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What Do Emojis Mean From Guys? 18 Emojis Fully Decoded

What Do Emojis Mean From Guys? 18 Emojis Fully Decoded

Have you ever wondered, “What do emojis mean from guys?”

Are they carefully choosing which ones to send, or do they simply send the first one they see in order not to send a blank, emotionless text message?

Times have changed and instead of decoding other people’s handwriting, we’re stuck deciphering emoticons and what they could mean.

It all happened because we started using messaging on a daily basis and it became the easiest way to start a conversation and keep it going.

People don’t have time to wait for handwritten letters to arrive at their home.

We truly give our best efforts to get to the bottom of texting so that we don’t end up being unprepared when our phone beeps and a message slides into our inbox.

Women have gone so far as even using their friends to help them solve the mystery of what a guy wants to say when he sends you a certain message.
When you see a group of women gathered around a phone, know that they’re on duty trying to solve this serious dilemma.
DONE What Do Emojis Mean From Guys 18 Emojis Fully Decoded

But we women usually overthink everything. We analyze every word we write in a message because we want to be sure that the meaning is right.

When texting, we try to choose the appropriate sense of humor and suitable emojis, and take the right amount of time to reply to a message that a guy we like sent us.

But the question is whether men do the same thing.

Do they spend a certain amount of time trying to understand what a girl they’re texting really wanted to say or do they simply read a message and just reply to it immediately?

The answer is that guys usually don’t overthink messages the way women do but when it comes to sending emojis, there’s a meaning behind each and every one of them.

When a guy sends you a smiley face, it has a certain meaning to him. 

The world of online dating and virtual love has made us push our boundaries, which is why you’re currently reading this article.

You want to know what your special guy meant when he sent you that one specific emoji.

Don’t worry, I’m here to help you. I’ll try to explain to you what smilies mean when they come from guys.

You’ll be able to understand why they sent you an angel face on one occasion and a smirking face emoticon on another.

So, let’s dive deep into the world of emojis, and let’s make you best friends with the meanings of emojis that guys send.

DONE! What Do Emojis Mean From Guys 18 Emojis Fully Decoded

It has come the time for us to use our detective skills for the right thing – decoding guys’ emojis.

Believe it or not, you can use them to get the right info on whether a guy has feelings for you.

When he’s texting you, it’s obvious that you can’t see his face.

You have no idea what his facial expression looks like, so you have to compensate for it by understanding the emojis that he sends you.

When they’re sent from guys, they mean more than you think. 

I’m not saying that he spent hours picking the right one, but emojis sent by a guy who likes you differ from those ones sent by a guy who has no feelings for you.

That’s how it works.

When a guy likes you, he wants you to understand the real meaning of the message.

Sometimes, it feels scary for someone to openly tell you that they like you, which is why they use the power of online communication and hit you up with a text message.

‘Hey, how was your day? (smiley face)

As the conversation develops, you’ll need to turn on your detective skills and read between the lines.

In real life, you would look him in the eyes and see that he sees no one else than you but texting works differently.

His real-life facial expression is now replaced with emojis. 

So, if you want to know what emojis mean from guys and whether he likes you based on what he’s texting you, then keep on reading. 

1. Angel face emoji 😇

DONE! What Do Emojis Mean From Guys 18 Emojis Fully Decoded

When a guy sends you an angel face emoji, it means that he wants to look innocent. He likes you and he wants you to see the angel in him.

He doesn’t want to be too intense because he knows that it could push you away from him.

So, he takes on the role of an innocent guy who has manners and knows how to treat women the right way.

Maybe he wants to come off as sweet or impress you with something that he wrote.

If those are his intentions, the chances are that he’ll use an angel face.

It’s his way of telling you that he’s a nice guy and that you can expect more of that from him.

2. Hugging face emoji 🤗

When a guy sends you a hugging face emoji, it means that he’s trying to make you see that he’s a cute guy who has a crush on you.

I mean, he sent you a smiley that wants to hug you – what else do you need?

It’s too early for him to send you a kissy face so he opts up for an innocent hug.

By doing this, he’s trying to see how you react so he can know whether he can take it a step further.

He’s happy that he’s talking to you, and if you will only let him, he will give you a hug.

3. Blushing face emoji 😊

DONE! What Do Emojis Mean From Guys 18 Emojis Fully Decoded

Similar to a hugging face, a blushing face emoji means that a guy has feelings for you, but he’s not sure whether it’s too early to show them.

That’s why he first wants to see whether you’re on the same page as him.

Talking to you makes him feel happy and warm in his heart, and therefore, he uses a blushing face smiley to express his feelings.

4. Relieved smile emoji 😌

This one usually comes after he’s written something risky.

Maybe a guy will tell you that he likes something about you, but he’s not sure how you’re going to react.

That’s when the relieved smile emoji comes in handy.

When a guy sends this smiley, it means that he’s kind of scared of your reaction but he had to say it anyway.

This one is usually used by shy guys who don’t have much confidence in the way they talk to girls.

In that case, using smilies serves as a way of getting through to them.

It shows you that he knows that he’s not an expert at flirting with you, but he had to give it a shot because he really likes you.

5. Heart eyes emoji 😍

DONE What Do Emojis Mean From Guys 18 Emojis Fully Decoded 5

This one is more than obvious. You’ll see it and you’ll know that for a guy, it means that he’s captivated by you. 

You have his heart, and he’s praying to God that you feel the same way for him – especially if he puts more than one heart eyes emoji in the same message.

He’s telling you that he likes you more than you think and that he wants you to see how he feels about you.

6. Kissy face emoji 😘

This one belongs to the group of flirty emoticons.

When a guy sends it, it means that he likes you and that he wants to have something more with you.

‘Let’s be more than friends‘ is what this emoji really stands for. It’s obvious that he likes you, but the main question is whether you like him.

If you reply in the same manner, it means that you agree with his intentions and that you’re on the same page.

However, be careful when it comes to the kissy face emoji.

Of course, if you and this special guy have been talking for some time, it’s reasonable that the time will come when he’ll want to take things further.

But if you’ve just started talking to a guy and he sends you a kissy face in the very first messages, it usually means that his intentions aren’t real.

Once he gets under your skin, he’ll be gone and you’ll be left in tears.

So stay away from players and don’t give him what he wants if you notice that he’s only using emojis to melt your heart.

It means that you won’t wind up happy at the end of the story.

7. Cheeky tongue out emoji 😋

DONE! What Do Emojis Mean From Guys 18 Emojis Fully Decoded

This one also belongs to the group of flirty emojis. It means that a guy is trying to be funny and flirty with you at the same time.

Guys also love to use it when they’re teasing you.

He might call you a funny nickname that only the two of you know, and then add the cheeky tongue out emoticon to spice things up.

If he could, he would rather tickle you while calling you funny names or hug you in person.

However, since the two of you are destined to communicate over texts for now, he uses this smiley to show that he’s being funny and flirty with you.

8. Winking face emoji 😉

Should we call it a winking face emoji or should we change its name to ‘I’m definitely flirting with you right now‘?

When guys use this emoticon, it means that they like you and that they’ll try to flirt with you to see what they’ll get in return.

Maybe you were the first one to ask him a flirty question and he included this emoticon in his answer.

It means that he wants to play the game with you because he likes you.

9. Laughing with cold sweat emoji 😅

DONE! What Do Emojis Mean From Guys 18 Emojis Fully Decoded

If sent by guys, this emoji means that they like you but that they’re also nervous to talk to you.

They tried to say something funny but being nervous made it harder.

We all know that girls fall for humor and guys usually use that to their advantage. So, if a guy wants to win you over, he’ll try to make you laugh.

At the same time, he’ll show you that he’s not as confident as he seems because you make him nervous.

This gives you a clue that he likes you but also makes you feel powerful in a way because you have so much influence over him.

It’s a good sign that he likes you, but do you feel the same way for him?

10. See-no-evil monkey 🙈

When guys send you this emoji, it usually means that they said something risky.

He said it and now he’s praying for the best that his charm will help him out.

Maybe he admitted to you that he likes you or that he feels something for you.

Because he wasn’t sure how you were going to reply, he added a simple see-no-evil monkey to the message, hoping that it would save him.

Based on your response, he will decide on his next step.

11. Smirk emoji 😏

DONE What Do Emojis Mean From Guys 18 Emojis Fully Decoded 8

This has a similar meaning to the winky face. When guys send you this emoji, it means that they want to take the flirting game to the next level.

Usually, it means that a guy likes you and that he would be more than happy if you gave him a chance.

He’s not afraid to flirt with you because he has nothing to lose.

He can either get you or remain single, which he already presumably is, so he thinks why not give it a shot and show you that he wants to flirt with you because he has feelings for you.

Emojis guys usually use when they love you!

There’s a difference between ‘I like you’ and ‘I love you’.

That said, there’s also a difference between the emojis a guy will use if he likes you and those he’ll use if he loves you.

Because each emoticon carries a different meaning, guys make a distinction between them based on the fact of whether they like you or they love you.

Now that you know what you can expect from him if he likes you, let’s find out what’s waiting for you just around the corner, in case he has fallen in love with you.

When his feelings change, his emojis follow their lead.

1. Heart emoji ❤️

DONE! What Do Emojis Mean From Guys 18 Emojis Fully Decoded

When a guy sends you heart emojis, it means that he loves you, but this one counts only if you’ve been talking for a long period of time.

Usually, while he’s still in the flirting phase, a guy won’t be brave enough to send you a heart emoji.

Even though it sounds odd, hearts are saved for the one who captures his.

So, if you’ve been texting a guy who you know has feelings for you, but who has now started sending you heart emojis, the chances are that he has fallen in love with you. 

He would give you his heart if only he knew that you would treat it with kindness. 

So, look at the way he acts around you, think about the way he texts you, and add to that the emojis he uses, and it’ll be easy to tell whether your special guy is in love with you.

2. The couple emoji 💑

When guys gather the courage to send this one, it means that they’re completely in love with you.

They want to take a serious step forward and this emoji is suggesting that to you.

When a guy sends you the couple emoji, know that he’s past the flirting game. He’s past looking at you as a crush.

From now on, he wants you to be his girl and he wants to be your man. Simple as that.

Guys don’t usually throw this emoji around because they know that it evokes serious feelings in girls.

They don’t want to give them the illusion that they’re in love when the reality is far from that.

But once he presses send on a text message that has the couple emoji at the end, know that you have captivated him and he thinks of you all the time.

He wants the two of you to try things out as a couple because potentially, you could be the one he’s looking for.

3. The bride 👰

DONE What Do Emojis Mean From Guys 18 Emojis Fully Decoded 10

The two of you were joking around and he sent you this emoji asking you to be his wife.

Is it a joke or does he really think that the two of you could make a good couple?

It all comes down to the amount of time you’ve been talking.

If you’ve noticed that your conversations have become more serious and that you can’t go a day without talking to each other, then you can be sure that this guy loves you.

He sent you the bride smiley to show you that his feelings are serious.

He’s not going to marry you right away, but he could in the future. If only you would give him a chance. 

4. The ring 💍

Similar to the bride emoji, the ring emoji also means that a guy loves you and that he wants to take things to the next level.

When a guy sends you this, he’s giving away his secret – he’s been thinking about you a lot and he realized that his feelings are stronger than he thought.

When the right time comes, he might make you his wife because he feels that you’re the right one.

If you know that you’re the only girl he’s talking to, and you’ve noticed that your conversations have become more serious, then it means that you’re right up his alley.

With this emoticon, your man left his heart in your hands and he hopes that you won’t break it in two.

5. The kiss mark emoji 💋

DONE What Do Emojis Mean From Guys 18 Emojis Fully Decoded 11

The kiss mark emoji is somewhat different from the kissy face emoji.

The latter is more relaxed and usually conveys less serious intentions; it’s flirty but has no traces of love.

On the flip side, the kiss mark emoticon sent by a guy means that he loves you and that instead of being far away from each other, he would rather hold you in his arms and kiss you until sunrise.

It’s an indication of love and true romance that’s hard to find today.

Plus if it’s combined with other emojis that show love and if you see that the guy you’ve been talking to has serious intentions with you, then it’s obvious that the kiss mark smiley only seals the deal.

6. Smiling face with hearts 🥰

This one looks warm and full of love, and that’s exactly the feeling it conveys.

When a guy sends you a heart-melting message that has this emoticon at the end, it means that he loves you more than you think.

Maybe you sent him a photo of you, to which he replied, ‘You look beautiful 🥰‘. Do you see how romantic it looks?

He could’ve used any other emoji if he wanted but still, he chose the smiling face with hearts, which simply radiates love.

He sees something special in you and he wants you to notice that.

7. Revolving hearts 💞

DONE What Do Emojis Mean From Guys 18 Emojis Fully Decoded 12

In the world of emojis, what says, “I love you,” more than red hearts? And what about two pink hearts, revolving around each other?

If a guy sends you this one, know that he’s seriously in love with you.

One heart isn’t enough to describe the emotions he feels for you so he chooses two, trying to show you how much you mean to him.

Trust me, a guy who sees you as a way station doesn’t care enough to look for the revolving hearts smiley but someone who thinks about you all the time thinks that you’re worth the effort.

When you look at the two hearts revolving around each other, you’ll understand how sweet and innocent this emoji is. 💞 equals love.

Final thoughts!

It’s obvious that guys are usually bad at expressing their feelings, but emojis are here to help them.

They use them to show what they really mean in situations when they don’t feel brave enough to say it out loud.

So, if your special guy uses a lot of smilies when the two of you are texting, I hope that you found this article useful and were able to decode their meanings.

I know that you’ve had to play detective for a while, but at least now you know what emojis mean when guys send them.

What Do Emojis Mean From Guys? 18 Emojis Fully Decoded

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