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22 Early Signs He’s Falling For You And Wants You In His Life

22 Early Signs He’s Falling For You And Wants You In His Life

You’ve only recently started dating or you’ve just gotten into a relationship and you think you see early signs he’s falling for you. Maybe you even haven’t started officially dating yet but the signs are there.

Well, his eyes aren’t going to become huge and his heart isn’t going to leap out of his chest like a cartoon character. But you’ll know when a guy is falling for you as clear as if it was a cartoon. It will show in the way he acts around you and how he treats you.

Sometimes, we don’t see things that are obvious to those around us. Most often, it’s when we fall in love.

When two people are attracted to each other, they act differently and others can tell. For instance, maybe you thought that he is just the type of person who compliments everyone.

Perhaps you thought that he often makes physical contact while talking to others. Maybe you assumed that he responds quickly to everyone’s messages.

Perhaps you are wrong about all this.

This man might be acting this way only when it comes to you, so you should definitely pay more attention to how he treats others.

If you are already dating or are in a relationship, maybe you expect him to do these things. Yet you can see in the way he looks at you and in how much attention he gives you that he’s being genuine.

Have you already met his friends and family? This is one of the huge early signs he’s falling for you and wants you in his life.

Sometimes, things don’t work so fast though, so you might not see early signs he’s falling for you. Don’t despair if that happens.

We must admit that we sometimes get carried away and expect things to happen instantaneously. When we are driven by emotions, time passes differently.

Slow down and get to know the man you’re into little by little. Give him time to fall in love with you and steadily build your relationship.

If you do see early signs he’s falling for you though, know that his feelings for you are genuine. He couldn’t fake all that, and I’ll help you learn how to tell if he’s serious about you.

If you’re into him too, nothing’s stopping the two of you from doing something about it.

What if you’re not interested in him though?

If you see early signs he’s falling for you but you’re not interested in a relationship with him, let him go. Don’t string him along if you’re not going to be with him. And let him down gently.

Let’s find out whether he’s really falling in love with you.

22 early signs he’s falling for you

1. He always texts you first

DONE! 22 Early Signs He's Falling For You And Wants You In His Life

If one thing’s for sure, it’s that a guy who can’t stop thinking about you won’t resist reaching out to you. He’ll want to find out about your day, tell you about his, discuss your common interests, or simply chat.

The point is that you’ll surely hear from him if he’s interested. Whether you’re just friends or at the first stage of your relationship, he’ll be eager to talk to you.

He’ll have excuses to call and send you texts early in the morning or late at night. If he can’t get you out of his head, you’re the first and last thing he thinks about each day.

2. He gives you the look

A picture can say a thousand words, but a look someone gives you can tell you how they feel about you. His facial expression can tell you more than he’d like you to know.

Maybe he makes passionate, intense eye contact that shows affection, or his eyes smile when he sees you happy. Perhaps he raises his eyebrow and gives you the look that makes you week in the knees.

You know what I’m talking about and these eye contact signals are signs he’s falling for you. If he’s not into you, you’ll also be able to see it by the way he looks at you.

Don’t forget that eyes are the windows to the soul.

3. You’re the only girl for him

DONE! 22 Early Signs He's Falling For You And Wants You In His Life

If this guy is falling in love with you, all the other women will cease to exist from his world. He won’t literally chase away other women, but you’ll notice that he only has eyes on you.

A lot of men start looking at other women later on in a relationship. When they’re in the early stage of love though, they are oblivious to other girls.

An incredibly attractive woman could stand right in front of your man and he might not notice her at all. If he does, he’ll look at her as if she was any other random person.

He’ll delete his accounts on dating apps too, and you won’t see pretty women messaging him on social media either.

4. He seems nervous around you

If your man has sweaty palms or his cheeks become red when he’s around you, he’s falling for you hard.

Some women think that guys don’t blush and don’t get nervous, but they feel butterflies just like we do.

The chemicals in our brains that are released when we’re into someone and the blood rush we get are only human. It’s the same with men and women.

If a guy likes you, he’ll be nervous around you. He’ll care a lot about impressing you and it will put a lot of pressure on him.

He’ll also be eager to let you know about his feelings and wonder whether you feel the same way. It’s hard to keep cool when all those things are in your head and you have to pretend like nothing’s going on.

5. He talks to you about his interests and wants to include you in his activities

DONE! 22 Early Signs He's Falling For You And Wants You In His Life

A man who shares other aspects of his life with you, clearly wants you to be a part of his love life.

Not only does he want to hang out with you, but he opens up about his passions and wants you to be involved in them. For instance, he might invite you to participate in a hobby of his that he usually does alone.

Maybe he collects something and wants you to contribute to his collection. If he plays sports, he’ll invite you to watch him play.

Perhaps he’s into a certain type of music and he takes you to a concert of his favorite band.

Whatever it is that he likes, he wants you to be a part of it and it proves he wants you in his life.

6. He cares about your goals and supports you

If he’s falling for you, he won’t just share his dreams with you, he’ll want to know about yours.

He won’t be able to get enough of you and will want to learn as much about you as possible. What are your goals in life, do you have any doubts, and what are your fears?

He’ll be interested in things like these, not just how long your legs are or how narrow your waistline is. Knowing these things will help him create a deeper connection with you and understand you better.

If you have long, meaningful conversations about deep and personal topics, you’re in love.

7. He wants you to meet his family and friends

DONE! 22 Early Signs He's Falling For You And Wants You In His Life

Meeting a guy’s family is a big deal, and if you’ve made that step already, he’s crazy about you.

Maybe he instead just talked to you about introducing you to his family, which is also a great sign. It means he’s serious about you and in it for the long run.

He’ll want his family to like you and of course, he’ll want you to like his family too. This might make him nervous, so don’t be surprised if he acts a little weird.

Maybe he instead just wants you to meet his friends. That’s a big enough deal in the early stages of dating!

If his friends already know a lot about you, it’s one of the early signs he’s falling for you.

8. He cares about what you think

The opinions of his family and friends surely matter to him, but so do yours. He cares about what you think and always wants to hear your input on things.

Maybe he asks you for advice on a personal matter or something he knows you know a lot about.

He wants to hear your opinion when he needs to decide something, especially if it’s important. This proves that he respects you and wants you in his life.

Why would he want your opinions on his life if he didn’t want to make room in it for you?

9. His friends start dropping hints

DONE! 22 Early Signs He's Falling For You And Wants You In His Life

I can guarantee you that his friends know about it if he’s falling in love with you. We forget that guys aren’t that much different than us.

Of course, we have our differences but don’t think that they keep quiet about being into someone. Even if they try to, their friends will sense that something’s going on and get them to talk.

Maybe one of his close friends suddenly showed interested in meeting you. Perhaps his friends tease him about you or give you subtle hints that they’ve been hearing a lot about you.

The point is, his friends are going to tell on him if he doesn’t have the courage to admit his feelings for you.

10. He offers to help you

There’s this “lady in distress” thing guys have going and it’s now well-known as the hero instinct. Basically, even though you don’t need a man to “save you,” he still wants to.

He wants you to see him as your hero and believe that he can do anything. If he’s really that into you, he will be willing to do anything for you.

He’ll help you out with something you ask him about, but he’ll also offer his help when you don’t ask for it. Maybe he’ll just give you advice and show off his wit, or he’ll fix something you needed fixing.

Either way, he’ll make an effort to get you to see him as your Superman. Men have a biological need to provide and protect those they love, and one way of doing that is by giving a helping hand.

11. He gives you his full attention

DONE! 22 Early Signs He's Falling For You And Wants You In His Life

You know when you’re talking and someone is only half-present in the conversation? Before you even finish your sentence, they lose interest or get distracting by something else.

A man who just wants to take advantage of you will act this way, but not the man who loves you.

If a guy is falling in love with you, he’ll be all ears when you talk and soak in every word you say. He’ll give you his full attention and nothing will draw his focus away from you.

Even if you’re among others, when you open your mouth to say something, he’ll instantly turn to you.

12. He sees you as a couple

Maybe your man sees the two of you as a couple even though you might not officially be one yet. This most often shows by using “we” when talking about himself.

Suddenly, “I’m interested in going to that party” turned into “We’re interested in going to that party.” You have something in common and “I like frozen yogurt” turns into “We like frozen yogurt.”

This is something couples often do, but the two of you aren’t a couple yet, so what’s up with that? Well, he already feels that comfortable around you and wants a serious relationship.

If you ask him, maybe he already considers himself in a relationship with you, he just hasn’t told you yet. He doesn’t think only about himself anymore and you’re a priority to him.

It’s one of the surefire signs he’s falling for you and wants you in his future.

13. He makes plans for the future with you

DONE! 22 Early Signs He's Falling For You And Wants You In His Life

A guy who intends to stick around will talk about it by making plans for the future.

Maybe he’ll talk about somewhere you can go in a few months from now, like a concert. It doesn’t even have to be that far from now, maybe he schedules something a month from now.

Perhaps he always makes sure to schedule the next date while you’re still on one.

He’ll make sure that you know that he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. If he is, he’ll want you to know that he’s bringing you with him because he doesn’t want to let you out of his sight.

14. He often smiles around you and laughs at your jokes

Obviously, when people are happy, they laugh and smile… And people are happy when they’re in love.

If he thinks you’re funny and can’t get that silly grin off his face when you’re around, he’s into you. People are naturally more attracted to those they find funny.

Maybe you also act playful and tease each other. These are also great early signs he’s falling for you, just like flirting is.

15. He’s given you a nickname

DONE! 22 Early Signs He's Falling For You And Wants You In His Life

A guy might let you know he’s into you by giving you a nickname. It’s even better if the nickname is related to some inside joke or something cute.

He wants to make you feel special and let you know that he has a special place for you in his heart. Plus, he wants to make you smile and build intimacy.

Nicknames are something personal that indicates a deeper connection. He feels comfortable around you and confident enough to express his feelings.

16. He always has time for you

When he doesn’t have time, he makes time.

The truth is, no one is “that busy” – it’s all about prioritizing. Of course, someone won’t have time for you if you’re at the bottom of their list of priorities.

If they put you first though, everything else can be rescheduled so that you always come first.

The point is, people who want to have time with you will find time for you. Those who don’t will just find excuses because you’re not that important to them.

If this guy always makes time for you, it’s one of the signs he wants you bad.

A guy who isn’t into you wouldn’t bother that much to spend time with you. Instead, he’d ring you up only when it’s convenient for him to do so.

How much time he frees up for you says everything about his true feelings for you. Wanting to spend all of his free time with you is one of the stages of a man falling in love that you can’t miss.

17. He pampers you and wants to spoil you

DONE! 22 Early Signs He's Falling For You And Wants You In His Life

A guy who’s crazy about you will want to make you feel like a princess. He’ll try to spoil you, and I’m not talking just about gifts and romantic gestures.

It might even just in the little things he does, but he’ll try to make your life easier. He’ll want you to feel comfortable around him and his goal will be to make you happy.

A guy in love wants his woman to feel special, so he pays attention to her likes and dislikes. He knows what your favorite food is, and he wouldn’t even mind learning how to cook it for you.

These things prove that you mean the world to him.

18. He notices the changes you make

When a man is in love, he pays attention to every detail about his woman. This means remembering the things she says, but not just that.

He’ll notice the little changes you make to your appearance and your personality.

When something’s different about you, he’ll mention it and compliment you on it. It’s because he wants you to know that you’re always amazing in his eyes.

19. He likes your quirks

DONE! 22 Early Signs He's Falling For You And Wants You In His Life

He’ll love every detail about you, and that includes your little quirks. Finding someone who gets and even likes your type of weirdness is priceless.

Even your unusual habits and things that are a little strange about you seem fascinating to your man. He is amazed by everything you do and say, so you can’t really go wrong with anything as far as he’s concerned.

He’ll think that even the things you don’t like about yourself are adorable. One of the signs a guy is falling for you is if he accepts you for who you are, and this guy does.

You can be yourself around him and he appreciates you for the unique gem that you are.

20. He’s always there for you

Regardless of the situation that you’re in or your mood at the moment, he’ll stick around. He’ll be there for you on both the brightest and gloomiest days.

Men who just want to take advantage of you will only be there when everything’s great. As soon as you have a bad day, they’ll suddenly be too busy to see you.

Your guy is different though, and he’s there for you in the good and the bad. He’ll always try to cheer you up and show you that you have something to be happy about.

After all, you have someone who is crazy about you, so what’s not to be happy about?

21. His body language signs show he’s falling for you

DONE! 22 Early Signs He's Falling For You And Wants You In His Life

Most likely, his body language will say what he’s not ready to put in words just yet.

He’ll maintain eye contact and always try to get closer to you and sit near you. He won’t resist the urge to touch you, so he’ll hug you or hold your hand. Occasionally, he’ll seem shy or flustered and act nervous around you.

Of course, not all men are the same, but these are some of the most common body language signs that a guy likes you.

22. He talks to you about his feelings

He’ll be vulnerable around you and open up emotionally. He’ll share intimate details about himself because he trusts you and cares for you.

Most likely, he’ll also pay you plenty of compliments and let you know that he enjoys your company.

He’s clearly falling for you, so go get him!

Good luck!

22 Early Signs He's Falling For You And Wants You In His Life

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