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7 Honest Signs He Likes You But Is Nervous To Admit It

Is there a guy you like, but he’s nervous to admit that he likes you too? You see that he’s avoiding eye contact whenever you two are together. You’re trying to decipher his behavior, but it’s tough.

He’s acting differently, yet you can’t expect him to show you the obvious signs he likes you.

Truth be told, it’s very difficult to find out whether or not someone is really into you. And it’s an even harder challenge if the guy is nervous to admit it.

But it’s not impossible. There are a couple of signs a shy guy gives off that should make your life a bit easier. Here’s how you can be sure that he has feelings for you.

1. He’s a good listener

DONE! 7 Honest Signs He Likes You But Is Nervous To Admit It

It’s a well-known fact that nervous and shy guys are the best listeners. After all, they’re much more comfortable listening to what you have to say than being in the center of someone’s attention.

But how do you know if he’s a good listener or not? Well, if he takes every word you say and responds at the right time in the conversation, then you can be sure that he’s all ears when you talk.

On the other hand, if he stares into the distance as you talk, not absorbing anything, then he’s probably not that interested in you or what you have to say.

2. He focuses on the little things

DONE! 7 Honest Signs He Likes You But Is Nervous To Admit It

Yes, this guy doesn’t say much and he’s nervous whenever he’s around you, but he seems to pay attention to all the little things that others don’t.

Maybe he sends you a cute message asking you how you’re feeling after a stressful day at work, or it could be that he makes sure that you’re warm when you do go out.

All these little things are pointing toward the fact that he has genuine feelings for you but is just nervous to admit it.

So, try to think back to any past conversations you’ve had with him and analyze how they went. If he was considerate of your feelings and really thoughtful, then you have your answer.

3. He’s clumsy around you

DONE! 7 Honest Signs He Likes You But Is Nervous To Admit It

Usually, if a guy is nervous around you, he’ll probably be clumsy too. That’s because he can’t control his nerves, which causes him to drop things or fumble. The feelings he has for you are forcing his clumsy side to come to the surface.

You can ease his nerves a bit by giving him a gentle smile or going up to him and saying something nice. Find a way to help him out of his misery and he’ll adore you even more.

The worst mistake that you can make is to give him a reason to think that you’re out of his league or that he doesn’t have a chance with you. So, be careful not to overdo with the help and give him some room to prove himself to you.

4. Your gut is telling you so

DONE! 7 Honest Signs He Likes You But Is Nervous To Admit It

Most of the time, we fail to listen to our gut while trying to look for the signs someone likes us. But it’s crucial to start trusting your instincts, especially when you’re deciphering a man’s emotions.

There will be times where the only way you can tell if he likes you or not is by listening to what your gut says. And the same applies when you’re dealing with a guy who is nervous to admit his feelings for you.

5. His friends tease him

DONE! 7 Honest Signs He Likes You But Is Nervous To Admit It

Have you noticed that his friends have been teasing him whenever you hang out with them? I mean, he may be nervous and shy, but that doesn’t mean his friends are too.

For some obscure reason, guys like to tease their friends when they know their mate likes someone. And they can pick up on it by observing his body language much faster than you can.

It may be a bit uncomfortable for you at first, but you can also use the teasing as a perfect ice-breaker to make your first move and initiate the conversation with him.

6. He communicates with you through social media

DONE! 7 Honest Signs He Likes You But Is Nervous To Admit It

Nervous guys have the tendency to hide behind their screens because they’re unable to express their emotions in a face-to-face conversation. So, ask yourself: Does he like to message you a lot or engage on social media?

Does he seem to be more talkative online than he is when you do meet each other in person?

If you find that he doesn’t speak to you much in person, but is the one to initiate the conversation online, then it’s because he caught feelings for you.

His nervousness is keeping him from opening up to you and that’s why he’s hiding himself behind a screen.

7. His body language says it all

DONE! 7 Honest Signs He Likes You But Is Nervous To Admit It

Even though he’s nervous to admit that he has strong feelings for you, he won’t be able to control his body language.

So, if you’re wondering how to tell if he likes you, then pay attention to the way his body instinctively reacts when you two hang out.

There are many different ways to read his body language. Notice how he subtly touches you whenever he gets the chance. Maybe he reaches out for you before quickly pulling back.

Or maybe he smiles at you the moment you walk into a room. If you’re having this kind of effect on him, the only valid reason is that he’s in love with you.

7 Honest Signs He Likes You But Is Nervous To Admit It

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