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How To Tease A Guy Over Text? 11 Incredible Tips That Work

How To Tease A Guy Over Text? 11 Incredible Tips That Work

No matter how long you have known each other, there comes a point when you want to know the best ways to tease a guy over text.

Text messages have become the main way of keeping a conversation going.

Back and forth, the convo keeps developing but sometimes you want to take things to the next level.

You want to ignite a spark that will help you knock your guy off of his feet. You want to drive him crazy in order to avoid the possibility of you slipping out of his mind.

That’s when teasing comes in handy.

DONE! How To Tease A Guy Over Text 11 Incredible Tips That Work

Messaging can get boring and the guy you like may stop replying if you don’t make a move to keep him in the conversation.

To do that, you simply have to start using teasing as a way of getting his attention, especially because the two of you can’t see each other.

Your real-life conversation would be much more interesting, as you could seduce him with your body language.

But now that you only depend on your words, you need to make them fun and provoking.

How does teasing work?

Well, teasing is supposed to be fun. It is all about being not too serious with the person you are texting with.

You could text him something that is challenging and he will want to prove himself to you.

Once you achieve that, it also means that you will evoke his emotions, which is the main point of teasing.

You want to make him feel things he never felt before!

DONE! How To Tease A Guy Over Text 11 Incredible Tips That Work

Let’s say that your playful teasing made him think of how smart and funny you are.

Each time he sees something similar to your joke, he will think of you, as he will remember the emotions that arose in him at the time you teased him.

That is the main point – to show him that you are more than an obedient girl who plays by the rules and then he will most certainly be thinking of you in the future.

But you have to be careful with what you say. Sometimes, teasing can turn out to be rude or harsh and that’s not what you want.

How to tease a guy over text

Grab yourself some confidence and get ready to make him think about you all the time.

These tips will help you get his attention and your love life will suddenly get better.

1. Be playful with your texts

DONE! How To Tease A Guy Over Text 11 Incredible Tips That Work

The easiest way to start a teasing game is to learn to be a bit more fun and relaxed with your text messages.

Instead of always paying attention to what you are going to say, let yourself be somewhat free from time to time.

Show him that you are a funny and interesting woman and that he can have a lot of fun with you (if he wants to).

You want him to text back because you really made an impression on him and not only out of politeness.

If he texts you only while it works for him, at some point he will stop, and you will be left wondering what went wrong.

So, if you want to keep this guy interested and aware of everything you have to offer, start being playful with your texts and pull him into the conversation with your wit.

You don’t want him to end up scrolling through social media because your convo became too boring.

Instead, you want him to be there, fully present, and unable to leave your text unread.

And what is a better way for that than humor? We are all always in the mood for jokes and you should use that to your advantage.

Show him that you have a good sense of humor and that he will always be able to laugh with you.

Trust me, guys love this.

DONE! How To Tease A Guy Over Text 11 Incredible Tips That Work

You may think that the only thing they care about is a woman’s beauty but you must know that they would rather be with someone with whom they can talk and laugh all day long than with a girl who can only offer them a pretty face.

Maybe you went on a date and your guy was wearing a pink T-shirt.

You could turn that into a joke and send him something like, “I just want to tell you that I had so much fun last night, you pink princess haha!”

You can even throw in a cute relevant emoji.

This will show him that you are comfortable with him and that you are willing to crack jokes in order to make him laugh.

Guys shouldn’t be the only ones who are supposed to make an effort. Girls can do that too.

If you can make him laugh then you are one step closer to winning his heart. This is such a turn-on and there isn’t a guy who could resist this.

2. Give him a fun nickname

DONE! How To Tease A Guy Over Text 11 Incredible Tips That Work

Another great way to tease a guy over text is to give him a cool and fun nickname, one only you will call him.

Your nickname for him is supposed to be an inside joke because it will always make him think of you whenever he hears it.

When you pick a nickname for him, it suggests that you thought about him, which then makes him feel good about himself. 

It also makes the two of you closer as you feel that you know each other well.

No one would give a nickname to a random stranger they met on the street. Instead, you give them to people who mean something to you and who have a special place in your heart.

So, if he told you that he fell in front of his friends, you can call him Clumsy. If he spilled juice on himself, call him Juicy.

Just look for something that works for the two of you and that will make him smile every time he remembers it.

Your good morning text will never sound better than when you add his cute nickname next to it!

3. Point out his habits that both of you find funny

DONE! How To Tease A Guy Over Text 11 Incredible Tips That Work

There is one great thing you can tease him about and that is any of the silly habits that he keeps repeating. 

No one likes to be criticized but if you do it in a funny manner then it is not criticizing but rather teasing.

A guy can fall for you when being teased as it shows him that you are fun to be around and that you don’t keep quiet all the time.

So, think about the things that he always does, even if they make no sense, or try to remember something he tried to do but it turned out to be a failure.

You need something that is funny to him the same way it is to you.

Maybe he takes longer to get ready than you and if that’s the case, you can ask him, “Is my high-maintenance queen ready?”

Maybe he is always enthusiastic about trying new tricks and moves in his favorite sport, even though most of the time, they turn out to be failures.

In this case, you can make a joke that he is a fallen sports star, as he always keeps falling.

I am sure that you will be able to find something your guy does so you can start teasing him about it over texts.

4. Take it slow

DONE! How To Tease A Guy Over Text 11 Incredible Tips That Work

If you want to tease a guy over text, you need to remember that balance is the key.

You should never overdo it and you should always start with something you know he won’t get angry about.

Maybe your guy is not interested in joking around and he won’t like this idea but to know that, you need to test the waters and see how he reacts.

If he replies in a funny manner, then you are golden and you can continue the way you are already talking.

But if you notice that he is not keen on your way of teasing, you better stop, as you don’t want to lose him.

Another thing you have to pay attention to when you are teasing a guy over text is not to choose something he is sensitive about.

If you know that he is insecure about his height then don’t make jokes about it.

Put yourself in his shoes.

You also wouldn’t like it if someone made fun of certain aspects of you or your personality that you are insecure about, right?

It’s the same with your guy. Just because he is a man it doesn’t mean that he has to be fully accepting of himself.

Men can also have low self-esteem and you shouldn’t make jokes about things they are not comfortable with.

This can easily cross the boundary of teasing and turn into insulting him, which is not what you want.

So, take things slow. See how he reacts to your teasing and find an option that makes him comfortable.

If he is able to reply to you in the same playful manner, then keep up the work you are already doing!

5. Turn things around

DONE! How To Tease A Guy Over Text 11 Incredible Tips That Work

If you want to tease a guy over texts, you need to be able to take the teasing too.

It’s funny when you are doing it to him, but you need to be aware that sometimes you will be part of the teasing game as well.

Sometimes, you will need to make fun of yourself in order to tease this guy and that should be okay with you.

This can only help you look better in his eyes. It will make him think, “Oh, she is funny and relaxed but she also isn’t afraid to make fun of herself.

It probably means that she is confident and that I can let my guard down a bit.”

This is another main idea of teasing. You want to make your guy aware that he can have fun with you and that he can be himself all the time. 

And through your own behavior, you are giving him a good example of that.

6. Start flirting with him

DONE! How To Tease A Guy Over Text 11 Incredible Tips That Work

If you want to tease a guy over text, you can allow yourself to get a bit flirty with your messages.

Flirty texts do no harm to anyone, right?

He might have just texted you and you want to be flirty but don’t know how.

Simply start with a basic text message saying, “You really can’t stop thinking about me lol ;-)” and then build up the flirting game from that point on.

You don’t have to go over the top with the flirty text messages. Instead, begin slowly and see what you can text him next.

I already told you that teasing a guy over text is not about going all in. Instead, it is about taking things slow and seeing what works best for you.

Maybe it is too early for any flirting and your guy won’t react positively to it. You will be able to see all of that by taking the slow approach.

7. Compliment him in a funny manner

DONE! How To Tease A Guy Over Text 11 Incredible Tips That Work

Sometimes, you would love to give him a compliment, but you don’t want to end up looking too into him.

Teasing a guy over text is a great way to achieve that, in a more relaxed, funny manner.

Through teasing, you can tell him everything you always wanted to say but you were afraid of his reaction.

Now is the perfect opportunity, as both of you are relaxed and ready to crack some jokes.

That way, your compliments won’t come out as cheesy.

Instead, he will be happy that you appreciate him and that you know how to show it in a unique way.

8. Text him that you miss him

DONE! How To Tease A Guy Over Text 11 Incredible Tips That Work

How to tease a guy over text? Simply text him that you miss him and that you would love if he was next to you right then.

You can even add a pic of yourself, lying on the sofa, lonely and sad that he isn’t there.

This will instantly make him think of you and he will also wish to be around you.

You want to evoke his emotion and that is exactly what you are doing with this.

He might even invite himself to come over, but you could tell him that it isn’t the right time, which would make him think of you even more.

In a way, you are playing with him by doing this, but you are doing that only so he wants you more.

Sometimes, the chase everyone talks about isn’t about completely disappearing from his life and letting him chase you.

It is about knowing what men like and letting them know that they might have to play by your rules in order to get you.

In a way, you are teasing him, but you are also making him aware that he is lucky to have you in his life.

9. Send him a pic that reminds you of him

DONE! How To Tease A Guy Over Text 11 Incredible Tips That Work

Let’s say that you are walking down the street and you see a stop sign. It reminds you of that time your guy hit his head hard on a sign and fell over.

You see this as a great opportunity to tease him about that, but you are not sure whether you should.

My advice is that you should go for it! 

This is the perfect opportunity to text him something funny that will most certainly make him laugh.

At the same time, you are being playful and showing him your real self and we all know that guys love that.

So, don’t be shy and freely send him a cool pic that reminded you of him or something that he did, especially if you already have a good memory of that, which will make him laugh for sure.

10. Don’t tease him about the things he is insecure about

DONE! How To Tease A Guy Over Text 11 Incredible Tips That Work

If you want to tease a guy over text, you might think about what it is that you are allowed to text him. You don’t want to push him away, right?

Plus, it is really hard to read him when you can’t see him face-to-face, which means that you might say something that can hurt him without even realizing it.

That’s why before sending a teasing text, try to remember the things that he is insecure about, as we mentioned above.

Just think of something he already mentioned that he is not comfortable with.

It can be anything, from the way he laughs to the way he doesn’t know how to tell a joke the right way, or anything that he hates people making jokes about it.

If you want your relationship to progress and to get him to say that magical, “I love you,” you should never make jokes about the things he is insecure about.

This only shows him that you don’t respect him or his feelings and it pushes you away from him.

11. Don’t overdo it

DONE! How To Tease A Guy Over Text 11 Incredible Tips That Work

If you are teasing a guy over text and you see that things are going well, you might continue with your behavior for longer than you are supposed to.

You can easily overstep the boundaries and make him stop texting completely.

Just like with everything in life, you need to know when it’s the right time to stop. 

If you cross the line, he won’t make an effort to text you back. You might even come out as weird or too into him.

That’s why you need to know what you are allowed to say and how often you can do that.

Once you find the balance, you are golden and I bet that everything will work out smoothly.

Why do guys love to be teased over texts?

DONE! How To Tease A Guy Over Text 11 Incredible Tips That Work

There is a whole psychology behind teasing guys over texts and I will try to explain to you why guys love it and why they fall for it.

First of all, whenever you avoid routine, typical conversations that guys and girls usually lead, your man will notice that and he will love it.

He will see you as different from all of the girls he has been going out with and this gives you an advantage. 

Also, when you decide to tease him a little, it shows him that you have the guts to do whatever you like.

You’re showing him that you are a confident woman who doesn’t play by the rules.

Again, he will see you as different from the other women, which he will like. 

You are not afraid to behave in whatever way you want and he appreciates that. It might even impress him a little.

Additionally, teasing can make him feel emotions he usually doesn’t experience with girls.

Maybe he is used to being the one who leads a conversation.

Now, you are the one who is taking the wheel and directing things the way you want and he will like this even though he might not say it to you.

You also make him laugh, which is rare for girls to do, as girls usually expect guys to make them laugh. 

Now that he has found himself someone who is not afraid to be different and to show her real self around him, he is more than happy to welcome her into his life and let her stay.

You now have a clue as to why guys fall for teasing and you can start playing this game with him as soon as possible.

To wrap things up…

DONE! How To Tease A Guy Over Text 11 Incredible Tips That Work

If you wanted to know how to tease a guy over text then I hope that this article was helpful.

It can be a great way of making him think of you and getting him to like you even more.

Many women are not bold enough to take on the journey of teasing the guy they like. Instead, they would rather wait and let the guy take the wheel.

However, if you have the confidence to show him that you are not like the rest of the girls, I suggest you go for it.

If he already likes you, this can only help you knock him off of his feet even faster.

How To Tease A Guy Over Text? 11 Incredible Tips That Work

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