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16 Proven Signs He’s Madly And Undeniably In Love With You

16 Proven Signs He’s Madly And Undeniably In Love With You

There’s no better feeling in the world than knowing that your partner is madly in love with you.

But how do you know it – does he say that to you every day? Well, if that isn’t the case, don’t worry.

Fortunately, there are signs he’s madly in love with you even though he doesn’t say it aloud. 

He might hit you up with the jack-in-the-box surprise and say that he’s madly in love with you, but in most cases, guys will stay true to their nature and rather show it to you through their actions. 

Guys are shy expressing their emotions to you, and that’s why you should look for signs that he’s being real with you. 

I know you’ve hit quite a few bumps on your road to finding genuine love.

You’ve had your fair share of breakups and now you’re wondering if the guy you’re dating right now is “the one.” 

Women make a habit of being more upfront about their feelings, whatever the reason might be for that. On the other hand, men are a bit cloudy about their emotions. 

While some are quite comfortable expressing their emotions and affection, others have a hard time doing such a thing – or at least verbally expressing them. 

On the flip side, there are plenty of signs he’s madly in love with you.

You just have to look carefully for them as they can be quite subtle and hard to notice if you don’t know what you’re looking out for. 

It’s important to remember that we all give and receive love in our unique ways.

That’s why each relationship is exceptional and beautiful in its own nature.

So, how do you know if he truly loves you and wants to make you a part of his life? 

16 Signs He’s Madly In Love With You 

1. He’s crazy about your natural beauty

DONE! 16 Proven Signs He's Madly And Undeniably In Love With You

Makeup and a pretty dress are all that a girl wants in her life, or at least most of them. 

You might get a lot of attention if you walk into a club because your hair is on point and your dress looks stunning, but one of the undeniable signs he’s madly in love with you is when he finds your natural beauty dazzling. 

You’re a beautiful lady who likes to dress to impress and he knows that.

But a sign that he loves you is when the guy finds you gorgeous and wonderful, even when you’re in your pajamas and without makeup. 

There are days when you simply don’t feel like putting on any makeup and just enjoy your down-time with your freckled face to be all-natural. 

If a guy is madly in love with you, he’ll embrace your physical flaws. But not just that.

He’ll love you for them because those things make you unique and beautiful. 

No girl wants to have their makeup on every single minute of the day. And trust me, guys know that.

It’s easy for them because they don’t need to put on any mascara or lipstick and sit in front of a mirror for hours making themselves “pretty.” 

Genuine beauty lies underneath all that makeup.

A guy who is madly in love with you knows that and won’t have a problem with you not wearing any makeup or dressing up all nice every single day.

2. He cooks for you after you’ve had a long day 

DONE! 16 Proven Signs He's Madly And Undeniably In Love With You

Life can be pretty exhausting.

You know those days you had a bunch of stuff to do at your work, and when you came home, you simply ordered takeout and that’s it. 

Fortunately for you, if a guy is madly in love with you, he’ll try to make your life easier by cooking food for you after those hard workdays. 

Little things like this do really matter in love. 

Imagine coming home from all the chaos you had to face at work and seeing your partner is cooking a meal for you without you lifting a finger. 

It’s definitely a welcome sight. 

If a man is madly in love with you, he’ll know how to make you feel better after you had a bad day. 

He’ll understand the stress you’re dealing with on a daily basis, and he’ll do anything to relieve you a bit from it. 

There’s something truly attractive about seeing a man in the kitchen preparing your favorite meal.

He’ll prove to you he isn’t just a regular guy, but a man who’s creative and thoughtful.

3. He won’t get mad at you

DONE! 16 Proven Signs He's Madly And Undeniably In Love With You

When you’re in a long-term relationship, you know how to press his buttons. And I’m not talking about make-you-happy buttons. 

You learned what bothers him, and those tiny things that other girls didn’t notice at all. 

In most cases, when a couple loves each other, they avoid getting on each other’s nerves if issues seem unimportant and small.

But when you feel like your blood is boiling, it’s hard to control yourself in those situations.

It’s hard to understand his point of view when all you want to do is to punch his face and move on with your life.

But a guy who’s madly in love with you won’t be bothered when you try to annoy him. 

Or if he gets annoyed by you, he’ll try to hide it because he knows that those are not your genuine feelings you’re showing at that moment. 

Because you two share a deep connection, he’ll know that you’re simply having a bad day. 

​The words you’re saying in such situations won’t bother him unless you annoy him daily for no valid reason. 

It’s important not to let your emotions govern your actions when you don’t feel like yourself.

I know it’s a hard thing to do, but you have to find another way to blow off some steam.

4. The hero effect

DONE! 16 Proven Signs He's Madly And Undeniably In Love With You

One of the clear signs he’s madly in love with you is when a guy tries to find solutions to every problem you have.

You’ll know he’s head over heels in love with you when he tackles even the problems you thought were unsolvable. 

You’re his damsel in distress, and he’s your hero. That’s why he’ll confront your problems and try to fix them with you. 

A man who is truly in love with you will be remarkably resourceful in ways you cannot comprehend. 

Men want to feel like they saved the situation at hand.

He won’t try just to solve his problems, but yours also, even though they could take a lot of energy. 

5. He prioritizes you

DONE! 16 Proven Signs He's Madly And Undeniably In Love With You

Work and family are top priorities for most men.

And a guy who’s genuinely in love with you won’t keep his love to the side. 

He knows it’s important that you feel you hold a special spot in his heart.

That you don’t want to be a very special person in his life – you want to be the most important one.

It doesn’t matter if he’s busy with a project or in and out of meetings all day, he’ll find a way to show you that you’re important to him. 

He’ll manage his schedule and adapt it so he can spend time with you. And if he really doesn’t have time, he’ll let you know when he’ll be free for you. 

I know that with your exes you felt different. You felt like they didn’t have any time for you and you were just their backup plan. 

But with a guy who’s madly in love with you, you won’t feel like this.

You’re not just a random person who walked into his life. He’ll make you the center of his life.

Your happiness and joy will be his top priority, so he’ll make compromises to achieve that. That’s when you know he’s crazy about you. 

6. He arranges future date plans with you

DONE! 16 Proven Signs He's Madly And Undeniably In Love With You

A guy who is insecure about his feelings for you won’t make any future date plans because he doesn’t know if he’ll stick around much longer.

He might chase you for a bit, but eventually he’ll leave you.

On the other hand, a sure sign that a guy is madly in love with you is when he makes plans about your future date nights and sticks to them. 

He’ll reserve his time for you in advance and won’t mess up your relationship by canceling at the last minute.

It seems like it’s not a big deal, but these little things really do matter.

If he’s serious about you and wants to include you in his love life, he won’t call you at midnight for a hookup. 

He’ll make you a part of his future.

For example, he’ll invite you to spend New Year’s Eve with him or make arrangements to go to a concert with you a couple of months from now. 

7. He’s ready to commit to you 

DONE! 16 Proven Signs He's Madly And Undeniably In Love With You

A man who is in for the short term is not the man for you. Don’t settle for those simple, immature guys.

On the contrary, a guy who’s madly in love with you will stick with you through thick and thin. 

Leaving you will be the last thing he thinks of. 

He’ll be there for you and encourage you to fight for your goals and dreams. 

He’ll let you know that the two of you are in this together and he won’t let you walk alone ever.

True companionship is shown in hard times. If he sticks around to weather the storms of life with you, then you know he’ll be there for the long haul. 

He knows that loving someone truly and deeply means always being supportive and understanding of each other’s problems. 

He’ll be like a best friend to you.

Helping you with chores and making your life easier will be his primary mission because he has committed himself to you.

This is an obvious sign he loves you. 

8. He listens

DONE! 16 Proven Signs He's Madly And Undeniably In Love With You

Sometimes it’s hard to get a guy’s attention simply because he has a shorter attention span than a woman. 

That said, a guy will show his authentic emotions for you by listening to what you have to say. 

It doesn’t matter to him if the topic of your conversation is lame and boring, he’ll still listen and make an effort to be present in the conversation. 

Why? Because he respects you and wants to listen to what you have to say. 

Your thoughts and opinions about things matter to him. 

He might not say “I love you” directly to your face, but he’ll find a way to stay connected to you

Being a good listener is one of those ways.

Maybe your guy is reserved and not talkative. If that’s the case, he’ll at least give you the occasional nod to help you relax and make you happy. 

9. He leaves you voice messages

DONE! 16 Proven Signs He's Madly And Undeniably In Love With You

Dating nowadays has shifted more toward online communication than going on a face-to-face date. 

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, especially for those couples who can’t be together as much as they want to. 

But texting isn’t always the best way to communicate your feelings to your partner.

That’s why a guy who’s madly in love with you will try to make it more personal by sending you voice messages. 

There is something soothing and relaxing when you hear your partner’s voice on the phone. 

Voice messages can be really touching and can contribute to your relationship if your partner cannot physically be present with you.

If you’re looking for those subtle signs he loves you, look no further. This is the one. 

Remember to show appreciation and compliment him the next time he sends you a voice message.

Trust me, it took him time and effort to figure out what to say and record it. 

10. He changes his habits

DONE! 16 Proven Signs He's Madly And Undeniably In Love With You

Old habits die hard. So know that when a guy changes his habits, it’s because he loves you and nothing else.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect him to completely change his behavior because of you.

If that’s what you’re hoping for, then you shouldn’t be with him after all.

A healthy and genuine love relationship means that two people are trying to be the best version of themselves for each other. 

Let’s say that you had to work nightshift and had no time to do the laundry. 

Even though he doesn’t know how to do laundry, a guy who loves you will make an effort to learn and do it.

He’ll even change his habit of taking it to the laundry shop and instead do it at home.

11. He protects you

DONE! 16 Proven Signs He's Madly And Undeniably In Love With You

There’s nothing worse than being at the center of an argument. Whether that be with a group of friends or family, it doesn’t really matter.

You feel helpless and embarrassed when people criticize you.

Although, one of the signs he’s madly in love with you is when he stands by your side and defends you.

Even if you’re totally in the wrong, he’ll make arguments for you and not against you.

He’ll stick up for you no matter how hard it may be in those situations. 

And if he has a problem with something that you’ve done wrong, he’ll wait until you’re both home to discuss it with you in a more private setting. 

It’s crucial to have a partner who’s got your back in moments when everything and everyone seems to be against you. 

It’s one of the best feelings you can have when you’re in a relationship with a guy who genuinely loves you. 

You know you can stride confidently into any discussion knowing that your partner has got back and won’t back down when someone attacks you. 

12. He opens up to you

DONE! 16 Proven Signs He's Madly And Undeniably In Love With You

Most of us guys are very shy when we talk about our feelings.

We’re even afraid of showing them publicly and as a result, have a really hard time opening up, especially if we’re insecure about them.

That said, a guy who’s madly in love with you will say what’s on his mind and won’t let his emotions bottle up to avoid looking “girly.” 

Instead, he’ll be comfortable opening up and sharing his thoughts and emotions with you. 

This emotional confession will make him feel closer to you than ever before.

The bond you share together will grow stronger, and you’ll feel like he’ll be there for you forever. 

And once he feels safe to talk with you about his feelings, he’s probably never going to shut up again! 

13. He’s affectionate in public

DONE! 16 Proven Signs He's Madly And Undeniably In Love With You

Loving someone means showing one’s emotions in public, and that’s exactly what a guy will do if he truly loves you. 

I know you had exes who promised you they’ll do the right thing and show you a lot of affection.

Eventually, you realized those were just empty promises.

They became emotionally distant and cold when the two of you were in public. Well, that’s why they aren’t the love of your life. 

The right guy will make his love known to everyone around him, and he won’t feel embarrassed to acknowledge it.

He’ll never hesitate to put his arm around your waist, take your hand, or kiss your cheek in public. 

Keep in mind that some guys don’t like to be affectionate in public spaces.

Although, if his emotions are genuine about you, he’ll try to break out of his shell and show you his love. 

He’ll be proud of you, and he’ll even show you off to his family and friends. 

Why? Because he’s absolutely in love with you. 

Public displays of affection and love aren’t for everyone, but a guy who loves you will find a way to show you.

14. He’s a true gentleman 

DONE! 16 Proven Signs He's Madly And Undeniably In Love With You

Do you know those old school dating practices like holding hands in public, opening doors for a lady, bringing you flowers, etc.? 

Well, a clear sign that he’s madly in love with you is if he treats you like a proper lady. 

You know that you’ve hit the jackpot if you never have to worry about opening doors or any sort of heavy physical jobs. 

Those are the things that a true gentleman does. 

A guy who’s madly in love with you will ask you out on a proper date and maybe even take you out to a jazz bar where you’ll slow-dance until sunrise.

Expect that a true gentleman won’t forget any anniversaries or similar things. He’ll make an effort for you to feel special on those dates. 

15. He’s interested in your hobbies

DONE! 16 Proven Signs He's Madly And Undeniably In Love With You

If you caught your man gazing into your eyes when you’re talking about your favorite hobby or book club, then you can be sure he’s madly in love with you. 

Always appreciate a man who takes a genuine interest in the things you love. 

Instead of saying “I love you,” he’ll show it to you by making an effort to learn more about your hobbies. 

He may not have the desire to participate in them, but he’ll listen to you attentively or even try it one day. 

The reason behind this is that he knows he loves you and that you love him back. He respects you.  

That’s why he shows appreciation for the things you really enjoy. If they make you happy, then he’s happy. 

And who knows, maybe one day you end up discovering you share the same hobbies! 

16. He’s always honest with you

DONE! 16 Proven Signs He's Madly And Undeniably In Love With You

There’s no perfect relationship. Everyone makes a mistake sometimes and tries to hide the truth from their partner.

But overcoming the mistakes makes relationships grow stronger.

If you want to have a healthy and strong relationship, always be open and honest with each other.

Never try to hide anything from your partner, because it’ll eventually come back to bite you. 

If a guy is emotionally immature, he’ll try to lie to you and hide things from you.

But a guy who’s madly in love with you will prove his honesty to you. As you know, “honesty is the best policy,” and he’ll stick to that. 

There is no good ending when someone lies in a relationship. Sooner or later, the truth will come out and someone will feel betrayed. 

The honesty that he’ll uphold means you’ll never feel vulnerable or uptight.

Truthfulness is definitely one of the major signs he’s madly in love with you.

What are the most obvious signs he’s madly in love with you?

1. He prioritizes you
2. He’s ready to commit to you
3. He opens up to you

16 Proven Signs He's Madly And Undeniably In Love With You

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