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What Type Of Woman Is An Alpha Male Attracted To? 14 Traits You Need

What Type Of Woman Is An Alpha Male Attracted To? 14 Traits You Need

What type of woman is an alpha male attracted to? Who does this man see as his equal in life to the point where he completely falls in love with her and wants her to stay by his side forever? 

The alpha man is the epitome of a natural leader and provider. He’s the guy who everyone seeks validation from and everyone wants to be friends with. At the end of the day, the alpha is always the leader of his pack. 

He’s also the type of man many women want in their lives.

Beta males are interesting as well – we need them in order to make the entire system work. But we can definitely say that women always go for the assertive man who has his insecurities in check. 

A true alpha male is so rare and hard to find. Assertiveness is not something easily found in men. 

These born leaders don’t just want a shy and timid woman, but something else completely. 

I’m going to assume that you know everything about the traits of an alpha male. So we’re going to talk about what type of woman is an alpha male attracted to.

These traits will let you know if you’re his kind of woman. 

What type of woman is an alpha male attracted to?

1. She’s kind and loving

DONE! What Type Of Woman Is An Alpha Male Attracted To 14 Traits You Need

Before we start talking about anything else, we need to mention the most important aspect of her personality first. If you’re not loving, kind, and caring, then an alpha won’t even look your way. 

You can show your kindness in the way you talk to a waiter or treat older people. When you’re rude and filled with hatred for anything and anyone, you’re simply not attractive

The alpha guy put so much effort into becoming the person that he is today. Even though he’s the alpha, he’s still the nice guy who takes care of everyone around him. People wouldn’t love him if he was rude or abusive.

2. She’s loyal to a fault

When you’re talking to a guy who’s the leader of his group of friends, you’re essentially talking to the most loyal man ever. He’s the type of guy who would never deceive or put anyone down for any reason whatsoever. 

Because of that, you have to understand the importance of loyalty to him. 

These days we see so many wanna-be alphas who are nothing more than the loudest men in the crowd. They call themselves leaders (even though they’re far from it) and somehow always end up cheating on their girlfriends or even deceiving their followers. 

That’s not a true alpha. That’s a sheep in wolf’s clothing. 

A true alpha male would do anything and everything to protect those he loves. He’s a real man who has enough self-confidence to say “no” to a woman who’s making advances on him when he’s in a relationship. 

For that exact reason, he needs a girl who’s just as loyal as he is. 

3. She takes care of her appearance

DONE! What Type Of Woman Is An Alpha Male Attracted To 14 Traits You Need

An alpha male is attracted to the type of woman who puts effort into her appearance. However, that doesn’t mean that her only interest in life is the way she looks. 

On the contrary, her mind is more important. That said, how can a woman who neglects her appearance be attractive to a man who takes care of himself? He doesn’t just spend days in his office without bathing. He suits up well, dresses for the occasion, and smells like the man of your dreams.

That’s why you have to take care of yourself too if you want to attract a man like that. Take care of your hygiene, put perfume on, always wear classy clothes that make you look sophisticated. 

When someone takes care of themselves, it also shows that they’re ready to take care of their partner. This is so important because you two have to work as a team. 

4. She’s confident

A woman who isn’t confident is only going to bring an alpha man down. The last thing he needs is an insecure girl who is jealous and tries to control him. 

He’s loyal to a fault, he’s loving and caring, so if you’re insecure, that won’t bring you anything good in the relationship. He wants someone who has a healthy dose of self-esteem – one who knows how amazing, beautiful, and intelligent she is. 

Of course, everyone has their moments. We all have days when we feel like we’re not good enough. He’ll be there to catch you on those days and remind you how gorgeous you are. 

But he can’t carry your insecurities all the time. Confident men gravitate toward confident women. That’s why it’s always said the type of woman an alpha male is attracted to is always an alpha female. 

If you have many insecurities, you’ll have to start working on them, because you won’t attract an alpha if you don’t. 

5. She’s extremely intelligent

DONE! What Type Of Woman Is An Alpha Male Attracted To 14 Traits You Need

It’s not just the looks and confidence that get the attention of an alpha. 

What type of woman is an alpha attracted to, you may be wondering? Well, the intellectual type. The woman who spends her time reading books and watching documentaries. The type of woman who’s always ready for a new intellectual challenge. 

Intelligence is so extremely attractive. Yes, it’s always nice to have someone beautiful by your side, but it’s nothing if you can’t hold a conversation with the person.

He wants a woman who’s able to question his own intelligence. An alpha male wants someone by his side who won’t shy away from learning about the things he likes so they’ll have something to talk about. He won’t be able to dismiss your efforts.

You can have all the beauty in this world, but if you’re not able to stand your ground in a heated discussion about something, then he won’t spend much time on you. 

6. She’s assertive

There’s something so appealing about a woman who knows how to speak her mind. 

Being assertive is so much more than just fighting and being loud. An alpha woman knows that it just means fighting for what you believe to be right. 

The types of women alpha males are definitely NOT attracted to are those who don’t know what they want in life and who let everyone walk all over them. 

She doesn’t just let someone interrupt her while she’s talking, and she absolutely never lets others raise their voice at her. She knows that things can be resolved amicably and that there’s absolutely no reason to not be civil. 

The girl who’s an alpha finds attractive is one who knows how to ask for the things she wants and doesn’t back down when someone challenges her. 

7. She’s highly motivated

DONE! What Type Of Woman Is An Alpha Male Attracted To 14 Traits You Need

An alpha male is extremely motivated – it’s one of his most prominent traits.

For that exact reason, he wants a woman who’s just as motivated. If possible, he’d love someone with even more drive than he has. 

This means that she’s able to go for her goals and dreams, and she never backs down from her plans. 

For instance, you’re still trying to get your degree? Well, that’s so attractive to an alpha male. He wants a girl who’ll spend time on self-improvement. 

Imagine if you were someone whose only ambition in life was to become a housewife. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but an alpha would rather be with a girl who has ambitions outside the home. 

His partner should have a life that’s just as interesting as his. If she’s going to focus on the home and family, then she should try to do some work remotely. Not for the money, but because he doesn’t want a woman whose only decision each day is what’s for dinner. 

8. She has a list of life goals she wants to achieve

Are you that type of woman an alpha male is attracted to and what do your goals even have to do with it? 

What are your goals in life? Do you want to get your degree, get your driver’s license, start your own business by the age of 25? What are the next steps for your company? Are you thinking about writing a book? 

Is there anything you want to achieve in life that’s significant and he should know about it? 

Tell him everything! Anything that shows him you have a plan for your life that won’t make him feel like he’ll be the only one trying to create a better life for both of you. This way you’ll always have something to talk about and he’ll know you’re trying really hard. 

You could even try to do something together. Create a timeline for your own life. I know that it looks like you’re making a business plan for your relationship, but it doesn’t have to seem like that. It may just as easily be your own little way of making things more fun for the both of you. 

9. She’s supportive

DONE! What Type Of Woman Is An Alpha Male Attracted To 14 Traits You Need

You may be wondering how an alpha male has time to date with all of his work in the way. But, you see, a masculine man doesn’t have to be someone who’s trying to end world hunger. 

But he definitely does have ambitions in his life. And for that, he needs a supportive partner. He’s trying to live his best life, to see what the world has to offer him, and you need to understand that you’re part of that story. 

If you wanted to be the center of attention or the love interest of the main character, then you shouldn’t pursue this man. 

A woman should definitely be supportive of an alpha man’s goals and dreams if she wants him to see her as attractive. 

This means that you’ll ask him about his progress in the gym. And that you’ll always be there for him when he’s having a tough time. 

He’ll definitely be there for you! Don’t worry about that, because he’ll always find a way to help you out. That said, you have to show him that you’re ready to step in and be strong when he’s unable to. 

10. She’s resolute in her opinions

A self-assured woman would never let someone convince her to do things that just make her follow the tribe. She has her opinions and even if the alpha man in her life doesn’t think the way she does, she’ll explain her point of view and not back down. 

Be open-minded in the sense that you’re able to listen to different points of view and always understand where other people are coming from. This way, you’ll become his perfect woman in no time. 

His perfect woman should never be submissive. This means that you can’t just withdraw into yourself whenever someone challenges your beliefs. Be ready and able to argue your own opinions and show why you’re right. 

When you see that someone else is right and that their standpoint makes more sense, don’t continue to argue out of your own need to be right. Put your ego down in those situations and admit defeat. 

This also correlates to the point I made before – that his woman should be assertive. But this adds the value of tenacity to the game. 

11. She’s family oriented

DONE! What Type Of Woman Is An Alpha Male Attracted To 14 Traits You Need

An alpha male is a provider and protector. He protects those who are dearest to him. That means he takes care of his family above everything and anything else. 

He’s not the top dog because he’s aggressive and threatening. He’s the alpha because his everyday life consists of making everyone around him feel very safe and sound. 

He wants to see that you have a good relationship with your parents as well as his own. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend every waking hour taking care of them, but rather that you enjoy spending quality time with them and treat them lovingly. 

He’ll probably want to be with a woman who wants to have children. But not that you should put your own needs aside for him. If you don’t want kids, you should talk to him about it. 

You could just as easily meet an alpha who focuses on other things, and you’ll have the same wants and needs.

In a nutshell, the type of woman is an alpha male attracted to is ready to take care of others, be kind to his family and friends, and have a great relationship with her own family. 

Does that sound like you? 

12. She has a great sense of humor

This is a standard thing that every guy looks for in a girl. No man wants his girlfriend to be completely devoid of emotions. A girl who’s able to joke about things and can take a joke with confidence is an amazing girl that every guy would love to have by his side. 

It’s awful when you’re in the presence of a woman who has very low self-esteem. It makes her so obviously scared of falling from her high social status.

She can’t take a joke, nor does she know how to make anyone around her laugh. It’s obvious right away.

If you shy away easily from people who laugh or don’t know how to react, he won’t want to spend that much time on you. An alpha is interested in a girl who can make him laugh as well as understand his sense of humor. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you’ll let anyone insult you or joke about inappropriate things. That’s nothing more than something an insecure guy would do to gain someone’s approval.

An alpha man doesn’t need that. He just needs you to giggle along to his favorite movie and go to his favorite comedy shows with him. 

13. She takes care of her feminine energy

DONE! What Type Of Woman Is An Alpha Male Attracted To 14 Traits You Need

Femininity doesn’t always equal submissiveness. More often than not, being feminine means being in charge of your power and preserving it. 

Since ancient times, people have worshiped the female body and the fact that we’re able to bring life into this world. Back then, people saw women as a portal between earth and God. 

You shouldn’t just brush that fact aside. Rather than that, express your femininity. 

What does that mean for you? To dress in a certain way? To act in a certain way? Or does it mean that you need to express yourself creatively and show the world what you’re capable of? 

Whatever it may be, your femininity is authentic to you. We can’t define femininity with the male gaze nor can we put it into a box.

It’s completely up to you to define femininity in a woman. And once you do, let it flow freely through you. 

14. She finds a way to enjoy life to the fullest

Even if it doesn’t seem like it at times, an alpha male indeed likes an adventurous woman. He’s looking for someone who’ll show him a good time in this world and make his life even more enjoyable. 

I understand that our mental health doesn’t always allow us to enjoy ourselves. More often than not, you’re bound to your bed and can’t get out because of depression or anxiety. 

However, an alpha man will always appreciate your effort to live your life the best way you can. 

If you’re adventurous by nature, you have a clear advantage. You can go hiking, mountain climbing, skiing, and so on. He’ll know that you’re always up for an adventure and ready to see what new things you can discover in this world. 

An alpha male may be attracted to a strong, daring woman, but always know that he’s the strong, extroverted center of everyone’s attention. He wants to hang out with people and always experience a new adventure. 

What type of woman is an alpha male NOT attracted to? 

DONE! What Type Of Woman Is An Alpha Male Attracted To 14 Traits You Need

There are the same traits that men run away from. While a beta male may let you get away with this, an alpha can always spot them, so be careful. 

The first thing you should avoid is narcissistic behavior. Of course, you have to be confident, but being narcissistic and arrogant is not attractive at all. Being narcissistic only means that you’re incapable of seeing that you have room to grow. 

Going off of that, it also means that you shouldn’t even think about manipulating him.

Emotional manipulation is easy to spot and a man as intelligent as he is will never let you get away with it. He’ll always know catch on to what you’re doing and before you know it, he’ll be out of your life. 

Selfishness could also be detrimental to your relationship with an alpha male. Your selfishness only shows him that you’re not mature enough for the world. An alpha woman, one who’s kind and caring, doesn’t know what it means to be selfish. 

I can assure you that you won’t feel like an entire fortune of yours is gone if you give the poor beggar some money or if you tip the waiter a little better this time around. 

And should we even bring up jealousy and possessiveness? You need to know that the relationship you desire is with someone who spends a lot of his time with other people. He’s extroverted and he wants to be there for them. 

Don’t just expect him to spend all of his time with you and to never talk to another woman in his life – that’s not going to happen. He’ll rather walk away from you and get rid of a toxically jealous woman than get rid of all his friends. 

If you’re prepared for these “terms and conditions,” then you’re ready to date an alpha because you’re the type of woman he’s attracted to!

What Type Of Woman Is An Alpha Male Attracted To? 14 Traits You Need

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