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13 Surprising Signs A Man Is In Love With His Mistress

13 Surprising Signs A Man Is In Love With His Mistress

The signs a man is in love with his mistress aren’t that obvious.

A married man knows how to keep those things hidden to prevent his marriage from being ruined. 

Men cheat on their wives simply because they’re unhappy but can’t stand losing them, or they might just want to straight-out hurt them.

Either way, it’s the most awful thing a man can do to a woman who loves him.

However, there are married couples out there who agree on certain terms that allow the husband to have a mistress.

Or she might be a woman who’s simply keeping her mouth shut even though she knows what’s going on.

The wife might know that he’s having an affair, but she doesn’t know how to approach him about this topic.

She might want him to come clean about this issue and she wants him to apologize.

Nevertheless, you’re still his mistress. You’re still the other woman who is seen as the threat.

You know that it was his own decision to approach you, but you still don’t want things to end between the two of you.

So how will you know that he loves you, his mistress, more than the woman he’s been with for years?

No one ever asks how the mistress feels about this entire situation but you want him to pick you over his wife, even if your relationship had a strict no strings attached agreement. 

You were doomed to fall in love with him the very moment you crossed paths with him.

Because of that, you want to make sure that he’s not lying to you when he says that he loves you. 

DONE! 13 Surprising Signs A Man Is In Love With His Mistress

You’ve been wondering about the signs a man is in love with his mistress for quite some time now.

As a mistress yourself, you want to know how much time it will take him before he decides to leave his wife for you.

You know that it’s bad to wish for such a thing to happen, but he’s told you multiple times how unhappy he is in his marriage.

So why not make everyone happy?

There’s also the threat of him being a cheater.

Will he do the same thing to you, will he lie to you the same way he’s lying to his wife, or will he break up with you the very moment his wife finds out about your affair?

It doesn’t matter whether this man is your co-worker, friend or neighbor, you still don’t know him well enough to answer these questions.

That’s why you need to understand how a man will act if he’s in love with his mistress.

It’s kind of disheartening to have your self-esteem crumble whenever he leaves your side to go back to his wife.

You never intended to become a homewrecker; your feelings are far more complex than that.

You didn’t want to fall in love in the first place, but it happened and the natural order of things brought you to where you are at right now.

At the end of the day, can you ever trust a man at all? Especially a man who says he’ll leave his wife for you?

Does he really love you? What are the signs a man is in love with his mistress?

1. He doesn’t wear his wedding ring around you

DONE! 13 Surprising Signs A Man Is In Love With His Mistress

Some men don’t mind wearing their wedding ring around their mistress.

It’s very symbolic when they do that, because they’re saying their wife is always with them. 

Of course, not every married guy is like that and some men refuse to wear their wedding ring around their mistress.

It’s like their affair becomes more apparent if they do wear it. 

They feel guilty whenever they look down at their hand and they see the ring that’s supposed to promise eternal loyalty.

The man you’re seeing used to wear his wedding ring all the time, but now you don’t see it as often.

If you strain your eyes enough, you can see the outline of the ring – the telltale sign that he was wearing it just before he met up with you. 

So he decided to stop wearing his wedding ring around you?

He doesn’t want to be reminded of anything that isn’t related to you when he’s next to you, which is why he took it off.

When you ask him about it, he might not even want to address this sudden change in his behavior, but it can be one of the signs a man is in love with his mistress. 

A wedding ring is a significant symbol, something he shares with his wife, and now it’s gone.

The reason can obviously be that he’s falling in love with you.

2. He forgets important dates

DONE! 13 Surprising Signs A Man Is In Love With His Mistress

This situation might have happened on many occasions.

You two are sitting in a restaurant or at your place and he just remembers, randomly, that he forgot to buy his wife a present, and her birthday is tomorrow! 

Or he forgets to get her a gift on their wedding anniversary.

A man who loves his wife doesn’t forget these things, especially not if he doesn’t forget your birthday.

He always remembers to buy you something or to at least send you a gift card.

This is a shock to him as well as you.

You see the way his face pales when he realizes that he forgot, because he didn’t think that he’d be so immersed in his serious relationship with you and forget about his own life. 

Every human being is capable of forgetting important things; however, he wasn’t like this when you two met.

He would always put his wife on a pedestal, but now he forgets almost every important date. 

This is one of the signs a man is in love with his mistress.

3. He brings you expensive things

DONE 13 Surprising Signs A Man Is In Love With His Mistress 4

With a quick swipe of his credit card, he gives you everything you want and need.

After a while, you started to realize that the gifts he brings you are much better than the gifts he buys for his wife.

For example, he never buys you just flowers for Valentine’s Day – he goes all out.

He buys you whatever you like without even looking at the cost of those things.

A man who is still in love with his wife would still give her better presents. 

Every man loves flashing his money around, but he usually does that in front of the woman that he wants to love him back.

So why would he spend all that money on you and not on his wife?

The answer is very simple. You don’t have to wonder about the signs a man is in love with his mistress if he actually does this.

He is in love with you or he’s at least falling for you hard. He finds you to be more important than his wife and he obviously acts on that thought.

4. He doesn’t forget the little things about you

DONE! 13 Surprising Signs A Man Is In Love With His Mistress

Usually, men don’t remember the small details about a woman unless they’re extremely interested in her.

They won’t remember these things about someone who’s not important to them. 

That why we think that this is one of the signs a man is in love with his mistress.

You should really be on the lookout for every time he mentions a piece of small information about you.

Did he buy you something that you randomly mentioned?

Or when he came into the room, he brought a blanket for you, remembering that this is your favorite?

A married man has a lot going on in his mind, especially with his wife and kids.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t change the fact that he remembers every small detail about you.

Your favorite color, your favorite dish, how you like to drink your coffee, what your favorite drink is… This man remembers everything.

So why would you question the feelings he has for you? Even though it’s an extramarital affair, you’re clearly important to him. 

5. He changes his appearance

DONE 13 Surprising Signs A Man Is In Love With His Mistress 6

When a man has a mistress, he doesn’t mind looking bad around her.

It’s not because he believes that you don’t deserve his efforts, but because he uses you as an escape route from his everyday life. 

He goes to you to relax, so why would he come over with his hair done and in a suit?

Are you seeing a change in the way he dresses and presents himself in front of you?

Is there a significant difference in the way he used to dress and how he dresses now?

He used to come over in sweats, with messy hair and stubble on his face that was nothing more than a promise of a beard.

Right now, he puts more effort into his appearance and you don’t know what to think of it. 

Well, let me be the first one to say that it’s one of the signs a man is in love with his mistress. 

You might have told him once that the color red suits him and now he’s wearing red shirts and suits almost every day.

He used to be one of the men who shave each morning, but when you said that you liked his beard, he decided to keep it.

A man who doesn’t love you wouldn’t do these things. 

6. One of the signs a man is in love with his mistress is when he wants to get to know her

DONE! 13 Surprising Signs A Man Is In Love With His Mistress

Last year, he couldn’t be bothered to know how many siblings you have, but now, he wants to know everything.

Every healthy relationship consists of two people who know each other well enough to fall in love, but before, he never wanted to get to know you.

He wanted to keep things strictly casual, which is why getting to know you would have just been detrimental to his own well-being.

But he seems to think differently right now. He can’t help but want to get to know you better.

He asks you about your friends and family and the things that you’ve been through. This man doesn’t shy away from asking you any details now. 

You don’t have to look any further for the signs a man is in love with his mistress.

A man who doesn’t have feelings for her won’t care enough to ask these questions.

He’s telling you that he’s falling in love with you with every single question he asks you about your personal life.

Even if you don’t mind talking about the first time your heart got broken, he’s still holding on to every word you say.

7. He talks badly about his wife

DONE 13 Surprising Signs A Man Is In Love With His Mistress 8

Men fall out of love with the woman in their life when that long-term relationship or marriage simply loses its spice.

When their relationship loses that special something, the man goes elsewhere to find it.

If you hear him talking badly about his wife from the very beginning of your relationship, it’s actually a red flag.

He does that to make you like him more and not because he actually thinks that.

He’s probably using that as a manipulation method to get what he needs from you.

On the other hand, if he just started confiding in you about the problems he has in his marriage and with his wife, it might because he’s developing feelings for you.

It doesn’t mean that he’ll divorce her just because he’s saying some bad things about her but it does mean that he thinks highly of you.

He thinks of you as someone more important than his wife.

He wouldn’t let you, his mistress, the other woman, know so much about his personal life if he didn’t hold you in high regard, if he didn’t think you’re extremely important. 

This is one of the signs a man is in love with his mistress.

He says how she doesn’t understand him anymore, how he doesn’t feel the spark between them any longer, and that the only reason he isn’t getting a divorce is because of the kids.

That’s heartbreaking when you hear it. However, if you know he’s a serial cheater, please don’t listen to his words.

8. He’s jealous when you talk about other men

DONE! 13 Surprising Signs A Man Is In Love With His Mistress

If he sees that you’re getting attention from other men, in the form of friend requests on social media, text messages, or phone calls, he gets extremely jealous.

Why would he do that if you were nothing more than the girl he flees to after a hard day? 

You’re obviously not just a bed warmer for him, you’re someone extremely important and the thought that he could share you with other men is unacceptable. 

Jealousy is a powerful and difficult emotion to control, so if he embraces it fully, just know that his feelings for you are real.

He doesn’t see you as a single woman anymore, he sees you as someone who’s taken by him. 

You don’t have to search for signs a man is in love with his mistress, as this sign is as clear as day. 

The thought that you would be in someone else’s arms puts him into a frenzy. Why would he think this unless he thought of you as his true love?

​9. He makes plans with you

DONE 13 Surprising Signs A Man Is In Love With His Mistress 10

Usually, a mistress is a man’s escape from the dull life he leads with his wife.

When he starts talking about a future together and he makes plans with you, it’s because he’s giving you a role beyond the bedroom.

You’re more than just a lover to him. His emotions for you are apparent. 

When he starts talking about a joint future, he’s not just making empty promises, especially if those plans are very detailed.

He talks about how you two could get an apartment together or about a new business deal. He might even want to invest in your own business. 

That right there is a man who wants to do everything in his power to keep you in his life for a long period of time.

This can also be very apparent when he isn’t keeping your relationship as private as he did before.

It’s like he’s planning on revealing it to the world, or at least to his wife.

10. You are his biggest priority

DONE! 13 Surprising Signs A Man Is In Love With His Mistress

If you know that he’s with his family or at an important event and he still reaches out to you, know that you’re always on his mind. 

For example, you know that he left the country to celebrate New Year, but he still made sure to check on you.

He might have even called you if he felt extremely brave that day.

This just means that you’re a bigger priority to him than anything or anyone and this is probably just the beginning.

The next thing you know, he’s avoiding family events to spend time with you.

When you’re sick, he’s there to take care of you and he probably gives his wife stupid excuses. 

This man is doing his utmost to be there for you.

Not even a single man who’s pursuing you would do this much unless he was truly in love with you.

You shouldn’t doubt his intentions because these are signs a man is in love with his mistress. He’s not playing games with you anymore, this is serious.

11. You’re his best friend

DONE 13 Surprising Signs A Man Is In Love With His Mistress 12

Whenever he has issues, either at work or in his personal life, he always comes to you for advice. You’re his best friend!

​You two probably share a lot more than just a bed. He shares a beer with you, as well as his biggest dreams and fears.

Of course, you do the same thing.

You talk to him about anything and everything that concerns you and you can see the genuine interest in his eyes.

You two share a pizza while watching a football game or a movie together while you’re massaging each other. 

These little moments aren’t ones a man would share with just anyone.

He wouldn’t spend time with you outside of the bedroom if he didn’t have true feelings for you.

This is one of the clear signs a man is in love with his mistress that just hit you right in the face.

It’s not something you have to rethink a million times just to be sure.

12. One of the signs a man is in love with his mistress is if he expresses his love

DONE! 13 Surprising Signs A Man Is In Love With His Mistress

I know that men like to play games with women, but these words never just slip out of their mouth lightly.

When you see all the other signs a man is in love with his mistress, this one is like the cherry on top.

If he says he loves you without any additional proof then it’s probably just another scheme to get you to stay close to him.

However, if you see other signs when he says he loves you, just know that he’s serious about his emotions.

No one would want to lie to you about something this serious.

You two are spending so much time together, you share so many secrets and when he tells you he loves you, it’s his little vow to you.

Or, at least it is for now.

13. He discusses his divorce with you

DONE 13 Surprising Signs A Man Is In Love With His Mistress 14

You’ve heard about those poor mistresses who believed the men who told them that they were going to divorce their wives and they simply never did.

You don’t want to make that mistake as well, but you can’t help the hope that blooms in your heart.

I’m not telling you to believe him every time he says he’s going to leave his wife for you.

However, his love is undeniable when he gets his divorce papers and then discusses it with you.

It’s a sure-fire sign a man is in love with his mistress.

He wouldn’t fill you in on the process of this painful divorce if he didn’t want you to stay in his life after it has been finalized. 

His emotions are out on a silver platter and you can be sure that he loves you more than his wife.

He loves you very much and you don’t have to question it at this point.

In conclusion…

DONE! 13 Surprising Signs A Man Is In Love With His Mistress

Being a mistress is extremely hard. People accuse you of many things that are not under your control.

They don’t understand the position you’re in, so the only person who’s on your side is this man who brought you into this situation in the first place. 

So can you really trust his words when he says that he loves you? Can you trust him when he says you’re the one he wants to be with?

You can see the signs a man is in love with his mistress, they’re all over the place, but you still doubt him and your relationship.

Let me tell you that you don’t have to doubt him or his intentions if all of these signs are visible in your relationship.

If he makes you his priority and if you’re his best friend, he’s there for the long run.

Those people who doubt your relationship will surely be be surprised.

13 Surprising Signs A Man Is In Love With His Mistress

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