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Decoding Guys’ Emojis – The Top 14 Emojis Guys Use When They Like You

Decoding Guys’ Emojis – The Top 14 Emojis Guys Use When They Like You

Decoding guys’ emojis has never been a straightforward thing. Overall, they have a hard time expressing themselves and their feelings. 

The world has definitely changed over the years.

The way we communicate and flirt with others has developed drastically, and now we use emojis to get our point across via text messages.

It may have seemed easier when you were standing face-to-face in coffee shops or grocery stores and you could pick up on other signs if you were wondering whether a guy was in love with you. 

However, that has changed. Texting has changed things.

Remember the good old days, when people communicated via words and not emoticons?

I know you remember those times when you had to press one button three times just to type a letter and it took ages to reply to a message. 

Thank goodness that changed. Now, we have flirty emoticons, which can help us clearly express our feelings toward a person we like and maybe win over their heart.

Unfortunately, however, as technology developed, some of us (me) were still living in the past and didn’t know how to flirt, and especially how to flirt using emojis. 

Sometimes when a guy texts you, he may find it hard to express his emotions, and luckily smileys can help with that.  However, decoding guys’ emojis can be tough at times.

DONE! Decoding Guys' Emojis - The Top 14 Emojis Guys Use When They Like You

Emojis have their own vocabulary and their meanings have helped introverts to bypass any awkward conversations and extroverts to emphasize their existing overflow of words.

Those emojis could be the smirking face, kissy face, winky face, smiley face, and so on, the possibilities are endless.

And did you know that people even have a day dedicated to these extraordinary emojis? 

When a guy is texting you, you might miss out on some clues that he actually likes you.

Figuring out the meanings of such emoticons can prove difficult, as it depends on the context in which they are being used.

Nevertheless, there is no doubt that a cute emoticon will lift your mood up and make your day and they can help you clarify your intent.

Guys use emoticons to be flirty, to make you see they are in love with you, or even when they are talking about your future together. 

After all, you can describe your emotions with words, but why would you do that when you could simply send a cute smiley face?

Need help decoding guys’ emojis? Don’t worry, I will try to decode some of them for you.

However, when you do use emojis, there are a few rules that I would like to point out first. 

Be aware that sometimes less is more. You should not overdo it with emojis.

DONE! Decoding Guys' Emojis - The Top 14 Emojis Guys Use When They Like You

So, you like him and that is great, but sending emojis every time you have something to say is never good.

Use just a couple of emoticons and that’s it. If you feel like an emoji is not enough, then add a couple of words to it and hit send. 

Be cautious if you use the tongue emoji.

DONE! Decoding Guys' Emojis - The Top 14 Emojis Guys Use When They Like You

Some people hate it and some don’t. When it is used the right way, it can send a powerful message and be totally flirty.

However, there is also the other side of the coin, which is that some hate it because it looks like slobbering. 

If you are using dating apps, then you should definitely take advantage of the emoji features that each app has to offer.

Some provide great ones that you can use to state your intention without the need to use any words. 

However, you should never just be an emoji person.

DONE! Decoding Guys' Emojis - The Top 14 Emojis Guys Use When They Like You

Despite emojis often replacing common texting, you should never overuse them because it will become your defining characteristic.

Stick to a few common emoticons, like the smiley face once you start typing, and then you can use the kiss emoji and others once you really know each other. 

Never bombard people with emoticons.  

DONE! Decoding Guys' Emojis - The Top 14 Emojis Guys Use When They Like You

You should always match their use of smileys with yours.

Definitely watch out for how many times he uses the same common emojis to keep in touch with you and match his.

Everyone has a threshold for what is acceptable to them when using them. 

Use some of those less common emojis even when you’re having a tough time decoding guys’ emojis.

DONE! Decoding Guys' Emojis - The Top 14 Emojis Guys Use When They Like You

If you want to show your partner or a person whom you want to date that you are a creative soul, then use some less common emojis.

Guys love that, and it will attract them to you. 

Now that we have covered a few ground rules about using emojis, we can get back to receiving emojis and what they actually mean for your love life.

I will list some of the more common and most popular emojis, as well as those rare ones that can convey a ton of different meanings. 

I know that you have probably found yourself decoding guys’ emojis multiple times. These are the most common ones they send:

The Relieved Face Emoji

DONE! Decoding Guys' Emojis - The Top 14 Emojis Guys Use When They Like You

First on our list is the relieved face emoticon, and its meaning depends on the context in which it is being used.

However, most women will agree it is a heartwarming sign showing that a guy truly cares about them. 

A man will usually use it during a long conversation and as a response to a story that you told him.

It is a good sign he likes you if he uses this emoji and it is one of the most frequent ones that guys use in this way. 

He may send this emoticon when you write to him, “I did great at my job interview today.

I’m really proud of myself,” to which his reply may be, “That is so nice to hear. I never doubted you!” along with this smiley.

This message shows the real meaning of this emoji. It means that he is really compassionate and shares your feelings.

If a guy sends you this, then he is truly happy for you and is proud of what you have done.

The Heart Eyes Emoji

DONE! Decoding Guys' Emojis - The Top 14 Emojis Guys Use When They Like You

Many guys are very shy, and they need time to open up about their feelings.

However, as time passes and they share their feelings, they will drop some hints along the way.

A good sign he is definitely in love with you is when he sends you the heart eyes emoji. 

The context of the message is not so important, as long as he sends you this emoticon, which means he thinks you are very special to him.  

This particular smiley indicates love, attraction, admiration, and devotion and it is also a sign of great positivity toward you.

If a guy has a crush on you, he will definitely use this emoticon. 

This emoji belongs to a group of secret ones. And why secret, you might ask? Well, because guys are too shy to admit to their friends that they have used it.

They will use it to either flirt with you or as a way to approve what you have said or done. 

It is a pretty common emoticon that often means the guy is looking to take your relationship to the next level.

The consistency of using such an emoji is the difference between him just liking you and you being someone special in his life.  

The Winking Face Emoji

DONE! Decoding Guys' Emojis - The Top 14 Emojis Guys Use When They Like You

When a guy wants to flirt with you, he will definitely use this emoji. Everyone loves when they receive this face.

It’s adorable and makes your heart melt. If the guy you like sends this smiley, you will feel butterflies in your stomach.

It can have different meanings and can be used in various contexts but if a man is shy and doesn’t know whether you like him or not, he will use it to get his flirt on and test the waters. 

He doesn’t want to be too pushy and turn you off, but at the same time, he wants to get his point across. 

If a guy wants to show his confidence and strength and reinforce every single word he types, then he will use the winking face, which helps him to be playful and interesting. 

Also, you should know there may be a hidden meaning of sarcasm in his text messages if he uses the winking face. It’s all a part of decoding guys’ emojis.

If you really want a guy to chase you, then you shouldn’t send this emoji back to him.

A guy will be more hooked the more he chases you, so don’t send this smiley and you won’t come across as an easy catch.

The Angel Face With A Halo Emoji

DONE! Decoding Guys' Emojis - The Top 14 Emojis Guys Use When They Like You

While it might be a cute and innocent smiley, its meaning can be quite the opposite.

Guys will use it if they want to be cheeky after they send a joke or a very cheeky story.

However, its other meaning suggests something rather dirty or naughty.

Don’t let this emoji fool you, as anywhere in the world it can be a sign of him being up to no good rather than something ‘angelic’. 

As I said before, decoding guys’ emojis can be tough sometimes. It looks innocent, but it may not be.

If a guy sends you this emoji a couple of times, believe me, he doesn’t want to take it slow; he is trying to get you in his bedroom as fast as possible. 

And you know a guy will leave you in the dust after he uses this emoji and gets what he wanted. 

The next time you text a guy who sends a couple of angel faces in his messages, quickly change the subject so it doesn’t move in a direction that will make you feel uncomfortable.

Or maybe just read his message and don’t reply as a way of punishment.

The Blushing Smile Emoji

DONE! Decoding Guys' Emojis - The Top 14 Emojis Guys Use When They Like You

This is by far one of my favorite emojis to use, and I even use it in conversations that aren’t flirty.

It can be used in various contexts, and it is an adorable and joyful smiley. 

Guys don’t like to be shy.

They want to maintain a ‘macho’ image and show how bold they are but sometimes they need to show their gentle side and this emoticon can reinforce that message.

A guy who is thrilled for you about something and is ready to open up to you will send you a couple of these emojis. 

Guys who send this emoticon are often totally lovable, easily embarrassed, and not the ‘bad’ type.

They are the type seen in leading roles in most romantic novels, the ones your mom and dad will love and say he is the best one yet. 

A guy who is truly respectful and kind to everyone around him will use the blushing smile emoji.

And if you compliment him, this emoji will reflect his true face.

If you want to have a healthy relationship, this is the type of man most girls dream of having in their life. 

The Smirking Face (or the “Hey there, beautiful”) Emoji

DONE! Decoding Guys' Emojis - The Top 14 Emojis Guys Use When They Like You

An obvious and pretty straightforward emoji is the smirking face, which shows that he is flirting and being playful with you. 

A guy who uses this smiley usually has a hidden meaning in his text messages.

It has a similar effect as the winky face, but this one is less daring and has some sort of a seductive meaning. 

If he sends you this and decoding guys’ emojis is on your mind, then you should probably read between the lines of his texts.

If you have a crush on a guy and he sends you this, then you have a huge reason to celebrate.

You should be cautious, though, as he might send this smiley to a lot of girls. 

I get it if you have only had unpleasant experiences with guys who send you this emoji, as it’s often used by those we call losers.

Some guys who use this emoticon like to flirt with multiple women; they are cocky guys who think they can have any girl.

However, if you can tame this guy and make him change, then you might have a shot at a good relationship. 

The Cool Guy Emoji

DONE! Decoding Guys' Emojis - The Top 14 Emojis Guys Use When They Like You

If a guy wants to hide his insecurities and doesn’t want you to know about them, then he will send this emoji in his text messages.

Trying to look cool and like a bad boy is something that works in the dating world.

Some are naturally born with that talent, while others need to use a little help from technology. 

This smiley is one of the ones most used by guys.

If he wants you to think of him as a cool, adventurous, bad boy on a Harley bike, then he will send you the cool guy emoji.

However, he is probably actually freaking out on the inside. 

He doesn’t know what you think about him, so he tries to play it cool until you reciprocate.

So, if you are really into the guy you’re texting with, then let him know you are into him just as much as he’s into you. 

The Heart Kiss Emoji

DONE! Decoding Guys' Emojis - The Top 14 Emojis Guys Use When They Like You

There are so many emoticons that are used to express love and attraction, and this is one of them.

The charming thing about this emoji is that you can use it at any stage of your relationship and you won’t come across as a guy who only wants to get intimate. 

It is more of a cute and sweet smiley than a seductive one.

Guys will try to show their kind and sweet side using the heart kiss emoji. 

If your boyfriend sends you this, then he is expressing his emotional and physical desire toward you.

Let’s be real, women often misunderstand men when using this smiley but it’s one of the most common ones guys use.

And while you wait to get to an actual kiss in real life, this emoji should do the trick. 

However, if you have just started dating a guy and he sends you this emoji, don’t be scared and think he just wants you in his bedroom.

It is actually a virtual sign of affection and a sign he has a good time with you. 

The Flames Emoji

DONE! Decoding Guys' Emojis - The Top 14 Emojis Guys Use When They Like You

This emoji is pretty straightforward, as it means that he thinks you are physically a very attractive girl.

If a guy sends you this, then you could well be someone who’s very active on social media and who is quite aware of her looks. 

Either way, you must be a very attractive person, at least to this guy.

A man will send this emoticon not as an insult to you, but as a compliment. He definitely wants to see more of you if he sends you this. 

So, if you want to pique his interest, then you should consider sending him a few pics to his inbox, especially if he’s a guy who sends you the flames emoji.

See-No-Evil Monkey Emoji

DONE! Decoding Guys' Emojis - The Top 14 Emojis Guys Use When They Like You

This one is interesting because it is quite a cute smiley. It’s usually a sign that the guy who is texting you is quite nervous about the message he sent you.

It might be something tricky, and he knows he cannot take it back, so he sends you this. 

It shows his nervousness while he is waiting for you to respond, as he is like a cat on hot bricks.

So if you are interested in him, you might want to use this opportunity to let him know. 

Maybe he sends you a message like this: “I think you look gorgeous in your profile picture,” and he then adds this emoji.

The goal of it is to let you know that he cares about what you think.

He is anxious while waiting for your answer because he is unsure about what you are thinking. 

He wants to let you know he likes you, but at the same time, he is afraid you might not like him back.

Sending a text with this emoji as a follow-up to his last text means that he’s wondering if perhaps he shouldn’t have sent that last message.

However, now that it is out there, there’s not much he can do about it. 

If you respond to him, be aware not to be too aggressive because it’s likely he had good intentions, but he just doesn’t know what you think about him.

And like most guys who send the see-no-evil monkey emoji, he’s probably shy in real life. 

The Trophy Emoji

DONE! Decoding Guys' Emojis - The Top 14 Emojis Guys Use When They Like You

If you have ever wondered whether the guy you are texting with is interested in you, this will answer all of your questions.

It’s not just that he is interested in you, he clearly sees you as a prize worth fighting for.  

This emoji is only reserved for a girl who holds a special spot in a guy’s heart.

So, if you get the trophy emoticon in your inbox, know that you are a very special girl to him. 

When you get this text from him, you might ask what you will get from him.

Well, a guy who sets his mind on a girl he likes will give her all his attention, affection, and effort, to just her and no one else. 

You can trust me when I say that he doesn’t send this emoji to all the girls. He holds you very dear to his heart and you are quite special to him. 

The Alien Emoji

DONE! Decoding Guys' Emojis - The Top 14 Emojis Guys Use When They Like You

The chances are that the guy who sends you this emoji is a bit weird and maybe an outcast.

However, if he sends you this, then he feels secure enough to open up to you. He doesn’t see you as someone who would judge him or his words.

He feels comfortable around you and he wants to continue the conversation with you.

Being sent the alien emoticon is definitely a good sign and you should continue doing whatever it is you’re doing because soon, he will open up to you even more. 

The Red Heart Emoji

DONE! Decoding Guys' Emojis - The Top 14 Emojis Guys Use When They Like You

You may think that decoding guys’ emojis is difficult, but with this one, it’s a no-brainer what his intentions are.

If the guy you like sends you this, then you have hit the jackpot.

Most emoticons have different meanings and are used in different contexts, but this one is an easy one to decipher, trust me.

A guy won’t send you the heart emoji, especially not the red one, if he doesn’t have powerful feelings toward you.  

It is pretty easy for a guy to send the heart emoji to his friends or family.

However, if he is courageous enough to send YOU this emoji, then it has a whole other meaning. 

Maybe he is afraid to say the L-word, but if he sends you a couple of these, you can be sure that his feelings are deeper than you could ever think. 

The Yellow Or Blue Heart Emoji

DONE! Decoding Guys' Emojis - The Top 14 Emojis Guys Use When They Like You

The yellow and blue heart emojis have completely different meanings from the red one.

While the red one stands for passion, attraction, and love, the other two have a more friendly meaning. 

The blue heart emoji means that he can trust you and it also represents harmony, peace, and loyalty.

When he sends you the yellow heart emoji, he actually sees you as more of a friend and as someone who makes him happy.

A guy will send this emoji to the girls he communicates with the most. 

In today’s times, emojis provide a solution when a person doesn’t know how to express themselves with words.

It can mean anything from, “Let’s go on a date,” to, “I love you.”

As you know, guys are often bad at expressing their emotions. They are simply too afraid or they don’t know how to put their feelings into words.

Many studies have confirmed that if a guy uses a lot of emojis in your conversation, then he is definitely into you and maybe even loves you.

I know that decoding guys’ emojis can be tough, but with a bit of work, you can land the guy you like.

Decoding Guys' Emojis - The Top 14 Emojis Guys Use When They Like You

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