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14 Obvious Signs He Wants To Date You And Make It Official

14 Obvious Signs He Wants To Date You And Make It Official

Sometimes men have difficulty showing how they genuinely feel about you. If you’re wondering whether or not he’s serious about you, then you should pay attention to the signs he wants to date you.

It’s a real lifesaver to know when a guy is a player and when he’s a real man who wants to have a serious and long-lasting relationship.

Many women make the mistake of expressing their feelings for a man, only to find out he never actually wanted to date them. And driven by their past experiences, they then build up walls around them and have a hard time opening up to a real man.

That’s why it’s important not to miss out on the signs he wants to date you.

In today’s dating world, too many men want to have a purely physical relationship. They’re too afraid to open up to anyone, so that’s why so many aren’t looking for anything serious and instead go for casual relationships.

Everybody pretty much knows the drill by now. He texts you frequently, dropping clues that he’s really into you, he’s thoughtful and kind too. So you’re wondering how long it’ll be before he pops the question and asks you out.

There are two outcomes if you’re going through this. He’s either going to ask you on a date because he’s really into you and wants a serious relationship with you, or he just wants to get you into the bedroom and after that disappear as if nothing ever happened.

So, you start looking for signs he wants to date you.

14 Obvious Signs He Wants To Date You And Make It Official

Given the fact that you’re reading this right now, I’m assuming that you want something serious with him but are wondering if your intentions and wishes are mutual.

Don’t think that it’s uncommon to be confused when trying to decipher what the other person feels for you. It’s totally normal to feel lost in today’s modern dating because there are so many things that you can misinterpret, drawing all the wrong conclusions.

I know that you’re into him, and you spend all your free time fantasizing about your perfect date with him. You patiently wait for him to make the first move because it’s a man’s duty to do so. And luckily for you, there are a lot of signs he wants to date you, you just have to pay close attention to them.

Sometimes, when you’re head over heels for someone, you miss out on those obvious signs telling you that the other person is really into you.

But as we know, guys have a tough time showing their emotions to the opposite gender.

Why? Because they’re just that bad at it. They don’t lack emotions altogether, it’s just that they don’t know how to express them properly.

Research has proven that men actually suppress their feelings from a very young age. They’re taught that being “manly” means that you can’t show how you truly feel.

While this proves to be beneficial when avoiding being teased at school, it certainly doesn’t do them any favors when it comes to dating women.

You have a hard time deciphering his intentions since he shoves his feelings deep down inside him. But good news for you – he can’t hide all the signs he wants to date you.

14 signs he wants to date you

I’ll be honest with you and say that it won’t be easy at first. But, after a while, you’ll start picking up those hints fairly easily.

1. He’s eager to introduce you to his family and friends

The thing about men is that they have a close circle of people that they can trust. They won’t introduce just any girl they meet to their close ones.

That’s why an obvious sign he wants to date you is when he’s eager to introduce you to his family and friends.

Picture this. You’re texting this guy for a while and you’ve really connected with him on a deeper level.

You’ve met up a couple of times, but you’re still unsure whether or not he wants to date you exclusively. So, out of the blue, he asks you, “Would you like to meet up with me and my mom for coffee?”

Do you really think that a man would introduce you to his friends or family if he wasn’t serious about you?

If he wanted to have something more casual with you, he wouldn’t bother taking you to his home so you can meet his mother and father. He wouldn’t even bother introducing you to his friends.

So, if he does that, then you know he wants to date you exclusively.

He’s mesmerized by you, so he can’t help but want the rest of his crew to finally meet you.

2. He displays positive body language

14 Obvious Signs He Wants To Date You And Make It Official

Wondering whether or not the guy you’re into wants to date you exclusively? If so, then take a closer look at his body language. Try to notice those subtle hints that tell you more about his feelings for you than he ever could with words.

The thing about body language is that it’s connected to your subconscious. That means that it’s almost impossible to control.

So next time you get the chance to sit with him and talk, notice how he looks you in the eyes. Why? Because that’s a strong indicator that he’s into you and he’s actively listening to what you have to say.

He won’t have any problems with prolonged eye contact since he’s telling you the truth. He has nothing to hide from you.

Another strong body language sign that shows he wants to date you is when he points his feet or body in your direction.

It might sound silly at first, but his subconscious is telling him to do so because he’s genuinely attracted to you. And you can be sure that he’ll continue doing so until he finds the right moment to ask you out.

On the other hand, if you have noticed that his feet are pointed somewhere else while talking to you, that means he’s not that interested in dating you. He would rather be somewhere else than with you.

3. He gives you all of his attention

The fact remains, there are millions of women out there, but for him, you’re the only one he wants. And how do you know that? Well, if he gives you all of his attention, then it means you’re one in a million to him.

He’ll devote his time and make an effort to know what you’re up to and how you’re doing. He won’t pay attention to any other girl around him except for you. He’ll have his eyes locked on you.

He’ll do everything he can to make time for you because he enjoys talking to you for hours and his eyes won’t stray to any other girl because he believes you’re the most gorgeous woman on earth.

If you have any doubts about his feelings and intentions, check if he gives you all of his attention. If he does, then this guy has fallen hard for you.

You know how difficult it is to give that much attention to someone, but he does so because he wants to date you exclusively.

4. He showers you with compliments

14 Obvious Signs He Wants To Date You And Make It Official

Everyone enjoys being complimented, especially women. For men, compliments are their way of expressing their emotions for a girl. They don’t do it often, so when he does, you can be sure that he’s really into you.

And if you’re looking for an obvious sign he wants to date you, ask yourself this: Does he pay you compliments about your interests or personality?

If your answer is yes, then he’s more than ready to date you. He won’t do it unless he means serious business with you.

He just hasn’t admitted it yet because he doesn’t know any other way of expressing his feelings for you. That’s why he showers you with compliments.

On the other hand, if the guy doesn’t do that, then you know he’s not really that into you. He won’t bother to flatter someone unless he wants to seriously date them.

5. He tells a lot of jokes around you

Every man and woman wants their partner to have a great sense of humor. That’s something that all of us look for when trying to find our true love. And this guy is no exception.

If he tells a lot of jokes when he’s around you, then you know for sure he wants to date you. How can you know that? Well, he’s making a fool of himself because he wants to see you smile. He needs to know that he can make you laugh.

That’s his mission – to make you laugh so that he can see you’re happy when you’re with him.

It’s probably one of the biggest signs that he wants to date you, so watch out for it.

It could be that he is just a naturally funny guy, but if you see that his only mission is to bring a smile to your face, then you know he doesn’t want any other woman except you.

6. He calls and texts you first

14 Obvious Signs He Wants To Date You And Make It Official

Usually, guys don’t call or text that often.

They don’t like interacting in such a way and rather prefer face-to-face conversations. But a guy who wants to date you exclusively will definitely go out of his way to be the first to call and text.

Even if he has a lot of work on his plate, he’ll still manage to find time to send you a text message.

It may be something as simple as “How are you? How’s your day been so far?” or something a little more serious like “What are you doing after work?”

It’s sometimes tough to decipher a man’s feelings just by observing whether or not he sends you texts first. But if you notice any other signs in addition to this, then you can be sure he wants to date you.

If he’s avoiding texting or calling you, then he might be a commitment-phobe. Those types of men will only text you when it’s convenient for them.

He’ll call you at strange hours proposing that you come over to him and if he does that then you know he’s only interested in getting you in the bedroom.

But if he spends that much time texting or calling you first, well that speaks for itself. It means that you’re the sole focus in his life and that he prioritizes you over everyone else.

7. He’s always there when you need him

Immature boys who don’t seek true love will only be there when it suits them.

On the other hand, a real man who’s genuinely interested in you and wants to date you will make sure to be there for you when you need him, especially if you need his help.

A real man knows that he needs to take care of the woman he’s interested in. He’ll not make any excuses for why he didn’t come because he won’t do that to you, ever.

He knows that if he wants to date you, he needs to be there for you when something really important happens to you.

If you see that he’s available to you whenever you need him, no matter when you text or call him, then you know he’s really into you and wants to date you.

He’s real boyfriend material because he’s genuinely interested in being a part of your life.

He prioritizes you, so that’s why he’ll make a point to be there for you.

8. He won’t play any mind games

14 Obvious Signs He Wants To Date You And Make It Official

Some men play the hard-to-get card because they think they’ll win the girl’s heart that way. They do it with the sole purpose of getting the girl’s attention and showing her that if she wants to be with him, she needs to work for it.

Those types of men are cowards who haven’t emotionally grown up yet.

On the other hand, there are men who can’t stand playing any mind games when it comes to love and dating. Such men are real boyfriend material because they are real men.

Such men don’t have any problems looking straight into your eyes and telling you how they feel about you. They’ll apologize when they do something wrong and they’re always there for you.

If he fits this profile, then he definitely wants to date you.

However, the same applies to you. Don’t play needless mind games, making him wait for your reply.

Don’t count the hours before sending him a text message. And don’t stalk him on his social media, only to act disinterested when you’re around him.

If he’s putting in the effort to prove to you that he wants to date you, then he’s definitely worthy of your time. He’ll always treat you like a real princess and he’ll prioritize your emotions and needs above his.

You won’t have to worry that he’s commitment-phobe or if he’ll do anything behind your back. Such a man isn’t a player for sure.

9. He invites you to tag along with him

14 Obvious Signs He Wants To Date You And Make It Official

I know what you’re thinking when I say this, but this doesn’t mean that he wants you to hang out alone with him. He’s just inviting you to join him to hang out with his friends.

He uses this opportunity to see if the two of you are compatible and if he could see himself on a date with you.

If he does this, that means that he likes you and is considering going on a date with you.

10. He’s taking his time

You might be asking yourself why he hasn’t made a move by now, even though he knows you like him? Well, it might be that he’s just taking his time for the right moment.

He doesn’t sit around all day analyzing everything, but he is waiting for the perfect moment to take the plunge.

Trust me, timing is everything for men. If he’s not ready and feels like the timing isn’t right, then he’ll shut down completely and won’t open up to you at all.

Plus, if a guy genuinely likes you, then he’ll want to do things the proper way. That’s why he’s taking his time to make the first move.

It’s a little backward, but waiting can also be romantic and sweet, you know.

Don’t get the wrong impression – he still likes you and wants to date you – but right now he might be taking his time before mustering the courage to finally ask you out on a date.

11. He actively listens and respects your opinion

14 Obvious Signs He Wants To Date You And Make It Official

Truth be told, you can’t love someone you don’t respect. If he admires you and treats you with respect, then he almost certainly has feelings for you.

That means that he actively listens to what you have to say, even though men are known for not being great listeners (but that’s just a common myth that deserves to be thrown out).

In fact, men only listen to those who they think are intelligent and worthy of their attention.

And if he fits this profile, then he wants to date you.

It’s not just that he’ll listen to you, he’ll also ask you for advice and respect your opinion on matters, even if it differs from his own. He knows that this is the first real step in being a real couple and team.

One of the pillars of a healthy relationship is actively listening to your partner and taking their opinion into consideration. And he knows that.

That’s why you’ll see him starring at your lips and soaking in every word that you utter.

12. He acts a bit shy around you

If the guy you’re into just wanted a fling, then he would act all manly and flex his muscles all over the place, sometimes to the point of being a little obnoxious.

He’ll behave this way because his only purpose is to get you into bed, so he’ll present himself in the best light possible for you to be physically attracted to him.

On the other hand, a man who wants to date you will act a bit shy around you. He’ll have the same feelings as you do and that includes feeling nervous when you’re around him.

This happens because he wants you to like him back and to go on a date with him, he’s just waiting for the right moment.

He’s nervous because he doesn’t want to make any wrong move, that’s why he’ll be extra careful around you.

13. He won’t hide anything from you

14 Obvious Signs He Wants To Date You And Make It Official

If you’re wondering whether or not he wants to date you, then it’s important to be sure he isn’t hiding something from you. Is he acting all cryptic or is he like an open book that hides nothing from you?

When a guy is only interested in getting you into bed, then he won’t bother being honest with you at all.

Also, he wouldn’t talk about his life because he has no interest in sharing a deeper emotional connection with you. On top of that, he would never leave his phone unattended when you’re around him.

But, a guy who wants to date you will never hide something from you. He will play open cards and won’t be afraid to use his phone when you’re with him.

He’ll even show you his social media profiles because you’re the only woman he texts or calls.

And he’ll share everything that’s been going on in his life recently, whether that be stuff that’s been going on at his job, hobbies, or something similar.

He does it all because he wants to make you a part of his life and he’s not worried at all since he’s completely honest with you.

He’ll keep you updated on everything. Why? Because you’re no ordinary girl to him and he doesn’t seek a mediocre adventure.

14. He tells you how he feels about you

14 Obvious Signs He Wants To Date You And Make It Official

There are guys out there who are pretty bad at giving cues and signals. After a while, they’ll just surrender to you and tell you how they feel about you.

Clearly, that’s a big sign he wants to date you. And if he says it, then trust me, he’s been building courage for a long time to express his feelings for you.

14 Obvious Signs He Wants To Date You And Make It Official

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