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Don’t Be A Woman Who Needs A Man, Instead Be A Woman A Man Needs

I’m sure that sometimes, you fall under the pressure of society. You convince yourself that you need a man to be happy, so you keep chasing after them all, desperately trying to find the right one.

With every guy who hurts you, you lose a piece of yourself. And then, you try harder to make the next one stay, which usually never ends up the way you want it to.

But do you really want to be a woman who runs after men only because others have told her that she must find one? Do you really want to fight for men only to have your heart repeatedly broken in the end?
DONE! Don't Be A Woman Who Needs A Man, Instead Be A Woman A Man Needs

Don’t be a woman who needs a man. Instead, be a woman a man needs.

Instead of chasing after guys and trying to prove to them how amazing you are, you should only strive to feel satisfied with yourself. Realize your value and start focusing on things that make you happy.

Forget about the right one and let him chase after you. Let him earn your time and attention.

Don’t bend over backward for guys who don’t have any idea what they want in life. Don’t swim oceans for them when they wouldn’t even jump a puddle for you.

You’re an amazing, strong woman and you deserve every right to feel happy. But first, you need to understand that happiness comes from within.

Once you realize your worth, it’ll become clear to you that you’re not born into this world to run after men. It’s not your duty to beg them to stay in your life.
DONE! Don't Be A Woman Who Needs A Man, Instead Be A Woman A Man Needs

Let them see that you don’t need a man to be happy. Show them that they can’t play with your feelings as you won’t allow them to tear your heart into pieces.

Instead of wasting your time desperately trying to find the right one, instead redirect all of that energy to becoming the best version of yourself. Make yourself a priority, grow as a person, and discover your own value.

Only then will you finally feel satisfied with the life you’re living. Only then will you realize that you’re more than enough.

Maybe you don’t see your worth right now, but you’re a precious pearl. Perhaps your value is currently hiding inside its shell, but at one point, the time will come where you realize just how incredible you are.

You’ll figure out you’re a strong independent woman and that’s when you’ll stop wasting your time chasing after men. You’ll give up on them completely and focus all of your energy on yourself.

Finally, you’ll have enough time for all of the things that make you happy. Friends, family, traveling, hobbies. Those things will become your priorities.

DONE! Don't Be A Woman Who Needs A Man, Instead Be A Woman A Man Needs

You won’t care about finding yourself a man because you’ll understand that you can lead a happy life without one. You don’t need a guy to make your dreams come true – you can do that on your own.

A partner should always be just an expansion to your life that’s already thriving. He should be just an additional great aspect of it, and nothing more.

You must realize that a man won’t ever make you happy if you’re currently unhappy with the life you’re living. He can’t change your reality and make it better unless you do that for yourself.

So, instead of wasting your time trying to find the right guy, you’re better off focusing on growing as a person. Don’t be a woman who needs a man – be a woman a man needs.

That’s when you’ll figure out what it means to lead a fulfilling life.

And let me tell you something else. Something that will change everything.

Men can easily spot weak women. They sense your desperate need for a hand to hold and that’s when they realize that they can play with your emotions as long as they want.

DONE! Don't Be A Woman Who Needs A Man, Instead Be A Woman A Man Needs

The moment you think that you’ve found your dream guy actually turns out to be the moment he realizes he’s found himself the perfect victim. He sees in your eyes that you’ll do anything for him to make him stay and he uses that opportunity.

As days go by, he plays with your heart like it’s a toy. He makes you prove your love to him even though he never plans on staying.

Then, once he gets bored, he simply pushes you aside and walks away. Sometimes, you won’t even get an explanation from him.

He’ll abandon you like you meant nothing to him and that’s where your story will end. After that, you’ll have to rebuild yourself up from scratch and fix all those pieces that he broke.

But if you start working on yourself and growing as a person, none of these things will happen. Once you realize your worth, it will also become clear that you’re a real catch and that men should be fighting for your attention.

As a strong, independent woman, you’ll instantly become more attractive in their eyes. They will feel drawn to you and that’s when they will do whatever it takes to have you.

In the crowd of many, a real man will finally appear on your radar. He’ll instantly recognize your worth and do his utmost to win you over.

You’ll be his dream come true, the one he’s been looking for his whole life. And you’ll finally realize that the key to happiness is being a woman a man needs, not one who needs a man.
Don't Be A Woman Who Needs A Man, Instead Be A Woman A Man Needs

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