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How To Find Out A Guy’s Intentions (5 Men Reveal Their Secrets)

How To Find Out A Guy’s Intentions (5 Men Reveal Their Secrets)

One of the scariest things about dating is the fact that you can easily fall for a man whose intentions aren’t pure. You can catch feelings for him and then you’re screwed.

The heartbreak, the pain of moving on after him… Those are only some of the things that will follow.

No woman wants to end up in a relationship with a guy who’s lying to her about his intentions. You don’t want to get your hopes up and expect a committed relationship from him when he knows he can’t give you that.

But how do you save yourself from ending up in a situation like that? How do you read a guy correctly so you can run away before it’s too late?

We’ve asked some men to reveal to us the secrets that would be beneficial to every woman currently on the dating scene. And let me tell you that they spill the beans.

So, here’s how you can know what a guy is trying to get from you without even having to ask him. These pointers are a lifesaver.

1. Scroll through his profile

DONE! How To Find Out A Guy's Intentions (5 Men Reveal Their Secrets)

“It doesn’t matter if you met him in person or stumbled upon him through one of your dating apps. The first thing you should do to find out a guy’s intentions is to scroll through his social media profile. Preferably the one he uses the most.

You’re looking for everything that suggests he’s too immature for you – that his only goal is to be with as many girls as possible.

Does the guy seem like a player based on the number of girls commenting on his photos? Are there loads of shirtless pics that suggest he’s trying to use his looks to attract all the ladies?

If you see any of these, then the chances are that he’s just a player and his intentions with you aren’t pure.

Trust me, guys who are only looking for a fling will usually use their appearance to gain a woman’s attention. So, if all he shares on his profile are half-naked pics, then he’s sure not boyfriend material.”

Richard, 34

2. Figure out who he hangs out with

DONE! How To Find Out A Guy's Intentions (5 Men Reveal Their Secrets)

“If you want to know what he’s like, check out who your guy is hanging out with. Believe it or not, his pals will reveal that to you.

If he’s a player whose only goal is to be with as many women as possible, then all of his close friends will usually be the same. Men pack together with other men who match their opinions, wishes, and beliefs.

So, if most of his friends are known as cheaters, then you know what to expect from your suitor. You really think he’s any different when he’s forever hanging out with them?

Honestly, the chances are close to zero, so don’t get your hopes up. His friends affect and influence him more than you can imagine. So looking at the group of people he hangs out with is a way to go when you’re trying to figure out his intentions.

Test my theory and see if it works, but I can already guarantee it.”

John, 42

3. Compare his words with his actions

DONE! How To Find Out A Guy's Intentions (5 Men Reveal Their Secrets)

“I may be old-fashioned but a real man with honest intentions will always make sure to back up his words with his actions. No matter his age, he’ll always find a way to prove his love.

So, if his words sound impressive but his actions are nowhere to be seen, that’s when you know what you got yourself into. That when it’s obvious that he’s using smooth talk only to try to keep you around.

Just when you expect him to show everything he’s been telling you, he’ll probably disappear from your life and you’ll never hear back from him.

So, the golden piece of advice is this. When his actions don’t match his words, you better run. Otherwise, you’ll regret you stayed with him for longer than you should.”

Henry, 46

4. Let him wait for you

DONE! How To Find Out A Guy's Intentions (5 Men Reveal Their Secrets)

“A guy whose intentions are pure will choose to stay because he likes you. A guy who’s only pretending to like you will be around until he gets you into bed.

Once that happens, he’s out of your life faster than Flash.

I know that I’m being kinda harsh, but you need to know this. Most men all want the same thing, so when they’re prepared to wait for it, that’s when you know that he’s with you because he genuinely cares about you.

A guy who pressures you to do things you aren’t ready for isn’t with you for honest reasons. He may even give you ultimatums or try to persuade you that you should be with him for the sake of deepening your relationship.

Don’t believe these lame old lies – he’s only using them to get what he wants. And the minute you give in, you won’t hear from him ever again.”

Joe, 24

5. Consider how much effort he puts in

DONE! How To Find Out A Guy's Intentions (5 Men Reveal Their Secrets)

“I’ll ask you some questions and you answer them. How often does he take you out? Does he plan actual dates with you or simply invite you to hang out at his place?

Does he call you in the middle of the night and only when it’s convenient for him? Or is he actually putting in the effort and trying to show you that he cares about you?

A guy’s intentions are clear when you take a minute to analyze the effort he puts in. If you’re the one doing most of the work, then you’ve got yourself a dud.

His behavior won’t change in the future, no matter how hard you try to convince yourself otherwise. All those excuses he’s dishing out are only red flags that scream he doesn’t actually give a damn about you.

You can choose to trust him and then regret the day you let him walk into your life. Or you can save yourself the heartbreak and leave him before things get even messier.

Some men act like total douches, but as long as you spot him on time, you’re good. So, don’t complain later that I didn’t warn you.”

Adam, 29

How To Find Out A Guy's Intentions (5 Men Reveal Their Secrets)

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