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17 Signs He’s Not Into You

17 Signs He’s Not Into You

If the man you care about doesn’t care about you, there will be signs he’s not into you. You’ve heard of the saying he’s just not that into you, but what to do when it applies to your situation?

When you see the signs he’s not into you, it’s time to stop giving yourself false hope. Maybe he cared about you before, but if there are signs he’s not interested anymore, you’re only wasting your precious time.

I know it’s hard to accept that someone you like doesn’t like you back, but the sooner you realize it, the better.

After all, there are plenty of guys out there who would be happy to get a chance to be with you so why waste your time on a guy who shows signs he’s not into you?

It’s time for you to move on, and the first thing you need to do is stop ignoring the signs that he’s not interested anymore.

Read all of these signs he’s not into you anymore and face the facts. If he doesn’t care about you, there’s someone who will, and you’re not losing anything.

Giving yourself false hope when he’s just not that into you can only cause you pain and it’s much better to admit to yourself that this simply isn’t the man for you.

17 Signs He's Not Into You

If he’s showing most of these signs he’s not into you, let him go. You should never chase a man, especially when he doesn’t like you back.

Stay single until you meet the one, and you’ll be grateful to yourself for not wasting your time with the wrong one. 

You can’t ignore the signs he’s not into you forever. Sooner or later, you’ll have to see the signs he’s not into you and move on, so why not now? Don’t fool yourself and let go of the man who shows signs he’s not into you.

You deserve to have someone who will always contact you first and give you all of his attention. If this guy isn’t doing that, those are just some of the signs he’s not into you.

Let’s see all of them and face the truth. Read all the signs he’s not into you and move on if he’s showing them.

Signs he’s not into you

1. You’re always the one who contacts him first

17 Signs He's Not Into You

If this man never contacts you first, whether it’s by calling you or texting you, he’s not interested in you.

The thing about it is that, when we like someone, we can’t play it cool, no matter how hard we try, and it’s the same for men and women.

When we are interested in someone, we really want to talk to them whenever we get the chance.

If this guy is interested in you, he thinks about you a lot and wants to know if you think of him too, which is why he contacts you first.

However, if he never contacts you first, it shows that you don’t matter enough to him to reach out. 

Are you always the one that initiates things? Even if he seems happy to talk to you, he would have initiated the conversation himself if you were on his mind.

2. He plays hard to get and makes you wait

17 Signs He's Not Into You

Does he always make you wait for his response when you text him? Well, it could be that he thinks playing it cool will work and intentionally waits for days before responding and maybe he thinks that’s the way to get you to fall for him and win you over. 

However, it’s much more likely that these are just excuses, and he has all kinds of them.

Truth be told, if he plays hard to get and makes you wait for hours or even days before responding to your text, it’s most likely that he isn’t really interested in talking to you.

Does he make you wait even when you know that he has read your message? A guy who’s interested in you will respond to your messages instantly and will want to prolong the conversation.

3. He constantly cancels your dates

17 Signs He's Not Into You

What happens when you have plans to see each other to go on a date? Does he often cancel because of some strange excuse?

Of course, if he tells you that he or his family member is sick, or his pet has died, believe him. Life is crazy, and sometimes we don’t get the chance to see the people we want to see so it could be that he wanted to see you, but something came up.

However, if he repeatedly cancels and never makes sure to reschedule for the next time, that’s a red flag. It shows that he’s not interested in seeing you, but doesn’t know how to tell you so he avoids you instead.

To sum it up, sometimes canceling for an emergency is fine, but when it happens a lot, you should be worried. After all, what’s stopping him from rescheduling if he really wants to see you?

4. He’s hot and cold

17 Signs He's Not Into You

One moment he’s affectionate and seems very interested in you but the next, he changes and seems uninterested.

It can be really confusing when a guy is hot and cold, but I’ll tell you what hides behind it. The truth is, when he seems interested, he’s just feeling insecure and lonely and once you serve your purpose and feed his ego, he goes back to not being interested.

Don’t let him play with you like that! It’s not fair to you, and you’re not just someone who’s there when his fragile ego could use massaging.

He has to realize that he can’t just pick you up whenever he wants and drop you just the same like you’re some kind of toy. You’re a human being with emotions, and if he can’t treat you that way, you should get away from him.

5. You initiate everything and make all the plans

17 Signs He's Not Into You

It’s not enough that you always initiate contact, but you always have to initiate seeing each other as well. 

Are you the one who suggests that you should get together and do something? Well, he might be happy to see you when you initiate it, but has he ever put effort into organizing something?

A man who’s interested in you would have planned dates that you’d like. Test if he likes you and don’t ask him out then wait and see whether he makes plans for once and suggests you do something. If he doesn’t, it couldn’t be clearer that he doesn’t really care about you. 

You don’t have to take that. Realize that you deserve a man who will plan a perfect date and be the one who suggests you get together.

6. He is a flirt

17 Signs He's Not Into You

Has he swept you off your feet with his confidence and amazing flirting skills? Well, this shows that he isn’t shy, so he wouldn’t have a problem with telling you that he’s interested.

He would have asked you out and let you know about his feelings if he had any so if he hasn’t, he probably just flirts with you with no serious intentions.

It’s easy to fall for a man who knows how to flirt, so don’t beat yourself up but don’t chase him either. A man who is a flirt isn’t a shy man, so he would have told you if he was interested. 

Does he flirt with other girls as well? Perhaps he’s just one of those guys who flirts with everyone but doesn’t have serious intentions with anyone.

Don’t waste your time with him, and don’t let his sweet talk make you think he’s more interested than he actually is.

7. He shows no signs of jealousy

17 Signs He's Not Into You

Naturally, you don’t want to be with a possessive man who is always extremely jealous. That kind of man would never fully trust you, and he would want to control you.

However, a little jealousy is actually a good sign. Just think about how you feel when a guy you’re dating mentions his ex or talks to another woman; of course, you get a little jealous at those times and it’s only natural for all of us to get somewhat jealous when we’re interested in a person. 

How about your man, does he get jealous? You can test him to find out; simply mention that you’ll be seeing one of your guy friends for dinner the next day.

See how he reacts, and you’ll know if he is interested in you, because he’ll show signs of jealousy if he is.

8. He never gives you all of his attention

17 Signs He's Not Into You

What happens when you are together? Are his eyes on you or on his phone or even on a pretty waitress?

All of us get distracted sometimes, but if he never seems to really be with you when he’s with you, he’s not that interested.

When you’re on a date, and he looks more at his phone than at you, it’s not just that his mind is elsewhere. He doesn’t give you his full attention because he doesn’t make you a priority so when he’s with you, he can’t seem to focus on you because you don’t matter to him that much.

Being occasionally distracted is not the same as never giving you his full attention. You shouldn’t tolerate that, and you deserve to be a priority for a man who you care about.

A guy like that would ignore his phone just to look at you, and he wouldn’t even notice if the waitress is pretty.

9. He hasn’t introduced you to his friends, nor has he met yours

17 Signs He's Not Into You

When it comes to the people who matter to him, he hasn’t introduced you to them and he also hasn’t made an effort to meet your friends.

Does it seem like he’s trying to keep you separate from those he cares about? If he also hasn’t shown the slightest curiosity about meeting the people who are important to you, it’s a major warning sign, as it shows that he has no serious intentions with you and doesn’t want you to be a part of his life.

When a man is interested in a woman, he talks a lot about her to his friends and proudly introduces her to them. He also wants to meet her friends because those who matter to her matter to him as well.

If your man isn’t acting that way but the opposite, I’m sorry to tell you, but he most likely isn’t into you.

10. He hasn’t done any nice things for you

17 Signs He's Not Into You

You like this man, so you’ve probably shown him that with many kind gestures that prove your interest. Has he done the same for you?

Think about whether he has ever reciprocated the nice things you have done for him. Can you name anything he put effort into doing for you?

The thing is, when we like someone, we have the need to do nice things for them so if you can’t think of anything nice he has ever done for you, he’s not into you.

A man who cares about you would have done a lot of little things to make you happy. If he hasn’t, your happiness just doesn’t matter to him that much.

It shows he’s not into you, and you shouldn’t waste any more time or energy on pursuing him.

11. He hasn’t opened up to you at all

17 Signs He's Not Into You

When you really think about it, you don’t actually know that much about him. In fact, it seems like you don’t know anything really.

He’s a mystery to you because he hasn’t opened up to you and when it comes to your conversations, he keeps them superficial.

This is a clear sign that he isn’t interested in you, and you shouldn’t chase him. A man who’s interested in you would want you to learn more about him so he would talk about himself and answer all of your questions.

If he isn’t willing to open up to you, it’s because he’s not as into you as you might think. You don’t want to waste your time on a man who isn’t willing to even have a real conversation with you. 

After all, what is it that you like so much about him if you don’t know that much to begin with?

12. He doesn’t know much about you either

He doesn’t ask you any questions because he isn’t interested in learning more about you. Even the things you tell him about yourself, he never remembers.

Your conversations aren’t about getting to know each other better, because he isn’t interested in knowing much about you. He shows no interest in finding out more about your day or your life because he doesn’t want you to be a part of his.

The conversations you have are banal, and it’s all about him, as he doesn’t show any interest in you.

What more can I tell you if he doesn’t even bother to remember the things you share about yourself? He isn’t interested, and you should give up on him right now.

You will meet a man who will want to learn everything about you, and he’ll always remember even the little things you tell him about yourself so don’t settle for anything less than that.

13. He talks to you about other women

17 Signs He's Not Into You

Has he asked you for dating advice, but regarding other women? This says it all, and you shouldn’t get your hopes up about this guy.

You might think that he just wants to make you jealous, but don’t give yourself false hope. A guy who’s interested in you wouldn’t mention other women in front of you, let alone ask you for advice on dating them.

It looks like you’re in the friendzone with this guy, and the best way to get out of it is to give up on him. You don’t want someone who’s more interested in other women than in you.

A man who’ll care for you will see you as the only woman in the world for him, and you deserve nothing less.

This guy you like doesn’t like you back if he talks to you about other women. He sees you as a friend at best, and you don’t need to settle for that.

14. He told you that he isn’t interested in having a relationship

17 Signs He's Not Into You

Did this man tell you that he isn’t looking for a relationship? Of course, sometimes people find love when they aren’t looking for it, but it rarely happens.

Most of the time, when someone isn’t interested in having a relationship, you won’t get to have it with them. No matter how amazing and beautiful you are, he won’t change his mind.

So, maybe he didn’t tell you that he isn’t looking for a relationship, but he said something else. Did he say that he needs to focus on his career at the moment or maybe he said that you need to work on becoming friends first? 

All these things basically mean the same thing – that he isn’t into you. He may even believe his own excuses, but all they are are signs that he doesn’t want to have a relationship with you.

15. He breadcrumbs you

17 Signs He's Not Into You

Have you heard about the term breadcrumbing? This is when someone doesn’t actually like you, but would still like you to be around when they want company.

One of the examples of this is when he likes your posts on social media because he wants you to know he’s thinking of you but he never gets in touch to talk to you.

It’s not what you deserve, and you shouldn’t mistake it for affection. Breadcrumbing is just his way of keeping you around just in case he needs you.

It’s not love, he isn’t really interested in you and the sooner you accept it, the better.

You don’t want to end up being his backup plan when there’s nothing better to do. He isn’t into you, and you shouldn’t let him string you along.

Why would you, when there are men who would kill to have your attention? Don’t give it to him when he obviously doesn’t even want it.

16. He’s not there for you when you need him

17 Signs He's Not Into You

Can you turn to him when you need a helping hand? If not, you shouldn’t waste another second on him.

You don’t feel comfortable enough to reach out to him when you need help or when you are stuck in some kind of tricky situation. He’s not there for you when you need him, and that’s the kind of man you’ll never have a future with.

You deserve a man who will always be willing to help you because you mean the world to him. This guy is not that man, and you’re only missing your chance to meet the right one because you’re wasting time on the wrong one.

Forget about him and find a man who will always be there for you, as your partner should be someone you can rely on when you have a problem.

Why would you even want to be with a man who is never there for you when you need him? That’s not love, and you will find someone much better than him, someone who will always want to help you out whenever you need him, even when you don’t ask for his help. 

That someone is out there, you just can’t see him because this guy who’s not into you is blocking your view.

17. You just know that he’s not interested

17 Signs He's Not Into You

Is something inside you telling you that he isn’t into you? Then it’s probably true.

You should always trust your gut, and if it’s telling you that this guy will never like you the way you like him, let him go. After all, if you stay hung up on him, he’s only going to break your heart and hurt you.

Don’t let him do that and give up on him before he gets the chance to cause you pain. I know it doesn’t seem easy to move on, and it won’t be at first but after a month or a few, you’ll even wonder what it was that attracted you to him in the first place.

You’ll end up with someone much better, and you’ll thank yourself for not wasting any more of your time or energy on this guy. He’s not into you, and that’s his loss.

17 Signs He's Not Into You
17 Signs He's Not Into You 19

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