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21 Telltale Signs A Guy Is Falling For You Hard

21 Telltale Signs A Guy Is Falling For You Hard

You kinda like this guy, but you aren’t sure whether he’s interested in you. Thankfully, he doesn’t have to say it because there are telltale signs a guy is falling for you that say it for him.

After all, it’s never about saying you care about someone, it’s about showing it.

Most men don’t really like talking about their feelings… We often can’t tell whether a guy is interested or not because he never opens up about it…

But, the truth is, he doesn’t have to. Every man who truly cares about a woman shows it in the way he behaves around her.

You just need to pay attention to the telltale signs a guy is falling for you… And when you see them, you can be sure that he’s crazy about you.

Don’t wait for him to tell you because words can be dishonest… Certain things he does, on the other hand, are for sure genuine.

A guy wouldn’t go through all that trouble to deceive you… If he’s doing the things I’m about to mention, know that you mean a lot to him.

On the other hand, maybe he told you that he’s into you but isn’t showing these signs. In that case, he might not be honest with you.

Don’t trust a man’s words if they aren’t backed up with actions. Trust the telltale signs guy is falling for you. Trust your own instinct.

Maybe he hides his feelings because he doesn’t want you to know whether he likes you or not. It doesn’t really matter because he can’t hide the truth.

People in love act in a certain way – they can’t help it.

When you’re falling for someone, you can pretend that you don’t care, but it’s obvious that you do.

As long as you know what signs to look for, you’ll always be able to tell when a guy’s falling for you. Keep reading to find out for sure.

1. He keeps his promises and you can hold him to his word

DONE! 21 Telltale Signs A Guy Is Falling For You Hard

Relationships are built on trust and you can’t trust a man who doesn’t do what he says he will.

If you can’t hold him to his word, he isn’t totally honest with you.

To have a deep connection with you, he’ll need to keep his promises and stick to his word.

A simple way to test whether a guy will do what he says is to ask him to meet you on time.

Pay attention to what he says when you make plans to see each other.

If he tells you he’ll pick you up at 8 p.m. sharp, but doesn’t, it’s telling you something. Sure, maybe he has a valid excuse once, but every time?

He needs to stick to his word, even if it’s something simple such as showing up on time.

Besides, a guy who likes you will make sure to be punctual and respect your time.

If he keeps his promises, he takes your relationship seriously and truly cares about you.

2. He always tries to act like a gentleman

When it comes to you, this guy clearly cares about making a lasting impression.

He always says the right thing, but always does the right thing too.

If he acts like a perfect gentleman, it’s one of the telltale signs the guy is falling for you.

He makes effort to look good, show up on time, and act respectfully.

It seems like he cares a lot about everything being perfect. This is because he’s aware that you deserve the best.

Maybe he sometimes fails, but at least he tries, and even just trying to be a gentleman says a lot.

He trusts you and respects you, which is very important for a serious relationship.

It’s one of the telltale signs your guy is falling for you and wants a committed relationship.

3. He spoils you, surprises you with thoughtful gifts, and makes you smile

DONE! 21 Telltale Signs A Guy Is Falling For You Hard

This guy would do anything to make you smile. Yes, he cracks jokes and acts silly just to see you grin, but that’s not all.

He surprises you with thoughtful gifts, which clearly show that he remembers your likes and dislikes.

It doesn’t even have to be an actual gift, he might simply bring you your favorite coffee to work.

He wants to spoil you and make you feel like a princess because he is deeply in love.

If he does these things, he’s truly a keeper and you should hold on to him… But we can’t really expect everyone to act that way.

Just trying to make you smile is one of the telltale signs a guy is falling for you…

If he also gives you gifts and spoils you, he’s not just falling, he’s already fallen deeply for you.

4. He can’t take his eyes off you

You know how guys check you out, but I’m not talking about that. It’s a lot more than that when a guy can’t take his eyes off you.

When he’s near you, regardless of what you’re doing at the time, you can feel that he’s looking at you…

So, you take a peek and catch him staring at you.

Instead of looking away because he got caught staring, he gives you a smile and maintains eye contact.

The longer he looks at you, the more he’s trying to tell you that he’s into you.

5. He loves your weirdness

DONE! 21 Telltale Signs A Guy Is Falling For You Hard

A man in love with you will also be in love with your quirks, flaws, and all the weirdness you show him.

When you reveal this weird side of you, he doesn’t run away like all the others would. Instead, he finds it charming and endearing.

All your quirks are somehow cute to him, and he knows that your flaws make you unique.

When you act silly and weird, he laughs and finds your oddball behavior adorable.

He simply accepts and loves you for who you truly are, and that’s precious.

After all, you don’t want to be with someone you can’t act like yourself around.

If a man can’t love you for who you are, he doesn’t truly love you.

This guy loves everything about you, even your weirdness. And that can only mean you’ve won his heart.

6. He constantly talks about you

Have his friends gotten sick and tired of hearing about you? That’s one of the telltale signs your guy is falling for you.

If he’s smitten with you, he’ll constantly talk about you to pretty much everyone.

He always finds a way to mention you regardless of what the conversation is about.

Maybe he mentions an anecdote about you that has something to do with the topic – casually bringing up your name in a conversation that has nothing to do with you.

People in love constantly think about the person they’ve started having deep feelings for.

Naturally, you can’t help but talk about what’s always on your mind.

He’s even proud of every single thing you do, as well as of having you as his girlfriend if you’re already in a relationship.

7. He gives you his full attention when you talk and remembers what you tell him

DONE! 21 Telltale Signs A Guy Is Falling For You Hard

Some guys are just physically present when you talk while their mind is elsewhere.

Afterward, they basically have no idea what you said and don’t really care.

A man who’s falling for you will instead be all ears when you’re talking to him. He’ll look you in the eye and pay attention to everything you say.

What’s more, he’ll remember even the smallest details you told him – especially if they have something to do with your interests, needs, and wants.

He does this so that he can use that information to make you happy.

Maybe you mentioned that you’d like to go to a certain restaurant, but getting a reservation there seems impossible.

Well, guess where he’ll be taking you on a date sometime in the near future?

Get ready to get that long-awaited table because nothing is impossible for a man in love.

8. He makes plans for the future with you

A man who’s falling for you will talk about the future that includes you. This is a clear sign he wants to commit to you and has serious intentions.

Naturally, he’s not going to talk about marriage and children right away…

It will start with small things such as a dinner reservation for a week from now.

Then it’ll be tickets to a concert that the two of you will go to in a few months’ time.

Afterward, it will be inviting you as his plus one to a wedding in six months… He might even make plans for a romantic getaway or small trip.

The point is, he’ll be able to make some future plans with you because he wants you in his future.

He’s making it clear that he’s not going anywhere any time soon – at least not without you.

9. He always smiles when he’s around you

DONE! 21 Telltale Signs A Guy Is Falling For You Hard

A guy in love can’t help it, he just has to smile when he’s near a woman he’s crazy about.

Happiness is something that can’t be faked. People try to, but it’s always obvious when they’re just pretending.

You also can’t hide happiness, because it creates that cute curve on your face.

His smile is actually one of the telltale signs the guy is falling for you. Whenever he sees you, his face lights up.

He enjoys spending time with you and he can’t do it without smiling.

Hey, the guy can’t even look at you without grinning from ear to ear, and that totally gives away his feelings.

10. He notices small things about you that no one else does

You will have the full attention of the guy who’s falling for you. This means that he’ll notice small things about you that even others fail to see.

It could be anything really. Something sweet about you, a hidden flaw you have, or a change you recently made.

He’ll pay attention to everything that makes you different from all the rest.

One of those things might even be the reason he’s falling for you, even if you consider it your flaw.

11. One of the telltale signs a guy is falling for you is if he wants to spend every waking minute with you

DONE! 21 Telltale Signs A Guy Is Falling For You Hard

When you fall hard for someone, you want to spend every waking moment with them.

You simply can’t get enough of them and any minute without them seems like time wasted.

Naturally, you can’t really show this, because you’d risk suffocating them and coming off as clingy.

Still, when a guy’s falling for you, he’ll want to spend his free time by your side.

He doesn’t want you to get sick of him, so he won’t insist, but whenever you ask him to see you, he’ll show up.

You won’t have to use tricks to get him to come to your place.

Even if you just want someone to chill with and do nothing, he’ll be glad to be that person.

He’ll even watch chick-flicks with you and pretend to enjoy them.

He’d do anything that makes you happy, so if you enjoy a soppy romance, he’ll be happy to watch it with you.

12. He wants you to meet the people he cares about

If he’s introduced you to his friends, he plans on keeping you around for a long time.

Maybe he even wants you to meet his family, which is a huge sign of how serious he is about you.

Even if he hasn’t talked about his feelings with you, what seems like a casual invitation to dinner with his family is actually a really big deal.

He wants the people he cares about to see that you’ve won his heart. In addition, he wants to find out what they think of you.

Bringing you into his inner circle is one of the biggest telltale signs a guy is falling for you – hard.

13. He only has eyes for you

DONE! 21 Telltale Signs A Guy Is Falling For You Hard

He’s so crazy about you that he doesn’t even notice other girls.

You’re the only girl for him and he thinks that you’re more than enough.

He’s not interested in having other girls as backups and won’t risk losing you just because someone else wants to flirt with him.

This guy knows exactly what he wants – you, and you only. He’s deeply in love and only has eyes for you.

14. He treats you with respect

DONE! 21 Telltale Signs A Guy Is Falling For You Hard

It’s great when a man shows you love, but he needs to show you respect as well.

A lot of women end up in relationships with men who don’t treat them respectfully.

These women are so blinded by love that they don’t see that they’re being disrespected.

Once they do, they start hoping that their men will eventually change and start respecting them… Unfortunately, that almost never happens.

This is why it’s so great when you see that a man you like respects you from the start.

It’s not just one of the telltale signs a guy is falling for you, but also a sign of a potentially very happy relationship.

He’s interested in your life and wants to hear your thoughts and opinions.

Most importantly, he never tries to break your boundaries and you can be yourself around him.

15. He brings out the best in you

Whenever you’re with him, you don’t need to worry about a thing.

You don’t obsess about things that could go wrong, but just know that everything’s going to be alright.

He somehow knows how to bring out the best in you and make you feel great.

Without asking you to change, he turns you into the best possible version of yourself.

He inspires you to be better at everything you do and keep improving yourself. This is the man you could have a great future with.

16. He’s always there for you when you’re feeling down

DONE! 21 Telltale Signs A Guy Is Falling For You Hard

He sticks around whether you’re having a great day or a really bad one.

One of the telltale signs a guy is falling for you is if he’s there for you when things get rough.

If he was just pretending to care about you, it would be revealed when you need him the most. During the tough times, he wouldn’t be there for you.

When you’re feeling down, he’d keep away from you and surely wouldn’t offer you a shoulder to cry on.

He wouldn’t support you when you’re dealing with a personal crisis.

Instead, whenever you feel like you’re falling apart, he’s there to pick up the pieces and put you back together.

He’s always there to protect you and try to make you feel better – even if it means that he has to make sacrifices, risk his own happiness, or postpone important obligations.

And if he really can’t be there in person, he’ll make sure to at least text you.

You can learn how to tell if a guy likes you over text and decipher his messages.

17. He’s always glad to help

You don’t even have to ask for his help because he’ll offer it anyway.

Whenever you need something done, he’ll jump right to it.

Whether you need your furniture moved, your computer fixed, or a light bulb changed, he’s your man.

He wants to impress you and get on your good side. Helping you makes him feel like a hero and he never asks for anything in return.

The only reward he wants for his efforts is to see the smile on your face and be the cause of it.

Maybe he doesn’t want to admit that the reason he’s helping you is that he loves you…

You can learn how to tell if a guy likes you but is hiding it and help him finally reveal his true feelings.

18. One of the telltale signs a guy is falling for you is if he’s willing to make compromises

DONE! 21 Telltale Signs A Guy Is Falling For You Hard

True love isn’t selfish and that’s why people in love can make compromises.

Don’t we all want things to go our way? It’s only natural, but it’s not the way a healthy relationship can work.

Just imagine if he would always have to do what you want, or if you only did what he wants…

It wouldn’t be a healthy relationship, it would be doomed to fail.

If this guy always tries to meet you halfway, he’s surely boyfriend material. Even when he’s stubborn about something, he’s willing to compromise.

It’s one of the telltale signs this guy is falling for you and wants to have a serious relationship.

19. He’s your best friend

DONE! 21 Telltale Signs A Guy Is Falling For You Hard

You have deep feelings for this man, but you also have a lot of fun with him.

Is it possible to have both friendship and romance with the same person? Maybe before, you didn’t believe it was, but he proved you wrong.

You both love spending time together and you’re like best friends even though you have romantic feelings for each other.

Everything is a lot more fun when you’re together, even boring chores and obligations.

And if you’re not in a relationship with him yet, you should definitely check for signs a guy likes you more than a friend.

20. He has the same core values as you do

The two of you might be different, but you have the same core values.

You have the same life goals because the things you value are the same.

This is the most important thing you can have in common.

Thanks to this, you’ll much more easily achieve your goals since you’ll be working on them together.

It makes perfect sense that you’re falling in love with each other since you share the same values.

21. He truly makes you happy

DONE! 21 Telltale Signs A Guy Is Falling For You Hard

The biggest and most important sign is the happiness you’re feeling. You don’t have any expectations, you’re just happy.

This man makes you happy and maybe you never felt that way before.

You’ve been searching for the right man, but ever since you met him, you knew that your search was over.

You’ve found what you’ve been looking for and the feeling of happiness proves it.

Maybe he hasn’t said the L word yet, but it doesn’t mean he’s not in love.

If he’s showing all of these signs, he’s truly falling for you and you have a chance to be truly happy together.

Good luck!

21 Telltale Signs A Guy Is Falling For You Hard