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65+ Text Messages To Make Him Obsess Over You Uncontrollably

65+ Text Messages To Make Him Obsess Over You Uncontrollably

Are you looking for text messages to make him obsess over you? Are you in need of something that will leave him thinking about you even hours after you’ve ended the conversation? Then you’ve come to the right place!

In this fast-paced world, we mostly stay in touch through texting. It’s the easiest way of efficiently checking up on people who mean something to us.

But it’s also the easiest way of keeping the communication going after meeting an amazing guy who sparks your interest.

While face-to-face dates can’t really compare with texting, it’s obvious that it’s much easier to send a message and see how your crush is doing than to go on dates every day. That’s why we’ve introduced texting into the dating world and made it an existential part of it.

But even though messages allow you to stay in touch, they also make it a bit harder to convey the real meaning of what you’re trying to say.

A person receiving a text can easily misunderstand you – and that’s when the issues appear. Instead of making him obsess over you, you can easily give the wrong impression and inadvertently push the guy away from you.

Rather than getting him to think about you, you could make him run away from you. And that clearly isn’t something you want to achieve.

So, what’s the secret? How do you make him obsess over you through text messages? And what should you do to prevent leaving the wrong impression?

Let’s find out the answers to those questions!

What you SHOULDN’T send if you want to make him obsess over you

Even though you came here to find out what you should be texting him right now, you first need to be aware of the messages you should NEVER send to a guy if you want to make him obsess over you.

Once you avoid these, you’ll already set yourself on the journey of success.

1. “Hey, what’s up” always sounds too lame

DONE! 65+ Text Messages To Make Him Obsess Over You Uncontrollably

If you want to engage in a boring conversation, then sure, this could be your choice.

But if you want to send him a text message that will make him obsess over you and think about you for hours, then you really want to avoid generic messages like this.

Once you ask him what’s up, the best answer you can get is, “Not much, you?” And that’s not really fertile ground for an engaging conversation. It certainly won’t make him think about you all the time.

That’s why questions such as this shouldn’t be a part of your agenda, since there’s no way that they will help you achieve your goal.

Plus, they will make him think of you as boring and lacking in imagination. And that’s the last thing you want him to consider you, right?

2. Stop texting him your every move

Do you really think that he wants to know that you sat down to have lunch, that you finished eating it, and that your lunch break is almost over? Do you really think any of that info sparks his interest?

If you keep texting him every move you make, your conversation will soon get boring and your guy might even decide not to reply to you anymore.

It doesn’t really make sense for him to keep giving you responses such as “cool” or “nice” as you’re getting nowhere with that.

So, quit giving him all the details of your day because there’s really no point in that. Instead of making him obsess over you, you’ll only succeed in exhausting him and putting him off.

And I’m sure that’s not something you want, else you wouldn’t be reading this, would you?

3. No complaint texts

DONE! 65+ Text Messages To Make Him Obsess Over You Uncontrollably

We all get this need to complain from time to time. And if you’re texting regularly, chances are that you’ll vent to him about something that happened to you at one point or another.

But if you keep sending him texts full of complaints on a daily basis, you’ll only make him think that you’re a negative person who’s always grumbling about something.

Also, if he’s busy with work, he’s not really in the mood for reading your long texts about how your coworker got you upset.

If you feel the need to let him know what happened, you can always do that while you’re having a face-to-face conversation. But don’t ever do it daily and over text messages. That way, you’ll only scare him away.

Text messages to make him obsess over you

Now that you know what you shouldn’t be texting him if you want to leave him thinking about you for hours, let’s find out what messages will keep him yearning for more.

When you successfully spark his interest, he won’t be able to forget you. You’ll constantly be on his mind and he won’t even think about stopping the communication.

That’s exactly what you need, so let’s see how you can make him feel that way.

1. Sweet texts to make him obsess over you

DONE! 65+ Text Messages To Make Him Obsess Over You Uncontrollably

When you’re looking for text messages to make him obsess over you, there are different tones you can set to achieve your initial intention. Maybe you’re looking for something sweet that will melt his heart and make him realize that you really know how to gain his attention.

And even though he seems like a tough guy, I can guarantee you that he won’t stay cold-hearted to these messages. You’ll surely make him laugh and maybe even blush a little, which is totally what you want right now.

Here are examples you can use and tweak that are sure to put a satisfied smile on his face.

1. “I’ve been thinking about you all day, and I can’t seem to stop.”

2. “I feel so happy that I have the opportunity to have you in my life. I always brag about you to my friends and coworkers.”

3. “You need to explain something to me. How is it possible that you make me smile, even when you’re not around? I think about you for a second and boom, there’s a huge smile all over my face.”

4. “I’m counting down the time until we get to see each other. Don’t worry, I’m not obsessed, I simply enjoy your company.”

5. “I must admit that I miss hanging out with you. You really know how to brighten my day and I can’t wait to see you again.”

6. “You’re the only person who knows how to make me laugh uncontrollably. Since the moment I met you, my days have been better than ever before.”

7. “Having you in my life feels like I’m dreaming and that you’re too good to be true. I just hope that I won’t wake up and realize that you’re not real.”

DONE! 65+ Text Messages To Make Him Obsess Over You Uncontrollably

8. “If only you knew how red my cheeks turn every time I see your name on my screen. You make the butterflies in my stomach go wild.”

9. “I know that there are many fish in the sea, but I’m truly grateful that I stumbled upon you.”

10. “I always say that the best day of my life was the day when I met you.”

11. “Even if I had the opportunity to spend the rest of my life with you, it still wouldn’t be enough. I’d still need one more day.”

12. “You’re the best man I could ever meet. It’s like God’s given me everything I’ve always asked for.”

13. “The best feeling in the world is when you hold me in your arms. That’s when I feel like the happiest person alive.”

14. “There’s no one else who understands me like you do. Sometimes, I feel like I don’t have to say anything. I simply look you in the eyes and I know that you get me.”

15. “You make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world. When I’m with you, all of my troubles disappear.”

16. “I had so much fun hanging out with you yesterday. Let’s relive those great times soon.”

17. “My only regret and the one thing that saddens me is that I didn’t meet you earlier.”

18. “Thank you for being there for me. I truly appreciate everything you’re doing to make me happy.”

19. “Resting my head on your chest, listening to your heartbeat – those are my two favorite things in the world.”

20. “I feel safe whenever you’re around me. You’re my hero, the one I’ve been looking for my whole life.”

2. Flirty texts to make him obsess over you

DONE! 65+ Text Messages To Make Him Obsess Over You Uncontrollably

If you’re not trying to be sweet but flirty instead, then I’ve got something for you as well. These text messages will make him obsess over you and also show him how good you are at the flirting game.

At one point, he’ll be tempted to drop everything just to meet up with you right away.

1. “Even though I haven’t seen you today, I’m sure you look as hot as always.”

2. “Are you up for a scary movie tonight? I promise that I’ll keep you safe.”

3. “Women who make the first move – yes or no? If you like them, then I could do something to become that woman.”

4. “I want you to get me something cute for my birthday. It’s not expensive, I promise. Simply put a bow on your head and hand yourself over to me. It’ll be the best gift ever.”

5. “I need a cuddle right now. Do you know anyone who might help me with that?”

6. “Wearing a shirt that still smells of you makes me feel like you’re right by my side.”

7. “It’s official. From now on, my greatest weakness is definitely your smile.”

8. “You need to stop texting me while I’m still at work. I’m tired of explaining to my coworkers why I’m grinning all the time.”

9. “I can’t figure out how it’s possible that you’re so cute. Care to explain that to me?”

10. “When somebody asks me what my favorite thing is about you, I always stop for a second. I can’t really decide since there’s so much of you to like.”

11. “Can you read my mind? Because you always seem to text me whenever I’m thinking about you.”

12. “Are you a fan of pick-up lines? Don’t try to figure out why am I asking you this because I’ll show you a little later.”

13. “My favorite color changed since I met you. Now, my only preference is the color of your eyes.”

14. “Do you have in mind how your dream date would look? Let me in on the secret and I’ll make it happen for you.”

15. “You, me, and takeout? Tonight? Sound like a plan?”

16. “I think that I’m addicted to you. Do you think that they can give me something to cure me?”

17. “Your smile is definitely the eighth wonder of the world. No doubt about that.”

18. “If you could stop looking so great every time we go out, then maybe I would be able to focus on my work instead of thinking about you all the time.”

19. “If I had to order the perfect man, you’d get delivered to my door.”

20. “You’re adorable and you truly deserve to be treated to a dinner. I’ll cook and you bring the good mood.”

3. Funny texts to make him obsess over you

DONE! 65+ Text Messages To Make Him Obsess Over You Uncontrollably

When you’re looking for text messages to make him obsess over you, you can always rely on humor and let it do the trick.

Guys love funny girls who know how to crack jokes. They love when you make them laugh because it gives them the impression that you’re a relaxed person and easy to be around.

That’s why funny messages are a great way to impress him and make him think about you. Just bear in mind that he’ll probably catch feelings for you.

1. “I was trying to send you something that would make you smile, but I couldn’t fit into the box.”

2. “While I was looking at your pictures, I dropped something… again. It was my jaw.”

3. “It’s a lame pun, but I must send it to you. If you were a vegetable, do you know what you would be? A CUTE-CUMBER.”

4. “You won’t believe what happened to me. Walking into the office, I tripped over and face-planted. I felt like a total idiot.” (You can even add a funny GIF to show him how you looked right before you fell.)

5. “I’m not sure what’s the best way to start our conversation today. A compliment, pick-up line, or simple hello? You choose and I’ll make it happen.”

6. “Hey, hottie! Oops, this autocorrect is so annoying.”

7. “If you were a library book, you can be sure I’d never return you.”

8. “If you were words on the page, you would be one fine print.”

Also, keep in mind that adding LOL or an emoji at the end of every single message doesn’t make you funny. If anything, it makes you look like a fool. You should be careful to dose those properly.

4. Texts that compliment him

DONE! 65+ Text Messages To Make Him Obsess Over You Uncontrollably

Guys love receiving compliments, even though they’ll never tell you that. Still, they like it when you flatter them as it boosts their ego and makes them feel better about themselves.

Complimenting him through a text message can only make him like you even more. Especially if you already know that he has feelings for you.

In that case, being straightforward and texting him simple praise about his looks or personality can actually make him obsess over you. He’ll realize that you know what you want, and he’ll do his best to finally win you over.

1. “I could get lost in your eyes. They literally make me stare at you. I could easily be doing it for hours, without even knowing it.”

2. “I was trying to figure out if you have any flaws but since I can’t find any, would you be willing to reveal to me your hidden list? It’s either that you’re too good at hiding them or you’re simply perfect.”

3. “You look amazing in that Insta picture you posted. I guess that’s the reason I’ve been having difficulties with focusing on my work.”

4. “That shirt you wore yesterday looks great on you. I suggest you never take it off.”

5. “I truly admire everything about you. You’re the kindest man I’ve ever met. You should be proud of yourself.”

6. “Thank you for picking me up yesterday. I don’t know what would I do without you. You truly make my life better.”

7. “Would you believe me if I told you that my favorite part of the day is when I get a message from you? I instantly catch myself smiling. That’s how happy you make me feel.”

8. “You always know how to cheer me up. Your presence in my life is like medicine.”

9. “I love the way you know so much about everything we talk about. You’re truly well-educated, which is a huge plus for me, just so you know.”

10. “I still don’t understand how I managed to get so lucky! You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.”

5. Texts that reflect your positive personality

DONE! 65+ Text Messages To Make Him Obsess Over You Uncontrollably

All guys love women who radiate happiness and positivity. They love being surrounded by those who’ll brighten their days instead of make them darker than they actually are.

So, if you want to make him obsess over you with the help of text messages, then you should show him how awesome it is to be around you.

Once he notices all of the energetic and positive vibes you’re sending, he won’t be able to stop thinking about you. You’ll surely end up being that one lingering thought that’s always with him, no matter how rough of a day he’s having.

If you ever end up having a conversation about positivity, here’s what you could text him.

1. “I know life can get rough but with a positive mindset, you can cross any obstacles.”

2. “I’ve had my dark days but I realized that I shouldn’t let them have control over my life. I’m much more than those sad moments when feeling that I’m not going anywhere. I wanted to change that, and I finally see the beauty life has to offer.”

3. “I finally appreciate life, after realizing that taking it for granted won’t do anything good for me. It’s always the right time for a smile, so I keep wearing it as my most prized jewelry. And I’ve been feeling amazing since then.”

4. “Life is too short to go through it without wearing a smile. I’m a firm believer that you should enjoy every second of the day.”

5. “Even those days where you feel like everything is going wrong carry something valuable within them. It could be a new experience, a person you’ll meet along the way, or something you’ll learn about yourself that you didn’t know before.”

6. Interesting texts that will keep him engaged

DONE! 65+ Text Messages To Make Him Obsess Over You Uncontrollably

Guys love interesting girls, the ones that will leave them thinking and intrigued for hours.

So, if you’re looking for text messages to make him obsess over you, then you should consider sending him something intriguing, something that will leave him wondering.

As long as your conversation isn’t boring and generic, you’ll stay on the road to winning his heart and making him realize that you’re the woman for him.

Here are some examples of interesting messages you could send him so he can see that you’re not just pretty, but also smart.

1. “I’ve been reading a lot about the way people act differently whenever they’re in a group. We lose our moral compass as we feel that we’re protected by the rest. Do you think it’s because we’re naturally evil but it’s all these rules that are hiding who we actually are?”

2. “If you woke up to realize that you don’t feel fear, what would you do? Is there something you want to try but your fear is stopping you?”

3. “What’s the last book you read that changed your perspective on life?”

4. “Do you know that feeling when you’re completely relaxed and you have a sensation that nothing can disturb you? Is there a song that can make you feel similar to that?”

5. “Do you have any irrelevant fear that dates back to your childhood? Something you’re still afraid of, even though you know there’s no reason for that?”

These are some of the examples you can use when you’re trying to send a text message that will make him obsess over you. I hope you’ve found something useful and it will make you look irresistible in his eyes.

Good luck!

65+ Text Messages To Make Him Obsess Over You Uncontrollably

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