain about having to go to another wedding again? If he constantly complains about how boring weddings are, then he’s not ready yet, or simply feels pressured.

See how comfortable he is when his married friends ask him about marriage. He won’t try to avoid the subject if he’s really considering marrying you. He may even ask them for some advice on how to surprise you the right way. 

12. He’s never late 

It might sound silly, but if your man is punctual and on time when he picks you up or meets you somewhere, then you know he’s being serious about you. 

A man who genuinely cares for you knows how precious your time is. He won’t leave you waiting for him or constantly cancel your dates at the last minute. 

If something comes up and he’s going to be late, he’ll call or text you to tell you as much. He does this because he respects your feelings and he’ll feel awful if he disappointed you in any way.

Many women complain a lot about how their man never calls them back or he’s running late for everything. But if you’re one of the lucky few whose man is always on time and never forgets to reply to you, then you hit the jackpot. 

13. He misses you when you’re not together 

DONE 28 Clear Signs He Wants To Marry You And Be Yours Forever 7

An obvious sign of how much he cares for you and how much you mean to him is if the guy misses you when you’re not together. 

Perhaps he’ll be a lot more physical and touchy-feely when you return home or if you had a hard day at work, but you should see that as a sign that he loves you.

Maybe he makes you dinner or gives you a massage when you’re back home, but either way, it’s a sign he’s glad to see you again.

If you two aren’t living together and you’re wondering if he genuinely misses you, then pay attention to how much he calls you.

Does he find every excuse to see you even for five minutes? Does he call you to have a cup of coffee with him even though you saw each other couple of hours ago? 

On the other hand, if only ever calls you up to cancel plans and avoids seeing you, take it as a subtle sign he doesn’t miss you at all.

Also, don’t worry if you live together and you think that he’s unable to miss you since he sees you every day because that’s not true. Even though he knows that you’re waiting for him at home, he still can miss you.

It may be that he organizes fun weekends for you two or takes you out even though it’s not date night. Whatever the gesture, it’s a sign he wants to marry you.

14. He has eyes only for you 

To some, this is obvious and something that should be expected regardless of marriage, but it’s actually more significant than you think. 

A man whose heart belongs to you and doesn’t see himself with any other woman beside you will only have his eyes on you. He won’t show interest in other women and he’ll never cheat on you!

But if you notice that he comments about other women, then you have a problem that you need to discuss with him. Don’t hold back – be honest about your feelings.

It might not mean that he’s not committed, but your feelings are still valid and you should be able to express them freely.

15. He suggests you move in with him 

28 Clear Signs He Wants To Marry You And Be Yours Forever

Guys aren’t very keen on living together with their girlfriends unless they’re really serious about them. 

Why? Because living together is almost as big a commitment as being married is. So if your man is excited to buy a house together or asks you to move in with him, then you know he wants to take your relationship to the next level.

There are other indications that show you he’s ready to commit to you such as adopting a dog or having a joint savings account.

Those are big commitments that not all many are ready for. It’s not easy knowing that you’re never going to be single again and many men are afraid of losing their freedom once they get married.

That’s why you should think of moving together as some sort of experiment of how well you two function when you’re living together. 

This is a big step that will naturally lead to your man proposing to you. 

16. He likes to stay home with you 

Does he enjoy having nights in? Is he fine skipping a Friday night out with friends to stay in with you?

If he enjoys staying in, it shows that he’s ready to settle down and have a stable and quiet life.

He doesn’t miss the excitement of going out with his buddies because all he needs is you. He’ll probably get so comfy that you’ll have to ask him to go out with his friends sometimes – and that’s a great sign that he’s ready for marriage!

After all, a big practical part of marriage is about spending nights at home in each other’s arms and enjoying them.

17. He considers your opinion before making a decision 

DONE 28 Clear Signs He Wants To Marry You And Be Yours Forever 9

If a man always asks for your advice and opinion about things that really could influence his life and yours, that means he values what you have to say. 

He also respects you enough so that he takes your thoughts into consideration before making a final decision. 

This shows how prepared he is to build his life decisions around you, and that he’s going to stay with you for a long time.

He appreciates your feedback and your ideas, even if he doesn’t agree with all of them. Still, he’ll actively listen to you and try to make a decision that it’s best for both of you. 

18. His things are yours 

Tell me, does your man share his things with you? Have you got stuff at his place and every time you go there you feel like you’re at home? 

If a man is possessive about his things, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t love you at all. It could be that he isn’t prepared to share them with you.

On the other hand, if he shares everything with you, either small or big, then you can be certain that it’s a sign he wants to marry you one day.

A man who’ll marry you will share his home and money with you. He won’t have a problem giving you his credit card because he knows that you are reliable and won’t spend on things that you don’t need.

19. He’s there for you whenever you need him

28 Clear Signs He Wants To Marry You And Be Yours Forever

Needless to say, everyone goes through a tough time at some point in their lives. In those moments, it’s important to have someone who has your back, and if really gets difficult, a shoulder to cry on. 

If you go through challenging times while you’re with your man and he stays by your side come hell or high water, that’s actually a great sign he’s a guy who’ll never leave you.

He doesn’t run away because he knows he wants to be that man who’s by your side on your wedding day.

The truth is, when things get rough, most of us tend to show our worst side. But if your man doesn’t even think about letting you go or leaving you when things aren’t peachy, then he’s definitely a keeper.

You’ll know he’ll have your back no matter what and you can count on him to support you throughout your life.

20. He often uses “you’re the only one who…” in his sentences

 A clear indication he wants to marry you is if he uses the words “you’re the only one who…” 

This could be that “you’re the only one who’s on my mind all day” or “you’re the only one who’s been there for me.” 

If he says things like this, then you can be certain that you’re the only one in his life and he truly means that. A guy like this would never cheat on you or break up with you unless something big happens between you two. 

This is a clear sign that your relationship is moving in the right direction and that he wants to marry you.

21. He already acts like your husband 

DONE 28 Clear Signs He Wants To Marry You And Be Yours Forever 11

Does it seem like you’re already married? He may not officially be your husband, but he certainly acts like one!

Does he confide in you, seek your advice, want to hear your opinions, and support you when things get rough? Maybe he also expresses his commitment to and love for you?

If he does all of these things, he’s already acting like your husband, and you might as well make things official.

Talk to him about it and tell him that. If he thinks that what you have now is enough, tell him how much it means to you and how you can’t wait to be married to him. 

Reassure him that if things are going to change at all, they’ll change for the better.

22. The word “if” changed to “when” 

Perhaps your man talked about getting married one day but he always used “if” in the sentence. This might leave you clueless about whether or not he’s being serious about you.

However, if that “if” changes to “when”, for example, “if we get married” to “when we get married” then he already plans to make you his wife someday.

This is one of the most obvious signs he wants to marry you.

Changing from “if” to “when” could suggest to you that he wants to pop the big question very soon, maybe even in a couple of weeks or months. 

23. You’re going on vacation together 

DONE! 28 Clear Signs He Wants To Marry You And Be Yours Forever

Is he planning a vacation with just the two of you as a couple? Maybe it’s a vacation with your family or his? Whatever the case, it’s a very good sign, and it shows that he wants to marry you.

If you’re going on vacation with his family, this is a perfect chance for you to become a part of the family.

Or he might be planning for it to be just the two of you in some romantic location. Who knows, maybe it’s where he plans to pop the question!

24. There’s no room for jealousy in your relationship 

At the beginning of every romantic relationship, it’s quite normal to show slight signs of jealousy. But as time passes, you get to know each other better and that jealousy seems to fade away.

You trust that the other partner won’t cheat on you.

When you remove jealousy out of the equation, then relationships can really flourish and grow into a marriage. Eventually, if you show him how much you love him and how loyal you are, you’ll be one step closer to being his wife.

Don’t ever use jealousy as a way to make him commit as it won’t work and you’ll just push him away from you. 

25. It’s out in the open 

DONE! 28 Clear Signs He Wants To Marry You And Be Yours Forever

It’s always a good thing if your man is open to showing everyone how much he loves you. A man who’s comfortable in the relationship won’t be bothered by other people’s opinions when he openly says that you mean the world to him.

It’s a great sign that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you if he tells you that he wants to grow old with you.

It means that he’s ready to completely commit to you and there’s a high probability that he may propose to you soon.

26. He simply can’t get enough of you

You should have no doubts that your man loves you wholeheartedly if he can’t get enough of you.

If he loves spending time with you and enjoys staying with you rather than going out with friends, it’s a very good sign. He is crazy about you and is probably considering taking the next big step.

Even if he doesn’t mention it, if he loves you that much, he’s probably thinking about proposing.

27. Your interests matter to him 

DONE! 28 Clear Signs He Wants To Marry You And Be Yours Forever

He cares a lot about you if your interests interest him as well.

Does he take the time to learn what your favorite movie, book, or food is? If he knows about your hobbies and likes hearing about them, it’s a good sign.

He knows what will make you happy, accepts it, and supports it.

Does he want to learn everything there is to know about you? He’ll have a lifetime to find out all there is since he wants to marry you.

28. He jokes about marriage with you 

Perhaps your man jokes about you two being already husband and wife and calls you by his last name. If so, then that’s one of the biggest signs he’s ready to pop the big question. 

Or it could be that you were watching a movie or attending someone else’s wedding and he said something like, “I wish it was our wedding.”

While it may seem to you as if he’s joking about it, he’s actually giving you subtle hints that he’s ready to tie the knot with you. 

28 Clear Signs He Wants To Marry You And Be Yours Forever

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