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What It Means When A Guy Locks Eyes With You And Doesn’t Look Away

What It Means When A Guy Locks Eyes With You And Doesn’t Look Away

So you’re wondering what it means when a guy locks eyes with you and doesn’t look away? Should you take it as a sign of attraction or are you setting your expectations way too high?

Since everyone keeps raving about the power of eye contact and how it’s capable of revealing the hidden intentions of a person, this is your chance to test it out.

I can well assure you that locking eyes with someone can tell you a lot about a person’s motive. When a guy stares at you, there’s usually a logical explanation for him doing that.

Hopefully, once you finish reading this article, you’ll be able to figure out why your eyes meet and your guy doesn’t make a move to look away.

What could it mean when a guy locks eyes with you and doesn’t look away?

When you catch a guy holding eye contact with you, your mind instantly goes into hyperdrive as to what it could mean. Does he like you and you can slowly start planning your happily ever after with him? Or could it be that there are leftovers of brunch all over your face?

Prolonged eye contact is a great way to figure out what a guy wants from you and here are some of the possible reasons he keeps staring at you. 

1. He’s interested in you

DONE! What It Means When A Guy Locks Eyes With You And Doesn't Look Away

First and foremost, when a guy locks eyes with you and doesn’t look away, it can mean that he likes what he’s looking at. You spark his interest and he wants to get to know you better.

Direct eye contact is a great way to establish a connection with another person. It’s usually an obvious sign of interest.

His pupils will dilate and he won’t be able to look away. For a moment, you’ll feel like you’re the only person in the room. And then when you look around, you’ll realize that the place is packed with people and he still chooses to dedicate all of his attention to you.

But what matters the most is that he’ll also show some other behaviors if he’s really interested in you. So locking eyes isn’t the only thing you should pay attention to.

If a guy is actually trying to show he likes you, his body language will instantly change. He’ll straighten his posture, his shoulders will be wide apart and his facial expression will change.

He’ll probably give you a smile, and maybe even wink at you if he feels bold enough.

Combine all of that with the intense eye contact that isn’t going away and you get yourself a clear message that he’s interested in you and likes what he sees.

2. He’s trying to flirt with you

Usually, eye contact signals attraction and interest. It often means that the person staring at you likes you so much that he can’t stop looking.

So, when a guy locks eyes with you and doesn’t look away, you could take it as his way of flirting with you. Especially if he exudes confidence and doesn’t seem like the type who’s afraid to approach a woman.

He’ll use his eyes to seduce you and let you know that he’s into you. He may look directly at you for a while only to check you out and see how you’ll react.

Honestly, he’s probably highly skilled in flirting if he’s not afraid to use eye contact to get your attention. Many men don’t feel confident enough to make this move, so they often stare at you from a distance and instantly look away the moment your eyes lock.

But this guy is different. He knows how to get the attention of a woman and he for sure knows how to impress her.

Unfortunately, this could also mean that he’s a player who’s won many hearts by using this technique. So, if things start to get serious, you better be careful and figure out his intentions right from the start.

If you realize that he acts the same way with every girl, then don’t even try your luck with him as it’s already obvious what he wants to get.

3. He’s checking out to see if you’re interested in him

DONE! What It Means When A Guy Locks Eyes With You And Doesn't Look Away

A guy may decide to lock eyes with you and create deep eye contact only to figure out if you’re interested in him. Maybe he doesn’t want to make a move if it’ll all be in vain. If you don’t like him, then why should he waste his time only to get rejected?

Most guys are actually scared of rejection, so he wants to be sure that you won’t dismiss him the moment he introduces himself.

In this case, he’ll probably stare at you for a while to check your reaction. If you send him a signal that you’re interested as well, then he may decide to approach you and start a conversation.

But if you don’t smile at him or establish a mutual gaze, then he may think it’s best to give up on you right away. Why would he bother making the first move when it’s obvious that you’d turn him down?

So, if you’re interested in getting to know him better, be sure to send him a signal that reveals that. Otherwise, you may end up losing him before he was even yours to begin with.

4. He feels comfortable around you

If you’re already in a romantic relationship with a guy and he often locks eyes with you and doesn’t look away for a while, then it means he feels safe and comfortable with you.

Hanging out with you makes him happy, and sometimes, he feels that he could get lost in your eyes while listening to you as you talk. It all makes him realize that he’s finally found himself the right person and he doesn’t want to lose you.

In this case, eye contact means that he loves the idea of spending time with you and will forever be thankful for the day you walked into his life.

Your presence makes him feel relaxed and that’s how he knows that he didn’t make a mistake by choosing you.

5. He’s trying to convince you of something

DONE! What It Means When A Guy Locks Eyes With You And Doesn't Look Away

When he’s trying to persuade you, locking eyes with you will be his top tactic. It will be his best strategy to keep your attention and make you trust and believe him.

In this case, lack of eye contact would mean that he’s trying to hide something from you or what he’s saying isn’t completely honest.

By looking you straight in the eye, he’s trying to assure you that you should trust his words. Or perhaps he’s even trying to change your opinion on something.

6. He’s enjoying talking with you

Have you ever been mid-conversation with a guy when you realize that he’s staring at you? You’re chatting and while you’re doing most of the talking, it all starts to look like he’s spacing out.

Honestly, this could mean that he’s simply really into the conversation. He understands your viewpoints and feels happy that he’s finally found a person who gets him.

So, while he’s listening to you as you speak, he unconsciously starts staring deep into your eyes. He loses himself there and realizes that he’s the happiest person on the planet for finally meeting someone like you.

In this case, the eye gaze doesn’t mean that he’s bored and zoned out of the conversation you’re leading. Instead, it means that he’s enjoying having a chat with you to the point where he’s incapable of looking away.

There’s no other place he’d rather be and that’s probably the best thing you’ll hear today.

7. He’s trying to impress you

DONE! What It Means When A Guy Locks Eyes With You And Doesn't Look Away

Each guy has his ways of impressing a girl. Some of them start bragging about themselves and their achievements because they believe it’s the best way to keep woman’s attention. Others use humor as their ticket to win you over.

The brave ones opt for the powerful technique of keeping strong eye contact and getting a girl’s attention through a simple game of looks.

If your guy feels super confident in himself then he may decide to lock eyes with you without the intention to look away. It will be his way of getting and holding your attention.

He probably has a healthy self-esteem and he believes that he can win a woman over by looking deep into her eyes and trying to create that initial connection.

It’s one of his best strengths and it’s probably worked many times in the past. That’s why he’ll decide to use it on you to try and win you over.

However, if he gives you that crazy type of eye contact – the one where he doesn’t look away not even for a second – then you should be careful about him. It could be a red flag for mental health or social ineptness issues in that he can’t really tell when he crossed the line and went too far.

8. He’s trying to make you remember him

When you’re chatting to a guy who locks eyes with you and acts all interested without looking away, chances are that he won’t be easily forgettable. You’ll likely keep thinking about him even after both of you go your separate ways.

Once you get home, you’ll keep going over the conversation you had in your head because you liked the way he treated you.

He made sure to keep eye contact, which is usually a good sign as it could mean that he likes you. So, if he’s actually interested in you and acts that way during the whole conversation, then you’ll want to see him again.

He knows a thing or two about social interaction as he had learned a few tips and tricks to help him grab women’s attention. That’s exactly why he kept staring at you as he knows it will help you remember him.

9. He’s mirroring your own body language

DONE! What It Means When A Guy Locks Eyes With You And Doesn't Look Away

Maybe you don’t even realize he’s doing it, but he’s simply mimicking your body language. When a guy locks eyes with you and doesn’t look away, it could mean that he’s actually copying your moves.

To make sure that he’s actually doing that, you should pay close attention to his behavior.

Does he move his hands every time you move them? Does he face the same direction as you’re facing? And do you see him reaching out for his glass every time you do the same?

If he does any of the listed things, then it means that he’s mirroring your behavior. In that case, prolonged eye contact could be one of the things you’re doing that he’s simply copying from you.

10. He’s trying to connect with you on a deeper level

They say that once you look into someone’s eyes, you can see parts of their soul. You can connect with them on a deeper level and establish that once-in-a-lifetime connection.

So, when a guy locks eyes with you and doesn’t look away, it could mean that he’s trying to forever connect with you.

His goal may be to create a connection between the two of you that will make your relationship stronger. He’s trying to show you that he’s not going anywhere no matter what since, with you, he probably feels like he found his soulmate.

11. He’s trying to tell you something

DONE! What It Means When A Guy Locks Eyes With You And Doesn't Look Away

Another possibility could be that he’s trying to tell you something but doesn’t know where to start. Maybe he’s not so good at verbal communication and expressing feelings through words and that’s why he’s struggling.

He feels the need to share something with you but at the same time, he doesn’t know how. So, you keep catching him staring at you and not looking away, even when you ask him if something’s the matter.

He’s probably feeling a little lost and you can tell from his eyes that something’s bothering him, but he’s not sure know how to express it.

12. He’s just experienced love at first sight

You’re trying to figure out what it means when a guy locks eyes with you and doesn’t look away? Well, ask yourself a few questions:

How much eye contact is he making? Are we talking about glances that last a bit longer than usual or stares where it becomes obvious that he can’t take his eyes off you?

Also, are his pupils dilated when he’s staring at you? Does he seem nervous and fidgety?

When you see the combination of these signs, then it could mean that your guy just experienced love at first sight. As if you had a magic wand, you captivated him with your beauty and personality. and now he doesn’t know how to look away.

Within seconds, he actually ended up falling in love with you. As unrealistic or surreal as it sounds, it’s still a possibility.

13. He’s just being polite

DONE! What It Means When A Guy Locks Eyes With You And Doesn't Look Away

If you just met him and you’re now having a conversation, it may seem weird to have him stare at you. You instantly get self-conscious, thinking that something must be wrong with you.

Maybe your makeup is looking bad or you have something in between your teeth.

But honestly, one of the legitimate reasons a guy locks eyes with you and doesn’t look away is because he’s just trying to be polite. It’s simple as that.

He hates when a person keeps looking away while someone else is talking. He knows how disrespectful and rude that is.

So, he doesn’t want to be that guy. He always makes sure to create eye contact with the person he’s chatting to.

In this case, intense eye contact doesn’t mean attraction but is a simple gesture of courtesy he makes every time he talks to someone.

14. He’s talking to someone else about you

You’re in the same room as this guy and his eyes constantly lock onto yours as if they’re literally glued to you. Then, later on, he looks away. At the same time, he’s talking to someone else, which makes it all seem even weirder.

But wait, there’s still an explanation. The reason for his behavior could be that he’s talking to that person about you.

Psychologically, we keep looking at someone or something we’re talking about if that person or object is in close proximity.

So, when you see a guy talking to someone while staring at you, then maybe you’re the topic of their conversation. Maybe he wants to approach you but doesn’t know how, and is looking for advice from his pal.

15. He’s confident and wants to prove his dominance

DONE! What It Means When A Guy Locks Eyes With You And Doesn't Look Away

Confident men are aware of their strengths and they’re not afraid of getting your attention. And honestly, that’s exactly what they’re trying to do.

When you notice a guy who locks eyes with you and doesn’t look away, it could mean that he’s super confident and isn’t afraid of making the first move. Potentially, he’s also using eye contact to assert his dominance and show you how capable he is.

If this is the case, you’ll easily notice that when he tries to then pick up a conversation with you. Chances are he’ll be the one doing most of the talking because he still believes that a man should be the leader of a relationship, even though he lives in the 21st century.

However, if he’s the type who needs to prove his dominance, then all of his confidence will turn into arrogance. Just like that, from an appealing guy who actually seemed like a great person, he’ll become a lame, pathetic dude who feels the need to “be above you.”

Trust me, that’s not what you’re looking for and you better save yourself from men like these. They’re immature and will try to put you down only to boost their ego.

16. He’s trying to manipulate you

Unfortunately, one of the possible explanations for a guy locking eyes with you and not looking away is because he’s trying to manipulate you. He’s trying to rope you in by playing the gaze game.

Once he realizes that his behavior is making you uncomfortable, he’ll proceed with his moves only to break you down. He’ll use this as a way of manipulating your decisions and to make you feel like you’re smaller than him.

No matter how impossible it sounds, strong eye contact is actually a game of power. The first one who breaks and looks away is liable to listening to others and doing as they say.

So, if you realize that his intentions aren’t pure and he’s staring at you only to gain control over you, then you better steer clear of the guy. He could cost you your sanity and, trust me, that’s not where you want to be.

17. He’s deep in his thoughts

DONE! What It Means When A Guy Locks Eyes With You And Doesn't Look Away

I wasn’t really sure if I should mention this one but then realized that it’s also one of the possibilities. We all sometimes get our hopes up and wait for things that will never happen.

You walk into a coffee shop and while you’re sipping your drink, you realize that some guy has locked eyes with you with no intention to look away.

You immediately start thinking that this perfect stranger is probably into you. This is your first time seeing him, but still, you create this scenario and wish for a happy ending.

But the reality could be that he is simply deeply absorbed by his thoughts and doesn’t even realize that he’s staring at you. There goes all the dreams and plans you just made in those last 15 minutes when you realize he’s actually looking through you.

Honestly, if he’s not sending you any other signals that hint he likes you, then you shouldn’t expect too much from him. He probably just got totally lost in his thoughts for a moment.

In that case, you can forget about a romantic story of love at first sight, since it’s clearly not happening.

What It Means When A Guy Locks Eyes With You And Doesn't Look Away

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